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XA5180 5-Channel High Power Home Theater Amplifier Balance XLR Input 5x 200W Class H Power

Product code: XA5180

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Features & Specifications

Built to deliver a superb home theater amplifier, the OSD XA5180 5-channel Amps puts out clean and stable power. With 150 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms, 200 Watts per channel @ 4 Ohms class H digital technology, it’s the perfect foundation to build the custom home theater you’ve always wanted. The Balanced XLR line or Standard RCA inputs provide flexibility to add any surround processor. For unmatched sound and power delivery the XA5180 is the clear choice.



10 Questions & 10 Answers
from SC asked:
October 12, 2018
Leaning towards this amp over the outlaw 5000 mostly because of price does this amp have the same clean sound and power as its more expensive competitors and the inside of this amp looks amazingly similar to the outlaw 5000 was it made to rival that amp at a cheaper price point
1 Answer
Hi Von: I would say they are on par with each other except our five channel features Balanced as well as Unbalanced Inputs. The Balanced line gives you an extra 6 to 10dB increase with virtually no noise. In reality, we should be selling this amp for more than the Outlaw, but this is a sale price to help to move inventory. With the money, you save you can upgrade your AVR to a model with Balanced Line outputs. Good luck whichever way you go TL/5244
Tim Leahy
on October 13, 2018

from South Carolina asked:
October 8, 2018
what is the power rating at 6ohms all channels driven
1 Answer
HI Davone: I believe it would be somewhere between 150 and 175 watts with all channels driven. TL/5235
Tim Leahy
on October 9, 2018

from USA asked:
September 20, 2018
4 Questions: about power cable and the power/watts. 1. What is the power cable type?(I assume it's a PC power cable type) ~ 2. What is the length of the given power cable?(in the box) ~ 3. What is the AWG of the power cable so I know what AWG I need if I want to purchase a replacement LONGER cable(if needed) It's probly 16 AWG,-my guess. ~ 4. and finally, is it 200w @4ohm or 180w @4ohm? ~ Good Luck :)
1 Answer
Hi K: A5500 power cord is 3x2.08mm2(squared) 14awg (gauge) 105 celsius (jacket) 300volt power cord Three prong plug the box says 180 watts at 4 ohms, that is conservative. But note, if you connect via Balanced Input the signal is increased 6 to 10 dB and virtually no noise. TL/5208
Tim Leahy
on October 12, 2018

Ronald Reid
from Barbados asked:
September 6, 2018
How does the XA5180 switches between unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR inputs? I do not see any .
1 Answer
HI Ronald: The amp automatically senses whichever input you connect to. You can only connect to one or the other at a time. You could mix and match say you have three channels connected with Balanced XLR and the remaining two channels unbalanced utilizing the single RCA inputs. TL/5196
Tim Leahy
on September 9, 2018

Erick Martinez
from Puerto Rico asked:
August 30, 2018
What is the wattage at 8 ohms all channels running at the same time? How would this compare to the Outlaw 5000 and the Emotiva X Bas5?
1 Answer
Hi Erick: All channels driven at 8 ohms are 125 watts RMS. All three amplifiers are excellent Multi-channel amplifiers. We also stock a matching two channel Integrated amp under the CARVER Electronics name. It also has both Balanced and Unbalanced inputs. Ideal for adding two more channels (7 total). You can 't go wrong with any of these amps but with the XA5180 you will save some money, and it features free shipping as well. TL/5188
Tim Leahy
on August 31, 2018

from CA asked:
August 30, 2018
Is this Class A/B or Class D amp? Is 150W rating (8ohm) while all channels driven or one channel? Do you mind posting a picture of interior?
1 Answer
HI James: Good Question. The XA5180 is a Class H amplifier a variation of a Class AB. Note, the definition I found online: There is a variety of amplifier designs that enhance class-AB output stages with more efficient techniques to achieve greater efficiency with low distortion. These designs are common in large audio amplifiers since the heatsinks and power transformers would be prohibitively large (and costly) without the efficiency increases. The terms "class G" and "class H" are used interchangeably to refer to different designs, varying in definition from one manufacturer or paper to another. Class-G amplifiers (which use "rail switching" to decrease power consumption and increase efficiency) are more efficient than class-AB amplifiers. These amplifiers provide several power rails at different voltages and switch between them as the signal output approaches each level. Thus, the amplifier increases efficiency by reducing the wasted power at the output transistors. Class-G amplifiers are more efficient than class AB but less efficient when compared to class D. However, they do not have the electromagnetic interference effects of class D. Class-H amplifiers take the idea of class G one step further creating an infinitely variable supply rail. This is done by modulating the supply rails so that the rails are only a few volts larger than the output signal at any given time. The output stage operates at its maximum efficiency all the time. Switched-mode power supplies can be used to create the tracking rails. Significant efficiency gains can be achieved but with the drawback of more complicated supply design and reduced THD performance. In a similar layout, a voltage drop of about 10V is maintained over the output transistors in Class H circuits. The picture above shows a positive supply voltage of the output stage and the voltage at the speaker output. The boost of the supply voltage shows for a real music signal. There is an image on our web page of the internal layout including the High Output Toroidal Power Supply. I believe the true power is listed as 125Watts RMS and 180 Watts at 4-ohm RMS all channels are driven. TL/5186
Tim Leahy
on August 31, 2018

Ronald Reid
from Barbados asked:
August 27, 2018
is the power output 150 w all channels driven?
1 Answer
HI Ronald: Officially this amp is rated 120 Watts 8 ohm and 180 watts at 4 ohms RMS with all channels driven. I also have a matching two-channel integrated amp if you need to add 2 or 4 More channels. It is under the Carver Electronics Brand, model M300. Identical output, ideal if you are looking to go 7 or 9 channels. You asked before if we ship to Barbados, we have a master distributor who services the Caribbean. TL/5184
Tim Leahy
on August 27, 2018

Tom Connor
from Gainesville, FL asked:
August 23, 2018
What is the Distortion rating on this amp at 8 ohms and at 4 Ohms driven?
1 Answer
Hi Tom: Here are the official Specs: Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.02% at rated output (THD) (120W), all frequencies, less than 0.01% at 1kHz To be more specific to your question: Power Output 120 watts RMS x 5 (all channels are driven simultaneously into 8 ohms from 20Hz–20kHz with less than 0.02% total harmonic distortion, A-weighted filter) 180 watts RMS x 5 (all channels are driven simultaneously into 4 ohms from 20Hz–20kHz with less than 0.03% total harmonic distortion, A-weighted filter) TL/5180
Tim Leahy
on August 25, 2018

Ronald Reid
from Barbados asked:
August 22, 2018
Where is the amp. manufactured? Do you ship to Barbados, West Indies?
1 Answer
Hi Ronald: The Amplifier manufactured in China to our specs. We do have a Master Distributor in Miami who covers the Caribbean, Central, and South America. They could ship from there either directly to you or through a freight forwarder of your choice. Let me know so I can supply contact information; TL/5178
Tim Leahy
on August 23, 2018

from Virginia asked:
May 11, 2018
Can you connect this to a 5.1 receiver or 2 channel receiver? If you could, how do you do it? Thanks, Ed.
1 Answer
Hi Ed: This a straight 5 channel power amplifier with both Balanced (XLR) and Un Balanced (RCA) inputs. Its main purpose is to provide five channels typically more and cleaner power than you get from a typical 5.1 Receiver. Here is the rub, most 5.1 Receiver are more affordable than the more popular 7.2 Receivers. And in most case they only feature speaker high level output so you can not use this or any other external 5 channel amp. When you get into the $600.00 plus range you may find pre amp out typically RCA unbalanced. These are also 7.2 models that have 7 channels, 2 sub woofer pre amp out and usually a zone 2 and possibly a zone 3 connection also RCA pre amp outputs. Most AVR feature 95 or 115 watts per channel. You can connect the 5 channel to channel 1-5, Front left, center and right channels plus two surround channels. You have the option of running channels 6 and 7 - Side surrounds L & R or Height left and right for DOLBY ATMOS or DTSX directly from the speaker outputs of the AVR or you can add an external 2 channel amp like our new XMP 200 to the pre amp out puts. As far as connecting the five channel to a 2 channel amp it would depend on your application and again it would have to have pre amp outputs. You could connect to our Pre One pre amplifier with 2 channel pre amp output.You could use Y adapters to split the 2 channels to four channels then use four of the 5 channels. We have a six channel amp that you have more control on inputs and you have the ability of combining channels for more output. See our MX1260 amplifier. I hope that helps... TL/4975
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 11, 2018

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