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6 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit for House-wide Audio

Product code: OSD-6-zone-kit

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Features & Specifications

Save on costs without skimping on sound with the 6 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit for Housewide Audio available at Outdoor Speaker Depot. You can fill your entire home with rich-sounding audio that includes a high current amplifier, volume controls and a speaker selector. The type of music you favor should influence the type of speaker you use with this easily installed audio kit: choose the Custom Series for easy listening, High Definition series to bring out bass or Kevlar Series for critical listening that accentuates every minute detail in a recording. The 6 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit allows you to control the volume in each room from the volume control in that room, so you can connect just about any source that uses RCA and/or a 3.5mm cable, such as an iPhone, iPad, laptop or CD Player. Order from Outdoor Speaker Depot on a weekday and your kit should ship out the same day the order is placed.

How to choose the right speaker size?
Choosing speakers based on room size is quite simple. Our 5 1/4" speakers are great for smaller rooms (150 sq ft room or less). If the room is larger, go with a 6 1/2" speakers, and rooms greater than 400 sq ft will benefit from our 8" models.

What speaker type should I choose?
This depends on your budget and what kind of performance you expect from speakers. Our Custom Series speakers are great for background level to easy listening music. If you like your tunes on the louder side and prefer deep bass, think about our High Definition series. If you are a top-of-the-line type of listener who hears every little detail, you will love our Kevlar series speakers. The Kevlar series has the best overall sound and is suitable for critical listening such as home theater use and for the audiophile listeners. We also have Trimless models for those who wish to have the speakers that blend in with the decor.

Kit comes included with:
(1) AMP300 amplifier
(1) ISS6 speaker selector
(6) SVC100 volume controls.


Other Product Info

This multi-room audio system will allow you to control 6 zones in your home with ease. This simple system has everything you need to setup your multi-room audio. All you need is to pick out your speakers and run the wires. You will have music in your rooms in no time.

Kit comes included with:
(1) AMP300 amplifier
(1) ISS6 speaker selector
(6) SVC100 volume controls.


29 Questions & 29 Answers
from Starke, FL asked:
December 12, 2019
Two questions for you....1) what are the different input options for connecting to the source, and 2) will those volume controls fit into a standard single electrical box or is something else required?  Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Jim:

The AMP300 features dual RCA analog inputs with automatic switching between the two pairs of stereo female RCA connectors. Line 1 input takes priority over line 2 input when both are active. Line 2 input also has a direct pass-through to a Line 2 output as well.  Regarding your second question; the Volume Controls work with low voltage open-backed boxes.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 17, 2019

Kenneth Hurst
from Indianapolis, IN asked:
August 20, 2019
Is the receiver Bluetooth capable? 
1 Answer
Hi Kenneth:

There is no internal source like Bluetooth built into the AMP300. But check out our NERO Link which allows you to add Wi-Fi streaming controlled by our Free OSD Audio Player App. The Link includes cabling to connect directly to the AMP300.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 21, 2019

matthew a steenberg
from webster ny asked:
July 29, 2019
What does NET ERROR 1   mean?  Appears on all my keypad units! Thank you
1 Answer
Hi Matthew:

Can you take a picture of the display where it says Net Error 1? The Volume Controls do not have any display screen nor does the Speaker Selector or AMP300. I am wondering if we may have sent you something else.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 1, 2019

Paul sutton
from Lalaland asked:
December 25, 2018
I’ll do my best to have you make sense of the following.... I currently have a multi-zone system installed in my home. It’s the HTD 6 zone system which includes the DMA-1240 amplifier with the MCA-66 controller. Each zone has a keypad which via Ethernet cable allows the user to control the source and and Volume for that zone. 2 zones also have inputs allowing the user to plug in an additional source. Ok... so the controller has failed due to a power spike. I can plug an audio source eg laptop and plug into the amp (one zone) directly via rca cable and get xlnt sound quality. The quality of the audio in this configuration is much better than it was when the entire system was functional. So here is my question... since I would rather not purchase a new $600 controller and given the fact that the quality of the audio is better without it, what might be my options? I can easily connect an audio source (eg laptop) via rca cables to one zone at a time but I want to figure out how to connect it to all 6 zones, control the volume from each zone from within the zone if possible (not control the audio source) and not have to walk over to the amp in the living room to adjust the volume in that zone. I need to split my audio source signal into 6 zones and hopefully be able to adjust the volume from within each zone with new volume keypads in each zone. I also want to be able to play the audio on multiple zones simultaneously if possible. Kapish? Does your company offer me any solution to my situation? Regards PAUL S
1 Answer
HI Paul: It sounds like the Lightning strike took just your MCA-66 controller out but did not affect your 12 channel power amp assuming you have tested all six zones (12 channels). And unless you plug another controller in you are not sure if the in-room control panels were affected. A new MCA-66 is selling online at $399.00. We do not have a simple plug and play solution to your issue. I would be calling HTD to discuss your options. The Controller may not be under warranty, but maybe they would give you a deal on a replacement (maybe a B stock unit). You will need a replacement unit to test the Control panels to see if they are all right I would also bring up the sound quality issue (comparing direct connect vs. through the Control Unit). The Control panels should not affect the sound quality. We were going to develop a similar product, but everything is now going multi-room with wireless and streaming capability, so that is where our focus is for new products. Let me know what they say; TL/5343
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 27, 2018

albert palmieri
from Redondo Beach, California asked:
November 28, 2018
I want to run a whole house audio system …. not what route to go and how it will work in conjunction with my surround sound ….so what I have with surround sound is a Denon AVRS730H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with Built-in HEOS wireless technology with 2 Klipsch R112 SWI subs ..Klipsch 6.5" Center Channel Speaker - RC62 II …. 2 Klipsch RF26 ….2 Klipsch RF28 and that sounds amazing and this is in my bedroom which is 450 sq ft ... but I would like to add a whole house system and wiring is not a problem I can put a wire anywhere ..I have a lot of access but I'm also an amazing drywaller so what I have as far as speakers 6 x Yamaha NS-ICS600 60w+60w RMS and 2 x Polk Audio RC85i 2-way" Speakers ….and 2 Klipsch AW-400 for the patio.. .and I want to run this in 4 zones.... I have 2 receivers not in use but are available to be used.. Yamaha R-S202 Receiver and a Onkyo Network Stereo Receiver with Built-In HDMI Wi-Fi & Bluetooth one 1 .. Is in the large living room approx. 300 sq feet.... zone 2 is a sitting room 200sq.ft … approx. … 3 kitchen/dining area 350 sqft approx. 4 the patio so I have a few questions 1st.. is the 6 zone a good fit for me 2. Am I going to need another Sub woofer downstairs where all these rooms are or multiple subs ? do I need to run a different receiver or can I run the one I got going on right now?
1 Answer
HI Albert: I am assuming you have a 5.2 Custom Surround in your bedroom with DENON Receiver and Klipsch speakers for your Front stage, rear surrounds, and two subs. You want to tie into the DENON with a wired solution. You appear to have four zones that you want to power; two speakers in the Living room and a pair in the sitting room — two more speakers for the Kitchen/Dining and a pair of outdoor for zone 4. First, the Bedroom Receiver does not have a preamp Zone 2 Output but does have channels 6 and 7 which are assignable for either Side surrounds, Dolby ATMOS or Zone 2. You also mentioned three pairs of Yamaha speakers, and two 8" in-wall and two more outdoor speakers. You also have a Yamaha RS-202 which might work but the key is what is the ONKYO Stereo Receiver model number (I am hoping it is the ONKYO TX-8160). The bundle you looked at will be too much for what you need especially if the ONKYO is the one found online. You might need an AMP300, DSM4, and 4 Volume Controls or utilize the 2 Receivers and then add a couple of Impedance Matching Volume Controls. As far as the receiver in the bedroom I would look to add two effects speakers so you can take full advantage of the Dolby ATMOS/DTS:X connecting channels 6 and 7.You already have a5.2 system 5.2.2 would be better. Check out our ACE670 speakers. Please let me know two things 1) what is the model number of the ONKYO and 2) which speakers are you planning to put in each room (2 pairs of Yamaha in Living room and a pair in the Sitting room as an example) I know what is going outside but where are the in-walls going? TL/5306
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 5, 2018

from Portland OR asked:
October 2, 2018
Similar to Ian from St. Louis, we just moved into a new house that has wired speakers in 5 rooms/zones. 1 speaker in the entry, 2 speakers in the kitchen, 2 in the game room, 2 outside and a 5:1 in the great room. We believe they are 6 1/2" speakers covered by a 10" speaker cover? We have no volume controls on the walls and have a large bundle of speaker wires (labeled) coming out of the wall in the great room. We have an old (20+ years) receiver that we haven't hooked up, figuring that we need to replace it anyway, but our goal is to be able to use an app from our phone and/or a remote (that lives in each room?) to control all 5 zones individually (with the 5:1 needing special volume adjusting abilities?). We want to be able to pull from audio that is online (pandora etc.) or that is stored on a portable usb drive either connected to the computer or directly attached to the receiver (if that's a thing)?. We are assuming that the 6 zone audio kit would get us most of the way there? Does it have bluetooth capability or is that a requirement of the receiver? What smartphone apps work the best for controlling a 5 zone (one zone being a 5:1). What other pieces would we need to buy? Do we need the volume controls on the wall if we are controlling the system via a bluetooth app? or is it good to have both? Thanks for your help.
1 Answer
Hi Lisa: Based upon your application and your desire to utilize some of the new technology that is available I would suggest the following. First, the six zone Multi-room kit is not for you. It is nice that you have wires run to your 5 zones. I do need you to confirm what wires you have come to the central location. I am assuming you have (1) four conductor cable for the entry, (2) two conductors cables coming from the kitchen, (2) two conductors coming from both the Gameroom and Outdoors. Lastly, you should have (5) two conductor cables coming from the Greatroom home theater. And correct me if I am wrong, you do not access to run more cables to any one of these locations. You would not access to wire volume controls in the four stereo zones (except maybe the Outdoors). The volume controls are recommended to handle Impedance matching when using a single amp and multiple rooms. But you are limited to one or two sources at most for this type setup. You want access for each zone to control by an app on your smartphones or tablets. In order for you to control each room, you will need a separate power amp for each room to have an independent source. Now, you have a Home Theater and four independent rooms. And with the new Audio Video receivers, you can kill two birds with one stone. The AVR would connect to your Great room with its five channels and then also clink to your Kitchen (I am assuming connected to your Greatroom. Go online and check out the ONKYO TX NR676, 7.2 AVR with ZONE two output and includes an App that allows you to connect via your Smartphones. Zone 2 can drive the two speakers in your Kitchen. You could even add an amplifier like our XMP100 to the ZONE2 preamp output then control the two speakers for the kitchen on speaker A and then connect Speaker B to the Entryway speaker. That would leave two zones, the Gameroom and the Outdoors. The XMP100 would work well for your Gameroom and your outdoors. Now you need to add a Google Chromecast Audio disc for the last 2 XMP100 amplifiers. One of the reasons I selected the ONKYO Receiver is because it has Chromecast Audio capability (a firmware update I believe will be needed). First, go online and look up the ONKYO Receiver and check out the Features and specifications. Next, download the Owner's manual and do a little research on the connections especially for the Zone 2. Then check out the XMP100 amp on out OSD site. If you need clarification on any of this, you can contact me at Ironically I live in Portland, OR and can recommend a couple of local people who can help you out. TL/5226
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 15, 2018

Patrick Skomer
from Eagle, Nebraska asked:
February 10, 2018
So I am looking at this amp/ multi room kit to power 4 pairs or ice840 speakers and 1 pair of ice640WRS speakers and 1 pair of ice840WRS speakers for our whole house audio system in our new construction home I’m worried how loud this will be? Is this enough power to run several rooms at the same time and have it sound good and be loud enough? I am planning on also adding a powered sub with a wall jack in the house and on the patio so the sub can be moved if needed.
1 Answer
HI Patrick: The AMP300 has plenty of power to handle to 6 zones /6 pair of speakers. The Volume Controls will handle the Impedance matching needed to protect the AMP300. I would suggest setting the impedance at 4X for all six zones. This will get more power out of the amplifier and will easily handle all six zones at once. It is also recommend when not listening to a zone to turn it off at the speaker selector versus just turning the volume control to in audible levels. Also make sure the protection on the ISS6 is off/disabled. The Volume Controls will do the protection for you. You can also use the line 2 output for the powered sub woofer but it will only work with whatever source you have connected to the Line 2 input. You can also connect your sub woofer using our WSK100 wireless sub woofer kit. Pretty much anywhere in the house (it is 2.4 GHz wireless). Good Luck TL/4790
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 12, 2018

from Sweden asked:
August 9, 2017
Hi I live in Sweden and bought a Breathe Audio BA6640 system from you. The ampfilier is now broken and i need to buy a New one. Do you have any that Will work with this system so i dont need to replace eirering, volymkontroll etc Really need help with this because i miss My music in the house Best regards Diana
1 Answer
Hi Diana: WE no longer carry any Breathe Audio components. The last we heard was they had 7 units left in the LaGrand's, North Carolina Warehouse. Breathe Audio was created by NUVO when they were in their heyday and trying to sell to the Mass Market including Best Buy and Tweeter (since gone bankrupt). NUVO was purchased within the last 5 years by LaGrand a world wide company. You can ciontact NUVO: NUVO TECHNOLOGIES 3015 Kustom Drive Hebron, KY USA 41048 +1 866.796.4904 +1 866.889.1026 Or there were two other Distributors who might have some B stock. Parts Express In Dyaton Ohio and A large distributor in Canada named Erickson. One other thought is to contact Nuvo and ask about upgrading to their Essentia. It is a newer version of the Breathe Audio that operated just like the Breathe Audio. It has six zones and a new kit would feature six new control pads that actually operate two way communication so you have Metadata that shows not only what source but more info like station and artist. You would have to swap out the wall unit directly behind the control unitbut it comes with the kit. You might also ask them about a European version which may haves square key pads. Worse case it has key pads that will drop in exactly where your current Breathe Audio keypads are mounted.You would not have to run any new wires or Cat5 cables. Just a thought,. NUVO maybe able to recommend a European distributor Retailer in or near Sweden. I know this because I worked for NUVO when they first discontinued the Breathe Audio line. TL/4510
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 12, 2017

from Texas asked:
November 22, 2012
I am having trouble picking speakers for this amp. Most of the better quality speakers watt ratings start at 100 watts, this unit says it can only handle 40 watts per channel? Is this correct?? Mike
1 Answer
Hi Mike, The amplifier is not the weak point here. The combination of our entry level speaker selector and 100-watt impedance-matching volume controls are the issue. Tell us what you want to accomplish. I would like an opportunity to discuss your whole system design, please contact me at TL/MA -1400
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 23, 2012

from Sherman texas asked:
February 16, 2018
I am looking at the OSD-6-zone-kit combined with the Ice520 for 4 rooms, the Ice610 for one room, and the Ice800 for one room. Will this package work ok? Also do you have to put two speakers in each room to get the left and right channels to hear the music correctly? Or can I just run one wire from speaker selector to volume control, then to speaker?
1 Answer
HI Jeff: The kit will work fine with that combination of speakers. But note there is a speaker designed for the application you described. Checkout the Dual Voice Coil speakers which is a single speaker with dual inputs one for left and the other for the right channel. It is described as a single summed stereo mono full range speaker. So say you have room for a single speaker in a room but a right and left signal (2 conductor +/- for each). You have selected all standard frame speaker versus the new trim-less design. The DVC speakers are only available in the trim-less design. All the ICE speakers do have a comprable ACE version (trim-less). Let us know if you need additional help. TL/4805
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 16, 2018

from Arizona asked:
November 27, 2017
Hello - we just had a new home built and had prewiring down for whole house music. We have a pair of speakers in the Master Bedroom, office and covered patio. Also have 5 in the great room. I would like to set the great room up for surround sound for movies, but use for background music at times. Will this 6 Zone Multi-room audio kit work for what I'm looking to do. Also, if great room is being used for surround sound as well, I imagine these speakers may be different than the pair of speakers in the other 3 areas? Thanks for you help.
1 Answer
Hi Dave: Not sure if you need this bundle since you technically only have four zones including the home theater location. Plus you said you have already pre wired to the three zones. You did not mention whether your wired for Volume Controls in each location. The volume controls in the package are placed in the respective room/zone and you wire to the Volume control either using a single 4 conductor cable or two two conductor cables from the Speaker Selector. Then from the volume controls you run a two conductor speaker wire to each speaker in that room. For the three zones you could pick out an AMP200 which you would connect to the Zone 2 pre amp outlet of your 7.2 Audio/Video Receiver. Most Audio Video Receiver can be placed in a two channel stereo mode and play background music when not used for Home Theater. Maybe if you can contact me and let me know exactly how your system is laid out I can be more help. My contact info: TL/4668
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 29, 2017

Ian Gilbert
from Saint louis asked:
March 20, 2016
I moved into a new house with speakers in at least 4 rooms and out back on the patio. They're all ran to a central place and some at least are marked. Every room with speakers has a dial in the wall with an IR looking circle on it. I don't know anything about any of this. What do I need to make all this nonsense work?
1 Answer
HI Ian: A basic plan would be to add a Power Amplifier to a speaker selector. and connect all your wires coming into the central location to the speaker selector which will connect to the single output of the Amplifier. You would not need the Volume controls that are included in the 6 zone multiple audio bundle since you already have them in the respective zones. You could go with the more affordable AMP200 and the ISS6 Speaker selector. It sounds like you have a five zone system. You can easily figure out which wire goes to which set of speakers. You will need a nine volt battery (small rectangular battery with +/- on the top) and an assistant. You will hold the negative wire (if 2 conductor, the wire with the black jacket) on the negative (-) post and then tap the positive (+) conductor (red jacket) to the Positive (+) post. This is where the assistant comes in. They will be in one of the rooms and see if they can hear a popping sound coming from the speaker as you tap the positive conductor to the post. Once you determine the two wires for that room, mark the outer jacket with a sharpie labeling the room L & R speakers. Repeat this for each room until they are all labeled. It sounds like you have IR sensors built into the Volume Controls. I would like to help you further but need some feedback. First would be to get images of the speakers for each room including the Outdoors. Then take a picture of each Volume Control for all zones. You may have an outdoor volume control or an inside volume control mounted near the door to the outside. One other note, make sure the Volume controls are turned to fully open , turned all the way clockwise so you can hear the popping from the speaker in the room. I will be able to tell more seeing the components you have. Last thing would be to take a picture of central location where all the wires come out of the wall. Need to know if there is some sort of interface on the wall or if the wires are all just come a hole in the wall. Also you may notice that the cables coming into the central location are four conductor not just two. The four conductor has red (+) and Black (-) plus a white (usually +) and Green (-). If this is what you have pop the red and black, then white and green which should be the right and left speakers for the respective zone. If you want me to help you further please take the pictures I suggested and send me an email to and attache the images. The images will give me a better idea of what is going on and then I can contact you again to discuss your system. Good luck TL/3765
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 22, 2016

from ILLINOIS asked:
November 4, 2015
I'm running an onkyo nr 3030 7-2-4 with 2 g28 1 g42 2 g16 2 g12 , 4 klipsch 6803c in the basement , i have 5 other zones 2 speakers living room , 2 in the kitchen 6803c , 2 g12's in exercise room , 2 speakers for the deck ( not purchased ) 2 for the yard ( not purchased ) can I control music selection via ipad or another device from first floor , will I experience quality stereo from reciever in other zones and is this the correct audio kit ? What speakers would you suggest for outdoors for simular quality.
1 Answer
Hi John, This is a great system to run 6 pairs of speakers running one music source at a time. If you are hoping to run multiple music sources simultaneously, unfortunately this system won't be able to do that. Since it's analog, there's no way to connect wirelessly unless you get yourself a wireless or Bluetooth adapter/receiver that can plug into the amp via RCA cable.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 14, 2015

from Maple shade nj asked:
January 1, 2015
I have 6 rooms and want to control everything throw my iPad. Like each room can play there own song and volume control. Is this possible? If so what do I need as far as a receiver and selector?
1 Answer
Hi Tim, You can run multiple zones with this bundle, but not multiple sources simultaneously. The BA-6640MS can run 6 zones and 6 sources.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 14, 2015

from pa asked:
September 16, 2014
I currently have speaker wire run for 6 rooms (2 speakers per room) does this kit allow you to control each zone volume independent of one another from the unit or only through the volume knobs? Can a ipod, radio, cd-player, and record player all be connected to this unit?
1 Answer
Hi Chloe, This kit will allow you to control the volume in each room from the volume control in the given room. You can connect virtually any source that uses RCA and/or 3.5mm cable (iPhone, iPad, Laptop, CD Player, etc.)
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 16, 2014

Ed Howard
from Greenville, SC asked:
June 22, 2014
On this system, I want to find a receiver/ipod dock to feed audio to this amp but not showing the I/O side, I can't see what input configurations are available. Do you have an inexpensive receiver/ipod dock available?
1 Answer
Hi Ed, We do offer one made by Sherwood but we don't normally keep it stocked, so it could take awhile to get one in. See below:
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 23, 2014

from mass asked:
October 25, 2013
im about to install a total of 9 ceiling speakers plus 2 outdoor speakers what to you recomend for a system that would work for me so it would be a total of seven zones if that correct, kitchen,livingroom,bathroom,masterbedroom,office1,office2,and outside speaker area witch would be deck..what do you recomend ,,,
1 Answer
Hi Marco, You can run the AMP300 to an 7 or 8 zone speaker selector. Are you interested in having volume control in each room? What kind of speakers do you have? Or were you planning on purchasing speakers as well? Let us know. Thanks! -BM 2290
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 25, 2013

John P.
from Wisconsin asked:
May 4, 2013
Can I set up a 6 speaker system without using the wall mounted volume controls?
1 Answer
Hi John, Yes, you can use the AMP300 and ISS6 speaker selector without volume controls. Simply purchase those two items separately, rather than buying the kit. CL/MA 1862
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 8, 2013

from Saskatoon Sask.Canada asked:
April 2, 2013
does this system require Cat 5 to the volume controls
1 Answer
Hi Kirby, Our six zone audio kit runs on speaker cable only, for instance our 16-2 CL3-rated wire. Connect the AMP300 to the speaker selector, then on to each volume control (one per pair), then from the volume control to one left and one right speaker for each zone. CL/MA 1760
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 3, 2013

from Sacramento, CA asked:
November 1, 2012
HI: I am about to embark on a Multi room audio set up as well as a home theater system. I have already got the 4 core speaker wiring installed to the indoor and outdoor audio locations as well as volume control locations/boxes in each room. I think I have 5 zones ( 5 separate pairs of speakers) plus 2 outdoor speakers and a single master bathroom speaker which I guess I can install as part of the other zones. That is, I assume one of the zones can have 2 pairs of speakers( this is for an outdoor patio and an outdoor loggia area) , and the other zone one pair of speakers and a single speaker (this is for a master bedroom and master bathroom setup). For the home theater I am looking at either a 5.1 or 7.1 system depending on how I would connect the house system. I plan on multiple inputs for the home theater/stereo surround sound system (DVD, CD, Internet, Turntable, tuner etc) and an LED flat panel TV. I would want to be able to imput audio to the house system from the CD player, tuner/receiver and internet radio. So, I am trying to determine what to buy for: Speakers Volume Controls multi zone amplifier if needed for house system Home theater/surround sound amp/receiver for that. And then, how to wire it all together so that I dont blow anything up or fry anything. Thanks for your input and recommendations.
1 Answer
Maryann: Hi Kevyn, We can assist you on this but require additional information such as a rough drawing of the areas you are planning to place the speakers. We also need to know what speakers you currently own and what model of volume controls are you using. Are you planning on doing a Custom Home Theater setup for your speakers? TL/MA #1354
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 6, 2012

Don Oxenrider
from Columbus, Ohio asked:
September 7, 2012
Do I need to have all 6 zones hooked up? I only have 4 zones and the 4 zone system is out of stock. Can I use plain speaker wire?
1 Answer
Hi Don, You can use four of the zones and everything will work fine. Our 4 zone system is out of stock because the ISS4 (speaker selector) is sold out. You can substitute the ISS4 with a dual source 4-zone unit, the DSM4, and still use the AMP200 in the four zones with the same volume controls. You can also go with the six-zone kit. Either method will work. Give us a call if you have further questions: 1.888.779.4968 CL/MA 1281
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 14, 2012

from Wisconsin asked:
August 7, 2012
I have a question about the impedance setting for my size zone system. I have one pair of speakers in three separate zones (3 sets in total). Then, I have two pairs of speakers wired in parallel in the fourth zone. So, should I consider this 4 pairs or 5 pairs of speakers for the impedance? And, does it matter if I have a fifth zone wired, but no speakers attached (to be used as some future date)? Thanks!
1 Answer
Hi Mick: Technically with 3 zones having a single pair and a fourth with 2 pair you would need to set your impedance setting to 8X (for 5, 6, 7 or 8 pair). That is I am assuming you are connecting to a speaker selector powered by a second zone output from an AV receiver then it would definitely need to be 8X setting for all four volume controls. It would also be ready to add a fifth zone (which would be set at 8x as well) at a later date. Please let us know what your complete system setup is if you need additional clarification. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 8, 2012

from Racine, WI asked:
June 7, 2012
I am planning to purchase the 6 zone kit and I would like run two sets of speakers in one of the rooms. Could you advise how to wire the two sets of speakers so that I use just one volume controller? Thanks!
1 Answer
Mick, You can wire the sets in parallel to one volume controller. Be sure to set the setting to 8X because assumedly you are driving 6-8 pairs. Be sure to leave the protection OFF on the speaker selector, because you are using on the volume controls. CL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 7, 2012

from NH asked:
May 22, 2012
Can you run more than just 2 speakers per zone? I envision 6 or 8 speakers in a deck / patio area (1000 +/- SF) and plan to use it as a single zone, while eventually installing additional zones inside the house.
1 Answer
Hi Brian, Whether you are running one, two or even a number of pairs in a zone, you need to address the impedance matching issue. That is one of the chief reasons for adding volume controls, speaker selectors or a combination of both for an elaborate system where you need to address the impedance matching of the speakers to the amplification. Outdoor volume controls are very helpful in setting up an outdoor system especially when you are dealing with multiple locations. I would be more than happy to review a diagram of your layout of the deck/patio area so I can offer some suggestions. Please feel free to contact me at I can respond with a wiring diagram for you as well. TL/MA TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 23, 2012

from KC asked:
February 24, 2012
If I want to run 6 zones, can I just use a speaker switch rather than buying an amp too?
1 Answer
Hi Bryan, The speaker selector is a passive device, meaning it only distributes the power it receives and will not power your speakers. You would need an amp or receiver to power the speakers. CL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 24, 2012

from south carolina asked:
February 19, 2012
I have a JVC receiver that receives RCA inputs from several sources and amplifies signal to two sets of speakers. I want to increase the number of rooms I have music in. The only output on the JVC are the two sets of speaker outputs, which are the push-button outputs that accept a bare speaker wire. Can I use speaker wire to connect one of these outputs to an input on the AMP300? What that means is connecting an amped signal to the AMP 300. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Chris: The OSD-AMP300 accepts either a signal level (pre-amplified) or Speaker Level input (amplified). It is ideal for your application based upon your question. It takes the speaker level and converts to un-amplified then directs it back through the internal amplifier of the AMP-300. The unit features dual source inputs either two signal levels or one signal level and one speaker level. When you connect to the AMP300 make sure you connect to input #2. It will also give you a signal level output in case you might want to add a powered sub. The signal level outputs only affects whatever is connected to input number 2 wheter it is signal level or speaker level. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 20, 2012

John Donnelly
from New York NY asked:
January 20, 2012
Would this system be available for interational install ie@UK /Hz 50Hz and is it considered to be "Marine Grade" for Ocean Side Home install.
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Hi John: 1) The High Current Amplifier included in this bundle is multi-voltage. But you need to specify that it is for 230V/50Hz when you order the kit. 2) You should have no problem using this amplifier in your home near the Ocean as long as it is istalled in the home. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 22, 2012

from Los Angeles, CA asked:
November 10, 2011
Would this unit be suitable to accept a preamp line output from a stereo reciever and connect an ISS4 speaker selector to each of the AB speaker outputs to power 2 stereo speakers with volume controls in 8 zones? If so, what would the package price be for the amplifier unit with one ISS4 and seven volume controls as I have purchased one volume control and one ISS4 unit from you previously?
1 Answer
Yes, this amplifier is ideal for this application both for the line output from your receiver (plus you can add a second source at the amplifier as well) and to drive the (2) ISS4 speaker selectors while utilizing our impedance matching volume controls: one connected to speaker A and the second connected to speaker B. Note: you will need to make sure the protection button on the two ISS4 selectors is disabled (in the off position). And if you connect a single pair of speakers to each volume control, you will set the impedance matching to 4x on each VC. If you add a second speaker in anyone of the zones, you will need to change the setting for all the volume controls connected to the common ISS4 to 8x. You can get away with having up to two pairs for all eight volume controls as long as you use the 8x setting where instructed and the protection switch of the speaker selector is disabled. The High Current AMP300 would have no problem driving this load. Regarding question number two, we would offer you the same $499.95 price for the AMP300, (1) ISS4 and 7 each of the SVC100 volume controls We also have a large selection of speakers for any and all applications, thanks for buying from OSD. TL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 10, 2011

from petaluma, CA asked:
October 17, 2011
I have a Yamaha Receiver that I would like to use to hook up our XM, IPOD and turntable to and be able to play music to 6 different room in our house and this looks like the system to use, but would like some guidance on whether or not this is the right system?
1 Answer
This system will work perfectly fine whether your Yamaha receiver has a low-level signal out or only a speaker level output. The AMP300 has multiple input connections to handle any application. It will also give you a second source option as well. This will provide plenty of power to the whole system. OSD also has a number of affordable speaker options for in-wall, in-ceiling, patio or rock speakers. You can also add powered subwoofers to your system as well.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 19, 2011

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