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8 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit for House-wide Audio

Product code: osd-8-zone-kit

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Features & Specifications

Set up your own DIY multi-room audio system with whole home audio equipment from Outdoor Speaker Depot. This 8-Zone Multi-Room Audio Kit includes 1 AMP300 amplifier, 1 ISS8 speaker selector and 8 SVC100 volume controls, and is designed to provide maximum home coverage with audiophile-quality sound.

If you're looking for the best multi-room receiver for whole house audio, the AMP300 amplifier is powerful, with heavy duty construction and advanced features that you typically only find on more expensive amplifiers. This 8-zone home audio system also includes the ISS8 speaker selector, with individual on/off selectors for each zone and manual power protection, and SVC100 volume controls, with low distortion and flat frequency response.

As for speaker size, it depends on the size of the room. For smaller rooms, we recommend 5.25-inch speakers. Use 6.5-inch speakers for rooms larger than 150 square feet. For bigger rooms in excess of 400 square feet or those with high ceilings, you might need 8-inch speakers. You'll find a multi-room speaker bundle to be a more economical choice. Call the audio experts at Outdoor Speaker Depot toll free at 888-779-4968 if you have any questions. We're your number 1 source for home audio systems, multi-zone or single-zone.

Kit comes included with:
(1) AMP300 amplifier
(1) ISS8 speaker selector
(8) SVC100 volume controls.

Other Product Info

This multi-room audio system will allow you to control 8 zones in your home with ease. This simple system has everything you need to setup your multi-room audio. All you need is to pick out your speakers and run the wires. You will have music in your rooms in no time.

Kit comes included with:
(1) AMP300 amplifier
(1) ISS8 speaker selector
(8) SVC100 volume controls.


41 Questions & 43 Answers
from Loveland, CO asked:
January 13, 2020

I currently have a Jamo A Bus system in my home with eight units (speakers wired to each unit) and then the main system in the closet.  Several of my wall units are starting to fail and I can no longer find the KP4.6 A Bus Keypads.  Will this system be compatible, or would I need to run all of the speaker wires to the main unit?  The system came with the house, and I hate to update it to wireless because we rarely use it.  Thank you!

1 Answer
Hi Marlene:

JAMO was one of the last  Custom Install companies to promote A-Bus. I believe they discontinued the category when the JAMO company sold, so replacement components are now available on eBay and mostly as used equipment. The concept featured Power at the Control pads for each room with a connection from the central hub being Cat5 cables. The Audio signal and power used the eight conductors to deliver power and audio signal. The Control Keypads featured a 7.5-watt amplifier. The speakers connect to the Keypad/Amplifier. Have you looked at the Russound A-Bus system? They were the first and most significant A-Bus company. And I believe they are still selling an A-Bus system, and you may be able to replace some of your failing components directly. You could use all your existing wires. Our 8 zone system would work, but you would need to run speaker wires from each Control Keypad location back to the closet. Another solution for you would be our NERO Vox docking station for the AMAZON Alexa Dot Gen 3. The NERO Vox would create an independent system for each room with voice control, Direct access to the controls on the dot, and control from an app on your phone. And you could replace each zone one at a time. The NERO Vox would replace the JAMO Control Pads. You can configure the Echo Dots to play individually or together. I think those are your best choices, Russound A-Bus or our NERO Vox. Note; you would have to purchase the Alexa Echo Dot Gen3 separately.

Let me know if you need additional help;


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 15, 2020

Barry Price
from TX asked:
October 18, 2018
I am using a Yamaha RX-V483BL 5.1-Channel 4K Ultra HD MusicCast AV Receiver, and will be using 4 pair of Klipsch AW 650 outdoor speakers, and a Klipsch subwoofer(model TBD) in a patio bar. Would this amp work well with this setup? Do I need an 8 channel?
1 Answer
HI Barry: Question; are you using the Yamaha AVR in the restaurant for a surround sound setup? Or are you planning on using the Receiver for the patio bar? The Yamaha does not have an RCA Pre Amp output connection. The AMP300 does have both a signal level (RCA) input as well as a Speaker Level input that would connect to the Front speaker output of the Yamaha if you were using it to drive the Patio bar only. If you were using the Yamaha as Surround Sound Receiver, you might want to add a Yamaha Music Cast Preamplifier the WXC50. Either way, you have a couple of choices to control your four pairs of speakers. First would be our DSM4 and four each of the OVC300 outdoor Volume controls where you would have an outdoor Impedance matching Volume control dedicated to each pair mounted somewhere close to the pair wired in line. The second more popular choice for your application would be utilizing our SSVC4; four-zone speaker selector with built-in impedance matching volume controls. The SSVC4 could be located behind the bar in a centralized location and accessed only by staff. I would be more than happy to clarify further; TL/5252
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 19, 2018

from Sioux Falls, SD asked:
December 28, 2017
i currently have an office that already has 8 zones with volume controls in each office. I am missing the receiver where all the wires are hanging from the speakers is what it appears. Can i just buy the receiver since i have controls and speakers in each office? It seems some of these were twisted together as well.
1 Answer
Hi Matt: I think the first thing is you need to determine which set of wires goes to which set of Speakers/Zone/Room. I am assuming you have a pair of speakers per zone. Did you see the components that were there before? They may have been connected to a four zone speaker selector. I count (7) four conductor cables with three combined pairs and one single. A simple way to test which speaker goes with which wire is to use a 9 volt battery. You will need an assistant to go to each room and listen as you send a signal over each pair. You may need to take one of the actual volume controls out of the wall and verify wiring on the input side. AS you can see the four conductor cable is color coded red, black, white and green. We typically recommend red; right positive, black; right negative, white; left positive and green; left negative. You will need to verify which two conductors go to each speaker to make sure you are testing those conductors for that particular speaker. It is a good idea to test even if they are labeled. So as an example if you know they used the red and black to go to the right speaker you can hold the black wire to the 9 volt negative terminal then take the red conductor and tap it to the positive terminal which will create a popping sound at the speaker. I would recommend once this is done you are ready to connect a speaker selector box like the DSM8 which is a step up from the ISS8 featuring Dual source capability, a brushed aluminum face plate and a protection switch located on the back. This will be left in the off or disabled position since the impedance matching volume controls will handle the protection. Next we would recommend the AMP300 and a Pre One, Pre amplifier which will help controls multiple sources. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact me at TL/4718
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 28, 2017

Charles Storm
from Gardner, Kansas asked:
August 10, 2017
To whom it may concern, I'm looking for a 6 to 8 zone system i have 8 inch speakers and house has been prewired photo attaches I also will be adding a out side speakers to. Charles storm 913 314 1871
1 Answer
Hi Charles: Thank you for including images of the system. I see you have speakers in the holes, that is good. I see all your wires are home run back to a central location, that is good. But what are the white and yellow cables (looks like Cat5 network cables) doing? Do you Volume Controls in each Zone/Room? Or any other control unit in the room? Assuming you don't it would be very difficult to add volume controls per each zone after the fact. Without Volume Controls your wires are wired directly to the speakers that are labeled. The Volume Controls you are looking at are wired directly from the Central location then wired out to the speakers so they are in line. Based upon no volume controls I would suggest the following. AMP300, Pre One Pre amplifier and the TSM-8 8 zone Speaker Selector. This one features selectable Protection based upon how many sets of speakers you are playing at one time. With the pre one you have up to four choices for sources. Like adding a CD/DVD player, Record Player, Streaming content like SONOS Connect or your phone or Tablet. You can even tap into a cable or satellite box. You even have a microphone mixer. Please contact if you need more info... at Good Luck TL/4514
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 12, 2017

from Suquamish, WA asked:
April 8, 2016
Do I have to use the speaker selector or can I omit that completely. This will be going into a Spa that has 7 treatment rooms and one lobby. I do not want to overload the users with many compenets that they will not be using.
1 Answer
Hi Amaya: The Speaker Selector plays an integral part in organizing your wiring which in a 8 ohm system is typically home run back to a single location where the amplifier and music source will be. it features a single input from the Amplifier and 8 outputs. It allows you to connect a single four conductor speaker cable like our 16/4 between amplifier and speaker selector then from the Speaker Selector to the Volume Control located in each zone/room. In your case you would set the impedance matching volume control to 8X and let the volume controls handle the protection for the amplifier. Making sure that the Speaker selector protection switch is disabled or off. The Volume Controls do not have a turn off setting so even though you turn the knob counterclockwise down to in-audible levels.the Volume control is still active and affecting the overall system. That is another benefit of the Speaker Selector which has an on/off switch per each zone which allows you to fully turn the individual Zones on or off. Note we have speakers available as stereo pairs (left and right stereo pair) or as a single Summed Mono/stereo speaker that has to inputs (right and left) coming from the stereo Volume Control in the room. I hope that helps, Good luck TL/3804
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 10, 2016

from Milan asked:
February 27, 2018
It doesn't seem to handle a situation where I can listen to different songs from different room in parallel, is that correct? I was wonder whether exist a sort of in-ceiling/wall audio system with that feature. Would it be wifi or wired (audio or AC cables)? Thank you in advance for support.
1 Answer
Hi Stefano: We have options for whole house audio with dual source capability but no bundled kit. We have ala-carte choices but would need to know more about your setup. We do offer affordable solutions that maybe limited in capabilities but we have plenty of option sthat will interface with many of the streaming choices out there including SONOS, Alexa and Chrome cast. TL/4821
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 3, 2018

from Massachusetts asked:
May 13, 2017
Can be controlled by phone, and can be different music different zones thank you
1 Answer
Hi AJ: You can not control the zones independently with your phone but you can choose a SONOS Connect for your source and control your sources from your phone. You would still have manual control in each room where you can turn down the volume and you can turn each zone on/off at the speaker selector. You would have only one choice of sources to play at a time up to all 8 zones. This is a basic whole house system. TL/4361
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 13, 2017

Marlon Johnson
from Chesapeake va asked:
October 17, 2016
For example with your larger room systems and using the 8 inch speakers will I be able to hook up subwoofers in each different Zones. I have all ready the central audio/video unit amplifier pushing a thousand Watts to each different room as well as the subs that I just need individual control for the highs and range for the different zones
1 Answer
Hi Marlon: That sounds like a loaded question. Would need to know more about your layout to give you a better answer. How many zones, What amplification, which speakers, Subs etc? Would need Brand and model numbers of components you have or are planning to purchase. System layout (blueprints - images)
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 25, 2016

Dale Herbstritt
from Spring Texas asked:
September 25, 2016
I just received this system as a house warming gift. I'm trying to set this up at my home. Is there a way to tie into my phone and can I play different music on different speakers? I not finding the info I am looking for anywhere.
1 Answer
Hi Dale: You have an Amplifier, Speaker Selector and 8 impedance matching Volume Controls. All you need to add is Speakers (depending on the layout of your house), Speaker wire the connect the AMP to the speaker selectors usually four conductor (right and left +/-). You can use the same four conductor to connect the speaker selector to to each of the 8 Volume Controls that will typically be located in the zone/room. From the Volume Control you would use 2 two conductor cables one to your right speaker and one to your left speaker for stereo output. You also have an option of using a single stereo speaker with dual voice coil in rooms that only have room for a single speaker. Last but not least you will want to add a source, one that you can control with your phone or tablet. Checkout the SONOS Connect that would plug into your AMP300. You would be able to play your music in any combination of rooms from 1 to 8. Note we do offer a service for you to submit your whole house audio plans. Blueprints, Images and a basic description of what you want to accomplish would start the process... See upload your plans or contact me directly at I hope to hear from you... TL/4079
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 29, 2016

from N Y asked:
August 25, 2016
I currently have a Yamaha R-S201 receiver how will this system work with it?
1 Answer
Hi Al: You have couple of options on how to connect this receiver to the AMP-300/Speaker Selector/Volume Controls. First option is to connect to the Right/Left RCA connectors marked REC. This is a pre-amp output. This should output the signal no matter which input you select. If there is a problem with this output then the second option involves connecting one of your two speaker outputs either Speaker A or Speaker B. You may already be using Speaker A so then connect Speaker B to the Hi level (speaker) input on the AMP-300 located between RCA Stereo Input #1 and Input #2. Make sure you set the switch at the top to #2. This takes your amplified signal and steps it back down to pre-amplified, then the AMP300 amplifies the signal and outputs to Speaker A or Speaker B or both. One of which would be connected to the Input source of the Speaker selector. You will connect the receiver to the amp and then to the Volume Controls using four conductor CL3 rated wire (16 gauge is ideal for terminating to the speaker selector and volume controls (16/4). Good Luck TL/4037
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 30, 2016

david johnson
from san antonio asked:
June 28, 2016
Can the speakers be Bluetooth to avoid wiring? I'm not certain how I could wire every room going through walls and etc seems like that would very very hard to do.
1 Answer
Hi David: Bluetooth would not be an option for you in a multi room setup unless you were only planning to listen to one pair, one room at a time. Your Bluetooth enabled device can only pair with one Bluetooth Receiver at a time. And hard wiring your system in a retro fit where all the walls are finished can prove challenging. Typically the ceilings are the most accessible. Your two options might be one going with a more expensive wireless system system that you can start with a couple of rooms and add more rooms as your budget allows. Or second you may want to talk to a Custom AV installer in your area who has the tools and ability to run wires through a finished home. Good Luck TL/3957
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 29, 2016

Bryan Capener
from Tremonton, Utah asked:
November 6, 2015
What is a recommendation on the type of speakers and wire size that should be used with this setup? Size, power rating, ohms, etc. Thanks for the help Bryan Capener
1 Answer
Hi Bryan, It really depends on many factors such as room size, ceiling height, listening type, etc. Usually you want to run either 6.5" speakers or 8" speakers. 8" will give more bass response and cover a larger area. For music listening, check out our ICE640 or ICE840. For home theater surround sound, check out our MK850 or MK650. Wire gauge should be 16g if running 50ft runs or lower and 14g if running longer than 50ft runs per speaker.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 30, 2015

Richard Hummel
from Stafford, VA asked:
August 24, 2015
I am going to be installing an 8 room audio system in a pre-construction home and this looks like a good system for the money. In addition to this kit, do you also have a speaker kit with pre-construction mount brackets as well?
1 Answer
Hi Richard, We do not sell kits with all the speakers together. They are all sold separately as pairs. Give us a call to discuss!
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 10, 2015

from Indiana asked:
May 28, 2015
I am looking for a system that if I don't want to listen to a zone I don't have to go to the speaker selector and turn it off. Can I use my smart phone or tablet and just turn on certain zones?
1 Answer
Hi Marc, Unfortunately this is a completely analog system, no digital control. You can use the ATM-7 speaker selector, which has remote control and will allow you to control zones with the remote. You can run that with our AMP300 and impedance matching volume controls for each zone.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 2, 2015

from Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia asked:
May 25, 2015
Hi there I am purchasing a house and wish to place one speaker in each of the following: Family Dining Master Bedroom Media Room Entry Garage And two speakers in the Outdoor area. I want to be able to play these speakers at the same time but also on their own. Is this possible? Can I set them up as 7 different zones with this device? Also, does this device allow you to play directly from your iPhone, iPad or other device? If this device doesn't do all of this can you recommend one that might? Kind regards
1 Answer
Hello, Yes - with this bundle, you can run 8 zones (1 pair of speakers per zone) and it will allow you to control all 8 zones separately. If you want all 8 pairs of speakers running simultaneously, you can. If you want to turn select zone off and keep other zones on, you can as well. You can plug your smarphone, tablet, computer, or other devices directly into the amp using RCA and 3.5mm wire.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 26, 2015

from Williamsburg, Virginia asked:
February 24, 2015
I work in a facility that has unique requirements and want to ensure that this system will meet those needs. Basically I have a multidisk CD player and I want to take the output of that player and run it to 8 different speakers in different parts of the facility. I also want to be able to turn off individual speakers if there is some type of meeting in that part of the facility. Will this set up meet those needs? Thank you for any advice.
1 Answer
Hello Terry, Yes - You will connect your CD player to the AMP300 via an RCA cable. The AMP300 will be wired to the 8-zone speaker selector. Each pair of speakers will be wired off each zone of the ISS8 speaker selector. The ISS8 speaker selector has on/off switch on each zone.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 24, 2015

from Tampa, FL asked:
November 24, 2014
I'm planning an 8 zone audio system in my new home and 1 global source will be sufficient. Does this system allow for local inputs within each zone or will I need to look at some thing more robust?
2 Answers
Hello Alan, It sounded like having only one source would be okay in the first part of your question, but at the end it sounds like you're actually looking for something that will allow multi-source. The MX1260 is a 6-zone amp that will allow you to both run a global source to all zones at the same time, or each zone can have it's own local source. You can tell each zone whether to run the A Bus (global) source or the Line Level (local) source. Does that answer your question?
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 26, 2014
Hello Alan, It sounded like having only one source would be okay in the first part of your question, but at the end it sounds like you're actually looking for something that will allow multi-source. The MX1260 is a 6-zone amp that will allow you to both run a global source to all zones at the same time, or each zone can have it's own local source. You can tell each zone whether to run the A Bus (global) source or the Line Level (local) source. Does that answer your question?
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 26, 2014

from Tucson, AZ asked:
November 23, 2014
I'd like to run 7 rooms with pairs of speakers in stereo, and then add two more speakers in mono mode to provide music to two small rooms. A total of 16 speakers to 9 rooms. Independent control of the two mono speakers is not important. Is this possible with this setup? How would I wire the mono speakers, if so?
2 Answers
Hi Tom, You can really only either run the amp in stereo or mono, not both simultaneously. You can always just run a single speaker on two of the zones of the speaker selector, but it would technically be one channel rather than mono.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 26, 2014
Hi Tom, You can really only either run the amp in stereo or mono, not both simultaneously. You can always just run a single speaker on two of the zones of the speaker selector, but it would technically be one channel rather than mono.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 26, 2014

from New York asked:
August 19, 2014
I want to install speakers in the whole house 4 bedrooms, Dining, living ,Kitchen and office. I want to be able to listen to different music in each room. What should I buy . Does 8 zone means that you can play 8 different songs at the same time ? I am also looking to see what will need/material and the cost ?
1 Answer
Hi Jorge, You want to look at the Breathe Audio BA-6640MS, which is a 6-zone 6-source system. This will allow you to have a pair of speakers in 6 different rooms and you can play up to 6 sources in all rooms. You can choose any source per room, they do not have to be the same.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 26, 2014

from milwaukee, wi asked:
March 30, 2014
I recently bought a house that has speakers in every room, each with a volume control on the wall. In addition there are several outdoor rock speakers. All wired to a central location, but no audio hardware. Will this device allow me to hook up all wires, play audio to specific locations or is this device overkill? Looking to spend as little as possible.
1 Answer
Hi Paul, Yes the Amp300 and ISS8 speaker selector would be good for your house audio system. This kit also includes volume controls, which you already have, so you can just order each of the units separately instead of ordering the whole kit. CS 2578
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 31, 2014

from Calgary asked:
December 4, 2013
Have 6 sets of existing speakers all wired directly to one location. Wiring is direct contractor Did not run through box for Speaker Volume control. Okay with one source playing everywhere but how can I control volume turn on individual zones remotely?
1 Answer
Hi Mike, Sorry for the delay. You can run our AMP300 to our SSVC6D speaker selector with built in volume control for each zone. Call me with questions. 562-697-2600. Thanks! -BM 2374
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 24, 2014

Mike Hoefler
from St. Louis asked:
November 7, 2013
I only have one speaker per room. Will the supplied volume contols allows me to hook the single speaker up in stereo an if so how?
1 Answer
Hi Mike, The only way can get stereo out of a single speaker is if it's a dual voice-coil speaker. If you have a single channel speaker in each room you will not have stereo sound. An example of a dvc speaker would be our ICE640TT. Do you know what type of speaker you have? -BM 2319
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 8, 2013

Mike Hoefler
from St. Louis asked:
November 7, 2013
How many inputs will the amplifier except. I want to be able to hook a CD, AM/FM receiver/Satelite/Serius Radio, IPOD and a MP3 player.
1 Answer
Hi Mike, This amp has two RCA line-level inputs and a speaker level input, however only one source can run at a time. Line 2 in takes priority, so if you have both sources connected and active, Line 2 will default. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2318
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 8, 2013

from Renton, Washington asked:
November 5, 2013
Thanks again. I understand how to wire it now but my main concern is the overall impedance. Don't forget that I am planning to add on some zones multiple speakers (6 speakers on one zone, and 2 other zones with 4 speakers each). Based on my research so far, it looks like when you wire speakers in parallel the impedance doubles every time you add another speaker to the zone. And that diminishes the output. I might be wrong though, so that's why I am asking this last clarification.
1 Answer
Correct. The impedance drops with each speaker added to the load. You have an 8ohm load with a pair of 8ohm speakers. Add another pair and it drops to a 4ohm load. Another and it again drops down towards 2ohms. I don't recommend running more than a total of 16 speakers off a single AMP300 if most of them will be playing at once, but generally you can run up to 3 pairs of speakers off any given zone. It's not a common setup, but it is doable. Sometimes it's best to run two amps to a system with so many speakers so that you don't dilute the power on one amp. -BM 2311
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 7, 2013

from Renton, Washington asked:
November 4, 2013
Thank you for answering my previous question, that helped me in making a decision in regards to the final layout of my speakers. Now, one more last detail. What do you recommend in this case: series wiring, parallel wiring or series/parallel wiring? This is crucial for me because I am just before starting to install the insulation in the walls and adding the drywall, so I would like to do this right away… Thank you!
1 Answer
Hi Danny, It was our pleasure! Well, typically you are going to wire all of this in parallel. Meaning that you will run the AMP300 directly to the speaker selector, and from each zone on the selector, you will wire to your volume controls in each room. From the volume control, go to the speakers. Wire positive to positive and negative to negative throughout the entire run. Use 4 conductor wire from amp to selector, and from zone on selector to the volume controls. Use 2 conductor wire from each channel on the outputs of the volume controls to each speaker in that zone. Does that answer your question? Thanks! -BM 2309
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 5, 2013

from Renton, Washington asked:
October 7, 2013
Can I add more than 1 pair of speakers per zone with this system? I designed the system with all the rooms having only 2 speakers but there are some zones (kitchen + dining room; master bedroom + master bathroom) where I would have 2 pairs (4 speakers). And also the entire top floor hallway (open to below) would need to have 4 pairs (8 speakers) on the same volume control. Is that possible with this system?
1 Answer
Hi Danny, Great question! In certain applications, you can run 2 pairs off some of the zones, but not every zone. The only sacrifice is losing separate control on each set of speakers, but if they're in the same room, that wouldn't be a problem. As for running multiple sets of speakers off one volume control, I would advise against running anything more than 3 pairs off one 300 watt volume control. Just be sure that you have enough power from your amp to drive each speaker with at least 20 watts minimum. Also, be sure to set the impedance on the volume controls accordingly. if you are running all 8 zones, switch the volume controls to 8x. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2263
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 17, 2013

from Iowa asked:
October 6, 2013
When wiring a zone with 2speakers how many you run
1 Answer
Hi Bill, A pair of speakers will require two 2-conductor wires, one for each speaker. Thanks! -BM 2262
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 15, 2013

from Temecula, California asked:
June 17, 2013
This looks about what I've been looking for. Just wondering if you're able to have on all 8 zones at the same time? Will the sound quality go down? What other equipment is necessary to run this kit? I will be mainly using my Ipod and cd's. Thank you , hope to hear back.
1 Answer
Hi Robert, Beyond this kit, you’ll need to connect your source either by RCA (CD player) or RCA to mini (iPod). We carry both of these cables. You will also need speaker cable and speakers. You can have them all on at the same time with our high current AMP300 amplifier. Sound quality will not be reduced because this amp is designed for multiple pairs. CL/MA 1983
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 19, 2013

from Maryland asked:
May 14, 2013
I am considering this system. Is this is single source or multisource system? Are there other keypads that can be used with this system? Is there a local source option?
1 Answer
Hi Arlene, The AMP300 included in our 8 zone kit is a dual source amp. You can have 2 sources connected and give one the priority so when you engage that source, it automatically plays it. If you are looking for digital keypads, the wiring is slightly different. The Breathe Audio and MDS kits have more extensive keypads and run off Cat5 wiring, but none allows for a local source in the zone. These items can be found in our whole house audio category or simply search the names from the site. CL/MA 1897
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 18, 2013

from South Texas asked:
April 20, 2013
Hello- I'm considering buying this 8 zone multi-room audio kit. This is what I will be installing: One pair of Outdoor Patio Speakers AP525 for underneath the veranda (patio) and one pair of Outdoor Speakers AP650 for the outside of the veranda that will be projecting music towards the backyard (half acre). In additon, I will install six speakers through out the house. My question is this, will this amp do the job? Should I go with something smaller? larger? Is there any equipment that I am missing, as I am a novice in terms of installing audio. PLEASE speak in layman's terms. AC
1 Answer
Hi Adan, We need to clarify a few things. Eight zones equates to 8 pairs of speakers. Do you mean 6 speakers throughout the house or 6 pairs? Even if you had 3 pairs inside and 2 pairs outside, you will need the AMP300 because it comes with both the 6- and 8-zone kits. So if it’s 3 pairs of speakers inside the house and 2 pairs outside, go with the 6-zone which will include 6 volume controls for your 5 pairs of speakers (with an extra VC to add another zone). If you have 8 total pairs, then the 8-zone audio kit is the way to go. CL/MA 1813
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 23, 2013

from Seattle asked:
February 17, 2013
Why do we need the speaker selector if the in-room volume control provides impedence matching?
1 Answer
Hi Kosh, Great question! A speaker selector like the ISS8 supplies the outputs needed for 8 pairs of speakers. Although the AMP300 is a high current and designed for multiple pairs, it includes speaker outputs for A and B channels only. When you add a speaker selector, you have the outputs needed for your whole house audio system. Additionally, the speaker selector gives you zone control and more flexibility. CL/MA 1642
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 19, 2013

David Loewy
from Wilmington, nc asked:
February 11, 2013
I am installing 14 interior zones and 2 outside zones. What size amp do I need and how do I configure sewitch boxes. The house is in Wilmington NC about 1 mile form the water. Do I need to worry about moisture?
1 Answer
Hi David, For 16 zones, we recommend two AMP300s high power amplifiers, two DSM8 speaker selectors, 14 SVC300 volume controls and two OVC300 volume controls. The amps and speaker selectors should be installed indoors. For customers located near saltwater, we recommend spraying a layer of clear coat on the speakers for added protection from corrosion. CL/MA 1625
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 12, 2013

from Dayton, Ohio asked:
January 23, 2013
Approximately how many watts per zone will this support? I am concerned as two of the zones will be for outdoors where I will need a little extra power behind.
1 Answer
Hi Kyle, With our 8-zone multiple audio kit, each of your zones will receive 150 watts. What speakers were you considering for your outdoor area? You can reply to this email for more information. CL/MA 1576
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 23, 2013

from toronto,canada asked:
December 9, 2012
If i have made cut outs(hole)s to big for volume controls,do u have bigger plates that willcover.I thought i was going to use bigger control panel.thx
1 Answer
Hi Tony, Were you planning on a double gang space for your control panels? Our volume controls feature a Decora-style insert. You could select a double gang Decora plate and use our single insert plus a blank insert for the second opening. That would be the most simple and affordable solution. TL/MA 1455
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 11, 2012

Terry Meier
from Spokane, WA asked:
November 20, 2012
Is there a color choice for the volume control face plate & knob?
1 Answer
Hi Terry, The volume controls include Bone, Ivory, and White face plates and knobs. No need to choose a color- they are all included. CL 1393
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 20, 2012

Terry Meier
from Spokane, WA asked:
November 19, 2012
Are the volume control plates available in the color almond?
1 Answer
Hi Terry, The volume controls included in our kits come with the face plates/ knobs in three colors, almond, ivory and white. So if time goes by and you want to change just switch the hardware! The colors are all included- no need to specify at checkout. CL 1391
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 19, 2012

from SAn Diego asked:
August 11, 2012
I want to improve my total house speaker system but I’m not sure what equipment I need to do it. My house has 9 rooms with stereo speakers. Each room has two speakers wired to a volume control. There are 4 wires from each volume control home run to one central location. At this location there is a “speaker distribution plate” which has connectors for 9 outputs and one input. Each of the 9 outputs is connected by a terminal that plugs into the speaker distribution plate. The input is a speaker wire terminal, that I think it’s a Phoenix terminal. I have the speaker input terminal connected to my Yamaha RX-V750 AV Receiver using the speaker “B” connectors. Whenever I want to use the whole house speakers, I switch the receiver to speakers “B”. This has worked for a couple of years but I’ve always thought this was a lot of speakers for the receiver to drive, although I never use all the speakers at one time. Finally the speaker “B” system has stopped working, I think from the load. Now I’m looking for something better. What do you suggest?
1 Answer
Hi Joe: The ideal amplifier for the job is the High Current OSD AMP300 Power Amplifier. Your AV Receiver features a 2nd Room Pre-Amp output that would connect directly to the Line 2 input of the AMP300. Most of the Manufacturer's do not recommend using the Speaker level output for driving a speaker selector with multiple speakers/zones.When they label it second room, they mean second and only room. So adding the AMP300 will not only allow you to be listening to your Surround Sound System in your theater area but also enjoy music (selected from your receiver or from the second source input on the AMP300) for any or all of your speaker TL 1227
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 13, 2012

Beverley Casarico
from Montville,NJ asked:
June 25, 2012
Are their professional installers for these systems and how do you find them?
1 Answer
Hi Beverley: You could Google search for audio/video installers in your area. Or checkout Angie's list or the yellow pages in your area. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 26, 2012

from New Milford, CT. asked:
June 21, 2012
I have AMP300, ISS8, 2x AP640 Patio Speaker Pair in parallel with a OVC300 Volume Control and 6x ICE640 Ceiling Speaker Pair connected to 6x SVC-100 Volumen Controls. What is the best way to connect the AMP to the selector and volume controls and what should be the switch settings on the volume controls be set to?
1 Answer
Hi Bill, I would use the ISS8 to connect all your ICE640 in-ceiling speakers. The SVC100 should all be set to 8x and make sure your protection switch on the ISS8 is disabled (in the off position, button out). The volume controls will handle the protection. Then connect the ISS8 to the Speaker A output of the AMP300. Next, we recommend connecting the two AP640 to the OVC300 in parallel and then connect to Speaker B of the AMP300. Set the impedance-matching switch to 2x. During setup, turn all the volume controls to full volume and also the volume switch on the front of the AMP300. Adjust the two gain controls on the back of the unit (right and left master level) so the volume level begins to clip or overdrive the speakers. Then turn the levels down a bit. Turn the front knob down to the middle. The volume controls are attenuators that turn the volume down; they do not add gain or volume. This is done by the master level controls you adjusted. Once the amp has been set up, controlling the volume should be done by the source you are using. Do not use the volume controls as on/off switches (this should be done at the ISS8 for the 6 ICE640 and Speaker B on/off switch on the front of the AMP300 for the AP640). You should also consider using our CL3 16/4 (16 gauge, 4 conductor) speaker wire to connect from the AMP300 to the ISS8 Speaker Selector then to the Volume Controls (same with the AMP300 to the OVC300 outside). Then use 16/2 to run to the individual speakers from the volume controls. The 16/4 features all four conductors in a single jacket making it easier to organize your cable management. I hope that helps. Thank you for purchasing OSD Branded products. TL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 26, 2012

from nj asked:
May 4, 2012
just put in 8 10" ceiling speakers,4 zone needed will this amp be the right one and do i need the room knob controllers, rather not use them
1 Answer
Hi Anthony: I would recommend going with the AMP200 and a DSM4 speaker selector and skip the volume controls. That way you will still be getting a High Current Audiophile Grade amplifier and a step up speaker selector with switchable dual source and removable input/output connectors. And save yourself over $200.00. I am assuming you are only going to need 4 zones, you can upgrade to the DSM6 and have the option of adding two additional zones which the AMP200 will have no problem with. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 5, 2012

from Chicago, il asked:
October 25, 2011
Is everything in this picture included in price? Speaker selector and volume controls
1 Answer
Yes, the kit includes Our AMP300 High Current Amplifier. plus the ISS8, 8 Zone Speaker Selector and 8 Each SVC100 Impedance Matching Volume Controls You will need to add speakers and speaker wire. We have a great selection of speakers for in-Ceiling, In-wall, and outdoor including Rocks, patio and garden speakers all at factory direct pricing. The kit does not include speaker wire but we offer a complete line of CL-3 in-wall and direct burial speaker wire in multiple gauges and lengths.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 26, 2011

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