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BTR800TT Wireless 8" Bluetooth 2-Way Single Stereo Rock Speaker Slate

Product code: OSD-BTR-800TT

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Features & Specifications

Want to setup a dedicated listen area for your outdoors? The BTR-800TT Wireless Bluetooth Single Stereo Rock Speaker is an awesome addition to your outdoor space, with innovative design of dual tweeter, this single stereo speaker can produce stereo sound in one rock. Note; the BTR800TT features four inputs, right positive and negative and left positive and negative. The result is what we call a summed Mono Stereo Signal with a right and left tweeter and common woofer. You can only connect this single speaker to your Bluetooth device. It's compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, and it's available in canyon brown and slate so you can coordinate your garden, poolside or any other spot in your landscape. This realistic rock speaker might be the perfect addition to your outdoor space.


Basic Setup

A. Place Rock Speaker near 110 volt AC outlet so the Power Supply can be connected. This will provide electrical current needed for the Internal Amplifier & Bluetooth Receiver.
B. Make sure that the Power Supply Block will NOT be sitting in water.
C. The speaker wire can be cut down for an exact fit but should NOT be extended beyond 30-feet. D. Turn power button on. Red LED indicator light will light up when power is on.


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17 Questions & 17 Answers
Marcie A Parisi
from NJ asked:
May 28, 2018
One of my rock speakers does not work and it is way under the 1 year warranty. How do I return and get a new set or a new speaker for the one that is not working ? Please let me know bc I love these speakers they are great when both are working. Please let me know what I need and what I do to get this taken care of asap. Thank you!
1 Answer
Hi Marcie: I am confused since you say you have 2 each of the BTR800 TT one of which is not working. Typically you would be limited to being able to connect to just a single speaker since the TT is a single stereo speaker that has a dual tweeter and has an AC power supply connected to it. So unless you have a smartphone that can connect to two different Bluetooth Receivers at once only one speaker will work at a time. You should have purchased the BTR800 which is a pair of Bluetooth speakers with a master speaker with internal Bluetooth Receiver and 2 channel power amp a d aAC power supply connected to it. There is a second speaker that is the satellite speaker that has to be connected to the master with 2 conductor speaker wire (included with the kit). Let me know more about your setup, TL/5011
Tim Leahy
on May 29, 2018

from NY asked:
May 16, 2018
What would be louder - this unit or having the BTR805 Wireless 8" Bluetooth 2-Way Outdoor Rock Speakers? Also - how does charging work?
1 Answer
Hi Erik: The BTR800TT is a single speaker with a summed mono/stereo output. You are limited to the single location. Where the BTR805 is a Master and slave stereo pair with a much greater soundstage and stereo separation. The single stereo speaker is a little bit of a compromise. Maybe you are limited in your space and only have room for a single speaker. But the stereo pair when placed properly has a much bigger sound, kind of important in the outdoors open space. These are both hard-wired AC power, there is no charging involved. The need to be connected to the AC power Supply provided with the kits. TL/4985
Tim Leahy
on May 18, 2018

from Boston asked:
June 25, 2016
Just got my speaker and love it. But I'm getting a slight hum in between songs and behind some quiter songs. Anyway to stop this interference?
1 Answer
HI Steve: I wish there were an easy answer on this, you can Google 60 cycle hum where this is a big problem with musicians, but they have many more components to check in their rig. It is usually a connection problem with either your signal cable (not applicable in this case since that is handled by Bluetooth Wireless) or ground loop issue where you plug the AC power supply into. You see there are many people offering troubleshooting advice (mostly musicians) on line as well. There are also specific filters available which seem pricey. TL/3952
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 29, 2016

from Cincy Ohio asked:
June 25, 2016
Just received this speaker and so far very pleased. My question, the on/off switch is inconviently Placed on the bottom of speaker, can it be left on? Can't imagine having to walk through landscaping and tilt the speaker each time I wanted to use.
1 Answer
Hi Doug: There is no problem leaving the speaker on all the time. You will want to disconnect your Bluetooth sync connection when not in use. TL/3951
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 27, 2016

from New York asked:
June 21, 2016
Is the speaker weatherproof?
1 Answer
Hi Vic: All our Rock Speakers are weatherproof including this Bluetooth BTR800TT speaker. TL/3949
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 22, 2016

from Pasadena, TX asked:
June 12, 2016
If I were to purchase 2 of these speakers and place them in different locations in my yard, could I link them both up to the same Bluetooth device at the same time to play music? I need multiple speakers but want them both wireless and not need speaker wire to connect them together.
1 Answer
Hi Jerry: These are Dual Voice Coil speakers that use both outputs of the Stereo Amplifier built in. They share the single Bluetooth Stereo Receiver that syncs up to your device. You will not be able to sync up a second BTR800TT Only the BTR150 and BTR800 provide a pair of speakers but need a wire connecting the single satellite speaker to the master speaker. We only have these three options for Bluetooth Rocks. TL/3926
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 14, 2016

from memphis asked:
May 15, 2016
Can you buy two speakers and hook them up together?
1 Answer
Hi Derek: This is a single speaker with Summed Mono stereo output, what we commonly refer to as a Dual Voice Coil speaker with a single woofer with two inputs and two separate Tweeters. It connects to one Bluetooth enabled device and does play a full range sound. The BTR-800 is a pair of speakers that has true right and left stereo separation. It features a main speaker that has an internal Bluetooth Receiver and stereo amplifier. It has a Woofer and Tweeter and is connected to a single output from the internal amplifier. The second output is connected to the satellite speaker with speaker wire that is supplied with the kit. So this is a stereo pair (BTR-800) versus a Stereo Speaker (BTR-800TT. TL/3883
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 16, 2016

Chuck Dubey
from Wisconsin asked:
May 11, 2016
My question is similar to another persons. I have a Bluetooth transmitter hooked up to my AV reciever. Can these speakers pair to my trasmitter hooked up to my reciever?
1 Answer
Hi Chuck: If you have already used the Bluetooth Transmitter to sync up with other Bluetooth devices than this should be no problem. It operates the same. Do you have any other Bluetooth speakers that you can test it with first? Especially test it for range so place the other speaker in same spot as the proposed BTR-800TT. Good Luck TL/ 3872
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 13, 2016

from Orlando asked:
April 13, 2016
Is this speaker weather/rain proof that can be left outside.
1 Answer
Hi APS Yes it is waterproof design meant to be left out in the elements, in your case extreme Humidity and some crazy Thunderstorms that seem to hit at 4:00 PM everyday all Summer long. TL/3814
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 14, 2016

from Indianapolis, IN asked:
April 2, 2016
I'd like to connect this to a receiver that omits bluetooth. Is this feasible with this device?
1 Answer
HI Adam: The BTR-800 features a single rock speaker with a built in Bluetooth Receiver, Stereo Power Amplifier, Dual Voice Coil 8 inch woofer and Dual Tweeters. It includes a AC Power Supply to power both the Internal Amp and Bluetooth Receiver. The BTR needs to sync up with a Bluetooth Enabled device that acts as a transmitter to the BTR-800. The Audio Video Receiver that features Bluetooth only receives the signal from a Bluetooth enabled device, it then outputs the signal to the internal amplifier of the Receiver then plays to what is connected by speaker wire to the receiver. That signal could be heard through how ever many speakers are connected to the Receiver. The AV Receiver does not act as a repeater so it does not re-transmit the Bluetooth. We offer another single stereo speaker, the RS-690TT that does not include Bluetooth. It only needs to be connected by speaker wire. I hope that helps answer your question TL/3794
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 3, 2016

from Chicago asked:
February 23, 2016
I have a very large deck with two speakers I need to replace. My question is whether this one speaker(which looks like the two I have) would be enough? Thanks Dave
1 Answer
HI Dave: If you are looking for a Bluetooth solution and you have a large deck that you had two speakers you want to replace, I do not believe the single Dual voice coil speaker will be your solution. Take a look at the BTR-800 pair of Bluetooth speakers. I am assuming you were happy with the sound of the previous single pair of speakers. The BTR-800; pair of Rock speakers features a Master Rock speaker that has internal Bluetooth Receiver and Stereo Amplifier which needs to be connected to an AC outlet (included is a external waterproof power supply with 25 foot of cord. The Master speaker has a speaker output connection so you can run a two conductor speaker cable to the second or satellite speaker with a 25 foot cable that is included in the package as well. You connect to the Master speaker's Bluetooth Receiver with your Bluetooth enabled device (that is the true wireless connection). What did you have previously, brand and model number and what was your connection to the source and were two speakers enough. Would love to discuss your options. Good luck, I hope that answered your question. TL/3720
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 25, 2016

from New York asked:
October 6, 2015
Does this have speaker wire connections in case I don't want to use Bluetooth for a specific event but want to plug the speaker up to an amplifier?
1 Answer
Hi Craig, Only the satellite speakers can connect like a wired speaker. The master speaker can only run via Bluetooth.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 26, 2015

Dan Koz
from Austin, TX asked:
June 5, 2015
what if I don't like it for any reason? What is your return policy? What about defective units, what is your return policy? Do you sell extended warranty like other retailers?
1 Answer
Hi Dan, You have a 30-day trial period in which you can return the speakers for refund or exchange if they do not meet your need. These have a 1-year warranty. We do not have extended warranties.
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 5, 2015

from Texas asked:
February 16, 2015
once you switch the power on can it be left on.
1 Answer
Hi Michael: Yes you can leave it on all the time. You can also unplug the power supply as an option if it is more accessible. TL/3146
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 17, 2015

from long island new york asked:
August 28, 2014
What is the max number of speakers I can connect (wired) to the bluetooth speaker. I would like to do 4 to six speakers.
1 Answer
Paul, The internal amps on these are not built for multiple speakers. They can only run as is. I suggest running an amp and wired speaker then running a Bluetooth receiver into the amp to allow for Bluetooth wireless.
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 28, 2014

from HOLTSVILLE,NY asked:
June 9, 2014
1 Answer
Hi Mike, Unfortunately only one BTR800TT speaker can connect to a given device. We do have our BTR-800 (non TT) which are a pair of speakers that can run on a single device at a time. The master speaker links up via Bluetooth and the pairing speaker is wired to the master speaker. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks. BM 2742
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 10, 2014

from Raleigh asked:
June 3, 2014
Is this for one speaker or two individual single speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Jerry, The BTR-800TT is single speaker with two tweeters built into it for stereo sound. The BTR-800 (non TT) comes as a pair of speakers. BM 2730
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 5, 2014

Product Reviews

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25% (3)
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100% Recommend this product (12 of 12 responses)
By Andrew Scearce
Key West
May 3, 2018
This thing rocks!!
I took a chance on this but it is totally awesome!! Has great sound, better then my new TV. Looks super cool in the yard.
By Jim
Randolph nj
February 9, 2017
Great ! Just what I was looking for ,BBQ & yard work,
Great 4 BBQ& yardwork,
By Debbie
Paris , Illinois
July 13, 2016
I love my new speaker. The sound is great and works very well. The only thing I don't like is that we can't pair two speakers together but actually it sounds so good u guess you don't need another one. Love it. Glad I ordered it.
ProsGreat sound. Big speaker. And easy to set up
ConsCan't pair two speakers
By Sara
Orange, California
July 10, 2016
Slate gray rock speaker
It is a great speaker! I bought it for my husband for his birthday and he was surprised about the booth tooth since we hadn't been able to find one. It Looks good in the yard and has enough power to hear it everywhere but it is really big! We haven't put it in the planter yet since it needs power hooked up first but it fits in anywhere it is.
By Norm
Lebanon CT
July 7, 2016
Speaker is fine but...
The speaker itself is fine and sounds very good with plenty of volume and good bass but: the bluetooth connectivity is temperamental at best; the on/off switch should be placed where it is accessible; and the transformer should be inside the speaker housing instead of a separate "appendage" directly exposed to weather. I would recommend with caveats!
By Doug
Cin. Oh
July 6, 2016
Perfect addition
so far, I'm very pleased with the rock speaker, connects flawlessly and sounds great in our garden area. My only concern when the speaker arrived, there was no info with the speaker. The on/off switch is inconviently located on the bottom of the speaker which would make it difficult to operate, trudging through landscaping and tilting the speaker each time you want to use. I contacted OSD who informed me it was OK to leave the speaker on all of the time and make sure you disconnect the Bluetooth on your phone when not using. This info should have been included.
By Dave G.
July 6, 2016
First of all, the speaker is bigger than I thought, not a bad thing but just more speaker than I expected. The sound quality is excellent, heavy bass and nice high end balance. And it really rocks! (no pun intended). It is loud but the sound doesn't distort at the higher volumes. Very happy with this purchase.
By Jim Skudris
July 1, 2016
Works Great!
Easy to set up and Pair
By Al Lautenslager
Phoenix, AZ
June 9, 2016
Great Product
Great Sound; blends in the way I wanted it to with the outdoor decor/pool; didn't realize there was a power cord to hook up but thats not a problem. The bluetooth connection is easy and reliable. It is a great product and I never fill out product reviews. This time I did. Thanks!
By john
new york
June 5, 2016
First Purchase with OSD
With all the different speakers on the market i have to say i am pleased with this purchase!! The speaker sounds Great! I have a 14 year old daughter who loves to stream music and dance(like her dad) The speaker has nice sound with bass added for a great balance ! Connects fast to our smart phone . great addtion to my patio Looking forward to our first party ....
Proseasy to install blends well with natural outdoors
By Andrew
Long Island, NY
June 3, 2016
Very good speakers
This is my second bluetooth rock speaker from OSD. I am very happy with both sets. Audio quality is very good and the rock blend very nicely into the landscape. The bluetooth is good but don't walk away too far from the speaker or you will lose the connection. This is why placement of the speaker is key. Overall, this is a great speaker for the money.
ProsAudio Quality Look of the speaker
ConsLimited bluetooth range
Odessa, TX
February 23, 2015
Great Bass
This has more bass than I was expecting, and that is a plus. Good surface area coverage too. I have a smaller back yard but the closest neighbors don't mind if I turn it up once in awhile when I have friends over, since the I usually invite the neighbors too ;)
ProsGreat bass response. Big sound and clear quality. First thing after I set it up, my dog pissed on it! Good thing they're water resistant!!! Lol
ConsNone yet
Best UsesBoth house parties and easy listening