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BTP650 Wireless 6.5" Bluetooth® 2-Way Outdoor Patio Speaker Pair Composite Resin Low Resonator Cabinet IP67 Waterproof Power Supply

Product code: OSD-BTP-650

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Features & Specifications

Sleek, modern and attractive, the BTP-650 Wireless Bluetooth® Patio Speaker Pair is a fantastic set for your deck or patio. These indoor-outdoor speakers are designed for all weather conditions, and the set includes one main speaker and one pairing speaker. They're versatile enough to be used in stores, as part of your home entertainment package or near your pool. Powerful and ready for anything you can play, these speakers connect to any Bluetooth®-enabled device and include 25 feet of speaker wire.


Product Installation

1) Determine the ideal location where the Patio Speakers are not exposed directly to the elements. Note: speakers typically should be placed between 8 to 12 feet apart for proper stereo separation.
2) The Master Patio Speaker needs to be located near an AC outlet where you can connect the Power Supply to the Master Speaker in order provide the electrical current needed for the Internal Stereo Power Amplifier and Bluetooth® Receiver.
3) The Pairing speaker must be connected to the Master Speaker with the 25-foot Speaker Cable that is supplied with the kit. The length of the speaker cable can be cut down for an exact fit but should not be extended beyond 30 feet.


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50 Questions & 53 Answers
Samuel A Rosado
from Madison, MS asked:
January 4, 2020
I connected the main speaker with no problem but I get no sound from the other one. System did pair with no problem, just that no sound come out of the other.
1 Answer
Hi Samuel:

Did you connect the second or satellite speaker to the Master Speaker using the speaker wire that comes with the kit? If they are connected, then we need to see if the Satellite speaker is defective. Do you have any other speaker in your house that you could connect to the speaker wire coming from the  Master Speaker to see if there is a signal coming from the Master Speaker? Do you have another amplifier in the house that you can connect to the satellite speaker? It can be one of three scenarios; the Satellite speaker has not been connected using the speaker wire included. Two, the Satellite speaker is defective or three, the internal two-channel amplifier found in the Master Speaker has a faulty output channel. We know the Master Speaker is playing, so at least one channel is performing. We can replace just the Satellite Speaker if you determine it is defective. If you cannot test the Satellite output or the Satellite Speaker, then we can replace the whole kit.

Please contact me if you need additional help;


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 6, 2020

Erick Martinez
from Canovanas, Puerto Rico asked:
November 18, 2019
How is the volume in this speaker, as far as decibels without distortion?

Do these speaker have a volume control or do they depend on the source that's feeding the signal? 

1 Answer
Hi Erick:

The speakers found in the BTP650 are the same as our AP650 speakers rated at 150Watts with a 91dB sensitivity, meaning the speakers are very efficient, to begin with, and will have plenty of power at 100 Watts (from the internal Class D amplifier of the BTP650 Master speaker). There is no Volume Control on the BTP650 speakers. The source (the Bluetooth enabled device) controls the volume. There are apps available for boosting and equalizing your device. I have no complaints regarding distortion or overall sound quality. I have a pair of BTP525 that have survived two Summers already (now put away for the Winter). I chose the smaller pair due to the size of my back deck (10ft x 12ft).

Good choice


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on November 20, 2019

from San Diego, California asked:
November 5, 2019
I would like to mount these speakers outside in my backyard. I received mounting brackets for the speakers, but no screws. What number/size mounting screws would best fit through the holes of the mounting bracket?
1 Answer
Hi Cal:

I use #10 countersunk wood screw with Phillips's head top 1 1/2" to 2". That was used to put up a pair on my back patio.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on November 12, 2019

from Portland, OR asked:
October 2, 2019
Can these be paired to a Yamaha MusicCAST WXC-50 Amp?


2 Answers
Hi Scott:

The XWC-50is streaming preamplifier which I believe should be able to connect with the Yamaha XWC-50 just like it would for the XWA Streaming Power Amplifier. Check pages 23 and 24 on connecting with Bluetooth Headphones or speakers.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 4, 2019
Hi Scott:

The following is the description for Bluetooth Connectivity from Yamaha on the Musiccast WXA50 Streaming Power Amp/Preamp: 

Bluetooth® and AirPlay®

Stream virtually any audio source via Bluetooth as an input to the WXA-50. Bluetooth sources can distribute through Wi-Fi to other MusicCast devices. Or stream using AirPlay from an Apple® device to a single unit. The Musiccast has a built-in Bluetooth Receiver just like the BTP650

But before you buy checkout page 23 of the WXA50 Owner's Manual where it describes how you can connect to Bluetooth Headphones or Speakers (like the BTP650). 

So the answer appears to be yes based upon what I have read in the owner's manual. You might want to ask Yamaha if you can drive either Bluetooth Headphones of Bluetooth Speakers.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 3, 2019

Michael DeRosa
from Merrimac MA asked:
September 17, 2019
Hello I bought these speakers and have used them for about 15 months and they are now static and do not work all the time. I am curious in the warranty and how I can replace them. Feel free to call me at+17817608115. Thanks!
1 Answer
Hi Michael:

Did you try connecting on multiple Bluetooth devices to see if you had the same results Did you add other devices that might interfere with your setup? Did you change your main device? It sounds like you are getting sound so it's not the Power Supply. If it's a connection issue you may have the same issue if you replace the whole kit. Try calling our customer service 562-697-2600 and ask them about possibly replacing the BTP650.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 12, 2019

from Montreal, Quebec asked:
July 31, 2019
Hello, do these speakers can stay outdoor in winter? 

Thank you

1 Answer

We typically recommend you bring all of our outdoor speakers in for the winter. As far as the BTP650 they front baffle is sealed, and the power connector features a waterproof socket. The on/off switch is weatherproof and has a plastic cover that snaps over the power button and Speaker Push terminals. The cover features a notched opening on one of the four sides. It is for the speaker wire and Power Supply Connector to exit the back cavity. There is also a back panel for the Satellite speaker as well. The slot aims down and out. I would recommend sealing the plastic cover with waterproof duct tape on all four seams, including cover the wires coming out of the cavity. I think I would not recommend the BTP650 be left outdoors during the winter months. Especially as far North as Montreal, Canada unless the BTP650 Speaker and the power supply are well protected from the Elements. Here in Portland, Oregon, I bring in my BTP525 speakers, leaving the bracket and Power Supply out all season.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 1, 2019

from Mineola, Texas asked:
July 28, 2019
Got a pair of BTP 525 series to pair with my Echo Show 5 but the speakers will not show up using pair or discover in the Alexa App.  The speaker is showing up on my iPhone under Bluetooth devices.

1 Answer
Hi Nick:

I found this posting for Amazon Echo on C/Net from 2017:

You can finally pair the Amazon Echo with Bluetooth speakers

Amazon quietly updated the Echo last week, and you can now stream audio from your Echo to an external speaker over Bluetooth.



MARCH 13, 2017 9:06 AM PDT

Those pairing instructions are pretty simple -- to connect, you'll want to put your external speaker into pairing mode, then head to the settings section of the Alexa app. Select your Echo device, then tap Bluetooth, then select the speaker you want to pair with.

That gives the Echo at least some of the additional flexibility that you get with the Echo Dot, a much smaller and less expensive Alexa speaker that's always been able to pair with external Bluetooth speakers. Keep in mind, though, that the Echo Dot can also connect with external speakers via line-in jack. There's no such jack in the full-size Echo, so the Echo Dot is still the more flexible of the two.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 30, 2019

from new jersey asked:
July 21, 2019
In order to keep these out of the elements I will have to mount them under an eave approximately 20 feet above the patio. Will they still be effective? 
1 Answer
Hello New Jersey:

The BTP650 feature a sealed cabinet and have an IP rating of IPX6. Which means they can withstand direct water jets. So the front baffle is not a problem with exposure to the elements. There is a plastic cover to cover the waterproof On/off switch and push spring terminals for the speake5r wire that has to connect the Satellite Speaker from the Master Speaker. There is also a pigtail from the Master Speaker that has a waterproof connector from the IP67 Rated AC Power Supply with the 25-foot cord. Some waterproof duct tapes can help seal the plastic back cover. If you have to go up to 20 feet, I will mount them a little closer together (8 to 10 feet, tweeters on the outside). Line of sight will not be a problem, so connectivity should be functional. So I would experiment between the 20 foot and a lower position (even exposed to the elements)

Good luck


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 25, 2019

from Stockton, ca asked:
July 9, 2019
I bought the btp 650 , but I didn’t get code from the speakers on my phone 
1 Answer
Hi Ray:

The BTP650 should show up on your Smartphone as BT Speaker; there is no code involved. After you plug the Power Supply into both the wall outlet and the connector come off the back of the Master Speaker. Make sure you have also pushed the power switch to on. There will be a signal that you have connected after selecting BT Speaker. There will also be a signal when you turn off the Bluetooth on your connected device. You will hear a different beep that you are now disconnected and the unit goes into standby until the next sync up.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 14, 2019

from Richmond, Va asked:
June 6, 2019
Is there an on/off switch for these speaker sets?  What is the power output from each speaker?
1 Answer
Hi Bob:

There is no on/off switch on our Bluetooth kits. They go into standby until you do a search and sync up with your device. The BTR650 rated at 100 watts per channel and 60 Watts RMS Continous.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 9, 2019

from Phoenix, AZ asked:
June 3, 2019
What voltage are the speakers (adapter output)?

I want to use a solar panel/battery as do not have 110 in the location I want to install these.


1 Answer
Hi F:

The Power Supply rated at 24VDC. It features a 25-foot cable. There is an image on the web page that shows the specs on the label. It is weather resistant, certified at IP67, 100% sealed from dust and sealed up to three feet of water.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 4, 2019

from Chester, NJ asked:
April 7, 2019
Do you have replacement grilles for these speakers? How so I locate them.
1 Answer
Hi Jason: I am pretty sure we might have a pair of replacement grills for the BTP500. It shares the same speaker grill with the AP650 as well. So contact Greg in our RMA department at 562-697-2600 and ask for Customer Service. Regards TL/5498
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 11, 2019

Wendell LaMont
from Jacksonville, Florida asked:
January 26, 2019
Do these speakers have mounding brackets to attach to ceilings or walls?
1 Answer
Hi Wendall: The BTP series (both BTP525 and BTP650) feature a unique Mounting bracket that both Swivels and Tilts for maximum installation flexibility. A great choice. TL/5386
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 28, 2019

Matt Siegel
from 32254 asked:
January 14, 2019
can these speakers be connected to a smart tv?
1 Answer
Hi Matt: Not all Smart TVs are created equal. You will need to check with the TV manufacturer. The BTO650 is Bluetooth 3.0 compatible with A2DP standard. The following is information I found online at I do not think our standard Bluetooth kits are apt:X Low latency rated. And the info was written for Bluetooth Headphones, and it seems both the Smart TV and headphones had to share the apt:X and also the low latency for it to be effective. They also mention newer TVs have adjustable latency. It seems Streaming contact has a video delay but unless you can adjust the latency I am not sure how effective the PTP650 would be for your application: So if the following information helps: Resolve Bluetooth Audio/Video Sync One legitimate concern about using Bluetooth wireless headphones with video content is the potential for delayed audio. You’ll recognize it when you hear everything a split second after it happens on the screen. If you have a more modern television, you can check for a built-in fix. Look for an "audio delay/sync" setting (or something similarly named) under the sound options in the TV's system menu. If present, the adjustment should be shown as either a slider or a box with values typically set in milliseconds. Sometimes you might see a list of all the separate inputs/outputs that can be adjusted. Bringing that slider/number down should help minimize the delay so that the audio syncs with the video. In rare instances, you'll experience video instead of audio delay. This phenomenon occurs when you're streaming high-definition content where the extra moment it takes for the video to appear (sometimes due to buffering) on the screen causes it to lag behind the sound. In this case, adjust the sound settings to increase the audio delay, slowing it down in order for it to sync up with the video. Make small adjustments and test until you find the perfect match. For best results, make sure that your smart television has been updated with the latest firmware because outdated firmware affects performance. If you are still encountering audio/video sync problems, check to see if any of your TV’s sound settings are not currently set to "standard." Enabling various sound modes (e.g. virtual, 3D audio, surround, PCM, etc.) can unintentionally inject a delay. If you’re streaming video through an app or separate device (e.g. YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Microsoft Xbox, Sony PS4, Blu-ray player, stereo receiver/amplifier), double-check the physical connections as well as the audio settings on each. Older electronics may lack these audio adjustment settings. Your best bet for keeping the audio synced with video is by choosing hardware that supports Bluetooth Low Latency. Low Latency is Key Look for Bluetooth aptX with Low Latency — this standard must be on both the headphones and the transmitter in order to work. Low-latency Bluetooth incurs a delay no greater than 40 milliseconds, which creates suitable synchronization between what is seen and heard. For reference, typical Bluetooth wireless headphones exhibit audio delays ranging from 80 ms up to 250 ms. Even at 80 ms, human brains perceive audio delayed behind the video. Good luck TL/5373
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 14, 2019

Steve Azzam
from New jersey asked:
December 6, 2018
could they be hard wired to a receiver if desired, like a regular non wireless speakers.
1 Answer
Hi SSteve: The satellite speaker is a passive speaker that is hard-wired from the master Speaker of the BTP650. But there is no external connection to the master speaker, it has the Bluetooth Receiver, and stereo power amp built internally. There is no access to the internal drivers of the master speaker. We do have AP650 in both white or black finish that is a stereo pair identical to the satellite speaker of the BTP Bluetooth kit. TL/5321
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 9, 2018

from Dallas asked:
November 20, 2018
What color is the speaker cable for the white speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Steve: The speaker wire that comes with the BTP650 White is Black. if you call customer service to order the speakers we could swap out the black speaker wire for our CL3 Outdoor cable if you would rather go that route. Just tell them that TimL said we could do it. TL/5295
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on November 24, 2018

from North carolina asked:
September 25, 2018
If you buy 2x pairs (4 total speakers), when you connect via bluetooth will all 4 play? Or only 1 pair?
1 Answer
Hi Melanie: Current technology limits the connection of only one pair of speakers at a time. Some of the latest Android Smartphones will connect to multiple Bluetooth Receivers which will allow you to connect to the two pairs of BTP650. There is the talk of new Bluetooth Chip that will connect to various Bluetooth Receivers (up to 80 units at a time). But this will not be available to 2019. Note: Android phones also allow you to name your Bluetooth devices. Check out our BOM4.1 Bluetooth Subwoofer/Satellite system. It features a 100-watt amplifier for the 8-inch subwoofer that also features a Bluetooth Receiver built-in plus four additional 60 Watt channels so you can connect almost any two pairs of passive speakers (the AP650 is the identical speaker to the BTP650). It was created to address the need for more than the single stereo pair of all of our standard Bluetooth speakers. TL/5217
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on September 27, 2018

DAVID laurentius
from St. Louis Missouri asked:
August 12, 2018
Speakers won't connect They are not connected to any device Happened over night Have power
2 Answers
Hi David: I am sorry you are having a problem, does the BTP650 show up on your Bluetooth Device when you search? Try turning it off for a half an hour (turn off the switch on the master and unplug the Power Supply. After 30 minutes plug the power supply back in and turn the switch back on. When you fire it back up if another device was in sync, it should give out an audible signal. If not, do another search with your device. The BTP650 should come up Bluetooth Speaker (I am sure you have that listed on your phone if you have had it working before). How did you know if the speaker was getting power? You may want to touch bases with customer service at Outdoor Speaker Depot. The unit carries a one year warranty. They will be able to help you further. TL/5157
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 16, 2018
Hi David: How long has it been working before now? Does BT Speaker show up on your list of available devices? Have you tried turning off the power on the back of the master speaker; or unplugging the power supply for 30 minutes?
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 14, 2018

from NJ asked:
June 26, 2018
can the volume be adjusted on each speaker so one is not as loud as the other ?
1 Answer
Hi Charles: We have had questions about increasing overall sound levels but never a question of controlling the volume level between the master and satellite speakers of the BTP650. At the time I found some different apps on my Smartphone that would increase the sound and also increase the actual Bass. But I never thought to look for a balance control as well. So I found a list of the top 10 best equalizer apps for Android (did not check for Apple). The first one that popped up was an app called 10Band Equalizer. It has a knob to control the balance which might work for you. It is a free app and has a 4.1 rating. Good luck TL/5078
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 26, 2018

from MN asked:
June 15, 2018
I see these can be mounted horizontally. I also see the enclosure panel on the back is vertical, with a small opening at the bottom. If I do mount them horizontally, do I need to worry about rain getting into that opening?
1 Answer
Hi Brett: The opening on the back of the speaker is square and the plastic back cover can be turned 90 degrees so the opening is still at the bottom in the Horizontal position as well. So no problem. I just confirmed this on my pair of BTP525 (the 5.25" version) mounted on my back deck. The backplate works the same on both the BTP650 and the BTP525. TL/5057
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 18, 2018

from St.Louis, MO asked:
June 5, 2018
Can these speakers not only be hard wired, but used with Bluetooth as well?
1 Answer
Hi Justin: These are Bluetooth only there is no other input available. You are connecting with your Bluetooth device to the master speaker which has the Bluetooth Receiver and 2 channel amplifier built-in with one channel connected to the internal speaker. A second connection is for the passive satellite speaker which connected to the Master by a two conductor stereo wire. The amp is only meant to drive the two speakers with no other connection besides the Bluetooth. The Rocks, Frogs and Patio Speakers are all the same setup. We do have a new Bluetooth Sub with a 100-watt amplifier and four channel outputs (2 stereo pairs 60 watts per channel). You decide which two pairs of passive speakers. You could connect 2 pairs of AP650 (identical to the BTP650) or a single pair of AP650 and a pair of RS670 Rock speakers. Check out the model BOM4.1. TL/5035
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 7, 2018

from Paso Robles asked:
May 31, 2018
I received these speakes today I need to extend the speaker wire 10 more feet Can I just get a bigger gauge? If not ,do you have suggestions?
1 Answer
Hi JT: They come with 16 gauge wire, you can switch up to 14 gauge if you like. The hole in the Push terminal is perfect for 16 gauge but I believe you can squeeze 14 in. TL/5017
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 1, 2018

from Memphis, TN asked:
May 31, 2018
What is the diameter of the weather-proof power connector? I ordered these yesterday and am looking to install conduit for the power cord over the weekend; can I fit the power cord through a 1/2" conduit (0.62" ID)? Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Will: The total length of the power cord is around 18 to 19 feet. At one end is a three prong AC plug and about 3.5' to the actual Waterproof IP67 Power Supply block. Then 15 or so feet to the connection with the pigtail that comes out of the back of the Master Speaker. This terminated with a connector at least a 1/2" in diameter and there is a Ferrite core about 6" in from the connector that appears closer to 3.4". So a 1/2" conduit might not work. I installed a BTR650 last Saturday which I can go measure just to make sure. TL/5015
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 1, 2018

from 27284 asked:
May 27, 2018
can I buy another slave speaker
1 Answer
Hi Fred: The BTP650 is a closed system limited to the Master and one satellite speaker. There are some newer smartphones which allow you to sync up with two different Bluetooth receivers. So you could have 2 pairs of the BTP650. Another option to consider especially if you have not purchased the BTP650 kit would be our BOM4.1 which is an Outdoor powered subwoofer with a 100-watt amplifier for the Internal sub and four 60 watts a channel hookups so you could connect either a pair of AP650 (the identical speaker to the PTP650 Satellite) or any other two pairs pair of passive speakers (2 pairs of Rock speakers or Garden speakers etc.). Or mix and match say a pair of patio speakers and a pair of Rock Speakers it would all depend on your application. Good luck TL/5009
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 29, 2018

from TX asked:
May 24, 2018
Hello There, Can these be connected to an amp? or they work only via Bluetooth? Regards, Anil
1 Answer
Hi Anil: The BTP650 are limited to the master speaker and satellite playing right and left channel stereo. Its only source is from the internal Bluetooth Receiver and Stereo Amplifier. One channel is connected to the internal speaker and the other is hardwired to the satellite speaker with a 2 conductor speaker wire (+/-). So it is a closed system. We do sell the same speaker as a passive stereo pair the AP650. And we now have a couple of amplifier s featuring Bluetooth as one of the source options. Both amps have the ability to power 2 pairs of 8-ohm stereo speakers. The XWB50 is an in-wall version that features Bluetooth and one other Auxillary input and can play up to two pairs of 8-ohm speakers. The second is the new NERO which is an integrated Power Amplifier which features Bluetooth, Aux, RCA and Digital Optical inputs. The XWB50 is best for custom applications used to drive In-wall and In-Ceiling speakers. The NERO has more flexibility being a stand-alone unit that also features a variable sub out tied to the master volume control. Check them out ass well as the BOM5.1 outdoor powered subwoofer with a four-channel output. All three allow you to drive two pairs of stereo speakers either the same or two different pairs. You have choices... TL/5005
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 29, 2018

from NJ asked:
May 20, 2018
can the power supply be on a switch,and turned on only when speakers are in use? I will assume the individual switch on each speaker should not be powered up when not in use. These speakers will be mounted under over hanging soffit about 8 feet off ground .
1 Answer
HI Charles: Yes, you can have the power Supply plugged into a switch (a power strip as an example) and turn the system on and off from there. When you turn the switch on the system will come back on as long as the system switch is left in the on position. TL/4994
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 22, 2018

from Minnesota asked:
May 7, 2018
I’ve been having skipping problems recently with two different iPhones that have not had a problem before. Both phones only skip when connected to these speakers, work fine on all other BT devices. Doesn’t matter what app is used or if the phone is rebooted.
1 Answer
Hi Andrew: I usually defer Bluetooth connectivity issues to our customer Service department. They are all certified Millennial's who are much more savvy than I when it comes to Bluetooth devices. They all have the latest including Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X. They also have a couple of different Bluetooth setups for testing and enjoying in the sales offices. Please call 562-697-2600. TL/4965
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 8, 2018

from asked:
April 23, 2018
I can not get my BTP-659 speakers to pair with my iPhoneX. I have tried several times by powering off, but nothing. The unit is on by indication of a blue light on the front left side of the powered speaker. Thank you for your time.
2 Answers
Hi Wess: I believe you have the older model that had the LED sync light. The latest version with no led and new power supply we tested successfully connecting to the iPhone X. We connected to both the BTP 525 and BTP 650. You might want to call our crack customer service team who are all mellenials who use Bluetooth daily. maybe they can walk you through it. TL/4926
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 27, 2018
Hi Wess: Yo may have an original BTP650 that still had the LED. We tested the new AP525 and AP650 both without the led and featuring the new Power supply with the iPhoneX and had no problem connecting to either. You might call our customer service and discuss with them. They are the experts in this category. They have all the Bluetooth speakers and when someone has problem they try to duplicate the issue. They are also Millennial's who can not live without Bluetooth. TL/4926
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 27, 2018

from Ofallon,MO asked:
January 27, 2018
I have a pair of BT650 speakers on my deck. Very happy with them unfortunately something cheeed the wires from my powers supply - model FY2403000. Is there any way I can replace this component?
1 Answer
Hi Len: We have replacements available, just contact customer service at OSD. Cost is $24.95. TL/4774
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 29, 2018

from NY asked:
January 26, 2018
I would like to buy several pairs to mount above my outdoor patio and upper deck, and simply want them to connect to my indoor Echo devices to take advantage of my music unlimited subscription. Will these connect directly or must I purchase a separate Bluetooth transmitter?
1 Answer
Hi Tom: We had a question similar to this. According to Amazon you have 2 output options the first being direct connection with 3.5mm RCA output and the second being Bluetooth. But you are limited to using a single pair of BTP650 at a time. With some of the new phones you can sync up two different pair of Blue tooth speakers. You would need to contact Amazon to ask them if it is possible to sync with multiple devices. We are developing a Bluetooth Outdoor sub woofer which will have a 4.1 Amplifier so it will have a powered sub with two stereo outputs. Which could be your 2 BTP650 speakers with one Bluetooth Receiver built in to the omni Subwoofer. We expect the Bluetooth 4.1 Outdoor sub woofer to be available within next 30 days. TL/4771
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 29, 2018

from New York asked:
January 23, 2018
Will these speakers connect to and work well with Amazon Echo devices?
1 Answer
Hi Tom: According to AMAZON the ECHO and ECHO dot have Line level 3.5mm and Bluetooth output. If true you be able to sync up via Bluetooth. You might want to confirm with AMAZON that the Bluetooth can sync up with any Bluetooth enabled speakers like the BTP650. TL/4768
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 26, 2018

from asked:
December 30, 2017
Do these speakers work with a Sonos system: Re: setup as one Sonos Zone?
1 Answer
Hi Billy: From everything I have read there are a lot of SONOS customers asking for SONOS to add Bluetooth, but currently I believe you would have to add a third party Bluetooth transmitter, then you could connect to whatever Bluetooth speaker or headphone you wanted to. I think SONOS is offended that anyone might think they need Bluetooth when SONOS does as much as it does. Amazon has many choices for Bluetooth Receivers that would pair up with the BTP650. TL/4720
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 31, 2017

from Mechanicsville, Maryland asked:
December 18, 2017
I have three sets of BTP650 speakers with the previous power adapter. The power adapter has died and I need a replacement. Where can I purchase a replacement, and/or will the newer version of the power adapter fit the BTP650 speakers that I have? If so, do you sell the power adapter?
1 Answer
Hi Chip: Can you let us know when you purchased these BTP650? And it would be great if you can take a picture of the Power Supply especially the connection to the Speaker. And send to Then can check which power supply you need and whether we have a replacement in stock. TL/4700
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 19, 2017

from San Diego, CA asked:
August 28, 2017
If you use a Bluetooth adapter connected to a RV to pair with these speakers, how is volume set? Would it just be at a level that is a holdover to say a mobile phone pairing?
1 Answer
HI Graham: I believe the volume would be determined by the volume of the Bluetooth enabled device you are connecting. There is no volume control or setting on the BTP-650, it is all up to the source or whatever you are pairing with it. TL/4541
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 30, 2017

Brian Millikin
from CA - California asked:
August 17, 2017
Can you Bluetooth two different paired speakers at the same time. One pair under the patio and another pair near the pool
1 Answer
Hi Brian: I believe it depends on your Bluetooth Device. I saw someone do it with an Apple phone. And when I Googled the question this was the answer: Perform these steps: Connect two devices via Bluetooth. On one of them, open the standard audio player. After the launch of the app, press the «Broadcast» icon (on LG smartphone, it is located at the top right corner of the player). ... Next, click «Add» at the bottom left corner of the pop-up window. More items... How to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers on Android TL/4525
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 19, 2017

from Detroit Mi asked:
July 31, 2017
How do you disconnect a paired device if it is not available? For example, wife phone was paired to speaker yesterday. Today husband wants to pair to speaker.
1 Answer
Hi Tim: Turn off the speaker, wait a few seconds, then turn the speaker back on and it should reset will reset** TL/4496
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 31, 2017

Simon Cox
from Texas asked:
July 26, 2017
Hello. Is there anyway to connect these to a non-BT tv? Like a device I can buy to connect to the tv, that then connects to the speakers. Thanks for any info anyone can provode.
1 Answer
Hi Simon: There are choices for you, it depends on what the output connections that are available for you on your TV. If you have a pair of RCA jacks then you need a signal level Bluetooth Transmitter that would connect using an RCA stereo patch cable. If you have a headphone jack output then there is a Bluetooth transmitter that features a 3.5mm connection. Just Google and reference the connection you need. Good Luck: TL/4489
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 27, 2017

from NY asked:
June 23, 2017
I don't see where it says these speakers come with the mounting brackets, however the picture shows they do. Do they actually come with the mounting brackets?
1 Answer
Hi Dustin: Sorry for the confusion, all of our patio speakers feature mounting brackets. The New AP650 (and AP525) feature a unique mounting bracket that swivels and tilts as well for maximum mounting flexibility. There is also a Bluetooth versions of both the 6.5" (BTP-650) and 5.25" (BTP-525) with identical mounting brackets. TL/4437
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 25, 2017

from 33025 asked:
September 12, 2016
How do you connect the two speakers together? I do not understand how the cables supplied work or what type or connector I need to buy..
1 Answer
Hi Yeikel: The only Bluetooth Wireless connection is between your Bluetooth Wireless device and the Master Speaker of the BTP525. The Master Speaker is the one speaker that has a cable coming out of the cabinet with a weatherproof connector that connects to the Power cord that is include in the package. The actual Power supply is in line half way to the two prong AC plug. This Power Supply provides current to power both the internal Bluetooth Receiver and 2 Channel Stereo Power Amplifier found in the Master Speaker. The second connection is 2 conductor speaker wire that has been stripped and tinned at both ends. Each conductor is coded although maybe covered up by the tinned end (you may need to strip a little more wire to find the conductor coding). You will need to make sure the same conductor goes to the positive output from the master to the positive input terminal of the Satellite Speaker (and the same with the negative connection). You do not need to buy anything in order to make all your connections. We do recommend that you place the Power Supply where it is does not be end up in any sitting water. Some customers purchase a waterproof enclosure to cover the power supply. I hope that answers your question TL/4065
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 22, 2016

mark berglund
from reno asked:
June 20, 2016
what is the voltage of the power supply and or requirements for master speaker?
1 Answer
Hi Mark: The power supply is DC24V 72W for the BTP650. It is different than the AP525 which features a 12VDC Power Supply. TL/3943
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 21, 2016

christopher keables
from Louisville. KY asked:
April 10, 2016
can a subwoofer be connected to these speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Christopher: The Bluetooth connection is made between your Bluetooth enabled device and the Bluetooth Receiver built into the Master Speaker that also features a stereo amplifier that drives both the internal speaker and the satellite speaker. There is no way to tap into that signal since the enclosure is sealed. I do not believe their is away to add a sub-woofer in its present setup. It might be interesting if we could design an internal amplifier with a low pass output in addition to the current stereo amp, like 2.1 system. I should look into that. Thanks for the question TL/3808
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 11, 2016

from asked:
December 9, 2018
My BT525 speakers stopped working after about 1 year of use. They are not discoverable within any Bluetooth device. This is very frustrating
1 Answer
Hi Vinnie: Please contact our customer service department at 1-562-697-2600. They should be able to help you out. TL/5326
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 14, 2018

from Puerto Rico asked:
November 23, 2018
Hi, shipping cost to Puerto Rico USA Is free? If no, who is more cheap? Many thanks!!!
1 Answer
Hi Gerardo: I am sorry, but shipping is only free in the continental US. Shipping to Puerta Rico for this item would run about a $100.00 for the kit. TL/5297
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 2, 2018

from Texas asked:
November 16, 2018
When will the BTP-650 be back in stock? I want to buy another set!!!
1 Answer
Hi Steve: The BTP650 should be back in stock in early December. TL/5287
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on November 24, 2018

from New York asked:
June 20, 2018
If I get a call while streaming music through my phone, will the call come through the speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Chris: Yes, the phone does play through the speakers when a phone call is answered on the Smartphone in sync with the Bluetooth Receiver at the time. I verified the results on my own pair of BTP525 on my back deck. TL/5065
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 20, 2018

Brett Sturgeon
from Maryland asked:
April 20, 2018
how do u connect it to BT cuz the code is not coming up
1 Answer
Hi Brett: Please contact Customer Service, they actually have a Buetooth setup in our sales department and are the experts on this category. 1-562-697-2600 (sales). TL/4920
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 23, 2018

from Tennessee asked:
September 2, 2017
how do you get louder sound on an i phone
1 Answer
Hi Joe: That would be a question for Apple. TL/4546
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 20, 2017

Alex Karavias
from Miami, FL asked:
August 27, 2017
I own a pair of these and love it. But I have an issue. Can I add a 3rd (and possible 4th) speaker to the loop? Since I can only connect to one Bluetooth device at a time, if I were to buy another pair I wouldn't be able to simultaneously play it, correct? Please advise.
1 Answer
Hi Alex: Some new Smartphones feature connection to multiple Bluetooth devices. The Samsung Galaxy S8 does I believe. There are additional tips but you will need to google it. I saw something about a Android App. There is something about making the Bluetooth devices dicoverable. Good luck TL/4539
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 11, 2017

from Ontario asked:
August 24, 2017
I live in a northern climate. Are these speakers rated for cold weather. (0 to -30 deg. C). To be used in outdoor kitchen, no direct sunlight, or rain/snow. Thanks
1 Answer
HI Jeff: The BTP 650 would be a great choice for your application. A Sealed enclosure and Composite Cabinet and our highest rated weatherproof speaker. It is the same speaker as our AP650 and AP650T. Highly recommended. TL/4533
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 30, 2017

from San Diego asked:
July 13, 2017
Anyway to make these louder? Using an iPhone, sound is decent but not quite loud enough.
1 Answer
Hi Monty: You are limited to the output of your Bluetooth enabled device. You maybe able to download an Equalizer app that might add a little gain. TL4468
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 21, 2017

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