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BTR805 Wireless 8" Bluetooth® 2-Way Outdoor Rock Speaker Waterproof Power Supply Pair Brown Grey Color

Product code: BTR-805

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OSD Price: $229.84
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Sold in pairs 1 = 1 pair
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Features & Specifications

This is the 2nd generation of our Bluetooth® Rock Speakers, we made the following changes a) Using better sound rock shell from our most popular rock speaker RX805 with better bass and clear high ends. b) Using waterproof IP67 grade power supply for better outdoor durability.

Get ready to jam in any outdoor space with the BTR805 Wireless Bluetooth® Rock Speaker . This 8" set is ideal for your lawn, garden or patio for best bass; they come in Grey or Brown so you can coordinate without the speakers looking out of place.

There are two speakers, a master and pairing speaker. The master speaker has the internal stereo amplifier plus built in Wireless Bluetooth® Receiver. The second or pairing speaker is connected to the master speaker using the 10Ft speaker cable that is included with the kit. The result is a two channel stereo output. It is recommended to have the speakers 8 to 12 feet apart for best stereo dispersion. You can cut the 10Ft cable down to the exact length desired. The extra cable is supplied in case you have to be created to hide the wire when running it between the two speakers.


Bluetooth® Wireless Rock Speaker Setup

1) The Master Bluetooth® Rock Speaker should be located near a 110 volt AC outlet so the Power Supply can be connected to the Master Rock Speaker in order to provide the electrical current needed for the Internal Amplifier and Bluetooth® Receiver. Choose a location where the Power Supply block will not be sitting in water.
2) The Pairing Rock Speaker must be connected to the Master Rock speaker using the 10-foot Speaker Wire supplied with the kit.


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50 Questions & 50 Answers
from 29150 asked:
November 28, 2018
How long is the power supply cord? I want to make sure they will reach the plug from the shrub bed.
1 Answer
Hi JO: The Power Cable breaks down as follows: the cord from the AC plug to the actual Power Supply block is just under 4 feet. The cable from the block to the speaker is around 16 feet. Then there is a short pigtail (under 2 feet) coming from the bottom of the speaker which has a waterproof connection to the Power Supply Cable. TL/5309
Tim Leahy
on November 30, 2018

ashish s
from philadelpiha asked:
September 29, 2018
any alexa enabled speakers available - linked via voice, the alexa app, and amazon music
1 Answer
Hi Ashish: According to this link they say the AMAZON Echo does have an internal Bluetooth Transmitter built-in and you can command to connect to Bluetooth which then disables the internal speaker: An external speaker connection can be achieved wirelessly via Bluetooth or wired through the 3.5mm audio jack on the back of the device. The issue around using the 3.5mm jack is that, when a 3.5mm cable is connected to the Echo Dot, the internal speaker is completely bypassed, whether or not your wired speakers are turned on. This means that, when using a wired connection, your wired speakers must be turned on if you ever want to use the Echo Dot. On the other hand, with Bluetooth speakers, the Echo Dot switches back to its internal speakers when the Bluetooth speakers are turned off. Even if the Bluetooth speakers are on, you have the flexibility to sever the connection hands-free by simply asking Alexa, so you can switch back to the internal speaker at will. If you have your heart set on using wired speakers with the Echo Dot, there are things you can do to make wired speakers a lot more convenient. So you can use the AMAZON ALEXA connection to broadcast the audio signal via Bluetooth to any of our Bluetooth enabled speakers including broadcasting to our NERO XS integrated amplifier with built-in Bluetooth Receiver. TL/5223
Tim Leahy
on October 3, 2018

from Massachusetts asked:
August 20, 2018
A squirrel (or some other rodent) chewed thru my power cords. Do you sell the power supplies? If not, is there a recommendation
1 Answer
Hi Scott: I am sorry to hear that. Two options, one is to take a picture of the Power Supply so we can check if we still have a matching replacement in our RMA Department. The second option would involve taking the unit to an audio Video Repair shop and having them splice the cable back together and maybe add an extension piece. They could also test the power supply to see if it is still good to go. Send the image to I would follow up with the RMA department. TL/5175
Tim Leahy
on August 23, 2018

from San Antonio, TX asked:
June 30, 2018
I purchased a pair of the BTR805's a year and a half ago and absolutely love them. Unfortunately here in South Texas the sun gets very hot and the Bluetooth range on my speakers is probably 15' at best. Setting my phone out near the speakers is a real pain as I have to hide it under a chair to keep from overheating and stopping. Is there a way to extend the Bluetooth range? The whole idea was to sit at the patio table and eat with music playing but the table is about 25' away and there's no way the current Bluetooth in the system can reach it.
1 Answer
Hi Glenn: Check out this link regarding Bluetooth connection for Android. All our Bluetooth Speakers are Bluetooth 3.0. TL/
Tim Leahy
on June 30, 2018

from TX asked:
June 23, 2018
Can these speakers connect to home receiver though wireless streaming like through a SONOS connect or HEOS
1 Answer
Hi Martin: Both these systems are wireless and I believe the DENON HEOS system receives Bluetooth but neither the SONOS or Helos transmits a Bluetooth signal so they will not work with the pair of Bluetooth Rocks. Sorry about that TL/5068
Tim Leahy
on June 25, 2018

Keith D
from Ellenwood,GA asked:
May 3, 2018
Can rock speakers be left out in rain.
1 Answer
Hi Keith: Yes most rock speakers are able to be exposed to the elements but you can be careful that your placement is not where a puddle would form around the enclosure or that it would be pelted by a sprinkler system. These feature our newest Waterproof Power Supply as well the IP67. You also will want to bring the speakers in for the off season which for you in the Southeast my just be three to four months during the winter. If you put your outdoor furniture away for a period of time do the same with the Rock Speakers.Speaker Wire can stay especially if it is buried. You might want to bring the power supply in a well. Note: Some outdoor patio speakers are not meant for direct exposure especially those featuring ported design. TL/4953
Tim Leahy
on May 5, 2018

Andrew D Scofield
from Temecula CA asked:
April 27, 2018
Any way to connect to two pair. I bought two sets but cannot figure out how to do it? Thank you
1 Answer
Hi Andrew: These will not sync together unless you have one of the new phones which allow you to connect to two separate Bluetooth Receivers. I believe the new Samsung Galaxy and possibly the new iPhone 8 or X (but don't quote me on that). Most all of our Bluetooth speakers are stereo pair with a master and satellite setup. We do have anew product the BOM4.1 which features four channels (2 stereo connections, 60 watts per channel) so you can connect two pair of any passive speaker and have the added bonus of a Built in 8 inch sub woofer (100 watts). You could connect two different pairs (i pair of Patio and 1 pair of rocks as an example). In your case you could connect to two pair of the RS 805 and have a powered sub woofer to boot for less than you paid for the (2) BTR-805. You do have a 30 day performance guarantee. TL/4938
Tim Leahy
on April 28, 2018

from San Diego, CA asked:
January 29, 2018
I recently started receiving a lot of bluetooth interference (audio cutting out) if I'm holding the broadcasting device (phone/tablet/etc) in my hands or attempt to use the device for anything (change the track, browse social media, etc). I've tried using the device with and without wifi enabled, and I've tried other devices, and still the same. No obstructions, and the device and speaker are sometimes even 10ft apart with this issue. Any ideas?
1 Answer
HI Fabian: I am sorry to hear you are having a problem with the BTR 805. It doesn't sound like the Power Supply is bad and I am assuming the issue appears to be affecting both speakers, not just the master speaker where the power is connected to so it powers both the Bluetooth Receiver and two channel stereo amplifier. You could send it back Outdoor Speaker Depot and let us test it out (we are in Brea, CA). Contact customer service. Good Luck TL/4776
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 4, 2018

Diana g
from Petaluma, CA asked:
November 23, 2017
Any update on a solution to adding another set of these speakers to the existing set so you can run 4 versus 2 speakers with Bluetooth.
1 Answer
Hi Diana: Supposedly there are some Android Phones that will sync up with two different Receivers so you could add a second pair of BTP 800 and connect to both. We are working on having a Omni Outdoor Sub woofer with a built in Bluetooth Receiver and 4.1 Amplifier. That would allow you to connect to any two pair of speakers and also have a sub woofer. Stay tuned, more products to come. TL/4664
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 24, 2017

from reading, pa asked:
July 19, 2017
Hello, I bought this product from Amazon a few days ago. The problem I'm having is that the "master" unit has a lot more bass and not enough treble than the "slave" unit. The speakers are about 25' apart and you definitely hear the difference when you are 20 + feet away and if I get close to each one of them, one has a lot better sound than the other! Please let us know if this is a normal occurrence or if we need to return them. I am comparing this set to the BTB650 set that I've purchased two years ago that are working great. Looking forward to your reply.
1 Answer
HI Mike: These are a stereo pair that are meant to be placed no more than 10 to 12 feet apart so they blend both the right and left channel together That is why each one sounds just fine when your close to it. Unfortunately this design featuring a master and a satellite speaker is limited to just the two speakers. Normally we would have suggested having two pair of rocks to cover the comparable area. We are developing a new Bluetooth product that will feature two pair of speakers and a sub woofer that would be perfect for what you are describing. Hopefully you will be able to fit them closer together and see if that makes a difference. TL/4477
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 25, 2017

from US asked:
June 5, 2017
Subject: Multiple Bluetooth speakers Are there any issues running multiple sets of the BTR800 together via Bluetooth? In other words, can I purchase two sets and have both sets (4 speakers) playing the same music at the same time using Bluetooth? I hope that makes sense. Thanks, Tyler
1 Answer
Hi Tyler: Good question, one we get all the time. Unfortunately all of our current Bluetooth kits feature a stereo pair of speakers (one exception is the BTR800TT, which is single rock stereo DVC speaker) one being a Master Speaker which includes both a Built in Bluetooth Receiver and Two Channel Stereo Power Amplifier (the speaker you connect the supplied Power Supply/Cord to supply AC current to both the Receiver and Power Amp) and a single Satellite Speaker with the matching speaker to the Master Speaker which is connected to the Master Speaker by a speaker wire supplied with the kit. The Bluetooth Receiver is limited to a single connection to a Bluetooth enabled device like a Smartphone or Tablet. Your Device will not sync up with more than one receiver at a time. And there are only 2 channel amplifiers after each Receiver so your limited to the pair that are part of the kit. We are working on some alternatives but nothing we can divulge at this time. Stay tuned... TL/4404
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 5, 2017

Ganesh Chavan
from New York asked:
March 26, 2017
Can this be powered by 220 V AC instead of 110V?
1 Answer
Hi Ganesh: The BTR800 features a switching power supply rated from 100V to 240V. So yes it will work for 220V. You may need a travel adaptor. TL/ 4271
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 31, 2017

from AL asked:
March 19, 2017
can I run more then one set at a time on bluetooth
1 Answer
HI Larry: None of the current Bluetooth Speakers will allow you to pair a second pair of speakers. We are developing a Bluetooth SUB 790 which will allow you to connect any pair of speakers for a 2.1 system. We are also looking into the possibility of making this a 4.1 system so you could hook up any two pair of outdoor speakers. Sorry, we are limited right now for the next couple of months. TL/4260
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 25, 2017

from Austin asked:
November 26, 2017
I just purchased the BTR800 speakers in granite grey but, I thought I had ordered the brown color and don't like to grey color. Any idea if I could spray paint them brown without causing any damage to the speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Lourdes: I would suggest exchanging the unit for a Brown pair but since we are currently out of stock on these then painting the speakers are your next best choice. No problem painting the body of the rock, you just have to be careful covering the grill maybe doing a couple of thin coats. Can you tell us where you purchased these BTR speakers from? TL/4667
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 29, 2017

from Anza asked:
October 14, 2017
I am trying to pair my iPhone 6+ to my older BTR-800 speakers and it will not pair. The speakers are located away from any interfering sources but refuses to pair. I have tried several combinations of turning the phone on/off, speakers on/off without success. The speakers are probably about 7+ years old. Power light indicates they are powering and I hear a small "click" when the power is applied (sounds normal as power comes on) but no pairing will take place. I have also tried an iPhone 6 but no paring on that either. Thank you
1 Answer
HI Pat: Try calling our Customer Service department, they handle most of the issues with Bluetooth. You should have no problem connecting since new devices should nbe backwards compatiable with the original Bluetooth speakers including the BTR800. TL/4591
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 22, 2017

from Houston asked:
August 21, 2017
Does the BTR800 broadcast a 4digit pairing code does not seem to..what is the solution?
1 Answer
HI Geo: AS stated before if you are hearing the ping that tells you you are connected than it should work with your device controlling the volume. No code needed. TL/4529
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 20, 2017

Rob Rossiter
from Wilmington, DE asked:
August 20, 2017
When will the Bluetooth product with two speakers and sub-woofer, which was spoken of in another response to a question, be available
1 Answer
Hi Rob: We are expecting the working sample any day now in time so we can show a working sample at the industry trade show the first week of September. The means we are still 60 days out before production product is in our warehouse. TL/4527
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 21, 2017

from Houston asked:
August 19, 2017
I have paired the system and have no volume control..there is no code being broadcast by the BTR-800 units What is the 4digit code..I have my phone hooked up to it no problem. The instructions clearly state that the BTR-800 will output a Bluetooth sync code..
1 Answer
Hi Geo: I do not believe you need or that a code is broadcast. You will know when you are paired since an audio signal comes through the speaker as soon as it pairs. Then it is up to your Bluetooth enabled (transmitter) device to adjust the volume. It is a loud momentary pinging sound each time it pairs. If you do not hear that then there is a possibility you are not paired. I would also try our sales department; 562-697-4200 and ask for Ed or Aaron both more proficient with Bluetooth than I. TL/4526
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 20, 2017

Luis Sanchez
from asked:
July 17, 2017
can i buy 2 sets and add them to the bluetooth connection?
1 Answer
HI Luis: All of our Bluetooth Speaker kits are limited to a single connection to a Bluetooth enabled device. The master speaker contains only a 2 channel amplifeir with a single output for the satellite speaker. We are working on s new idea to ijncrease the number of speakers, stay tuned. TL/4476
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 25, 2017

from Pennsylvania asked:
July 6, 2017
Can someone please let me know how long is the power cord? Thank you!
1 Answer
Hi Mike: The power cord is 4 feet from the AC outlet (removable cord) then 18 feet from the actual power supply to where it connects to the rock. The removable cable can be replaced with a longer one if you need to extend it. TL/4455
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 13, 2017

from Washington asked:
June 12, 2017
How to connect the speaker wires
1 Answer
Hi Scott: There is 2 conductor speaker wire included in the kit that connects both the satellite and master speakers. Just match the positive to positive and negative to negative marked on each speaker. TL/4422
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 15, 2017

from Pa asked:
May 9, 2017
Can an amplifier be added to these speakers to increase sound?
1 Answer
Hi Jj: These are limited to the internal power amplifier found in the master rock along with the Bluetooth Receiver. Unfortunately you can not add additional power or another pair of speakers to this design. TL/4353
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 13, 2017

from California asked:
April 20, 2017
Can I hardwire a 3rd or 4th speaker to the system?
1 Answer
HI Rob: You can not add a second pair of speakers to these rocks. The Bluetooth Receiver is located in the Master rock and is only two channel with one channel powering the internal speaker and a second channel is powering the satellite rock which you have to connect to the master rock via speaker wire supplied with the kit. All of our current Bluetooth speakers have the same issue. But we are developing a Bluetooth outdoor Subwoofer with an internal 4.1 power amplifier which will allow you to connect any two pair of outdoor speakers while having a powered sub woofer taking care of the low frequencies. Stay tuned, we hope to have this available early summer. TL/4316
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 23, 2017

from Denver, CO asked:
April 18, 2017
Can these be linked to play with an already installed Sonos system?
1 Answer
Hi Jason: No it will not interface with your SONOS but you would have access to most of the same apps on your smart phone (or any other Bluetooth device) which you would be pairing up with the Rock speakers. It could not be playing the same material in sync with the SONOS. I could be wrong so before taking my word for it contact SONOS and ask them. I know they do a Wi-Fi mesh network but not sure about Bluetooth adaptability. TL/4314
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 24, 2017

from Bellevue nebraska asked:
March 19, 2017 Can. I buy just the computer board
1 Answer
Hi Jarrod: We do not sell the boards separately, they come in the Rock speaker already sealed and water proof. What are you looking to do? What is your application? Please let me know so maybe I can help you further; TL/4259
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 25, 2017

from RI asked:
January 1, 2017
Are the rocks wired for Power? So do they have to be close to an outlet?
1 Answer
Hi Steve: Regarding the BTR800, there are two speakers that come with the kit (a stereo pair). One of the speakers is the Master Rock Speaker that features both an internal Bluetooth Receiver and Class D stereo 2 channel power amplifier. It is connected to the internal speaker in the Master Speaker and has a input connector for the external AC power supply (so yes it needs to be close to an outlet) The Master also has a single 2 conductor speaker wire output (Positive+/Minus-) in order to connect to the satellite speaker. The Satellite speaker does not have or need a power supply. TL/4160
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 12, 2017

from VA - Virginia asked:
November 6, 2016
I want to use my Ipod that is not bluetooth enabled. Is there an adapter for my Ipod that I can use to transmit to my BTR-800 rock speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Steve: Not sure if there is any hope in finding a way to covert your iPod to a Bluetooth enabled device. The fact you have a iPod means you have a library somewhere on a laptop or desk top computer that may have some sort of Bluetooth connectivity. Or you could load your music onto a smartphone or Tablet that would be Bluetooth enabled from your library. Sorry I could not be more help. TL/4112
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 7, 2016

from Ohio asked:
September 17, 2016
I had my iPhone connected to the speakers via bluetooth. Then I replaced my iPhone because of water damage. How can I reconnect to the bluetooth rock speakers. Thank you.
1 Answer
Hi MTDeVtres: Just reset your BTR800 speakers. Turn them on/off/on then re sync with your new phone. TL/4072
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 22, 2016

Jan Bernard
from Los Angeles, California asked:
July 29, 2016
Are these speakers waterproof?
1 Answer
Hi Jan: These are as waterproof as we can make them where we weatherproof with silicon on all the access points and around the frame of the speaker and speaker wire connections. These also feature waterproof on/off switch and Power and speaker wire connections. The weakest link is probably the perforated grill on the front of the rock where the sound comes out. Make sure to stay away from sprinklers, standing water and plan to take them in when not using for extended periods or during the winter months (certainly a short time in LA). Snow won't be a problem for you which is good. Good luck Tim L Note; One of the speakers is the Master which features an internal Bluetooth Receiver and Stereo Amplifier (this has the 20 foot power supply and cord connected to it). It also features a output for the speaker wire that connects to the second or satellite speaker so you can have true stereophonic sound. Speaker placement usually between 8 to 12 feet apart.
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 3, 2016

from New Orleans, LA asked:
June 13, 2016
Do you have a wireless (Bluetooth) speaker that also uses aux to connect to MP3 player?
1 Answer
Hi Kim: None of our current Bluetooth Speakers feature an AUX input. We did have a 2.4 GHz WiFi Patio Speaker that had this feature. We have discussed the possibility of adding to our AP650 Bluetooth Patio Speaker. But nothing has been finalized. TL/3928
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 14, 2016

from NJ asked:
June 7, 2016
Does the speaker wire have to be buried?
1 Answer
Hi Guy: Only if you want to hide it, Our CL3/FT4 (12, 14 or 16 gauge) rated speaker wire can be buried in the actual ground, in a buried conduit or above ground. TL/3919
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 8, 2016

from Chicago asked:
May 23, 2016
Can the power be left turned on the main speaker for long periods of time even when not in use?
1 Answer
Hi Dave: Yes you can leave the speakers on for extended periods. The current draw is minimal while it is in stand by mode waiting for new audio signal. TL/3894
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 23, 2016

from IL asked:
April 24, 2016
Can you hook other single speakers to the main also? I would like 4 total speakers working together. So main and then 3 singles? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Jeff: Good question.... Currently all our models have a built in Stereo Amplifier with one channel connected to the internal speaker (the right channel as an example) and a single output for the Left channel for true Stereo separation. The internal amplifier is meant only to power a single pair of eight ohm speakers. We have been looking into Bluetooth technology where the Bluetooth receiver has a built in extender so it outputs the stereo signal to a second Receiver (not sure if this is by WiFi or Bluetooth). Another possibility is to have a built in four channel amplifier with three outputs, one matching the internal amplifier and then another for right and left stereo to connect to a second pair of passive speakers. But I need to do more research, but as it stands we are limited with our current lineup to a single pair of Rocks, Patio and Frogs speakers. Stay Tuned TL/
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 25, 2016

from Detroit, Michigan asked:
April 10, 2016
Are the two speakers hard wired together? Is so, is the wiring rated for underground burial and for the elements?
1 Answer
Hi Robb: Yes the two speakers are hard wired together to produce stereo sound. The wire has a heavy duty jacket suitable for burring. There are also weatherproof covers for the speaker cable connection on both the master speaker as well as Satellite speaker. Good Luck TL/3806
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 10, 2016

from Southtown, Hoeville asked:
March 28, 2016
Are these loud enough to host a party where 75+ people are attending in a backyard?
1 Answer
Hi Ben: Depends on the party, if your are just looking for background music, maybe. If you are establishing a dance floor and you can set these up at 10 to 12 feet apart, maybe. We also have the BTP-650 the patio speakers that can be mounted above the crowd. I would hate for you to have to buy either of these with the party as your measuring stick. TL/3784
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 29, 2016

from Chicago Illinois asked:
March 10, 2016
Can I take one of the speakers and take it anywhere I want without having it plugged into an outlet is the rock speaker rechargeable battery operated also
1 Answer
HI Ben: The BTR-800 only works on AC power with the Power Supply plugged into AC Outlet. The BTR-150 has an optional battery pack that you can use versus the AC power supply. But there is no connection between the Battery Pack and AC Power Supply so you can use rechargeable batteries but they will not recharge while in the battery pack plugged into the bottom of the speaker. You would have to remove the Rechargeable batteries and place them in to an actual Rechargeable battery charger. Rechargeable batteries hold about a 60% charge versus the Alkaline's 100%. In regards to your second question; the Master or Sync Rock contains both the Bluetooth Receiver as well as the Stereo Power Amplifier. But only one of the two channels is connected from the Amplifier to the internal speaker of the main Rock. Not sure if you have an option to send a mono signal from your Bluetooth device.Otherwise you would only be listening to either right or left. Good Luck TL/3749
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 10, 2016

from ct asked:
February 29, 2016
do the two speakers need to be connected to each other? I was hoping to put one at the bar and one by the fire pit without needing to connect them to each other.
1 Answer
Hi Emily: Sorry, the speakers are designed to be a stereo pair. The Main or Sync Rock speaker has both a internal Bluetooth Receiver and stereo power amplifier. It comes with an external waterproof Power supply that needs to be connected to a AC outlet (20 foot cord) and Main Rock. Then the Satellite Rock speaker has to be hard wired to the Main speaker (with the . Basic Bluetooth is limited to a single connection from your Bluetooth enabled device to the Bluetooth Receiver found in the main rock. We are developing a new technology that will broadcast the Bluetooth signal from the first pair to a second pair for two connections but its still in development stage. Sorry TL/ 3730
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 3, 2016

from Lake Mary, FL asked:
January 15, 2016
The title says "wireless" yes the instructions say wire and it includes wire. I don't understand. I am looking for true wireless out door rock or planter speakers to cover traffic noise in my back yard. What do you recommend? thanks
1 Answer
Hi Shelley: Wireless only pertains to the audio signal from your Bluetooth enabled device. There has to be a wired connection to supply power to the Internal amplifier and Bluetooth Receiver both found in the master speaker. The master speaker has a stereo amplifier which has one channel connected to the internal speaker of the master speaker and the other channel connected to speaker output by a 2 conductor speaker wire to the satellite (second) speaker thus giving you right and left stereo speaker setup. TL/3663
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 22, 2016

from Calgary,AB Canada asked:
August 17, 2015
I know they are sold in pairs, however, if you use a y adapter or 2, can you piggyback more speakers. If I bought 1 pair, and 2 additional secondary speakers, could I hook them all together (or would I lack Power) also do you ship to Canada?
1 Answer
Hi Alan, I believe you should be able to run two satellite speakers off the main speaker, but only one master speaker can be paired with a Bluetooth device.
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 17, 2015

Robert Smull
from Emmaus asked:
August 10, 2015
What is the warranty?
1 Answer
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 14, 2015

from New Jersey asked:
July 23, 2015
Is the power cord fully weather proof and weather proof? Also, could it be buried in the dirt if desired?
1 Answer
Hi Kevin, It is designed for wet areas, but I wouldn't bury it.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 28, 2015

from LA asked:
May 13, 2015
How many speaker can be on this system
1 Answer
Hello, One set per device only.
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 15, 2015

from bridgewater nj asked:
April 18, 2015
if I buy two sets and have on eset at either end of my yard can I have my Bluetooth hooked up to both at the same time. would connecting to one Bluetooth on my phone connect to both sets of speakers
1 Answer
Hi Bryan, You can only connect 1 pair to a device at any given time. That is the limitation of Bluetooth in its current version.
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 20, 2015

from Nebraska asked:
April 9, 2015
I currently have 2 wired speakers outside. Am I able to add these 2 speakers outside and have them work with the wired speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Devlin, These speaker run off Bluetooth via a smart device such as an iPhone, Android, etc. They can't be paired with wired speakers or other wireless speaker for that matter. Great speakers to quickly and easily connect to but they are limited to your Bluetooth smart device.
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 15, 2015

from california asked:
August 17, 2014
what speakers have more volume or sound, BTR-800 or BTP-650. In description they have the same watts, but subwoofer in the BTR-800 is 8" vs 6.5" ind de BTP-650.
1 Answer
Hi Alain, The BTR-800 will give an overall stronger volume with its 8" woofer. The max volume will really depend on the Bluetooth device controlling them though.
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 18, 2014

from Boston asked:
August 4, 2014
Do I need to turn off these speaker after every use or do they automatically go into standby mode?
1 Answer
Hello John, They will stay powered on but will use very little power/energy if no source is actively playing through them.
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 5, 2014

from Michigan asked:
July 14, 2014
Is there any way to adjust the "test tone" that comes on when powering these on? The volume is incredibly loud!
1 Answer
Hi Heather, Unfortunately no - there's no volume control apart from the volume on your device.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 14, 2014

from Texas asked:
July 7, 2014
I bluetoothed this to my hopper/tv. However, I cannot figure out how to adjust the volume. I can adjust them when connected to my ipad.
1 Answer
Hi Cellini, The only volume control you can have with these speakers is if your bluetooth source has volume control.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 9, 2014

from michagan asked:
July 5, 2014
Can I buy a longer speaker wire from you for the master to satellite speaker? My ideal set up would require about 50 - 60 ft of cord. If so, would there be any performance issues and what would the possibly be and why? It would seem that with a longer cord, Would be fine since the speakers would be hardwired. Also, could I use an extension cord to lengthen the distance of the power cord from the master to the outlet without any performance issues?
1 Answer
Hi DP, Yes, you can lengthen the wire with extra speaker wire but usually it's not recommended to run two 8" speakers further than 30ft because you can get separation of stereo. That's completely up to you though. Yes, you can run an extension chord to give you more room to work with. Thanks!
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 8, 2014

Paul Chavez
from Vieques,Puerto Rico asked:
July 1, 2014
can 2 more passive rock speakers be added to the second speaker = 4 total?
1 Answer
Hi Paul, No. Only one satellite speaker per master speaker. The internal amp is only built to handle the one speaker. Could be damaging trying to run a 3rd.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 2, 2014

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By Larry
January 30, 2017
i couldn't ask for any thing better then those. They are load and clear and reliable. Big load parties not a problem. Load waterfalls not a problem the volume is load enough. The bass is perfect sound. I wish i had bought these a long time ago instead of wired direct to a receiver. I have had big rain storms and they were just fine after that. color matched water fall rocks. Perfect blend. I love showin them off.
Prosall pros
Consno cons. Just kinda wish it had a remote control on/off
Best Usesback side of your back yard facing you so you can still hear each other
By Ed
Lathrop, California
June 4, 2018
Amazing sound!!!
Love them!!! Easy to install and great quality. Had a pool party and everyone was amazed how great sounding they were. They couldn’t find them because they blended in with my landscaping. Thanks
ConsSpeaker cable could of been longer.
Best UsesNext to pool.
By Alan
Utica, MI
May 22, 2018
good speakers
I was pleasently surprised how good the speakers sounded. They appear to be well built, have plenty of solid volume, and very good sound quality for Bluetooth speakers. I am happy with the purchase.
By Andy
April 25, 2018
Wow, these are awesome....
I searched online for information from reliable sources. After reading and the reviews I decided to try these out in our yard. They are really great and they have great sound. The casing is better than I had hoped for. Buying another set today and I recommend this to anyone looking for a great solution at a fair price. Wow.
By joe
May 2, 2017
just got these for my patio - was tired of bringing out a small boombox. hooked these in literally 10 minutes. paired it with my ipad - DONE. sound great, plenty of volume - clean, no distortion. had a big rain storm the 2nd day i set them up - perfect. held up fine. ipad stays in the house while the system plays outside without a hitch. highly recommended.
Prosease of set-up. quality sound solidly built
Best Usespatio, pool, fire pit...
By Joe
February 15, 2017
Just what I was looking for
I just had a pool built and was looking for rock speakers to put on either side of the waterfall. I buried the speaker cables and power wire under landscaping rocks and with a short extension cord plugged it into an outlet I had put outside. The speakers work great!! The bluetooth pairs to mine and my wife's phone and sounds awesome. Well worth the price.
ProsPlenty of sound. Look great. Don't need a stereo outside
ConsCuts out if you block direct line of sight.
Best UsesAnywhere in the backyard
By Diana
Long Island, New York
December 22, 2016
Great speakers
They look great and and they sound excellent volume is louder then expected which is great find out in spring how well they do outside can't wait!
Las Vegas, Nv.
August 27, 2016
They look great, sound great, and CRANK!
By kelly
Seattle, wa
August 6, 2016
Good outdoor speakers
So far so good. Sound great and work well.
By Steven Johns
July 10, 2016
Sound great
I am very happy with sound, construction, overall appearance, but..... very disappointed that they cut in and out. Our tablet plays Pandora to the wireless speakers, but it must be directly in line of site. If you walk in front of the tablet or try to put in the house music cuts in and out. To have no interruptions our tablet has no be no more than 30 feet away. Not crazy about leaving tablet lay in direct sunlight but that's my only choice.
By Gary
Danville, ca
July 1, 2016
Works well. Great sound
Very easy to install with very good sound. Very pleased with the product.
Best UsesOutside patio and pool area.
By Michelle
Aurora, Texas
June 23, 2016
We've had these for 2 weeks and 2 pool parties and so far they have been AWESOME! I bought them for my husband for an early Father's Day gift. They are heavier than I expected - which was a good thing! We did buy new speaker wire that was longer and blended with the environment a bit better, so we could hide it. Bluetooth seems to work pretty well, too! We've had a couple of issues with it dropping off from my iPhone 6+, but I think that was more of a wifi issue, not a router issue. The bluetooth has stayed connected even when carrying the phone across the pool to the other end, so that's great! They have been wet once from a rain storm and are still ok. Otherwise, my husband put quick connects on the cords so we can disconnect and shove under the gazebo when it rains. The sound is GREAT! Sounds like a concert in our backyard. We have thoroughly enjoyed them and have gotten compliments on them, too! The color works perfectly for our area as well. The sound seems to stay primarily in the direction they are pointed, which is great as well, so we can crank up the tunes in the pool and not bother the neighbors as much. We live on a little over an acre of land, so the next house isn't too close in the first place, but still. It will be really loud IN the pool where the speakers are pointed, but then you can still talk when sitting in the gazebo behind the speakers. So far, these are a great purchase. A little pricey, but I feel like we got a good deal thus far! We'll see how they hold up over time!
Prossturdy bluetooth connectivity look great sound great
Conscord was a little short and bulk/black no quick disconnect for cords
Best UsesPool parties of course.
By William Domitrovits
FishKill NY
June 17, 2016
The sound is pure and the hook up is simple
By jake Schock
Highland Village, TX
March 16, 2016
Great Speakers
I just bought these two days and they sound great. They were really easy to set up and put out a decent amount of sound. I would recommend them to everyone.
By Dmundz86
June 7, 2015
Btr800 great speakers
Speakers are louder than I thought . However, they are approximately 12 from my patio . No issues yet used them for past 2 days off batteries. Still going strong
By Jim A.
Medford, NJ
May 21, 2015
Plenty Powerful Enough for the Back Patio and Yard!
This unit replaces the wireless speakers purchased 3 years ago (not bluetoothed). So far so good. Sound is great, plenty loud enough. I have it along one side of a 15'x25' bluestone patio. The backyard is about a half acre and you can hear them no matter where you are standing. My only concern is leaving them out when it rains or when the irrigation system comes on. The previous set became water logged over time and rendered useless. I have plastic bags over them when not in use. A nice accessory would be two small drawstring style canvas covers (as an add on). I am searching high and low for something to do the trick.
By Limey
Atlanta, GA
June 5, 2014
Great poolside
Installed in 5 minutes and was pleasantly surprised at quality. Had a big rain storm right after install which made me nervous but wanted a true test. Not an issue as they sound fine. Could be louder? Sure, but they really are much better than the ones I hear outside our local grocery store. Bass really not bad at all and who wants to upset the neighbors
ProsEase of use and stylish
ConsHave to turn Bluetooth off on device to move to a different device. Seems to hold onto connection and only attach to one device at a time. No jack for a hardwire option.
Best UsesAnywhere outdoor where you have a clear line for Bluetooth
By Devco
Lighthouse Point Florida
January 3, 2014
Really Good Sound, Great Looks
Purchased this product and the Sound is just as I would like it and the looks are terrific. The only thing I would like to see improved is the Volume (get a bit louder - good for my deck which is 30 x 50 with some guests but we are having a 50 person party and I will let you know how it works. Also the Bluetooth can go in and out depending on the device and the location - but overall I am very pleased with the speakers two weeks in.