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Outdoor Bluetooth 4.1 Outdoor Package, 8" Powered Outdoor Omni Subwoofer 100W Power W/ 4x 60W Satellite Speaker Output - Choose your Speakers

Product code: KIT-BOMx2LS3

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Features & Specifications


OSD Audio BOM4.1 All-weather Outdoor Bluetooth® Power Subwoofer and can power 4x Speakers, amplifier built-in.

OSD Audio's BOM4.1 All-weather Bluetooth® Subwoofer brings the bass to your backyard, pool or patio so you can experience immersive audio even in nose-heavy environments. This is a beefy 100W outdoor sub is designed with weather-durable components, including an IP67-rated power supply that will last for years in cold, hot and wet climates. The BOM4.1 is also Bluetooth®4.0 enabled so no digging up the lawn or stapling cables through the deck. Simply plug it into an AC outlet and then pair this sub with your tablet or phone, and you'll enjoy the low-frequency sound that's missing from your outdoor audio system. This is a great outdoor sub to add on to an existing sound system but also includes stereo outputs, so you can build up your outdoor audio with satellite speakers such as OSD LS2 landscape speakers.


Why Add Dedicated Outdoor Subwoofer?

The subwoofer is a dedicated bass speaker designed to handle the low-frequency effects in audio systems and is the �.1� in a 2.1, 4.1 or higher surround sound system. Adding a subwoofer is an extremely efficient and cost-effective way to improve otherwise thin-sounding outdoor speaker setups. In addition to delivering those spine-tingling bass notes, a subwoofer allows other speakers in your configuration to produce the frequency ranges they were designed to produce more efficiently. The result is fewer frequency roll-off and more balanced and rich sound.


What Does IP67 Mean?

If you�re investing in an outdoor speaker, be sure that claims of water-proof or water resistance are backed up with an IP rating. IP67 is an International Protection Rating given to products that meet certain criteria. The BOM4.1 includes an IP67 rated power supply that is 100% protected against solid objects like dirt, dust, and sand and has �been tested to work for at least 30 minutes after being immersed in water. This is particularly important in backyards with pools where water can damage or short out the power supply.


Excellent Bluetooth® Range:

Every environment is different, but we've tested our Bluetooth® sub unobstructed up to 75 feet and receive a clear audio signal. Your environment may have trees and other factors that can inhibit Bluetooth® transmission but line of sight transmission is generally between 35 and 75 feet. Pairing takes only a few minutes. Be sure the Bluetooth® device and the speakers are turned on and fully powered or fully charged. Bluetooth® controls are typically found in the device's Setting or Connections menu. The speakers will output a Bluetooth® Sync code that will be received by the Bluetooth® device and settings such as volume, mute, etc., are controlled directly from your phone, tablet or other Bluetooth®-enabled device.




LS3 Landscape Spot Light Look Like Outdoor Speaker Pair


AP525 Outdoor Patio Speaker High Definition 5.25" Pair

  • All-Weather Versatility
  • Composite Resin Low Resonator Cabinet
  • Rigid, Acoustically Inert Enclosure
  • Silicone-Sealed Internal Cabinetry and Driver
  • Woofer: 5.25-inch Polypropylene
  • Tweeter: 1-inch Silk Dome
  • Power handling: 75 Watts
  • Frequency response: 45Hz to 20kHz
  • Impedance: 70v Transformer w/ 8ohm Option
  • Tap: 4 Watts, 8 Watts, 16 Watts, and 32 Watts
  • Sensitivity: 90dB
  • Dimensions: 9.7-inches x 6.6-inches x 7.5-inches
  • 1-Year Warranty




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33 Questions & 34 Answers
Heath Hendrickson
from North Carolina asked:
August 18, 2019

In 2018 answers to questions about driving 2 pairs of speakers off each channel of the internal amp, you commented to use an impedance matching volume control.  But in 2019, you commented that the amp was stable down to 4 ohm load.  Was the amp changed from 2018 to 2019?  Or was this just further testing and refinement?

Is the current position that the amp is stable with a 4 ohm load, as long as the speakers are high sensitivity?

Also, for the Bluetooth receiver, have you considered redesigning the unit so that the antenna is not in the base of the unit where it would be underground if you bury the unit?  Or even put the entire BT receiver up in the top of the unit, to raise it above ground as much as possible

1 Answer
Hi Heath:

Good question; adding volume controls was the fundamental solution for connecting two pair of 8-ohm speakers to each internal stereo amplifier. Then the factory confirmed the Amplifiers could handle a 4-ohm load. So each Amplifier could handle driving a single 4-ohm speaker or two 8-ohm speakers in parallel. We tested and approved this application. On the original shipment, we discovered there was a small problem with the internal Bluetooth Antenna. It was located in the bottom of the enclosure so when the cabinet was buried the recommended 4 to 6 inches the signal strength was affected. We had the factory change the location of the antenna moving closer to the top of the Subwoofer Enclosure. The line of sight is no longer blocked.


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 21, 2019

from Seattle, WA asked:
June 6, 2019
I have this setup on my deck and the bass makes the unit vibrate, which doesn't sound great. Any ideas on how to keep it from rattling? I was thinking of putting foam on the bottom or screwing it down to the deck surface but before I poke holes in it and my decking, I wanted to see if anyone had another solution that had worked. Thank you. 
1 Answer
Hi Ben:

The speaker cabinet based upon our OMSUB200 and OS800 matching satellite speakers were designed to bury in a hole 14 inches wide by 6 inches deep. That would cut down on the vibration and allow the Subwoofer to couple with the ground around the cabinet. That would solve your vibration issue (and lack of bass) but is it logistically feasible for you? The cabinet design being omnidirectional could even mount below the deck if you have room. Please let me know if this helps;


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 9, 2019

from NJ asked:
May 10, 2019
Hi, would a combination of ap650 and rs670 give me the loudest setup with this subwoofer?  I have a big pool and patio area and I really need to maximize volume.  Thanks!  
1 Answer
Hi Alex:

The RS670 and FORZA6 are a good match, but if you concerned on having more coverage I would consider dropping down to the FORZA5 and run two pair off two of the channels (right and left). And connect the RS670 to the other two channel connection (right and left). Technically you can drive a 4-ohm load off each stereo amplifier. The two pair of FORZA 5 would create such a 4-ohm signal, the stereo pair of RS670 would be an 8-ohm load (unless you add a second pair of RS670). You can connect four pair of rocks or four pair of Garden speakers; You will want to have each pair of speakers no more than 10 feet apart to create the best stereo separation.

Good luck


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 21, 2019

from pennsylvania asked:
February 24, 2019
Will this item be available in a different color or just green?
1 Answer
Hi Mark: Green is the only color option available. I am assuming you can paint it, but make sure it works before you do that. TL/5428
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 27, 2019

from KS asked:
September 12, 2018
Do you sell an extension cable to allow for greater distance between the power adapter and the subwoofer?
1 Answer
Hi Dustin: The following is from Bullet Points on the BOM4.1 Web page; Power supply length: Plug to Transformer - 3' 5", Transformer to Speaker - 15' 5" We do not offer an extension cable for the 15'5" wire from the Transformer to the speaker. And the 3'5" power cable is hard-wired into the unit. Your only option is to add an extension power cable connected to the 3.5" Power Plug to the wall. TL/5203
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on September 21, 2018

Alan L
from Statham, GA asked:
August 28, 2018
Concerning the BOM 4.1 with the RS670 speakers: Can you verify for me the RS670 will work ok with the BOM4.1? When I called to order he said the 4.1 didn't have enough power to push those speakers (my interpretation). Maybe it would only be noticeable at high volumes which shouldn't be a problem for me. Lastly, would these speakers pair well with the LS-3 and, if so would you suggest the LS-3 on the outside and RS670 on the inside (closer to the sub woofer)? Your initial response is below for reference. Thanks! Hi Alan: Good question, the BOM4.1 will work just fine with any of our rock speakers up to 6.5". Good: RX550, Better: RX640 and the best: RS670. I would order through customer service to see if they would give an additional 10% bundle price for the BOM4.1 and two pairs of speakers. Also, you can mix and match, a pair of rock speakers with a pair of patio speakers as an example. Good luck Tim L
1 Answer
Hi Alan: The RS670 would be best further away from the BOM Sub. The RS670 already have a pretty good bottom end so they would be best further away. The Sub of the BOM4.1 should complement the LS3 being closer to the sub. The sensitivity of the speakers is close so should be a good match TL/5185
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 28, 2018

Alan L
from Athens, GA asked:
August 17, 2018
I was told that the only speakers you can use with the BOM4.1 were those listed as package options (LS2, LS3, AP525, or OS525). Is this true? If not, would a pair of rock style speakers work well with the BOM4.1 and, if so, which do you recommend? I plan to install the BOM4.1 and 2 pair of speaker along a retaining wall at the back of my pool (approx. 2' high x 80 ' long and 12' beyond the edge of the pool. Any additional suggestions would be appreciated. Similar to the pool in the attached photo. The picture of the pool under construction is mine.
1 Answer
Hi Alan: Good question, the BOM4.1 will work just fine with any of our rock speakers up to 6.5". Good: RX550, Better: RX640 and the best: RS670. I would order through customer service to see if they would give an additional 10% bundle price for the BOM4.1 and two pairs of speakers. Also, you can mix and match, a pair of rock speakers with a pair of patio speakers as an example. Good luck Tim L
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 21, 2018

from Reading, PA asked:
August 5, 2018
I can’t download manual. Would like to know more about the Bluetooth pairing. Is there a button on the unit to put the Bluetooth receiver into pairing mode? What are the steps to connect to a different phone?
1 Answer
HI Karl: I am checking on why the Owner's manual does not download on the BOM4.1 page. The BOM4.1 does not have an On/Off switch; you activate the BOM4.1once you plug the Power Supply into the unit. It will appear as "Bluetooth" in your search for available devices. To connect to another Bluetooth Device (by Smartphone or Tablet), you will need to un-sync or disconnect the first device before it is available for your next device. Note, you can rename the device on your phone (unless it is an iPhone, then I am not sure). Good luck TL/5149
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 9, 2018

Nate Mcintyre
from California asked:
August 5, 2018
Hello I just ordered the bom4.1 and 4 of you patio 6.5 my question is I have a large backyard and wanted to add one more pair of speakers. Can I run the speakers on two of the channels at different impedance to add the additional pair. ?
1 Answer
HI Nate: You might be able to add one of our OVC300 Outdoor Impedance Matching Volume controls to two of the output channels from the BOM4.1 and then connect the two pair of the AP650 in parallel after the Volume Control. The setting on the OVC300 would be 1/2X. That would present an 8-ohm load to the BOM4.1. It may change the volume levels of the 2 AP650 connected to the OVC300 compared to the single speaker without the Volume Control. So maybe you place the one set of speakers without the VC on the spot you might play the loudest. You may even consider adding a second OVC300 to the single pair for more control. I do not think you want to connect a second pair to either internal amp without trying to control the impedance that the amp sees. Note: the Volume Control is first and foremost needed to help control the impedance. It also allows you to control the volume as an attenuator (where you turn the volume down) versus a Gain control that adds signal or boosts the volume level. TL/5147
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 8, 2018

Wendy Gingrich
from Annville, PA asked:
July 26, 2018
I bought 1 of these a few months ago and love it. I have the planter speakers hooked up to it. What is the maximum number I can connect to this subwoofer? Also, can you use 2 of these simultaneously with 1 IPad?
1 Answer
Hi Wendy: Good Questions: I believe you could add a second pair of planters to each current pair of planters that you have for a total of four pairs. But you would need to add an Outdoor Impedance Matching Volume Control between the output speaker wires coming from the BOM4.1 and the first pair of Planter speakers you currently have. You could either split the signal after the Volume Control is daisy chain the second pair of Planter speakers off of the first pair. You would need to set the Impedance matching setting to 4X on both Volume Controls. Look at the OVC300 Outdoor Volume Control. I have not seen anything definitive for connecting two Bluetooth Receivers from one device. The Android Samsung Galaxy 9 has a feature called dual audio which is supposed to connect to two Receivers at once. But you will need to check with Samsung on that. Stay tuned because I am sure someone will come up with an app to address this application. TL/5128
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 2, 2018

from West Palm Beach Florida asked:
July 25, 2018
Just a couple questions. best setup for a large pool area for south florida (LOTS OF RAIN) , the speakers are hard wired to the sub?, length of the power cord for the sub.
1 Answer
HI Ben: We created this SKU to overcome the limitations of our other Bluetooth speakers that are limited to a single pair of speakers. The customers have inquired if they could add a second pair to sync up with the first pair. Other than a few high-end smartphones that would allow you to sync up to more than one BT Receiver at a time, there was no solution to this problem. The issue had to do with the two-channel amplifier located in the Master speaker. There was no way to tap into the 2 channel amp. The solution involved taking our popular 8" OMNI 360 degree Outdoor Subwoofer and installing a 4.1 (2 60W stereo and 1 100W amplifier along with the Bluetooth Receiver inside the Subwoofer enclosure. It featured a dedicated 100-watt amplifier with a low pass crossover connected to the internal 8" Sub Woofer. We then added 4 channels (two Stereo pairs) so you could connect two pairs of either Rock speakers, Patio Speakers, Planter Speakers or Garden Speakers. But you are not limited to using the same two pair of speakers. There are 5 plus feet of speaker wire for each speaker so that you can terminate a longer length of speaker wire depending on speakers selected and your speaker placement. Of course, you still need to connect to AC power utilizing the Waterproof Power Supply. It measures 3 feet 5" from the AC outlet to the Power Block Then 15 feet 6 inches to the speaker itself. TL/5126
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 2, 2018

from Philadelphia, PA asked:
July 19, 2018
I’m looking to add either (2) pairs of AP525 or AP 650 with the BOM 4.1 for my outdoor pool/deck area. Is the sound noticeably better with the AP650 when compared to the AP525? You offer a package option with the AP525 but not the AP650 so I’m trying to determine if the additional cost for the AP650 is with it or will the AP525 provide enough sound for my outdoor area.
1 Answer
Hi Bill: The AP525 are an excellent match for the BOM4.1. The 8 inch sub really compliments the 2 way 5.25" AP525. The AP650 will provide additional low end the patio speakers themselves. We can easily provide a bundle price on the AP650 if you want to go that route (take an additional 10% offf the online price). It will still be more than $100 for the AP650 Bundle versus the AP525. Black or white are available. TL/5118
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 23, 2018

from Sacramento, CA asked:
July 12, 2018
Will this work with the BTR-805s?
1 Answer
Hi Harv: You would need a Bluetooth enabled device with an app that would allow you to sync up to two different Bluetooth Receivers. In this case, one being the BOM4.1 and the other is the BTR-805. Try Googling how to connect to Receivers from a single device. Check out the App AmpMe. TL/5108
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 13, 2018

from NJ asked:
July 1, 2018
Hi, if I order this with 2 sets of AP650, how many dbs does that get me? I have a pretty large pool and patio area so trying to maximize coverage. I’m happy to upgrade to 2 sets of AP850s if that gets me more sound, but from reading the specs and max output of 4.1, that doesn’t appear to be the case. Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Alex: I believe the AP650 are a better match for the 60 watts x 4 speakers of the BOM4.1. Plus they have a more unique speaker mounting system (swivels and tilts) and being totally sealed have a higher rating against the outdoor elements giving you more mounting and placement capabilities. TL/5087
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 2, 2018

from Canada asked:
June 25, 2018
What is the frequency crossover between the sub and speakers? Is there any way to adjust it?
1 Answer
Hi Steve: The Subwoofer Frequency Response is 40Hz to 200Hz. The four satellites Frequency Response is 100Hz to 20kHz. Both are fixed, with no adjustment. You can download an app to Equalize your Smartphone for your Bluetooth signal including adding bass boost. TL/5073
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 26, 2018

from Des Moines, Iowa asked:
June 10, 2018
I am looking to enhance a new patio, approximately 15 x 17, with a sound system which will withstand Midwest weather. I am looking to use bluetooth capability so that I can use my smartphone to operate a wireless system. My wife loves to crank up the volume when she finds some music she enjoys. I was looking at the BOM4.1, with two sets of LS3 speakers, but I was not sure if that would be the best combination. She also likes the brown rock speakers if you have something that might sound better. Any advice?
1 Answer
Hi Denny: The beauty of the BOM4.1, not only do you have a connection for two pairs of speakers but they can be two different pairs. My favorite outdoor speaker, I recommend are either the AP525 or step up AP650 Patio Speakers which features a unique 2-way mounting bracket, they swivel and tilt as well. They definitely have better dispersion than a ground-based speaker for your main speaker. Now with the BOM4.1, you add the second pair either the RX640 (Rock speakers or LS3 (Garden speakers) which can complement the Patio speakers. PLus a100 Watt Powered Subwoofer bonus too boot. I am assuming you have a structure for your patio that will allow you to mount a pair of patio speakers. With you size patio I would suggest the patio speakers would be placed 8 feet apart slightly toed in with the tilt bracket and make sure the tweeters are on the inside. I have a pair of BTP525 on my raised deck here in Oregon. One other note regarding Bluetooth speakers there is no volume control so you are dependent on your Smartphone Bluetooth enabled device for your volume levels. There are apps that you can download for EQ and Bass Boost that your wife will like. Good luck TL/5046
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 10, 2018

from Texas asked:
June 7, 2018
I have a large backyard pool area. Not needing party loud speakers but want good sound that can fill the area over pool noise. (I'm not an "audiophile"). For 4 speakers, I'm deciding between 2 OS525 or 2 OS800 (will be buried); and 2 RX550 or 2 RX670. My question is, will the bigger rock and omni directional speakers be a waste of money compared to the smaller ones, given the limit of 60W/speaker output of the BOM4.1? More specifically, will they, in fact sound louder and more clear than the smaller ones?
1 Answer
Hi Brian: Good question, if it were me and not knowing your layout I would use a combination of an AP650 and RS670. Both have similar sensitivity 91 and 90dB respectfully. And you can be more focused with the aim of these speakers. The biggest issue with these is getting a strong enough signal from your smartphone Bluetooth enabled device. That is how you control the volume on the BOM4.1. It is recommended to add an app to your phone with EQ and Bass Boost. The higher the sensitivity of the speaker the more efficient and less power to get them working. It might help also if you can send me a couple of images of where are proposing to place each pair of speakers. My contact info; TL/5042
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 8, 2018

Peter Romano
from NJ asked:
June 6, 2018
Does this speaker need to be connected to a tuner or amplifier? Or does you just connect to phone and play?
1 Answer
Hi Peter: Bluetooth is the only source connection. You sync up with your Bluetooth enabled device (transmitter) to the internal Bluetooth Receiver in the BOM4.1. TL/5038
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 7, 2018

Eloka Monyei
from Nigeria asked:
June 4, 2018
Hello, please what is the operating voltage of this speaker (110V or 110V -230V). Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Eloka: The waterproof Power supply is multi Voltage, 100V to 240V. You will just need to use an adaptor plug in your country. TL/5031
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 4, 2018

from New Jersey asked:
May 29, 2018
Is there anyway to make the speakers louder? I have 4 OS525 speakers hooked to the Sub. I have the volume on my phone turned all the way up but doesn't seem loud enough for my backyard.
2 Answers
Hi Frank: One of the things recommended to me was adding an app to your Smartphone to boost the output, there are many choices available. TL/5012
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 30, 2018
Hi Frank: The only thing I can recommend for right now is you may want to download an app to give your smartphone an Equalizer/Bass Booster to increase the Bluetooth signal to the BOM4.1. Your certainly not the first to send us this question so we are talking to the factory about tweaking the system as well. Please, let me know if the app helps; TL/5012
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 30, 2018

from Belgium asked:
May 22, 2018
Can the BOM4.1 still be hooked up to a traditional receiver/amplifier or is it bluetooth-only?
1 Answer
Hi Tom: This is the first design for the BOM4.1, it does not have additional inputs so is limited to Bluetooth only. Not sure how we would add other inputs since it is placed outdoors. TL/4998
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 22, 2018

brian Lorbiecki
from WI asked:
May 18, 2018
I am using this sub with 2 jbl outdoor speakers And a galaxy s8 phone overall sound is good But I need to turn volume all the way up to Get average loudness. Is there any way to get A bit more volume? Also do you recommend Burying this sub a couple inches
1 Answer
Hi Brian: Most people download an app on their smartphone to increase the Volume and Bass on their phone. That should help you with your volume issue. You can bury the BOM up to an inch or two. Some people were complaining that burying it deeper caused their distance to sync to go down. Try placing a 2 x 4 piece of wood in front of the BOM4.1 and see if that affects your range? TL/4988
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 21, 2018

Dwayne Betik
from Texas asked:
May 7, 2018
How long is the power supply cord?
1 Answer
Hi Dwayne: The Power Cord 40" (3.3') from the wall plug to the power block and then 16 feet to the Enclosure that it plugs into with the built in Bluetooth Receiver and 4.1 channel power amp. TL/4962
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 9, 2018

Lauren Tindle
from Fort Myers, FL asked:
May 6, 2018
Does this have to be in the ground or can it be mounted about 10 feet in the air?
1 Answer
Hi Lauren: Typically we recommend burying sub enclosure into the ground (anywhere from 2 to 5 inches)so the sub couples with the ground. As long as you have some sort of back wall or in a corner section you can mount this up higher. Mounting it higher also may improve its range to sync up with your device. TL/4961
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 8, 2018

from NY asked:
May 5, 2018
Can I bury this unit in the same manner as os800 speaker instructions, 6"deep?
1 Answer
Hi Rob: There maybe a problem on how deep you bury the sub since the built in Bluetooth Receiver may fall below the ground level affecting the range of the Bluetooth signal. You may have to play with it to find on how deep you can bury it. We had other customers complain about Bluetooth range after they buried the enclosure as well. TL/4959
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 5, 2018

from Eugene, Oregon asked:
May 2, 2018
What are the measurements of the speaker wire coming off the subwoofer? I need to get an idea of spacing the speakers out in my yard from the woofers location!
1 Answer
Hi Craig: The pigtail for the speaker wire coming off the amplifier are only 2 feet long. So you can add whatever speaker wire length (16/2 matches the pigtails) you need. You are not limited to connecting two pair of the same speaker. You could connect a pair of rocks to one stereo set and a pair of patio speakers for the other stereo set as an example. TL/4949
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 3, 2018

Brian Stoneberger
from Virginia asked:
April 17, 2018
Would two pairs of the AP650 be a good option for the BOM4.1 and what volume controls would I use for each pair of speakers
1 Answer
HI Brian: The AP650 would work out great (good choice). As far as volume controls, the best sounding outdoor volume controls (believe it or not there are differences) would be our OVC305R which has no impedance matching but in your case you are connecting the volume control to a single two channel stereo signal with no need for for Impedance matching. The OVC305R is resistor based which features a broader Frequency Response with no high or low end roll off Plus when you turn the volume knob all the way counterclockwise until it stops the Volume Control turns off (disconnects). TL/4015
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

Marc Moschella
from MA asked:
April 14, 2018
Can wireless speakers be used with this unit or do they have to be wired?
1 Answer
Hi Marc: The BOM4.1 only has a built in Bluetooth Receiver, it does not re transmit but feeds the internal 4.1 amplifier which has a 100 watts connected to the 8 inch internal woofer then has two pair of two conductor wires that have to be hardwired to which ever pair of speakers you decide upon based upon your application. That is already a pretty good value based upon the price. I hope that answers your question TL/4910
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

from Ohio asked:
April 11, 2018
How can I see the manual for this product. The link on the web page does not work for me.
1 Answer
Hi Peter: You are not alone, the original shipment was shipped with the incorrect owners manual so it is being re-done. Let me see if I can get the revised manual up on the site and I will try and send it to you as well. Also checkout the latest question and answers on the page. It seems we have generated a number of inquires. This was a product I developed to solve the issue of people wanting to sync up two Bluetooth Kits each with its own Receiver but unless you had one of the newest top of the line Smartphones which would allow you to sync up two receivers at once (Samsung Galaxy). So you can pick out whatever two pairs of outdoor speakers that work best for your application. You are not limited to two identical pairs either. You can mix and match. Example: A pair of Patio speakers like our AP525 could be matched with a pair of Planter speakers like our PS 520. Add to that you get the 100 Watt 8.0 Powered sub woofer to compliment the two pair of satellite speakers. Good luck TL/4905
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

from Missouri asked:
April 11, 2018
the ad isn't clear to me. does this include 2 pair of the satellite speakers or just the connection for the 2 pair. Also is this a plug and play or do you need something else to power them?
1 Answer
Hi John: Sorry for the confusion, this unit is a stand alone product that features dual stereo output connections with no speakers included. But you can connect to a number of different speakers based upon your application. You can also mix and match speakers, say a pair of our AP650 and a pair of our RS-670 rock speakers. They are plug and play since the BOM4.1 features 4 channels of 60 Watts per channel and a 100 watt sub amp for the internal 8 inch sub woofer. You have two stereo outputs right/left (+/-). It addresses the limitation you have with almost all Bluetooth speakers that you only have a master and slave speaker and can not sync up a second pair of speakers without one of the new smartphones like the new Galaxy that allows you to sync up two separate receivers. Add to that you get a sub woofer to compliment the two stereo pairs. TL/4904
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

from Savannah, GA asked:
April 8, 2018
I researching options for outdoor audio for my patio/pool area. I see the satellite outputs are rated 60watts x 2 pair. Can you provide the wattage per channel? Is it 30 watts per channel? What speakers would you recommend matching to this (6.5" options and 8" options)? For my area, I likely will need 2 pairs plus the sub.
1 Answer
Hi Robert: These are 60 Watts class D amplification per channel (per speaker)Someone earlier had similar question about what we would recommend for the 2 pair of speakers. And depending on you application you can select two of the same pairs or mix and match say a patio speaker like the AP650 and a pair of the RS670 rocks. You can also add our OVC300 Outdoor volume control for each pair of outputs for more flexibility. The beauty of this product it allows you to add 2 pair of speakers to a sub woofer something that most of our current Bluetooth speakers are limited to 2 speakers; the master and slave speaker (single stereo pair). The BOM 4.1 not only allows you to power two pair of satellite speakers but adds the 8 inch sub woofer with a 100 watt amplifier powering it. Your choice for the two pair of speakers is only limited by your application. Patio Speakers; AP525, Garden Speakers; LS-2, Rock Speakers; RX640 or RS670, Planter Speakers; PS520 Planters. You can select 2 pairs of each or mix and match. TL/4895
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

Scott Mosley
from west middlesex pa asked:
March 30, 2018
What would be the best satellite speakers for sound to add to this
1 Answer
Hi Scott: The beauty of this product it allows you to add 2 pair of speakers to a sub woofer something that most of our current Bluetooth speakers are limited to 2 speakers; the master and slave speaker (single stereo pair). The BOM 4.1 not only allows you to power two pair of satellite speakers but adds the 8 inch sub woofer with a 100 watt amplifier powering it. Your choice for the two pair of speakers is only limited by your application. Patio Speakers; AP525, Garden Speakers; LS-2, Rock Speakers; RX640 or RS670, Planter Speakers; PS520 Planters. You can select 2 pairs of each or mix and match. TL/4880
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 17, 2018

from Tennessee asked:
June 5, 2018
Can this be connected to a TV or is it Bluetooth only?
1 Answer
Hi Matt: In order to combine these you would need to add either a Bluetooth Dongle or a Bluetooth Transmitter: This what it says online: You can still plug in either a Bluetooth dongle or a Bluetooth transmitter. A dongle attaches to the USB port on your television and gives it Bluetooth capabilities. If you use a transmitter it will plug into either the headphone jack or an audio output port on your TV and connect with your Bluetooth headphones. Mar 31, 2015 (this was an older post so there are better options for you to add Bluetooth transmission from your TV to the BOM4.1). Good luck TL/5033
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 6, 2018

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