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SKU: KIT-BOM-LS2-2 BOM4.1 Bluetooth Powered Subwoofer w/ 2 Pairs of LS2 Outdoor Satellite Speakers

Purchase BOM4.1 Bluetooth Powered Subwoofer w/ 2 Pairs of LS2 Outdoor Satellite Speakers
  • SKU: KIT-BOM-LS2-2

    BOM4.1 Bluetooth Powered Subwoofer w/ 2 Pairs of LS2 Outdoor Satellite Speakers

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  • All-weather construction with IP67-rated power supply 
  • Bluetooth® 4.0-enabled with up to 75 feet line-of-sight range (may vary) 
  • Includes a 100W power rating for small, medium and large backyards or patios 
  • Green enclosure blends easily into backyard
The LS2 landscape outdoor speaker pair is an ideal set if you're looking to add sleek, modern touches to your outdoor space. These speakers provide superior audio quality and feature sealed enclosures that make them completely weatherproof. These speakers are the perfect satellite speakers to add to your system. OSD Audio's BOM4.1 All-weather Bluetooth® Subwoofer brings bass to your backyard, pool or patio so you can experience immersive audio even in noise-heavy environments. This is a beefy 100W outdoor sub is designed with weather-durable components, including an IP67-rated power supply that will last for years in cold, hot and wet climates. Simply plug it into an AC outlet and then pair this sub with your tablet or phone, and you'll enjoy the low frequency sound that's missing from your outdoor audio system. This is a great outdoor sub to add on to an existing sound system but also includes stereo outputs.

  • Speaker Type: 2.5" In-ground/ Mountable Outdoor Landscape Speakers
  • Woofer: 2.5" Sealed PE Cone
  • Frequency Response: 200Hz - 20kHz
  • Power Handling: 30W
  • Sensitivity: 88db
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Weather Resistant: Sealed Enclosures Make them Waterproof
  • Integrated Drive-baffle Assembly
  • Sold As: Pair
  • Wireless: No
  • Colors Available: Brown
  • Weight: 1.6 lbs Each Speaker
BOM 4.1
  • Speaker type: 8" Bluetooth® outdoor omni subwoofer with stereo outputs
  • Bluetooth® version: 4.0
  • Frequency Range: 30Hz to 5kHz
  • Power Handling: 100W
  • Impedance: 4ohms
  • Bluetooth® range: 30-75 feet line of sight
  • Water Proof IP67 Rated Power Supply
  • Compatible with A2DP standard
  • Silicone-sealed internal cabinetry & driver
  • Dimensions: (H x W x L) 14.5" x 12.5" x 12.5"
  • Color: Green
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Richard Scott Dorriety • 05/10/2020, 9:08:39 AM How much speaker wire comes with this kit? Does it come with the waterproof wire nuts?
Customer Service • 05/11/2020, 6:36:53 PM
Hi Richard: A new update, there are four two conductors wires coming from the Subwoofer enclosure. Each is roughly 10 feet long. They are grouped as two stereo pairs. There are two 60 Watt per channels internal stereo power amplifiers. There are 4 waterproof wire nuts included in the kit. But the LS-2 are direct connect so no need for wire nuts unless you wan to add additional speaker wire. Updated 5-11 at 3:43 PM