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BTP525 Wireless 5.25" Bluetooth® 2-Way Outdoor Patio Speaker Pair Composite Resin Low Resonator Cabinet Waterproof Power Supply

Product code: OSD-BTP-525

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Features & Specifications

BTP-525 Water-Resistant Wireless Bluetooth® Patio Speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot are smart buys for patios, decks and pool areas. They're ideal for use indoors and outdoors, and they're available in black or white so you can create the perfect look for your sound system. These Bluetooth® patio speakers feature a single connection for a Bluetooth®-enabled device, and the pair includes a 25-foot AC power supply (please see diagram in above photos). These speakers also come with 10ft of speaker wire so you can place them on opposite ends of your space. We also add innovative weather resistant cap to better protect the speaker connection.

These two-way 5.25-inch indoor/outdoor patio speakers each have a 5.25-inch treated paper cone woofer with butyl rubber surround and 0.5-inch PEI dome tweeter. The Bluetooth® range is 50 to 75 feet for an obstructed line of sight. Each speaker is 9 inches by 7 inches with a 6-inch depth.


Bluetooth® Setup Patio Speaker

1) Determine the ideal location where the Patio Speakers are not exposed directly to the elements. Note: speakers typically should be placed between 8 to 12 feet apart for proper stereo separation.
2) The Master Patio Speaker needs to be located near an AC outlet where you can connect the Power Supply to the Master Speaker in order provide the electrical current needed for the Internal Stereo Power Amplifier and Bluetooth® Receiver.
3) The Pairing speaker must be connected to the Master Speaker with the 10-foot Speaker Cable that is supplied with the kit.


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50 Questions & 50 Answers
Tom M
from Laguna, Ca. asked:
December 25, 2019
Hi, I have a Bose Lifestyle 12 ( in my Family room) and it  has a " Speakers A" output. I have two " in the wall"  Speaker wire lines gone from my Family Room (at the stereo system location)

to the patio, on  two sides of my patio door. Bose says these two speaker wires,  if attached to the  " Speakers A" output  , must connect to "powered speakers"  . I thought this system 

might work but after reading the Q&A s here I think it won't. I do not have to have the  Bluetooth feature , what outdoor powered speakers do you recommend?  Thanks.

1 Answer
Hi Tom:

I would suggest purchasing our NERO Stream Xd and connect to Speaker A output of the BOSE Lifestyle 12 using an RCA patch cord and connect to the Dual RCA line input on the NERO Stream XD. Then purchase a pair of AP525 Patio speakers and connect them to the NERO Stream XD with 16 gauge speaker wire. The NERO Stream XD can be controlled by your phone using our OSD Player app (a free download in Android or Apple apps. The Nero Integrated amplifier includes both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming in addition to the line-level inputs connected to the BOSE. There is also an IR remote control that comes with the NERO Stream XD. You can also add a second pair of AP525 for your outdoors if one pair does not provide you enough coverage. They can be wired from the first pair in a parallel daisy chain configuration or wired directly back to the NERO Stream XD and connected with the first pair of AP525 (The integrated amp will handle a 4-ohm load). There is also a NERO-Link Wi-Fi Receiver that can be added as a source to your BOSE and can link up with the NERO Stream XD (both controlled by the OSD player app).

Note: OSD has our Warehouse and Showroom in Brea, Northern Orange County


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on January 1, 2020

from Salem, mo asked:
September 10, 2019
I can't tell if these would work for what we need (not very technical).  I need outdoor speakers for our projector.  They need to be able to plug in to our blue-ray player and also be bluetooth.  Do they make a speaker that can cover all aspects of outdoor entertainment?
1 Answer
Hi Crystal:

It depends if your Blu ray Player has an internal Bluetooth transmitter that connects to Bluetooth Headphones or any of our outdoor Bluetooth speaker kits (Patio Speakers: BTP525, BTP650, Rock Speakers: PTR150, BTR805, Planter Speakers: BPS520 or Frog Speakers: BTF525). Note this is an example of a Blu Ray Player from SONY that lists the following features;

Product Highlights

  • Stream from 300+ apps and entertainment services
  • Upscale Blu-ray Disc movies, DVDs, and photos to near 4K quality.
  • Connect to Bluetooth headphones to enjoy wireless listening
  • Multi-room streaming with Music Center App
  • View smartphone content on your TV with Miracast screen mirroring technology
  • Enjoy fast, stable Wi-Fi even when streaming in HD
  • Full HD 1080p Blu-ray Disc playback with 2D to 3D conversion

Note our Bluetooth kits feature a Master Speaker that has both an internal Bluetooth Receiver and 2 Channel Power Amplifier. You need to connect a Water Proof Power Supply (supplied with the kit) to an AC outlet. Our Bluetooth Speakers all feature a two-channel stereo solution. A second satellite speaker with no internal power must connect to the Master Speaker using the two-conductor speaker cable supplied with the speakers. The Bluetooth headphones feature a rechargeable battery but also highlights a similar internal Bluetooth Receiver that connects wirelessly like our kits.

I hope that helps


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on September 19, 2019

from Abilene, TX asked:
July 16, 2019
Is it safe to have the speakers under a pergola, where they aren't completely out of the weather?
1 Answer
Hi Kristie:

These speakers feature a sealed front Baffle and have a snap-on the back cover that hides the speaker wire connection on both the master and satellite speakers. There is a waterproof connector for the AC power supply, and the on/off button is weatherproof. So no problem, exposed to the elements. They have an IP6X rating; 100% dustproof.

Good Choice

Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 17, 2019

from West Chester asked:
July 8, 2019

Once the master speaker is powered on, can it remain that way?  Mounting height is over 13 feet and don't want to have to make that climb all the time.

Thank you

1 Answer
Hi Rick:

Yes, the Bluetooth Master Speaker stays on but when you disconnect it goes into standby waiting for the next connect. You will hear a signal when you sync up and when you disconnect. There are a couple of options for a multi-plug adaptor cable that features an on/off switch that can be controlled by an app on your phone. Check out this link;


Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 14, 2019

from brandon, ms asked:
March 15, 2019
I have a bluetooth computer, buying these speakers do I need anything moret music from Pandora or similar.
1 Answer
Hi Hank: If you have a Computer with a built-in Bluetooth Transmitter than it should work (sync up) with these speakers. TL/5454
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 19, 2019

Trey Zickefoose
from Abilene, Texas asked:
February 27, 2019
Can I buy extra mounting brackets ? I want to be able to place them different places as weather changes.
1 Answer
Hi Trey: These have been out long enough that we may have a mounting bracket or two available for you to purchase. Please contact our customer service department at 562-697-2600. TL/5440
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on February 28, 2019

from Fresno, CA asked:
October 3, 2018
Is it possible to extend the low voltage cable (between power supply and speaker) to 120 feet?
1 Answer
Hi Brian: Due to the length, you will have to find a larger gauge Extension cord. You will need a Medium Duty extension cord based upon the voltage draw you will need, Medium-duty cords usually are grounded extension cords, which include the third wire for grounding. They have plugs that accept three-prong grounded appliance cords. Uses televisions, computers and other devices that draw up to 10 amps of power. Cord length up to 25 feet: use No. 16-gauge wire. Cord length up to 50 feet: use No. 14-gauge wire. Cord length up to 100 feet: use No. 12-gauge wire. I would recommend a single 100 foot 12 gauge Extension cord. When you add the 3.3 ft from power plug to the transformer and them 16 plus feet from the transformer to the Speaker (for roughly 120 ft total, that should work) TL/5227
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on October 3, 2018

from Miami, FL asked:
May 12, 2018
Hi, Do you sell additional passive speakers which I can split the wiring coming from the powered one?
1 Answer
Hi Willie: We do not recommend split the speaker wire coming out of the master speaker. One channel is directed to the internal speaker (right channel) and the output is connected to the Left channel. And you know two lefts don't make it right. The system would become unbalanced and would put a strain on the internal amplifier. It needs to be an 8-ohm load so it cannot be expanded. You should check out the BOM 4.1 which was created to solve the problem that two stereo speakers will not provide enough coverage. And unless you have a high-end smartphone where you can connect to two Bluetooth Receivers at once. The BOM4.1 not only feature the connection between two pairs of speakers but you can mix two different pairs or styles. You might pick out a pair of the AP525 and pair it with an RS670 pair of rock speakers. Add to that you have 100 watts 8" subwoofer complimenting the system. TL/4978
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 17, 2018

Paul J Baccash
from NJ asked:
May 7, 2018
I bought these speakers back in Aug of 2015. They worked great but now they just make a clipping sound. I think I need a new power supply. Do you sell the power supply separately? The specs are 100-240VAC 50/60Hz 12vDC 2.5A. See attached picture
1 Answer
Hi Paul: You will need to contact our customer service department. I believe there is a newer Power Supply being supplied to both the BTP650 and BTP525 but I believe we do have replacements for the original as well. Not sure if the new PS has the same connecting plug. They can verify at the warehouse. Customer Service; 5620697-2600. TL/4963
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 8, 2018

from Kaneohe,HI asked:
April 25, 2018
Just wanted to know if there’s a on/off switch
1 Answer
Hi Mark: The AP525 features an on/off switch on the back of the Master Speaker the one that is connected to both AC power and the satellite speaker using speaker wire. TL/4036
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 27, 2018

from Florida asked:
March 1, 2018
Will these speakers work with a Bluetooth transmitter plugged into my receiver headphone jack? My A/V receiver can receive Bluetooth but does not transmit.
1 Answer
HI Karl: Sure it can, the device you connect to the headphone output is a Bluetooth transmitter and would sync up with the BTP525 internal receiver of the master speaker. TL/4826
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 3, 2018

from NJ asked:
January 2, 2018
Hey OSD...How is the non-master speaker powered (if the master is the only one of the pair that is powered)? Just have to note, I purchased all of my in-ceiling speakers, in-wall volume controls, and a speaker selector (after a whole-house renovation) from OSD and I am very pleased with both the cost and quality! Thank you OSD!
1 Answer
Hi Tom: The way the BTP 525 Master/satellite works is the master speaker has both the Bluetooth Receiver and 2 channel stereo amplifier built in which needs to have AC power supplied to it. Then one channel is connected to the internal speaker of the master and a second 2 conductor (+/-) you add a speaker cable to connect the Master to the Satellite speaker. So the only true wireless connection is between your Bluetooth enabled device and the Bluetooth Receiver built into the Master Speaker. We are introducing a Outdoor Powered Subwoofer with built in Bluetooth Receiver and a 4.1 powered Amplifier so you can connect any two pair of speakers to the Powered Subwoofer. I hope that answers your question. TL/4723
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 2, 2018

from saratoga springs, NY asked:
December 14, 2017
I want to be able to play sound through the tv and switch over to Bluetooth and play music from my phone. Is this possible with these speakers?
1 Answer
HI Sam: No problem playing your phone but unless your TV has Bluetooth connection you can not connect directly to the BTP 525. We do have a Bluetooth wall unit that has both Bluetooth and a signal level (3.5mm) connection. But you have to run wires from the amplifier built in the wall to the respective speakers. Model XWB50. TL/4693
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 14, 2017

Lauren Arsenault
from Salisbury, MA asked:
November 30, 2017
Are these speakers weather proof? We live in New England and therefore have various unexpected weather conditions.. can these speakers withstand these conditions, or do they need to be brought in and out every time we use them?
1 Answer
Hi Lauren: There are our highest rated outdoor cabinets (also the same design for our AP525). They hold up during the Late Spring, Summer and Early Fall. Would recommend taking them in during the long off season. I live in Portland Or and have these on my deck as well. They have been put away now for the last 30 days. Probably will not see them again until May next year. TL/4653
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 30, 2017

matt heller
from 37359 asked:
August 11, 2017
I am buying a tao tronics Bluetooth transmitter that says it will pair with 2 devices so will this pair with 2 master speakers
1 Answer
Hi Matt: Yes this should pair with the Tao Tronics 4.1 Transmitter, I believe they have two models that will sink with a couple pair of receivers. You may have a problem with latency on one or both pair. Here is from their specs: Pairs with 2 Devices: 2-in-1 Bluetooth 4.1 transmitter pairs with up to two Bluetooth receivers like headphones or speakers simultaneously; Note: aptX Low Latency does NOT support dual link mode. We are working on a new Bluetooth outdoor sub featuring connection for up to two pair of any speakers. Stay tuned TL/4517
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 12, 2017

from hamburg, pa asked:
July 7, 2017
Does this connect with Alexa???
1 Answer
Hi Joe: I have been told Alexa can connect with our Bluetooth speakers. TL/4457
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 13, 2017

from Phoenix, AZ asked:
July 5, 2017
Are the speakers Yamaha MusicCast compatible ? I.e I know they will work with my receivers Bluetooth function but will they be recognized as a MusicCast device? There is a difference.
1 Answer
Hi Andy: These will sync up with multiple Bluetooth devices. But will not share a signal at the same time with any other pair of speakers. The MusicCast devices all feature built in Bluetooth Receiver as well as Transmitters: From MusicCast specs: "built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming and transmission". So you should be able to sync up any of our Bluetooth Patio, Rock, Garden and Frog speakers. Good question... TL/4452
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 13, 2017

from California asked:
March 18, 2017
I need two sets of speakers (total of four) on my patio. Can I purchase a SECOND set BTP525 and discover AND connect both sets for simultaneous play?
1 Answer
Hi StevO: There is currently no way to add a second pair of speakers to the Bluetooth Patio Speakers we sell. A competitor offers a splitter that allows you to connect two pair but there is a time delay or latency issue between them. We are working on some options like offering a compact amplifier with built in Bluetooth receiver and an A/B speaker option. For now we do recommend adding a external Bluetooth receiver to our XMP100 Digital Power amplifier and purchasing 2 pair of our AP525, the identical speaker to the BTP 525. The Amp features both Speaker A and B. A new Bluetooth Receiver runs around $20.00 on line. TL/4258
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 24, 2017

from Douglasville ga asked:
April 24, 2016
I was looking at the BTP-525 wireless Bluetooth speaker a bit confused it say's connection to master speaker should not exceed 13' but it also said pairing speaker must be connected to the master speaker with the 30' of speaker that is supplied with kit ?
1 Answer
Hi Cortez: Sorry for the confusion, the Speaker kit comes with a 25 foot speaker wire for connecting the Master to the Satellite Speaker. It is recommended that the speakers be no more than 13 feet apart for proper stereo separation. The reason the speaker wire is longer is just in case you have an application where you may not be able to run the wire in a straight line directly to the second speaker. Once you determine how much wire you will need you can cut it down for an exact fit. I will attempt to update the web site for all Bluetooth Speakers to avoid further confusion. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. TL/3834
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 26, 2016

Norma Sullivan
from Fresno, CA asked:
April 6, 2015
How many speakers can be connected at one time? To one receiver?
1 Answer
Hi Norma: These speakers feature a single connection from a Bluetooth enabled Device (transmitter). The Receiver is built into the main speaker which has the internal stereo amplifier. The satellite speaker is connected with speaker wire. We are working on developing an external Bluetooth receiver with built in amplifier so multiple speakers can be connected. Stay tuned TL/3226
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 13, 2015

from NJ asked:
March 25, 2018
I purchased these 2 years ago and they've worked great. Recently however something must have happened and when I turn them on all I get is a clicking sound. I'm wondering if it's the power supply or the speakers. If it's the power supply do you sell a replacement power supply for these speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Paul: We do have Power Supplies for sale. Contact the OSD customer Service department. They maybe be able to help you on the clicking noise you are experiencing. TL/4864
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 5, 2018

from Holland, Ohio asked:
March 4, 2018
I've had a pair for just over a year. Suddenly the speakers will no longer sync with my phone. You can hear a slight hissing sound coming from speakers but anytime I try to re-sync sound telling me they have paired. I've tried everything I can think to get them to work again but to know avail. Any thoughts?
1 Answer
Hi Mike: Contact our customer service directly and discuss your problem. Call us at 1-562-697-2600, Sales department. Ask for Aaron, he is our Bluetooth guru. TL/4832
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 30, 2018

from Texas asked:
January 22, 2018
I purchased the BTP 525 and I believe the power adapter went out. The speakers are plugged in and they wont turn on anymore but they were working fine recently . Do you sell a replacement power source?
1 Answer
HI Shawn: You should contact our RMA department. They do have replacements. TL/4675
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 24, 2018

from Longview, washington asked:
August 26, 2017
How long is the power cord off of the master speaker?
1 Answer
Hi Rob: I believe it is 20 to 25 feet. TL/4536
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 11, 2017

matt heller
from 37359 asked:
August 15, 2017
how do you adjust volume?
1 Answer
Hi Matt: That is handled through the Bluetooth Transmitter like your phone or tablet. That is where you control the volume. TL/4522
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 15, 2017

from Essex, CT asked:
July 22, 2017
Lost the power supply and don't see it as available on this site. Please help OSD!!
1 Answer
Hi John: You need to contact our RMA department at OSD . WE do stock extra power supplies. make sure you take a picture of the connection of the Power Supply to the speaker. I believe we updated this model and it is different. I think we have both versions. Good luck: TL/4481
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 25, 2017

from Washington asked:
July 15, 2017
Anyone have issues with volume from a Mac book pro 2016? Works great on my Android devices with my Mac book the volume at .25 out of 10 is way too loud like my Android at 6. I've looked for a solution on the Mac to lower the volume with no like. Blue tooth is a digital signal so I find out strange that the volume is so much louder.
1 Answer
Hi Stephen: This is a performance issue of the Mac Pro versus the comparable issue of a PC based laptop (usually half the price of the Mac Book) There is also different versions of the Bluetooth. I would suggest you ask Apple the same question. Maybe even an Apple forum might be a place to start. TL/4472
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 27, 2017

from Lindenhurst, ny asked:
May 28, 2017
My speakers no longer work after less than a year of use, the light on the adapter doesn't light up, is there a replacement adapter? The connector to the amp speaker is pretty specific.
1 Answer
Hi Phil: Contact our RMA department regarding your power supply. I believe there is a 1 year warranty on the BTP-525. Sorry you are having an issue with the unit, good luck. TL/4391
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 29, 2017

from North Carolina asked:
May 13, 2017
What is the voltage and current output of the Power Supply for the master speaker? I want to install this in an RV type trailer, and not be dependent upon 117VAC for power. Ideally the Power Supply would offer 12 VDC to the master speaker, at some reasonable amps... but if not, it may be easier for me to acquire a voltage converter... than provide 117VAC. Thank you.
1 Answer
Hi David: We are limited to the power supply that comes with the unit. It is a switching power supply that will work for 110V or 230V. It will not output 12V. You would be better off choosing a car audio head unit with built in Bluetooth and you could connect to a pair of our AP650 or AP525 Indoor/outdoor speakers identical to the passive speaker of the BTP650/525. The head unit would provide you the source and Bluetooth option and be 12 volt. TL/4362
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 13, 2017

from Sarnia, ON, Ca asked:
May 5, 2017
Can you connect these speakers to a receiver using speaker wire to uses them as regular speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Nick: You could connect to the single satellite speaker but not to the master speaker. We do offer the same speaker as a passive stereo pair, the AP 525 (5.25") and AP-650 (6.5") versions available in Black or White Cabinets. They are our most popular patio speakers. TL/4348
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 8, 2017

from St. Louis asked:
April 21, 2017
Regarding the power cord, does it come in white? I need it to match the color of my porch. Also, is the power cord plug three-prong or two-prong?
1 Answer
Hi Chris: Both the Power cord and speaker wire are black. The prong plug is a detachable cord about 6 to 8 feet long. Not sure if anybody has a white version of this. The cord from the power Supply is definitely black. You could paint it to match your porch but make sure it works first. You could purchase our CL3/FT4 speaker wire which is white and substitute for the black wire that cones with the kit. TL/4318
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 24, 2017

from St. Louis asked:
April 7, 2017
How long is the power supply cord which is plugged into the outlet?
1 Answer
Hi Chris: The detachable AC plug is about 10 feet before in plugs into the Power Supply (a small brick) then another 15 feet from the power supply to the Master speaker. TL/4295
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 12, 2017

Cheryl Smith
from Seattle, Wa asked:
April 2, 2017
I have a OSD set and I need a new power cord. Can someone let me know where I can purchase one? Thank you.
1 Answer
Hi Cheryl: The Power Cord for the speaker is made up of a 7 foot cable that connects to the AC outlet on one end and plugs into the actual Power Supply (similar to a lap top power supply but a much longer cord). The Power Supply features an additional 15 feet of cord. If you are missing the first cord, you can buy it at any electronics store, its the same cord used for Samsung TV's. This is the description: SPECS : High Quality 2 Prong Ac Power Cord / CONNECTORS : IEC-60320 (IEC320) C7 to NEMA 1-15P / UL & RoHS Certified E308842 NISPT-1 2/C 18AWG(0.824mm2) 105C 300V VW-1 108540-001 FT1. Now if you are missing the AC cors and the Power Supply then you will need to call our OSD Audio RMA department and asking them about purchasing a replacement. TL/4285
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 6, 2017

from New Orleans, LA asked:
March 25, 2017
Can these speakers be mounted underneath the patio soffit and then angled as needed for best results?
1 Answer
Hi Barry: Yes these speakers will work just fine under the soffit. And they have a unique two way bracket that allows you pivot and then tilt inward. TL/4270
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 31, 2017

Gil Jones
from Columbia, SC asked:
February 15, 2017
I have these and mine will not connect anymore I can hear them attempting to turn on, however there is nothing. I have unplugged and reconnected I have power and that's all. Can you please assist?
1 Answer
Hi Gill: Contact our customer Service department. The can walk you through a trouble shooting procedure. It will help to let them know how old the speakers are and where and when you bought them. Hit sales department extension when prompted. Good Luck TL/ 4219
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 20, 2017

from Texas asked:
January 11, 2017
Is the power cord 8 feet long....a post below says his was delivered with a 4 foot power cord.
1 Answer
Hi Mike: We refer to the power cord as a two piece kit. There is a 15 to 20 foot cord from the master speaker to the actual external power supply. Then a detachable AC power cord that is roughly 4 feet (I think you are referring to this one). There are replacement detachable AC power cords of 8 and 12 foot available at for under $10.00. TL/4174
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 12, 2017

from Montana asked:
November 7, 2016
Does the bluetooth come with a pairing code so that it isn't free access to anyone without it?
1 Answer
HI Jenn: The Bluetooth code is free access. The only thing is that once you sync up no one else can access your speakers unless or until you disconnect. TL/4115
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 7, 2016

from Rockville, Maryland asked:
August 24, 2016
How do you turn the speakers on and off? I plan to mount these up high and out of reach and out of the weather. Is there a remote provided? Concerned how we will be able to turn these on and off once mounted. Please advise.
1 Answer
HI Andy: The only way to turn these on and off is with the rocker switch located on the back of the Main/Master speaker which features the Bluetooth Receiver and stereo amplifier (the speaker that has the power cord attached to it). When the speaker does not see a signal for a period of time it goes into hibernation waiting for the signal to reappear. It just in stand by mode and not continually drawing excessive current.. TL/4036
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 30, 2016

Oliver Boult
from Queensland asked:
July 27, 2016
Hi Does this have an Australian compatible power supply. 240V.
1 Answer
Hi Oliver: The external Power supply is a switching power supply that is rated from 110V to 240V. It will work in Australia, but will need adapter plug. Good luck TL/4003
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 29, 2016

from Placentia, CA asked:
July 27, 2016
Can I wire these speakers to the TV via the RCA sound output? If yes, will Bluetooth mode still works with an iPad or iPhone?
1 Answer
Hi Thomas: Unfortunately you can not wire any of our current Bluetooth Speakers to your TV output. There is no signal Level input just the built in Bluetooth IR Receiver which is tied in with the internal Stereo Amplifier (the same as on our Patio, Rocks and Frog Bluetooth Speakers). We are working on the next generation Bluetooth Technology as we speak. One thing we can look into is adding the Pre-amp inputs as a second input option which can be accomplished with current Bluetooth technology. Stay tuned... TL/4002
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 28, 2016

from WI asked:
June 25, 2016
Bought and mounted these on my deck. they sound great but I was surprised to find the power cord has a power supply that needs to be located in a dry location. What recommendations do you have to keep this outdoor speaker power supply dry?
1 Answer
Hi Todd: It can get wet but cannot be sitting in standing water. There are water proof boxes available at your nearest hardware store that you can buy that will allow for more placement options. And I am sure you would bring them in for the winter to avert the snow. TL/3954
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 27, 2016

from Des Plaines, Illinois asked:
June 14, 2016
Has anyone discovered a solution for hiding the power cord? I want to get these and have them mounted on my patio. But I worry about the eyesore of a dangling power cord that has to connect to an outlet near ground level.
1 Answer
Hi Billy: We give you about 25 feet of power cord to help in rerouting the cord to help hide it. The actual power supply is 20 plus feet from the speaker with a three foot removable AC plug. You can buy longer extensions of this cable if needed as well. It is weird to talk about a wireless product that you have to hide some wires but it is the nature of the beast. There is also a two conductor speaker wire between the Master and Satellite speakers as well. TL/3931
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 14, 2016

from New Jersey asked:
June 11, 2016
Where is the on/off switch? If I mount them on the wall flush is the switch accessible. Thanks in advance for a response.
1 Answer
Hi Rich: The On/Off switch is located on the back of the Master Speaker (the one you connect the Power cord to) It is accessible once the speaker is mounted to the wall with the included mounting bracket. There is a plastic cover that can be removed after the speaker is mounted to get to the switch. TL/3925
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 13, 2016

Todd Eggebrecht
from WI asked:
June 11, 2016
You said "It is recommended that the speakers be no more than 13 feet apart for proper stereo separation" . For my deck configuration i would like to place them about 40' apart. What issues could i have?
1 Answer
Hi Todd: Placement of the speakers for optimum stereo sound is pretty standard. Normally if someone presents an application where they have 40 feet to cover we would recommend going with two pair of speakers with each speaker mounted 8 feet apart. The Bluetooth Speakers are limited due to it is only one pair with a master and satellite speaker that have to be wired together for the proper right and left stereo separation. We include about 20+ feet of speaker wire with the kit so you will need to order a 40 foot to connect the two speakers, something like our 16/2 speaker wire sold, 50 ft. You only need two conductor between the two speakers. We always refer to the Beatles song; Yellow Submarine where one track has the music and the other track has the vocals. Might sound a little weird being 40 foot apart. TL/3924
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 14, 2016

from Connecticut asked:
June 4, 2016
can these be used with a source other than bluetooth? Can i plug a sonos connect into this for example? If not do you have another bluetooth speaker where i can at a later time also plug a different source into them?
1 Answer
HI Tom: All of our Bluetooth speakers all connect via a Bluetooth Enabled Device.There is no other option for connecting a signal level source like from a SONOS Connect. We have discussed adding signal level (dual RCA inputs) to our BTP Patio speakers. We did offer a 2.4 GHz WiFi speaker that had this feature at one time before changing everything over to Bluetooth wireless. It can be done but we have not added that feature. Maybe we will re examine adding that capability. But for now we do not have that available, sorry about that. TL/ 3913
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 5, 2016

Jessica Magnusen
from Portland, Oregon asked:
May 20, 2016
How water resistant are these? I live in Oregon. Am wondering if I need to take them down in the winter when we get lots and lots of rain?
1 Answer
HI Jessica: I live in Oregon as well and just like our deck furniture I would recommend taking the speakers be brought in after November 1st about the time they let us have studded tires on the road. And they are portable enough so when they are calling for warmer temperatures with the occasional sun breaks you can bring them back in and out. You know it only rains twice in Oregon; Early October to mid April then end of April to July 1st. TL/3891
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 20, 2016

from Charleston, SC asked:
May 18, 2016
What are my options/how do I hardwire the speakers for power if not interested in utilizing a traditional plug outlet? Can they be wired to pull power from a light outlet? Trying to avoid mounting speakers on the ceiling of my porch and then having to run a power cable down the front of my house. Kind of defeats the notion of wireless otherwise. Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Patrick: Saying these are wireless is a little of a misnomer, probably should call them Semi-Wireless. You could change a light outlet to be a AC plug or add an adapter that has a light socket and AC plug. Or have an electrician cut off the AC plug connected to the external power supply and hard wire it into the fixture. Either way you still have to have the external Power Supply. The problem is you have both a Bluetooth Receiver and internal Stereo Amplifier found in the Master Patio speaker which needs power for both the Bluetooth Receiver and Stereo Amplifier that is connected to both the Internal speaker and satellite speaker (connected by two conductor speaker cable) for true right and left stereo separation. The key is the mobility of your Bluetooth device either smartphone or tablet. I hope that helps... TL/3888
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 18, 2016

from Satellite Beach, FL asked:
April 25, 2016
Does these speakers have a crossover for woofer and tweeter and where is a crossing frequency
1 Answer
Hi Ivan: The speaker has a 12 dB crossover with crossover point at 3,000. TL/3843
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 28, 2016

Yvan Levrault
from Indio,California asked:
March 30, 2016
How do you control the volume of the speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Yvan: The Internal amplifier is variable so it depends on the Bluetooth enabled device for controlling the volume that you sync up with the Speakers. TL/3789
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 31, 2016

from Springdale, Arkansas asked:
March 25, 2016
Do you have an approximate time schedule for the introduction of multiple outdoor speakers?
1 Answer
Hi John: No timeline yet, but we are working on it. Sorry about that. TL/3780
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 25, 2016

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