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OSD Audio PA150 Commercial 70V 120 Watt Commercial Amplifier 3x Microphone 3x Source Inputs

Product code: OSD-PA150

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Features & Specifications

The OSD Audio PA150 Commercial Integrated Pre AMP/ 120 Watt Power Amplifier is the ideal control center for restaurants, meeting halls, schools or other small, commercial venues where multiple microphones and line audio sources are needed. This versatile, powerful and affordable commercial amp features 3 XLR microphone inputs and 3 signal-level inputs, plus front-mounted gain control knobs, master bass, and treble. The MIC 1 Input has priority over the other inputs. When the MIC 1 Input signal is present, the PA150 will automatically mute other inputs and only MIC 1 Input is available to output. . An upgrade typically found on more expensive commercial amps, the PA150 also features chime and alarm buttons. The chime button temporally mutes the system when pressed, while the alarm mutes the system and rings until the button is released. The PA150’s XLR microphone inputs and signal level inputs can be connected to sources like CD players, TV outputs, Smartphones, MP3 players, and the unit even includes a telephone input. The amp’s output options (70 Volt, 100 Volt or 8-ohm mono) can also be set up to power 5 to 10 speaker 70V systems.



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8 Questions & 8 Answers
David Miller
from Charlotte asked:
December 7, 2018
Will this power 11 JBL CSS-1T and 2 JBL 8128 speakers ? and does distance matter since some of he CSS speakers will be over 125' from AMP
1 Answer
HI David: Based upon your application for eleven JBL CSS-IT (10W x 11 = 110watts) and two of the In-Ceiling JBL8128 (6W x 2 = 12 Watts) for a total need of 122 watts the PA150 would fall short of your needs. The PA 150 is rated at 120 watts but only has 80% available or 96 watts available. Your better choice would be the PAM245which has double the output available at240 watts or 80% = 192 watts. It also features five switchable zones that are flexible and an IR remote control as well. The beauty of 70V is you can run longer distances at a smaller gauge wire especially if you add a high pass filter to your aux input limiting the signal below 70 Hz. You could use 18 gauge up to 300 or 400 feet. I would still run at least 16 gauge without the filter. Also, check out our MVC70 Volt Mono volume controls with a unique pass-thru feature. Good luck TL/5322
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on December 9, 2018

Mark Manning
from Muncie, Indiana asked:
July 5, 2018
Is there a good location to Ground the Chassis? I know the Power Plug has a Ground to the outlet, but is there a location on the Amp Chassis to run another Ground to the Building? I have had Two Amps fail after Lightning has struck near by.
1 Answer
Hi Mark: I am sending you a drawing that came from our factory showing you where you can ground the PA150 with one of the external screws on the back panel. It will come under a separate email. Good luck TL/5098
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 16, 2018

Eric M
from Pennsylvania asked:
April 25, 2018
How many AP850 70v speakers can this power? We're looking at 4-6 speakers.
1 Answer
Hi Eric: 1) You can connect 6 each of the AP850T with tap set at 15W 2) Or 4 AP850T with tap set at 25W 3) Note#1: You do not need to set the tap to all the same setting, You could connect 4 at 15W and 2 at 25W, the 25W will play louder than the 4 at 15W. 4) You could step up to a PAM245 and be able to connect 8 AP850T at 25W Note#2:You have 80 to 90% of the total power available. The total of all speakers must have a little headroom (10 to 20%) TL/4933
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on April 25, 2018

Jim Crowe
from huntington, WV asked:
May 1, 2017
how do you switch between AUX inputs? I don't see a select switch on front.
1 Answer
Hi Jim: This is a Pre amp mixer so all three aux inputs are active and controlled by the volume knob for each Aux 1, Aux 2 and Aux 3. Same with the three mic inputs as well. The difference is the Mic 1 mutes the other 5 inputs when activated. Of course none are active unless something is connected to each and turned on. We also have a Pre One Pre amp that has switchable inputs and a single Mic mixer that mixes with whatever source you select but is 4/8 ohm only no 70V. I hope that helps, checkout the owners manual for more in depth descriptions. TL/4342
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 8, 2017

from Louisville, KY asked:
December 8, 2016
How do you connect a smart phone to this device to play music
1 Answer
Hi Lou: You would need to do it the old fashion way using a 3.5mm to dual RCA adaptor cable. The 3.5mm would connect to your Headphone Jack of your phone and the RCA's would connect to one of the Aux inputs (Right and Left female RCA). TL/4143
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 14, 2016

Kevin Hoyland
from Annapolis, Maryland asked:
May 7, 2015
Can I drive more than 10 speakers ?
1 Answer
Purely depends on the wattage each speaker is set to. 10 speakers set at a max of 12 watts would use up the full 120 watts.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 8, 2015

from Ottawa asked:
December 2, 2013
What is the best source of music to imput into this amp? And where is the best place to buy a mic?
1 Answer
Hi Matt, You can really input any source that uses RCA. You can run something like an iPod, computer, CD player, receiver, etc. We don't do Pro Audio, but I'm sure an Amazon or Google Shopping search should give you good results for where to find an affordable mic. Thanks! -Bm 2371
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 11, 2013

from Lagos, Lagos asked:
October 14, 2013
Is this a 120W RMS amp or just normal120W?
1 Answer
HI Sunday: This AMP is a true 120 watts RMS double the power of our PA-90 and half the power rating of our other new PA Integrated/Mixer Amplifier the PA-270 (240 W). All three units share the same chassis size but increase the size of the Power Supply and number of internal components. TS-2274
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 16, 2013

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