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TV Wall Mounts Fixed Flat

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Thinking about a Fixed Mount?

Fixed mounts are the most common type of mount and there’s a reason. Fixed mounts have a low-profile and are typically the easiest to install. They're often cheaper than swivel or full motion mounts too. Mounting a fixed mount TV is about as challenging as hanging a picture but you've got to make sure it’s in the position you want because once it’s installed, you can’t adjust it. This is where it will pay to be extra patient and careful. Also keep in mind that fixed mounts are fixed with no moving parts. This can make it tricky when you want to change out cable.

Don’t Worry. It’ll Fit Your TV
Few things are more aggravating than getting a product like a TV mount home only to find that it fits every TV in the world, except yours. Oh the expletives! Fortunately, OSD Audio mounts are VESA rated, which means they are compliant with industry standards on hole sizes. Whew!