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PS88 Black Lacquer Piano Finish Subwoofer Dual 8" Woofer

Product code: OSD-PS88

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OSD Price: $149.95
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Features & Specifications

Big things really can come in small packages. The PS88 Home Theater Subwoofer is compact, but it puts out a big sound that's ideal for a home theater system. It features a unique passive radiator design and a smaller 8-inch dual woofer for faster bass response that's tight and clean. This compact subwoofer will provide plenty of punch while it maintains dynamic response. The typical subwoofer design focuses on the bottom end of the bass, which can often sound artificial and stiff. Our innovative design gives you better dynamics for the entire audio range and eliminates muddiness, even at higher volume levels.

Visually, you can't beat the look of this small subwoofer. Home theater buffs will like the sleek lacquer piano finish. There are various applications that can benefit from this attractive, deep subwoofer - home theater installations, high-end whole house stereo systems and sound systems in commercial buildings. If you're looking for compact subwoofer reviews, see the articles written by Robert Archer, Senior Editor of CE Pro, and Jim Wilson for the AVS Forum.


Other Product Info

Most of today's home theater design focus on the bottom boom of the bass which is stiff and artificial. It's OK to watch some heavy bass movie but not good enough for the dynamic requirement of music and movie scene. Our new design use smaller size woofer 8" (dual) to make bass response faster


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11 Questions & 11 Answers
James Loehr
from Wisconsin asked:
February 11, 2018
How much power does the PS88 consume when in standby mode? (red light on)
1 Answer
Hi James: If you already have this unit, I believe if you have it on auto mode the unit will go into stand by mode and draw less than 1 watt. I believe this unit is out of stock and will be replaced by something else. TL/4791
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 12, 2018

from Somerville, NJ asked:
April 28, 2017
Manual says this has 100 Watts RMS at 4 ohms but the specifications section on this site says 180. Which is it? Thats a significant difference, especially for a subwoofer this small.
1 Answer
Hi Rich: I would go with 100 watts RMS and 180 Watts Peak that is listed in the Owner's manual. This sub woofer was designed to be compact, it features a passive radiator so the woofer thinks it is working in a bigger box. The optimum amplifier size allowed us to hit a specific price point to make this woofer affordable. It features both high or low level input and both LFE or Full Sub input. So it is an affordable full feature powered sub woofer with adequate power. TL/4329
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 8, 2017

from california asked:
February 25, 2017
Does the sub's crossover setting also remove low frequencies (below the chosen setting) from the high-level speaker wire output to satellites? Or do the satellites receive a full-frequency signal?
1 Answer
Hi Jeffree: The Speaker (High) Level frequency output is a pass thru from the Speaker High) Level Inputs. The High level inputs allow you to on;e connect to the internal amplifier when signal (low) level is not available or allow you to pass the full range signal to the satellites from the sub. The High Cut Crossover filter adjustment has no effect on the Satellites. It would not be considered a true Sub Sat system. TL/4232
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 28, 2017

from asked:
October 1, 2016
Hello again, May I confirm for PS88, I can plug 240v without switching voltage (other models seems to have a switch for different v) What would be shipping gross weight and dimension? It seems like Amazon sells this on behave of OSD, is there any advantage or disadvantage ordering from Amazon vs OSD official site? Thank you again Ted
1 Answer
Hi Ted: I am assuming that the internal switching power supply automatically matches the volt setting it needs to be. Just like the switching power supply that comes with my laptop I use when I travel to China. You just need to have the right adaptor plug to connect to your wall outlet. No real advantage ordering from AMAZON versus directly from us. Good luck; TL/4083
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 2, 2016

from Overseas asked:
September 27, 2016
May I confirm I can plug PS88 straight into 240v without changing fuse? and what is the dimension for shipping package please. Thank you
1 Answer
Hi Ted: The Owner's Manual and listing on the back panel all reflect a T3A 250V fuse. I am assuming this is mainly for the 110 Volt (Domestic US). All of our other OSD Multi-voltage electronics call for a different fuse for 230 Volt. All our at half the value of the 110V. So if T3A 250V is for 110V than you might want to use T1.5A 250 Volt slow blow. The unit ships with a T3A 250V fuse in the active slot and a single spare back up. I will try and confirm with our engineers if you need the other value. TL/4080
Customer Service - Q&A
on September 29, 2016

Rich Reese
from Pinon Hills, CA asked:
January 5, 2014
The PS88 has the right size for our RV. Would like to use it in conjunction with the latest 38" Vizio sound bar that has a sub out. Believe the total output of the sound bar is around 60 watts. Would that be enough power for the PS88?
1 Answer
Hi Rich, This is actually a powered subwoofer, so it doesn't require power from an amp. You simply need to connect to your soundbar via single RCA/subwoofer cable. -BM 2427
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 6, 2014

from Henderson NV asked:
June 21, 2013
I am building a new home and pre wired for 5 speakers in ceiling, looking at subwoofer PS88 and amplifier OSD300W with receiver Yamaha V475/5.1 and 5- 10" ice1080HP 3 way ceiling speakers ,The area is 275SFT and open to kitchen area of 150SFT. What do you think of these items , or help with proper design and price. If I add all items it would cost me $1.600.00+
1 Answer
Hi Lou, For our 3-way 10" speakers, we recommend the PS12 subwoofer to complete the surround sound. CL/MA 2003
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 27, 2013

John-Eric Guindon
from Trois-Rivičres, Qc asked:
August 11, 2012
Hi, There is a LFE/Sub switch. So I understand that you can have full range bass frequencies passing thru: I need a sub for my new electronic organ and the maker recommand a sub with 15hz-3000hz. to connect to the channel (out of 4) dedicated to the bass notes. In fact, I need to hear higher harmonics from the bass notes from the pedal notes: Am I right thinking that your sub is suitable for my need ? Also, do you have a bigger one with same features ? Thanks !!
1 Answer
Hi John: As we spoke on the phone this is our best option for your application. Good Luck. TL 1226
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 13, 2012

from Conroe, Tx asked:
May 10, 2012
Is this an outdoor unit?
1 Answer
Mark, This is an indoor sub. Take a look at our outdoor sub the OMSUB200, which can be driven by a standard amp or receiver because it has a built in corssover. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 10, 2012

from New york asked:
May 9, 2012
What a shame, it's all in the details. So sad that you opted for spring clips as opposed to binding posts. I am sure people would have paid the additional $5 or so for the upgrade. 180 watts class d is rather anemic. Any reviews!
1 Answer
Hi Sawas, I am glad you asked! I do have a link from the industry's most respected trade magazine. The PS88 will also be reviewed soon on home theater forums shortly so stay tuned! CL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 10, 2012

Wil Schoenrock
from Herriman, Utah asked:
April 20, 2012
How long has this product been around and does it live up to the expectations claimed through actual use? Seems like a real small box (and lightweight) for solid deep sound. Thanks, Wil
1 Answer
Hi Wil: Its all in the design. The sub-woofer features a Single Heavy Duty 8" Long Throw woofer that is active powered by the 180 Watt Class D Amplifier. A second 8" Passive radiator is utilized instead of a ported design to simulate a sealed enclosure where the powered 8 inch thinks it is operating in a enclosure twice the actual size because the passive radiator helps to double the output of the single powered driver. Both feature an over-sized surround increasing the ability of the drivers to attain their full long throw excursion. It is really slick especially when finished in our multi-layer Black Lacquer Piano Finish. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 20, 2012

Product Reviews

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By Stuart
July 6, 2017
Great value in a musical little Sub
I have Wharfedale Achromatic WA-T8 towers as the front speakers in my home theater system (an all Wharfedale system). They look and sound great, but are designed to use a subwoofer for the bottom end. I decided to balance the in room bass response by getting two small subs to run in stereo with the T-8's in addition to my Von Schweikert Tower of Power main sub. The PS88 match the gloss black T-8's perfectly. Their appearance far exceeds the $150 I paid for each. My hat is off to ODS for producing such a gorgeous little Sub. Of course appearance alone does not a good Sub make. I am pleased to report that the PS88's sound nearly as good as they look. There isn't any usable bass below ~35Hz, but for music, the sweet spot for bass response is centered around 40-100Hz. In this range, these little guys sound great. I'm getting tight, tuneful bass that is very satisfying. When I used my main sub for everything below 80Hz, I was getting some of the dreaded "one note bass." That problem is completely gone with the crossover changed to 40Hz and the PS88's handling the bass from there up. Movie sound tracks sound much better too-- tight, tuneful bass sounds good on everything. I use Audyssey for room correction and with the Von Shweikert TOP being flat to 20Hz and now having in essence three subwoofers, my bass room response curves are amazingly smooth from 20 to 100Hz. In my application, I don't think there is any other sub, regardless of price, that would meet my needs, both aesthetic and musical, better than the PS88. I am a very satisfied customer.
ProsSize, appearance, tight-musical bass.
ConsNone in my application.
Best UsesFor a supportive role from ~35Hz up.
By jeffers
February 12, 2017
A sub for jazz lovers
Just want to drop in some more praise for this great little sub. Using it here with Micca mb42x bookshelves and a 25w/ch amp, and the sound is surprisingly high end in my 12' x 12' space. PLUS very musical sound, clear and defined bass, no boom auto-on that actually works at low volumes strikingly beautiful cab, high-end finish passive radiator design both high- and low-level inputs tiny footprint MINUS may need to run at higher gain settings may not be enough depth and power for HT or larger rooms Overall, some late-night jazz with a walking bass line and kick-drum punch will reveal just how well this little sub performs. If its features and limitations fit your needs, you're safe here, especially if music's your goal. (This review is a reprint of my Amazon review for the same sub.)
By Mike
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
March 25, 2016
Excellence subwoofer! Performs very well with Marantz AVR1606 in home theater setup. Compact well designed and stylish. Low lows!!!
By James Loehr
January 21, 2018
Nice Small Subwoofers
I have a pair of these to go with my 7.2 home theater system. they have replaced one larger subwoofer. They sound very good, nice full sound much better than one sub.
ProsNice sound. Nice size.
ConsWish the red light were not so bright.
By George
Frederick, MD
August 11, 2017
Will eventually buy another...
I normally don't write reviews but had to give it up for this company. I waffled about purchasing the PS88 for awhile before finally giving it a try and I was not disappointed in the slightest. Coming off a Polk RM6750 sub and it is a vast improvement in sound. Much more clarity, not boomy in the slightest. Perfect for my condo needs and doesn't disturb my neighbors. (I like clean sound, not earth shattering). Will definitely buy another down the road for Dual-sub setup.