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OSD Audio ICE840WRS 8" Weather Proof Outdoor Rated Ceiling Speakers Aluminum Grill Swivel Tweeter W/ Crossover Pair

Product code: ICE840WRS

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Features & Specifications

This 8-inch in-ceiling, weather-resistant speaker pair is great for high-humidity areas, including outdoor patios, bathrooms and laundry rooms. With high power handling and an 8-inch polypropylene woofer in each, these speakers deliver superior sound that covers large spaces. The ICE840WRS 8-Inch Weather-Resistant Ceiling Speaker Pair works well with a CL3 in-wall rated speaker wire, which is designed to run inside walls.

Should I Purchase special cable for in-ceiling speakers? Wiring is not included with in-ceiling speakers so you will have to purchase some. While wiring requirements will depend on your local building codes, OSD Audio offers CL3/FT4 cable that is UL (fire) rated for all residential and most commercial in-wall and in-ceiling applications. (The exception is you cannot run this cable in heating or cooling ducts in commercial applications.) This cable includes a heavy-duty outer jacket approved for in-wall/in-ceiling installation. The high quality plastic jacket is also very flexible so it's easy to run the wires inside the wall.

Compatible New Construction Bracket


Other Product Info

8" In-Ceiling Weather Resistant 150W Outdoor Rated Speaker. The water resistant design can be used in high humidity areas such as Outdoor patios, bathrooms or laundry rooms 10yr Warranty! Great for covered porches & patios!


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1 Question & 1 Answer
Robert Blanton
from TX asked:
January 15, 2018
I need to build boxes to install these speakers under the eaves at my house. Please suggest a size or is 12x12x12" deep going to work?
1 Answers
HI Robert: The best size is the what ever space you have available under your eves. If you can do 12 x 12 x 12 that will work just fine. These are infinite baffle design which allows them to work in a number of different enclosure sizes. My question is why in-ceiling speakers that you need to build boxes for when you have a choice of our AP650 and AP525 patio speaker which features a perfectly tuned sealed box and a unique mounting bracket that both swivels and tilts for maximum flexibility for mounting. The sealed design has our highest certified weatherproof rating. And just like in home theater you want to be able aim your tweeter at the optimum area where people will be listening. If you do decide to build an enclosure make sure you seal all the seams with weatherproof silicone including a bead of silicone along the inside of the frame so you can seal the Cutout hole. TL/4753
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 18, 2018

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