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IR Infrared System

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It is now possible to place all your sound equipment in a cabinet or a remote location and control all the functions with a single multi-unit Infrared Remote Control with IR Repeater Systems for Audio/Video Equipment available at Outdoor Speaker Depot These kits will provide the materials necessary to extend or repeat equipment control from one or multiple locations. Add IR control of A/V equipment, CATV, IPTV, CCTV, DVR Set Top Boxes and more, and you don't even need a hub or a connection block. These IR devices are easy to install, and once they are set up, you can turn off the DVR player without getting off the couch. The repeater system's emitter eye lenses have been engineered to block out EMI interference and sunlight. These elements have been known to affect system performance. Now they won't. The IR9347PJG 25-foot IR Emitter 3.5mm Mono Extension Cable enables users to extend the distance of IR emitters.