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In-Wall Volume Controls

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Volume Controls Add Convenience Find a wide selection of In-Wall Volume Controls at Outdoor Speaker Depot to make your home listening experience more convenient. Read more...
The Volume Control Slider Self-Impedance Matching VMS300 lets you individually control the volume in each separate room. A wall-mounted volume controller that will work with any audio/video system, the VMS300 features low distortion and ruler flat frequency response, fits in a standard gang box and comes with a choice of knob controls or soft-touch sliding controls. The VC105 In-Wall Impedance Matching Volume Control with On/Off Switch features the ability to control volume from any room, a front-mounted setting switch and an On/Off switch and an impedance matching volume controller with On/Off Switch, as well as a five-year warranty. See the full selection of in-wall controls and get them shipped fast when ordering from Outdoor Speaker Depot.

Impedance vs non-Impedance Volume Control In a carefully planned impedance matching scheme, you can turn the protection switch off thereby ensuring you get the most from your amp. Our impedance matching volume control can be used for for non-impedance application. Just leave the jumper to default setting which is 1/2X.

The resister based volume control produce better bass response. Use these volume controls with multi-channel amp and impedance matching speaker selectors.