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In Wall Speakers IW540 5.25" 100W Pair OSD Audio

Product code: OSD-IW540

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Features & Specifications

OSD Audio IW540 in-wall speakers are the most popular in the 5.25" category. This compact speaker pair is easy to install and

Why choose in-wall speakers over regular speakers?
Typically rectangular in shape (although we do offer square models), in-wall speakers are mounted in the wall and take up far less space than traditional box speakers. Customers love that wires are neatly concealed behind the wall and OSD in-walls can even be painted to match a room décor. Most in-wall speakers use the wall cavity as their enclosure or cabinet, which explains why in-wall must be installed to sound right. In-wall speakers come with special screws (called dog ears) that flip out and secure to the drywall (or other wall surfaces), a nearby stud, or a special frame attached to the studs. Custom installation frames (brackets) can also be purchased for a more secure fit or for lighter wall materials that require more support. In wall speakers are often categorized by the size of the woofer, not the size of the speaker itself.
For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

The IW540 in-wall speaker is our most popular in the 5.25" category.



7 Questions & 7 Answers
from Ohio asked:
March 2, 2018
Is there anything wrong with rotating the speaker 90 degrees as far as sound quality is concerned?
1 Answer
HI Sebastian: The key is where you have the tweeter pointed. It should be aimed at you ear at the sweet spot or the optimum listening area. Rotating the woofer does not make a big difference. You will notice the tweeter swivels. TL/4829
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 3, 2018

George Pabon
from Lancaster, PA asked:
November 20, 2017
Building a home and looking for a basic system (some speakers and equipment for just listening to the radio or CD player over the whole house). Will probably only have two zones, upstairs and downstairs in a 2000 sf home. I read a little about the 70V systems where the speakers can be run in series but not sure which speakers to order. Attached pics a floor plan where I think speakers should go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
1 Answer
HI George: I am working on your system, I do not believe the 70V system is your best bet. I have suggestions for all the speakers for an 8 ohm system utilizing a speaker selector and AMP300. What is your timeline? I would like to call you and discuss. TL/4659
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 29, 2017

Mark M
from Denver asked:
July 31, 2013
I need speakers for an indoor hot tub room. Would these be OK in a humid environment?
1 Answer
HI Mark: The IW540 are not weatherproof. Your best choice would either be the ICE600WRS or ICE800WRS for your application. These are for in-ceiling application versus in-wall but are weatherproof. You also have a choice of a single stereo speaker like the ICE600TTWRS or the eight inch version ICE800TTWRS. Your other weatherproof option would include any of our AP series indoor outdoor patio speakers like our AP520 (white or black). TL-2112
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 21, 2013

from Oklahoma asked:
May 9, 2012
I just want to connect an mp3 player to these in just one room. Do these speakers have an auxilary cable that would allow me to do this?
1 Answer
Hi Matt, No, you would need an amplifier like our AMP120 to power these speakers properly. Your MP3 player would connect to the amplifier using a 3.5mm mini RCA to dual standard RCA adapter cable. This cable is plugged into the headphone jack of the MP3 player with the 3.5mm connector. You then plug the two RCAs into the AMP120. Keep in mind you'll need CL3-rated speaker cable to connect to the speakers and figure out a away to get the speaker wire inside the wall to connect to the back of the IW540. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 10, 2012

from Lowell, MA asked:
April 9, 2012
My cutout is nine and five-eigths by seventeen and seven-eigths inches. The cut out could be significantly taller but not much wider than nine and five-eighths, maybe an inch on either side. The speakers are the left and right in a 5.1 setup.
1 Answer
Hi Ben: If your cutouts are that large it sounds like you were using three identical speakers, Dual 5.25" (or maybe 6.5") for the LCR speakers with the left and right mounted Vertically and the center mounted Horizontially. The rule of thumb is that the three speakers featured for the front stage need to be properly timbre matched. They all need to be of the same series with identical cone material. Tweeters usually need be the same size and materal as well, a 1 inch silk soft dome as an example. All our Dual 5.25" speakers are based upon being able to mount Horizontially between two studs. The vertical mounting is not as much of a challenge. Your measurements point to a larger speaker that may match your center channel that I am assuming had be customized between three studs. We can offer a number of options if you are able to work with a smaller hole size. Thank you for the clarification, I hope we can help you further. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 9, 2012

from Lowell, MA asked:
April 7, 2012
I have an existing 9 5⁄8 x 17 7⁄8” cutout in my wall and need to find replacement speakers. This model has the same size woofer but is very different in cutout dimensions. Which speaker could I buy to match that cutout?
1 Answer
Hi Ben: What is you application, background music, critical listening or the right and left speaker of a LCR Home Theater? Do you have room to make your cutout bigger? if so why not step up to a 6.5" two way or even 8". We could not read your dimensions, please send them again and let us know what is your actual application. THX TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 9, 2012

from dallas, tx asked:
March 17, 2012
i'm going to install these in my ceiling and wanted to know if there is a housing or cover for the back side to keep insulation off the electronics?
1 Answer
Hi Richard: We get this question all the time. If it is rolled insulation with a mylar foil backing then you would not need anything. I the case of blown in loose insualtion you will need something to isolate the back of the speaker from the insualtion. We are currently developing a solution to this but in the interium we do recommend an affordable product that works very well. Checkout the following link... I hope that helps, thank you for considering OSD branded products. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 17, 2012

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