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Banana Plug Speaker Connectors Pair OSD Audio

Product code: OSD-HB-002

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OSD Price: $1.49
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Sold in pairs 1 = 1 pair
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Features & Specifications

This pair of premium banana plug speaker connectors will easily connect your amplifier or receiver directly into your speakers. That means you won't have to strip and twist speaker wire to make the connection.

What makes ours better than the others is that OSD banana plugs are made of pure copper with 24K gold plating with a titanium series 4mm banana jack for superior results. The gold plating offers a more reliable electrical collection. Plus, you'll pay the lowest price for ours with our price-match guarantee.

The banana plug connector has a banana-shaped prong that attaches easily to the end of the speaker wire. This pair of speaker connectors works with 8-gauge to 16-gauge wire.

All our products are environmentally friendly RoHS-compliant audio/video solutions. Every product includes lifetime technical support for your small to whole-house audio and home theater DIY entertainment projects. Also shop our speaker wire and audio/video wall plate bargains.


Other Product Info

A banana plug is mainly used to insert speaker wire coming from an amplifier or receiver directly into the speaker. The banana plug is named after its shape. It is a slender, but bulging prong that is similar to a banana. However, unlike bananas, the banana plug is not bent, but straight. Other uses for the banana plug is to test electronic equipment - specifically used to terminate patch cords. It should be noted that the banana plug is the male version and the banana jack is referred to the female version of the plug.


6 Questions & 6 Answers
from Ingleside, Texas asked:
May 1, 2018
Are they rated for outdoor use
1 Answer
HI Lou: These are gold plated which usually depending on their surroundings does not corrode or rust. I am assuming whatever you are planning to plug them into something like the speaker connections of an amp or receiver and are outside but in a cabinet or not exposed to the direct elements. Versus using them to plug into a patio speaker that you want to be able to take in and out so you want to speaker connections to be much easier. So the answer is just like some of our patio speakers we do not recommend they are exposed directly to the elements. Note: Another factor would be where outside is for you. Ingleside, Texas being near Corpus Christi and potentially close to Salt air, yikes... TL/4947
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 6, 2018

Jackson Steven
from St.Louis asked:
January 22, 2018
can I pre-order the banana plugs and or the iw 550 speakers before hand and have them delivered when they arrive ?
1 Answer
HI Jackson: Sure, but the input terminals of the IW550 works best with bare wire. The terminal pushes down exposing the input hole, place your bare wire in the hole and let go of the terminal so it crimps down on the bare wire. But if you want to spend the money the plugs should be back in stock 60 days from now or later depending on if they are assembled before Chinese New Year. TL/4766
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 24, 2018

from Reno, NV asked:
December 28, 2015
How do you connect the wire?
1 Answer
Hi Joe: The ends feature grips that unscrew the threaded center pin counter clockwise. Then strip your speaker wire and slip the exposed copper into the hole then re screw the pin clockwise creating a compression connection. TL/ 3636
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 20, 2016

from CA asked:
July 16, 2014
Are you able to piggyback with another set of banana plug to the back of this plug for a second set of speakers from the same output?
1 Answer
Hi Jorge, No - you will need the model below for that:
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 16, 2014

from Torreon, Mexico asked:
July 12, 2012
Will this work with 16 gauge wire?
1 Answer
Hi Ricardo: Yes they will work just fine with 16 Gauge speaker wire. As well as 14 and 12 Gauge. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 16, 2012

from Columbus, Oh asked:
December 13, 2011
What's the difference between Compact Banana Plug and a regular banana plug. Will it fit the same female receptical as the regular plug?
1 Answer
Hi Mike: The terminating barrel is more compact compared to the Premiums Bananas. The Pins are identical in size and shape. Both fit a standard female input connection. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 13, 2011

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