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Low Voltage Mounting Bracket

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Our LV2 2-gang mounting brackets for low-voltage wiring from Outdoor Speaker Depot are designed especially for retrofit installations. Use them to secure telephone and coaxial cable jacks to walls. Use them for retrofit installations of cable TV or computer wiring. These double-gang brackets can also be used to install fire alarms.

They can be mounted vertically or horizontally and adjust to fit 1/4-inch to 1-inch thick paneling or drywall. Special wings secure your brackets to drywall. Because these brackets are made of non-conductive plastic material, they're a low-cost alternative to metal brackets. Ours won't damage your cables during installation.

Because each acts as its own template, you won't have to buy additional templates for your project. The cutout size is 3 14/16 inches by 3 11/16 inches. Visit our Online Learning Center page for comprehensive guides to DIY home wiring projects. Download spec sheets, watch our DIY videos or click on our FAQ sections.