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MK650 6.5" Kevlar® Woofer Audiophile Ceiling Speakers Pair

Product code: OSD-MK650

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Discontinued - Check out the ACE650
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Features & Specifications

Customers tell us that once they install the OSD-MK650, they are completely knocked out by the sound quality. Part of our Spitfire Ultra Reference Series, this 6.5" speaker consistently outperforms speakers that cost hundreds of dollars more. The MK650 includes the high-end feature of the MK850 in a smaller 6-inch speaker size. This extremely well crafted in-ceiling speaker delivers a high end audio without the high end price. Like our entire MK Series, the MK650 is for customers who are picky about their sound and listen to every sonic nuance in music and sound tracks.

Underneath the Grill
We label the MK our Ultra Reference speakers because of the premium technologies used such as a Kevlar® woofer, pivoting aluminum dome tweeter and a sophisticated crossover network. These components combine to provide deep bass and exceptional top-end frequency response. All OSD Audio speakers are built with quality materials but there are some materials, such as Kevlar® , that are ideal for cone woofers. First developed in the 1960s, Kevlar® has a super high strength-to-weight ratio that responds note for note without coloration, even when you crank up the volume. In addition, the MK650 has front-mounted contour switches that allow users to tailor frequency response to their room arrangement, and therefore compensate for wood floors, stone floor, carpet, etc.

Common Applications of the MK Series
With its 6-inch Kevlar® woofer and high end components, the MK Series is not for background music. You will hear detail and customers tend to use the MK Series in home theaters or listening rooms. The MK650 performs excellently in medium to smaller home theaters and comes complete with mounting templates/instructions and paintable grilles/frames.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

With a look deriving from famous World War II British Spitfire Jets, a new sophisticated crossover and the best component materials available, the MK650 Spitfire Ultra Reference Series are the best ceiling speakers on the market. Premium technologies such as Kevlar® woofers, pivoting aluminum dome tweeters and sophisticated crossovers provide deep bass and exceptional top-end frequency response. Kevlar® is the best component for woofers. It responds note for note without coloration and has big cranking power so you can dial up your system for higher listening levels. Kevlar® is best component for woofer, it responds note for note without coloration and has big cranking power so you can dial up your system for higher listening levels. The contour switches will let you tailor frequency response to your room arrangement. You won't find yourself wishing for more or less treble, midrange or bass output from one speaker just because you don't happen to sit right between them.



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21 Questions & 25 Answers
from Collinsville, Illinois asked:
August 31, 2018
When are these expected to be back in stock?
1 Answer
Hi Fred: We have discontinued the MK650. The closest replacement would be the MK640; it also has a high sensitivity; 92dB and 150W vs. 175W of the MK650. Cone material is Polypropylene vs. Kevlar. Both feature second order 12 dB Crossover slope. Like the MK650, the MK640 has been priced to move. They are $10.00 cheaper than the MK650. The new Trim-less design has replaced most of the Standard Frame speakers. TL/5189
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on September 10, 2018

from Houston, TX asked:
August 18, 2018
I considering creating a 5.1 home theater using ceiling speakers. I have a denon receiver. I would primarily be watching football and playing internet music. My room is 25x20 and 12' ceiling. What speakers should I use?
1 Answer
HI Juan: The best option we have would include the ACE870 angled LCR speaker for the Left, Center and Right channel speakers for your front stage. These would be placed in the ceiling closer to the wall above the TV itself. Then add a pair of ACE670 angled speakers for the Rear channel surrounds. These would be placed slightly behind the seating area. I would also strongly consider adding another couple of ACE670 between the seating area and the front stage speakers. In all cases, you need to make sure the Tweeter for all 5 or 7 speakers is aimed at you optimum seating/viewing area. The angle for each speaker is 15 degrees with the Tweeter able to swivel an additional 5 degrees. DOLBY ATMOS is a great feature that not only works when you are watching/listening to a movie with a soundtrack recorded in DOLBY ATMOS, but it upscales anything you are watching/listening to including sports. It immerses you in 3D sound. We also have some great deals on our powered subs (check out the PS10 and PS12). It is also well worth adding two subs for your best surround experience. You might also want to place the order through the customer service department and ask about our speaker bundle discount including the Powered Sub. You will get free shipping as well. Good luck TL/5166
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 21, 2018

from Minnesota asked:
July 20, 2018
How do you recommend painting the MK 650 trim and grills to match the ceiling? Is there a certain type of paint to use? Do you have a demo video of how to do this?
1 Answer
Hi Ryan: There is a paint shield that is part of the Cutout template that is used to paint the outer frame of the speaker. It fits inside the frame covering the tweeter, woofer cone and surround. You can use the same paint you are trying to match. To begin with, the Frame is typically an off-white color so no primer is needed. The grill is a little bit trickier since there is a cloth glued to the inside of the grill that has to be removed or will clog up the small holes of the grill when using a spray paint. For both the frame and grill, of course, you will want to paint before you have mounted them in the hole in the ceiling. It might not be a bad idea to take the speaker to the paint store and ask them. I am certainly no expert. TL/5119
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on July 30, 2018

from West Hartford, Connecticut asked:
June 1, 2018
Hi, I need 4 Atmos height speaker for a small (12x12) home theatre with a drop ceiling. I was planning on using 4 Mk650s, but the rear height speakers will be close to the rear wall. I am considering using ACE670 for the rear height speakers. How closely (in tone) will 2 ACE670s match the MK650s?
2 Answers
HI Matt: I am a huge proponent of angled speakers for Custom Home Theater. The original angled speakers were called LCR since they were originally designed for the front stage where the ceiling was the last option for front speakers. The angle allowed the speakers to be installed closer to the adjacent wall where the TV/Monitor was placed or mounted. Typically they have a15 degree angle plus an additional 5 degrees from the pivoting tweeter. But they are much more flexible for both surround and effects speakers. Your application is a perfect example how the angles speaker will allow placement closer the adjacent back wall. We typically recommend the 8" Angled for the front stage and the 6.5" for the effects and surrounds. great choice... TL/5022
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 4, 2018
Hi Matt: The ACE670 is a great choice for your application. I recommend the angled speaker for all the effects speakers and sometimes for the Surround. They give you much more flexible speaker placement. The key to any speaker placement especially home theater is the need to have the tweeter of all speakers
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 4, 2018

from Atlanta, Georgia asked:
May 22, 2018
Are these suitable to be placed in a ceiling that is exposed to an attic? I live in Georgia and the heat in the attic can be a little intense.
1 Answer
HI Andrew: Great choice, nothing to worry about. The sensitivity is a strong 92dB which means you do not need a lot of power to get them at peak performance. The higher the number the more efficient the speaker. Good luck TL/4999
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 23, 2018

from Miami, FL asked:
May 12, 2018
I'm buying the MK650 for in ceiling Atmos. I want to build backer boxes for them. My question is: what's the inclosure volume of these speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Armndo: We would recommend building an enclosure that isolates the speaker in the ceiling using the joists as two of the walls to the box. Back panel and baffle could be 1/2 to 3/4". Would suggest adding 2 2x6" to match the depth of the Joist. The enclosure outer measurements might be 24 inches outside edges by 16.5 inches (outer edge of the ceiling joists. Use a1/2" piece for your bezel just on the inside of the sheetrock and then a 3/4" piece as the back of the box. You will want to seal seams with silicone. You can tune the box further by adding fiberfill. This will make the box think it is bigger than it is. TL/4976
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 17, 2018

from Miami, FL asked:
May 12, 2018
I'm buying the MK650 for in ceiling Atmos. I want to build backer boxes for them. My question is: what's the inclosure volume of these speakers?
1 Answer
Armando: A safe bet is building the enclosure with two sides about 2 feet apart while using the two ceiling joists as the other two walls. The back board behind the speakers should be 3/4" to 1" thick. Your call if you want a another board inside the sheet rock. You have the ability of tuning the enclosure by adding fiber fill. This will make the speaker think it is in a larger enclosure.You will also want to add silicone to seal the seams. There is also a lot of information on building enclosure on line. Good luck TL/4977
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 14, 2018

from los angeles asked:
May 9, 2018
I am trying to determine if these speakers are equal to these Jamo ones I am considering: can you give me more information?
1 Answer
Hi Josh: Both are excellent speakers, the biggest difference is the MK650 has been around for more than 10 years, it features a standard frame design versus the JAMO Trim-less design with magnetic grill. The MK650 features a Kevlar woofer versus the Carbon Fiber of the JAMO, a push. Power handling JAMO; 60/120 the MK: 75/150 watts, another push. Frequency Response JAMO; 65 Hz -22,000 Hz, MK; 28 Hz to 22 kHz, nod to MK. Sensitivity JAMO: 88dB, the MK; 92 dB, power doubles every 3 dB so you need twice the output to equal the MK much more efficient. Contour switch, JAMO, Tweeter can be cut -3 and -6, MK has 3 way contour switch for both Tweeter and Woofer but has +3, flat or -3dB for both. Not sure why you would need a 4/8 ohm switch, 4 ohm is found mostly in Car stereo. Your call obviously the MK is a great value especially at the price. TL/4971
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on May 9, 2018

from Norwalk, CA asked:
February 3, 2018
I'm pairing these with an S-10 Subwoofer. what HZ setting should I have on the subwoofer?
1 Answer
Hi Josh: The variable Hi-cut filter covers 250 Hz down to 50 Hz. AS you turn it down towards 50Hz you reduce your low pass frequency. Typically after you have everything connected you would start with you source volume at about three quarters and the gain on the amp at half. Listen to something you are familiar with then start the frequency about half (about 150 Hz, the line pointing straight up) and then play around with it turning up or down until you find it sounds the best. We do not recommend a specific crossover point since all rooms are different and all the satellite speakers you pair with have different specs as well. In this case the MK650 put out pretty good bass so you may find a lower setting on the sub is best. So a little experimenting would be recommended. You will not hurt anything so go ahead. TL/4781
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 5, 2018

from houston, texas asked:
November 10, 2017
My media room is 12x17 with a 10' ceiling. I'm considering 2 sets of MK650 mounted in the ceiling for music mostly. Are the MK650 big or small for this room?
1 Answer
HI Juan: The two pair of MK650 are an excellent choice. Typically you want to mount an in-ceiling speaker 3 feet from an adjacent wall. One option would be start with the 12 foot wall and have one speaker 3' in from the 17' wall and 4' foot in from the 12 foot wall so your first pair would be 6 foot apart. Then just duplicate the second pair coming off the opposite 12 foot wall. On the first pair wire them Right and Left. On the second pair start with Left than right so the left speakers are cady corner of each other as well as the right speakers. Please let me know if you have additional questions; TL/4641
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 16, 2017

Adam N
from Allen, TX asked:
September 29, 2017
Can I paint these grills and trim on both MK-650 & MKW-650's?
1 Answer
Hi Adam: Yes you can, just make sure you remove the cloth glued to the inside of the grill. This works as a paint shield and needs to be removed after you spray paint. TL/4573
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 3, 2017

from Miami asked:
August 30, 2017
Which speakers are more similar to the R61 and R63A?
1 Answer
Hi Jonathan: The ACE670 is comprable to the R63A. The R61 i similar to the ACE600 but the R61 has magnets holding the grill (versus snap on grill) and a four reinforced mounting posts versus three for the ACE600. TL/4542
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 20, 2017

from New Jersey asked:
November 29, 2015
What's the RMS of the MK650?
1 Answer
RMS is approximately 85 watts.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 14, 2015

from Austin, TX asked:
January 11, 2014
I can't decide between these MK650s or the MK690TT speakers for my two rear left and right, ceiling mounted speakers in my movie room. Which would you recommend? I see that the MK690TT have a switch so that I can set 4 ohms and use two of them.
1 Answer
Hi Aaron, When a speaker has dual tweeters, it is almost like having 2 speakers in one. You are able to connect two lines to the speaker and each tweeter acts as a left and a right channel. If this is for a home theater, I would suggest using a pair of the MK650's. CS 2436
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 6, 2014

Hank Adkins
from Houston Texas asked:
March 29, 2013
I just purchased 6 of the MK ^%) ceiling speakers. Looking at the Owner's Manual Diagram 7 appears to show the wiring out of phase for the right hand speakers. Should positive go to positive? This diagram shows the right out going positive on Receiver/Amp to negative on speaker. Please advise.
1 Answer
Hi Peter, It is 4-connector wire. The generic picture does not show the other wires which are white and green. CL /MA 1742
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 29, 2013

John W
from Calgary, Alberta Canada asked:
March 17, 2013
Hello, I am getting ready to order in ceiling speakers. It is for a 5.1 surround setup. These speakers will be going in the living room ceiling (8' ceilings) (keep in mind the living room, dining room and kitchen are all open) I was planning on using mk670 for LCR. Where I am stuck is if I should stick with MK650 for the rears or should I go with MK850? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi John, If the layout limits you to a close proximity to the couch, go with the MK650s for rear surround. You would not need the MK850, even though you have an open floor plan. You could use two more MK670s if the location of the speaker is greater than two feet away from directly above your seating/ listening area. For even more sound coverage, you could go with two MK690TT ceiling speakers connected as a stereo pair. CL/MA 1708
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 18, 2013

from New York state asked:
September 24, 2012
I'm building a screened in porch 16' x 14' and was looking at putting a couple of these in the ceiling. The ceiling has a peak in the center so they will naturally be angled toward the center of the room. Wondering if these are a good speaker for that, and any advice on the best layout of speakers. Seating will be mostly around the edge of the room.
1 Answer
Hi Jeff, These speakers are a great choice for that space. The pivoting tweeter allows you to direct the sound right where you want it. Depending on how high the ceiling is you could even go to an 8" speaker like our MK850s. As for layout, it's bet to have the speakers relatively centered and evenly spaced. CL/MA 1306
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 25, 2012

from Eugene, Oregon asked:
July 31, 2012
I recently moved into a new home and wanting to install a 7.1 surround system. I have no where to place in-wall or wall mounted speakers. I'm going to install all speakers as ceiling mounted. My ceiling is already angled at 15 degrees (lucky me), so don't need the angle speakers, and I was looking at the MK650's to use for the L/C/R and all surround speakers. Would this be a good choice for all the speakers or would a combination be better? Also these will be installed where there is a huge attic with blown in insulation, would I need some type of box around these speakers to help with the sound, keep the insulation off the speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Dan, Based on your scenario, an angled design would still be ideal for your LCR front stage. Our ICE670 ceiling speakers would be perfect for a 7.1 system because the angled design gives you ideal placement in the ceiling and allows you to install them closer to the wall just above the TV. You can then pivot the tweeter to create just the right sound image. We would then suggest the ICE650s for your middle and rear pair wall for an awesome surround sound experience. You will need to protect the speaker from the blown-in insulation either with a cover or a back box. The OSD BB6 back box would be an excellent choice. CL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 1, 2012

Tony Carrasco
from whittier, ca asked:
July 18, 2012
Hi I recently bought a set of these and installed them very easily. While screwing them in I accidentally punctured a whole in the outer foam ridge of the speaker with my screwdriver. The speaker sounds fine right now. Is there anything that I can do to repair it so it doesn't continue to tear along the rest of the rim of the speaker?
1 Answer
Hi Tony: The surrounds are made of Butyl Rubber. You can use either super glue (as long as it says it works with rubber) or rubber cement. Send a picture of the damage to so I can check with our technician to see if he has any other ideas. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 20, 2012

Steve Weston
from Melbourne, FL asked:
June 26, 2012
I have a Yamaha HTR-5760 7-channel receiver. I need to purchase 2 rear in-ceiling surround sound speakers for the family room and three other pair of in-ceiling speakers for my living room, dining room, and covered porch. Are the MK650 Spitfire the proper speakers? Thank you.
1 Answer
Hi again: First lets talk about the four speakers for your surrounds in the family room. First as stated in the previous answer to your first question I would suggest our MK690TT a dual voice coil, dual tweeter and dual application speaker. This features 4/8 ohm switch which allows you to connect only one of the voice coils and use two of speakers for a stereo pair. They would be placed above and just to the right and left of your listening area. Channel 6 and 7 are considered side surround channels. These would be available for either the surround channels when playing your 7.1 system (Source B from your DSM4). They would also be very effective when switched to full range for your music when selecting source A for zone 4.In both cases due to the dual tweeters you have a broader dispersion pattern for the high frequencies.One last point you will need one of your impedance matching volume control to connect between your speaker selector and the MK690TT speakers to properly match with the other four zones. For the actual rear surrounds channels 4 and 5 connected directly from the Receiver I would recommend our MK670 LCR speakers which offer lots of flexibility in placement due to the 15 degree angle of the internal speaker and pivot of the tweeter. These should be located five feet behind the listening area closer to the right and left wall angled back towards to listening area. The MK650 or even the MK850 would be the best choice for your living room and Dining room. The MK Spitfire 650 or MK850 would also be a good choice for your enclosed patio as well. These are Weatherproof on top of being our best sounding speaker series. Again I would be more than happy to provide an illustration of this system. I really like the possibility of having you listen to music in the family room playing both the MK690TT (from speaker B of your receiver through the DSM4) as well as your from stage speakers connected to speaker A. As you can tell I get excited at suggesting some of the key features they we offer here at OSD Audio. Thanks for considering OSD Branded products. Good luck... TL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 27, 2012

from CHICAGO HTS,IL asked:
March 4, 2012
4 Answers
Tom, The ICE650 are the Kevlar and the MK650's are Kevlar as well. The MK650s are our highest end speakers and have a larger magnet than the standard ICE650 Kevlar. If you are looking for higher fidelity, the MK650's are top of the line. CL/MA
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 5, 2012
Tom, The ICE650 are the Kevlar, The MK650's are kevlar as well, but they are our highest end speakers- They have a larger magnent than the standard ICE650 kevlar- so if you are looking for higher fidelity - the MK650's are top of the line. CL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 5, 2012
Hi Tom: These speakers are very close. Either will work in reproducing the surround channel information. I like to recommend our MK670 Angled speaker which gives you more mounting (or placement) options in regards to your seating location.The best placement is two to four feet above and behind your seating location. The angle speaker will also allow placement closer to the wall. Typical in-ceiling speaker need to be three feet from the wall to avoid reflection. The key is to be able to face the pivoting tweeter directly at your existing viewing/listening postion. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 5, 2012
Hi Tom: These speakers are very close. Either will work in reproducing the surround channel information. I like to recommend our MK670 Angled speaker which gives you more mounting (or placement) options in regards to your seating location.The best placement is two to four feet above and behind your seating location. The angle speaker will also allow placement closer to the wall. Typical in-ceiling speaker need to be three feet from the wall to avoid reflection. The key is to be able to face the pivoting tweeter directly at your existing viewing/listening postion. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 5, 2012

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