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    SKU: NERO-XA5180

    OSD Nero XA5180Multi Channel (5X) Home Theater Amplifier 150WRMS/Channel 8 Ohms Audiophile Class H

    Purchase OSD Nero XA5180 Multi Channel (5X) Home Theater Amplifier 150WRMS/Channel 8 Ohms Audiophile Class H
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    Lifetime Tech Support


    Lifetime Tech Support


    • High power 5-channel amplifier for audiophile-level home theater systems
    • Includes 5 individual amplifiers in a single chassis with ample internal capacitance per channel
    • Provides 150W per channel (8 Ohms), 250W per channel (4 ohms) 
    • Custom-designed high current power supply driven by a .9 KVA toroidal transformer
    • Advanced Class H amplifier typology for exceptionally accurate music and movie soundtracks
    • Custom-designed heatsinks achieve full power without the need for distracting fans
    • Gold and gun-metal plated connectors for superior signal transfer
    • Includes both balanced (XLR) and unbalanced inputs (RCA)
    • Signal auto-sensing detects a signal and powers up or down when a signal is not detected
    • Front-panel status indicators

    Adding a separate amplifier is essential to experiencing spine-chilling surround sound, and our NERO-XA5180 delivers on power. This Class H amp supplies 150W to five separate channels, so each speaker in your surround set up receives a generous amount of power rather than having to share power with the sound array. When paired with great speakers, you'll hear music and movie soundtracks with exceptional clarity and warmth, and the advanced circuitry, wide bandwidth, and low distortion capabilities do their share in providing sonic nuances that turn a decent home theater into a high-end movie-theater level experience. This formidable home theater amp can be matched with power-hungry in-wall or freestanding loudspeakers and is designed with a high-output toroidal power supply. Custom heat sinks to keep things cool without the need for noisy fans. The XA5180 also looks great in an equipment rack with its clean, brushed metal finish and front panel status indicators that add a high-tech ambiance.

    Flexible Connection Options

    The NERO-XA5180 high current home theater amplifier includes both balanced and unbalanced inputs for more flexible installation options and cable runs. XLR inputs (balanced) include a ground wire, which makes it a good choice for long cable runs, while unbalanced (RCA) provides a more reliable signal on shorter runs.  

    Advanced Class H Hybrid Amplifier Technology

    Our NERO-XA5180 is a Class H amplifier that combines the benefits of Class A/B in a more efficient package. Class H amplifiers are a variation of Class A/B amps but include high voltage and low voltage rails to modulate power consumption. When power is running high, the amp switches to the high voltage rails. When the amp is running low, it switches to the low voltage rails. The result is more efficient, cooler temperatures, and a reduction in power consumption while maintaining the warmth and accuracy of a true A/B amp without the "digital" drawbacks (like interference) of Class D amps.

    NOTE: The NERO-XA5180 features a brushed aluminum faceplate with a wax coating to repel fingerprints. Be careful when initially removing the amplifier from its packaging and during its placement, as the wax can scratch. We suggest wiping down the brushed aluminum faceplate using a lint-free soft cloth. This will help remove any dust or wax residue on the surface. Isopropyl alcohol or a multi-purpose kitchen or window cleaner applied to a clean cloth will remove fingerprints from the chassis.

    Warning: California's Proposition 65


    This product can expose you to chemicals, including vinyl chloride, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

    • Amplifier Type: Multi Channel/Zone Amplifier
    • Amplifier Class: Class H
    • Channels/Zones: 3 Channels
    • Power Output @ 8 Ohm: 165W RMS per Channel
    • Power Output @ 4 Ohm: 260W RMS per Channel
    • Frequency Response: 7.5Hz to 80kHz +/-0.5dB
    • Impedance: 8 Ohm and 4 Ohm Stable
    • Transformer Type: .9 KVA toroidal
    • Inputs: XLR / RCA
    • Outputs: 4 per channel
    • Capacitors, number & size: 6800uf&12pcs
    • Air-cooled or Fan-cooled: Air Cooled
    • Remote Control: No 
    • 12 Volt Triggers: Yes
    • Auto-On Sensing: Yes
    • Sub-Out: No
    • Power Supply: 115V or 230V multi-voltage selector switch 
    • Rack Mountable: No
    • Dimensions (L x D x H): 17" x 16.75" x 6"
    • Weight: 47 lbs
    • Rating: ETL

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