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Circles and Squares - Why Choose a Square Grill Kit?

by OSD Audio • February 23, 2022

Home Audio Tips, OSD Design Projects

Circles and Squares - Why Choose a Square Grill Kit?

Almost all in-ceiling speakers are round and come with a round grill. This is the correct choice because it matches the typical light fittings. In some cases, when the interior designer has chosen square fittings, you might be better off choosing a square grill for your ceiling speakers.

In the same way, when you mount your speakers in the wall you would most likely choose square grills, as these better match light switches, TV’s, etc.

At OSD we have massively increased your choices for both in-ceiling and in-wall options. By offering a square grill kit that can convert many of our round in-ceiling speakers into square ones, you get to choose.
We have 18 round in-ceiling speakers that can be converted into squares one, creating flexibility and future-proofing your interior design. 

List of Compatible Speakers: 

  • BK-R62A
  • BK-R63A
  • BK-R62SS
  • BK-R51
  • BK-R52
  • BK-R53
  • BK-R61
  • BK-R62
  • BK-R63
  • BK-R62SM
  • ACE640TT
  • ACE670
  • ACE600ST
  • OSD-ACE600
  • OSD-ACE640
  • OSD-ACE650
  • OSD-ACE500
  • OSD-ACE550

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