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Outdoor Rock Speaker Caretaking Guidelines

Guidelines for Placement and Maximum Enjoyment

We proudly rate our Rock Speakers using the industry-standard IP rating system. With an IP54 rating (as defined below) our Rock & Bluetooth Rock Speakers are Weather Resistant.

Ratings defined:

IP54: Resistant to water splashes from any direction. Yes

Dust resistant: Some dust may get through, but not enough to cause damage. Yes

Be cautious when positioning the speakers near sprinklers, as direct, low, or high-pressure sprays may get into the speaker.

With good care and sensible placement, your OSD Rock Speakers can provide years of enjoyment. Here are some dos and don’ts;

If possible, place the speakers in a location that provides shade or some protection from the weather.

External power supplies should not be placed on the ground where water can accumulate.

Place Rock Speakers on the ground and not submerged, or partially buried, (groundwater may find its way in and cause damage).

Do not place external power supplies or speakers directly in the path of a sprinkler – they cannot resist sustained low or high-water pressure.

Place the speakers on a flat surface or one that slopes slightly orward. This helps water drain for the grill area.

If you protect or bring your outdoor speakers inside during the winter, allow them a few days in a warm room to fully dry. Placing them in a plastic bag is a good idea but not if they are still damp.

A little bit of water inside the speaker enclosure will not stop the speaker from working, but if you bring them in for the winter, invert the speakers and drain any excess water.

Fluctuating temperatures will cause shrinking and expansion, in time, the elastic silicone gel that surrounds the base of the speaker can become separated. Check this annually and add additional sealant if needed.