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Projector Mounts TV Ceiling Mounts

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Quick Tip! What Does It Mean to Be VESA Compliant?

VESA stands for the Video Electronics Standards Association and it’s important for the consumer. VESA is comprised of over 300 member companies who set standard technical specifications for the video electronics market. In this case, a VESA pattern refers to an industry interface for hole patterns on the back of the monitor, Read more...
screen or display. These hole patterns will fit any mounting device whether for VESA wall mounts, desktop or ceiling mounts. All of OSD TV mounts note the VESA pattern directly in the specs. That way you won’t pull your hair out trying to figure out why your new big screen TV won’t fit the new mount you just bought.
Tough and Tested
When hanging a 200 lbs TV on your wall, you want to make sure the TV is secured. Your family members may sit below the TV and your kids may think the mount is something they can hang onto.

With UL approved mounts, It guarantees the safety of your mounted TV. Our Plasma and LCD TV Mounts are made of high quality and craftsmanship in USA. All of our mount products are UL certified, and have been load-tested at over 4X their UL-rated capacity (800 lbs) to earn this certification.

Creatively engineered with unparalleled quality, you can also feel secure knowing there is a reason we are the biggest OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for some of the world’s largest electronic product corporations including Sony, Panasonic, LG, RCA, Samsung, Hitachi, Toshiba...

Lifetime warranty When purchasing our TV mounts, you can rest assured that “Made in the USA” means you will have our complete support.

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