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RCA Audio Cables

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High Quality CA Audio Cables at a Great Price

When you purchase your essential RCA cables from Outdoor Speaker Depot, you'll appreciate the more detailed and natural sound from your surround sound and other audio systems. OSD Gold Series RCA audio cables provide a high-quality RCA connection for pristine sound. We stock various kinds of RCA cables. There are OSD Gold Series RCA-to-RCA cables from 1 foot to 100 foot lengths. We have mini stereo 3.5mm to 2 RCA adapters for an easy and inexpensive way to connect your iPod or tablet to your existing stereo system. This lets you play streaming music from services like Pandora and Spotify, or you can play your iTunes library on your surround sound system for a great listening experience.

An Easy Way to Connect Your iPod or Tablet!

You'll find other adapters as well, such as 3.5mm to 2 female RCA connectors, single female RCA to dual male RCA and single male RCA to dual female RCA. We also have audio/video cables, including a 3.5mm to RCA audio/video cable that can be used with an iPod.