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SKU: OSD-ICE800WRS 8" Weather-Resistant 150W Outdoor/Indoor In-Ceiling Speaker Pair - ICE800WRS

Purchase 8" Weather-Resistant 150W Outdoor/Indoor In-Ceiling Speaker Pair - ICE800WRS
  • SKU: OSD-ICE800WRS weather-proof-ceiling-speakers

    8" Weather-Resistant 150W Outdoor/Indoor In-Ceiling Speaker Pair - ICE800WRS

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This 8-inch in-ceiling, weather-resistant speaker pair is ideal for high-humidity areas, including outdoor patios, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and covered porches! With high power handling and an 8-inch polypropylene woofer in each, these speakers deliver superior sound that covers large spaces. With swivel tweeter adjustment, you can easily create sweet spot for your listening area. Better crossover, tweeter and woofer materials add sound quality. The aluminum grill cover is rust-resistant for wet application.These weather-resistant indoor/ outdoor in-ceiling speakers work well with a CL3 in-wall rated speaker wire, which is designed to run inside walls.

Pivoting Tweeter
The job of the tweeter is to deliver the higher frequencies of music and soundtracks. The tweeter is also adjustable, meaning it can be aimed toward the listening area. This can make a big difference in sound quality especially for dialog and higher frequencies.

How Does this Speaker Mount in the Ceiling?
Customers often ask us if they need special installation mounting brackets on their OSD ceiling speakers. The answer is no and here’s why. All our in-ceiling speakers feature a dog leg (L-shaped) mounting system that is part of the frame. Before you install the speakers, remove the grille and you’ll see several the mounting screws near the front frame. These screws need to be loosened to activate the dog leg clamps. Use a screwdriver to loosen (turn to the left) these screws and the clamp will come loose. When the speaker is in position in the ceiling, tighten (turn to the right) the screw and the speaker will be secured to the ceiling.

What Type of Speaker Wire and What Gauge?
Wiring is not included with in-ceiling speakers so you will have to purchase some. We recommend our OSD Audio CL3/FT4 cable that is UL (fire) rated for in-wall and outdoor speaker installs. This type of cable includes a heavy-duty outer jacket approved for in-wall/in-ceiling installation. The high-quality plastic jacket is also very flexible so it's easy to run the wires inside the wall. As for the gauge, for runs up to 100 feet for background music, 16-gauge will be fine. If the run is approaching or exceeding 100 feet, we suggest 14-gauge wire. 

Testing the Sound Quality of In-Ceiling Speakers
Many customers like to test the sound quality of their new OSD Audio in-ceiling speakers before they install them. Keep in mind, however, that these flush-mount speakers are designed to be used in the wall or ceiling. Uninstalled in-wall/in-ceiling speakers will sound weak and tinny because without the proper enclosure (in this case your house wall) the speaker can’t produce the sound pressure level it needs. If you want to try them out, we recommend mounting the in-ceiling speakers into a box of about 3 cubic ft. or larger; or simply mount them in the ceiling and then listen. This will give you an accurate measure of the sound quality.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.

Warning: California's Proposition 65


This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  • Speaker Type: 8" Weather Resistant Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Speaker
  • Woofer: 8" Polypropylene Cone with Santoprene Surround
  • Tweeter: 1" Pivoting Polycarbonate Dome
  • Frequency Response: 38Hz-20kHz
  • Power Handling: 150W
  • Sensitivity: 90 dB
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Weather-resistant for High Moisture Situations
  • Perfect for Outdoor or Indoor Use
  • Spray Paintable Rust-Resistant Aluminum Grille Included
  • Inputs: Spring Loaded Binding Posts
  • Install-friendly Dog Ear Installation Brackets
  • See New Construction Brackets For Compatibility
  • Diameter & Depth: 10.25" x 4.25"
  • Cutout Diameter: 9"
  • Sold As: Pair
  • Warranty: 10 Years
46 Questions asked
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JIm Jaskunas • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Would these work on a covered deck if mounted in the wall (the ceiling is vaulted so they can't go in the celing)
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Jim: Sure they would, you just need to cut a round hole instead of a rectangle. TL/4127
Sam • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I have a 2 channel amp that is 130W/ch @ 8 ohms. Could I run 2 of these speakers per channel? If so, in series or parallel? Thanks
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Sam: It depends on the 2 channel amplifier you are using. If it is a high current amplifier that has no problem running two pairs of speakers wired in parallel. That will drop your impedance down to 4 ohms and will get you the highest output. Running two speakers in Series establish (doubles your impedance from 8 to 16 ohms). This also cuts your output in half. Does your amplifier/Receiver have an A/B speaker switch as well that allows you to play both A and B at the same time?. Typically this will connect your two pair of speakers in Parallel (4 ohm). TL/4167
Tim • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM With the ICE800WRS construction it is impossible to disassemble the grill from the assembly. How do you spray paint the grill face?......
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Tim: The grill is removable since you have to to remove it to access the screws of the toggle brackets to actually mount the unit to your hole cutout. There is also a thin cloth you will want to remove as well from the inside of the grill. Also included with the kit is a template to cutout your mounting hole. This also doubles as a paint shield to cover the baffle allowing you to paint the frame. There are two lines clearly marked Cutout and paint shield.I have been told there are a couple of ways to pain the grill and frame. One with spray paint which might be harder to match and the other the good old paint brush with the exact matching paint. painting with a brush will take a couple of passes and it is recommended to water the paint down a bit. Again remove the inner cloth if there is one. You also might want to check for a You Tube video or ask at a paint store. Good luck TL/4216
Nate • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM By pair, that means it comes with 2 speakers correct?
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Nate: Yes there are two speakers one for right channel and the second for your left channel. You want to place between 8 and 10 feet apart. Both speakers are in one box. The ICE 800TT WRS is a single stereo speaker that features dual voice coil. It is for an application where you only have room for a single speaker but have both a right (+/-) and Left (+/-) coming into the zone. So you connect the left to one set of inputs and the right to the second set. It is called summed mono stereo Full range output. They have dual tweeters one for left and the second for right. These speakers are sold as each (single). The ICE 800 WRS is sold as stereo pairs. TL/4281
Keith • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Can I mount these in a vaulted patio ceiling (4:12 pitch)?
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Keith: Will you be applying a ceiling where you enclose the joists so you have a surface to install the ICE 800 WRS. My recommendation would be would be to use one of our unique AP525 or AP650 Patio speaker where you can aim your sound better for maximum coverage. It will work whether you enclose the ceiling or not. The bracket swivels and also tilts providing maximum flexibility when installing. You can also change the aim after you have installed them. The AP Patio speakers also feature a true crossover and a better sound quality than the ICE WRS speakers. TL/4330