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Tilt Flat TV Mounts

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More on Tilt Mounts

Tilt mounts are slightly more expensive than Fixed mounts because there are additional parts for the tiling motion. The mounts tilt downward from 0ฐ to 10ฐ or 12ฐ and are commonly used above fireplace mantels where people are viewing from a seated position two or three feet above eye level.

Size and Weight Factors
We list very detailed specs on each mount because we want to make sure you choose the mount that best for your TV. Play attention to the monitor sizes. Monitor sizes are usually listed in a range from minimum size the mount can handle to the maximum size TV it can handle (i.e., 17” – 37”). Max Weight is important to not as well and it refers to the maximum weight the mount is rated for when properly installed.

VESA Compliant
VESA compliant means you won’t have to worry about the holes not fitting your flat panel TV. OSD Audio mounts are VESA rated, which means they are compliant with industry standards on hole sizes.

Lifetime warranty
When purchasing our TV mounts, you can rest assured that “Made in the USA” means you will have our complete support.

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