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Wireless Outdoor Speakers Frog Pair OSD Audio

Product code: OSD-FR120FROG

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Features & Specifications

Connects to iPods and Portable Music Players! Customers love our wireless frog speakers! These all-weather wireless frogs sound great and use the 2.4GHz digital transmission for cleaner and less distorted sound up to 300 feet (distance varies depending on the environment). Typical locations for these wireless frog speakers include yards, ponds, bordering a garden and even as an accent in flower gardens.

A Note on Wireless Routers
Although rare, some customers have experienced interference with certain models of wireless internet routers. If you experience interference with your wireless router, OSD recommends moving the transmitter that came with your speakers as far away as possible from the wireless router and cycling through the frequency channels several times.

The Fun and Easy Way to Listen to Your iPod Outside
All OSD Auio wireless speakers include portable player connectivity. Simply plug your music source (iPod, MP3 player, computer, etc) into the wireless transmitter (RCA and mini audio cables included), run the speakers where you want them and you'll be listening to your favorite tunes in the back yard or patio.

• Easy to setup, just plug your music source (iPod, MP3 player, CD-Player)

• Built to withstand harsh environments with water-resistant materials

• Includes remote control with 80 ft range (unobstructed)

How durable are your Outdoor Wireless Frog Speakers?
These speakers are designed for the outdoors. Our frog speakers use non-water-absorbing materials, which is critical in winter so they won't freeze and crack. The shape is designed to withstand large amounts of pressure, extreme temperatures and moisture. Remember though, outdoor speakers are an investment, so take care of them. Storing your frogs away from extreme weather conditions will only lengthen the time you will have with them.

Installation Level: Easy
Even if you have no experience installing audio equipment, our wireless frog speakers are easy to set up. The system uses a main speaker that includes an amplifier for power. The second speaker is a pairing speaker, meaning it draws power from the main speaker. Connect the audio source (iPod, receiver, etc) to the transmitter via the provided audio cable. Plug the transmitter into an AC outlet via the included AC power supply. Plug the main speaker to an outdoor junction box or load the main speaker with 6 AA batteries (not included). Place your frog speakers where you want them. You may have to experiment with frequency channels and speaker placement to achieve the best sound. Press the transmitter button then the on/off button on the remote several times until you find the right frequency.

Click HERE for Helpful Tips on Wireless Speakers

Please Note: The 2 speakers are connected via 30ft speaker wire. Wireless refers to the fact that you do not need to connect the frog speakers to your audio source. The two speakers are connected via speaker wire because an amplifier is built into the main speaker which acts as the power source for both speakers. This is why the rock speakers must be wired together.

Use with Wireless Routers
Although rare, some customers have experienced interference with certain models of wireless internet routers. If you experience interference with your wireless router, OSD recommends moving the transmitter that came with your speakers as far away as possible from the wireless router and cycling through the frequency channels several times.


Other Product Info

Now you can have a pair of frog speakers in your backyard without running wires from your house, this pair of frog speakers come with everything you need for your a wireless hook up.


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23 Questions & 24 Answers
from MN woods asked:
June 18, 2012
Can I use these speakers with my WR800 Rock Speakers off the same transmitter?
1 Answer
Hi Toby, All of our OSD branded Wireless Rocks (WR-800 and WR-150) and the Frogs (FR-120 Frog) share the same transmitter. You can easily use a single transmitter to broadcast to the WR-800 and FR-120 Frog at the same time; however, you will have a spare transmitter since we only sell these in complete kits. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 18, 2012

from FL asked:
November 30, 2016
Can I purchase a new transmitter? The one i had was destroyed by my dog .
1 Answer
Hi Shawn: You need to contact our RMA department to see if they can dig one up for you. Last time I checked they had finally run out of replacements. This product is over three years old. That is when we switched from WiFi to Bluetooth. The RMA department would have to check and see if we have an old return. The same transmitter was used for the Rocks, Frogs and Patio speakers. Good Luck TL/4138
Customer Service - Q&A
on December 6, 2016

from Omaha, NE asked:
April 12, 2016
Where can I purchase another ac cord? The wild rabbits severed my power cords
1 Answer
HI Derek: You can contact customer service and purchase a replacement cord from us. The cost is $19.95 plus shipping. TL/3813
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 14, 2016

from pa asked:
November 15, 2013
I would like to buy these speakers,but would like to only use the speaker wire directly from my srereo. Without plugging them into an electrical outlet. Is this possable? I'm surprised this question wasn't bought up before.
1 Answer
Hi Steve, Great question! The master speaker can only be powered by the AC Adaptor, however the satellite speaker can be connected directly to your receiver's speaker terminals. You should take a look at our wired frog speakers listed below, which may suit your needs a bit more. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2333
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 18, 2013

from Surf City, NC asked:
July 25, 2013
Can I connect the frog speakers to a samsung sound bar that has blue tooth capabilities?
1 Answer
Hi Cheryl: The FROG wireless speakers just like all our other wireless speakers have separate Transmitter that connects to an analog output connection. Bluetooth is separate wireless technology. If your sound bar has an analog RCA right and left channel output which you can connect to the Frog Transmitter or a headphone jack then you can connect the transmitter. TL-2102
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 21, 2013

from New York asked:
May 21, 2013
My Frog speakers do not play music. Both green lights are on (both the main Frog and the wireless dock) and no matter how many channels i flip through no music comes out. What is the problem?
1 Answer
Hi Ryan, We have a trouble shooting guide for wireless speakers on our website: Wireless speakers must complete with other devices on the same frequencies, but issues can often be resolved by taking a few simple steps. If this does solve the issue, please contact CL/MA 1921
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 30, 2013

from TX asked:
March 18, 2013
Do the frogs or rock speakers need to be connected? meaning can I have one frong in the back yard and one in the front yard?
2 Answers
Hi Justin, You'll need two pairs of speakers for your application. The main or master wireless speaker has a built-in wireless receiver and internal power amp. There is a speaker wire that runs between the main speaker and satellite speaker to complete the system. The wireless connection is between the receiver and the main wireless speaker. You could do one pair of rocks in one area and one pair of frogs in another; however, the left and right for each pair need to be connected with the provided 30ft cable. CL/MA 1711
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 18, 2013
Hi Justin: The speakers are connected and the transmitter broadcasts a stereo signal to the Internal Receiver of the Master Rock. The Master sends one of the channels (the left channel I believe). You might consider two pair using a single transmitter. One pair for front and the second pair for the rear. You would need to call us to discuss possible bundle price discount. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 18, 2013

from New Jersey asked:
July 26, 2012
My transmitter for my frogs has died. I no longer get a green light when plugging it in. Is there replacement available or another transmitter that will work with them?
1 Answer
Hi Dan, Please contact and they will be able to help you get your transmitter replaced. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 27, 2012

from Phoenix, Arizona asked:
July 19, 2012
I live in Phoenix will they be able to handle the extremely hot summers?
1 Answer
Hi Robert: We have been selling Frog speakers, both wired and wireless speakers since 2004. We are located in Brea California. Arizona is one of our largest markets. We also have many clients in both the Palm Springs area and Southern Nevada. You should have no problem. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 23, 2012

from Green Village, NJ asked:
July 10, 2012
1) Do all OSD-made speakers use the same transmitter? For example, could i connect the two frog speakers (for outdoor use) and connect four normal speakers (for indoor use) to play at the same time? 2) I have a BLUETOOTH receiver that is connected to my stereo to play music throughout the house (I have bose speakers). If I was to buy the two frog speakers, would I be able to somehow connect the transmitter to play both the frog speakers and the speakers i already have in the house? In addition, I use an iPad to connect to the stereo in order to play music (that's why I have the bluetooth receiver). Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Sam: 1) All four of our wireless speaker products share the same Transmitter. So as an example you can connect any two pair of speakers, one pair of rocks (WR0800) and a pair of Frogs (FR-120) using the common Transmitter and play them at the same time. 2) Regarding your Bluetooth Receiver, you should be able to connect our Wireless Transmitter as long as you have a true Pre-Amp output either a pair of RCA female connections (Red and Black, R & L) or 3.5mm stereo connection. If there is a true connection It should play whatever you select on your receiver. If you want to make sure before purchase please let us know the make and model of your Bluetooth Receiver so we can verify the output. One more issue you may encounter is interference between the 2.4 GHz and the Bluetooth. But let us confirm the connection for the Transmitter first and then we can decide if you want to see if the wireless plays nice with your Bluetooth. We do offer a thirty day performance guarantee so you will not be stuck. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 11, 2012

Deb crump
from Norwood,nc asked:
May 10, 2012
Can these run off of a stereo radio?
1 Answer
Hi Deb, The FR120 comes with both the 3.5mm (headphone jack) and the RCA cable (red and white).So you can hook them up to just about anything. Your radio can definitely be the source for your wireless frogs! CL/MA 822
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 10, 2012

from Georgia asked:
May 6, 2012
What happens if I lose the remote control? Can I buy another remote that is compatible with the Wireless Frog Speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Sandy: I believe so, please contact; he should be able to help you. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 6, 2012

from Ephrata, Washington asked:
April 21, 2012
Can the TV that has Sirius be hooked to these?
1 Answer
Hi Karen: As long as your TV has an analog audio output (usually a right and left female RCA connector labeled audio output) which you can connect to the input of the Wireless Transmitter with one of the two adapter cables supplied with the wireless kit. The audio outputs usually will output whatever you have selected as your source. If the output is variable then you will control the volume with the remote included with the Frog speakers. If the output is fixed then it will be controlled by the internal volume level from your TV. Check you owners manual to make sure. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 22, 2012

from NJ asked:
March 25, 2012
Can I add 2 regular frog speakers (wired) to the wireless pair I've bought?
1 Answer
Hi Jake: You can add another pair of wireless Frogs and use the same transmitter but there is no output connection that would allow you to to hard wire additional speaker to the original pair. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 26, 2012

from Dallas asked:
March 24, 2012
any experience with how much listening time you get out of the six batteries?
1 Answer
Hi Mario, This depends on the brand of batteries you use. It varies but the average is 24 hours. 610 CL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 26, 2012

from austin tx asked:
March 16, 2012
where do you hook it up to the reciever?
1 Answer
Hi Seleste: You have a couple of options for connecting these Wireless Frog speakers. Connecting your source to the Transmitter is the key. There is a 3.5mm to dual male RCA cable supplied in order for you to connect to a Receiver. You need to check your Receiver's owners manual to see if you have a pre- amp audio output to connect to the Wireless Transmitter supplied with the system. The cable connects the two RCA to the output of the receiver and the 3.5mm plugs into the Transmitter. A second cable supplied is a 3.5mm to a 3.5mm aux cable that is used to connect directly to an iPod or other mobile device that features a headphone jack. So basically to answer your question you need to see if your Receiver has the proper pre-amp output if you want to use it for the main source. Note, each Frog speaker has its own built in amplifier so the signal can not be amplified already. We refer to the signal as pre amplified or signal level as it comes before the Amplifier.
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 17, 2012

from California asked:
February 15, 2012
Do I need 2 pair and 2 transmitters for a left and right channel for stereo or does 1 pair handle that?
1 Answer
Jim, One pair would handle the left and right with one transmitter, or you could do two pairs with one transmitter and each pair would handle its own left and right. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 15, 2012

Robert Turman
from Little Torch Key , fl asked:
January 19, 2012
Speakers quit working, tried onlinr trouble shooting, still not working, what is the warrenty? Shipping date was 01/23/11 order #160563 ref # 163388 cust # 120548 Please let me know and consider today 01/19/13 first report of failuer
1 Answer
Robert, Have you tried pressing the transmitter button then the on/off button on the remote several times until you find the right frequency? There are about 5 channels you can cycle through to sync up the speakers with the transmitter. Also check your audio source, make sure the volume on it is up, as well as try using a different audio source to make sure it is in fact the speakers. Its helpful to know what color lights are on, the red and the green lights should both be on. Its also helpful to hook up the speakers in close proximity then moving them into place once they are running. If this still doesnt work, and we have answered any questions you have about these troubleshooting hints @ 1.888.779.4968 go to the bottom of our homepage and under the category support- you'll find the link "How to return a product" You will simply need to request an RMA # - from there we will correspond on how to get the defective speakers back to us. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 19, 2012

from Atlanta asked:
January 18, 2012
I just received the 2.4GHz Wireless Outdoor Frog Speaker Pair and they are great but the volume seems to be lower than it should be. I have it turned up all the way but it still seems fairly low. Right now I have them inside until I put them out at the pool in the Spring, will they sound louder outside than they do inside?
1 Answer
Sandy, Did you check the volume on the device you are using as an audio source? That is most often the cause of this type of problem. Please give us a call at 1.888.779.4968 to trouble shoot. CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 18, 2012

from aledo texas asked:
January 9, 2012
why do you have to connect the speaker by wire?
1 Answer
Hi Mark, Wireless refers to the audio signal from the transmitter (wired to your source) being broadcast to the main frog speaker. The main speaker features both a wireless receiver and an internal amplifier that powers both speakers. The second paring frog speaker must be connected to the main speaker to receive the audio signal. Take a look at the owner’s manual and product sheet under the Downloads tab for more information. TL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 9, 2012

from CA asked:
January 2, 2012
how do they handle the weather?
1 Answer
Dan, OSD outdoor speakers are constructed with high-grade material that can withstand rain, snow, wind, pool chemicals, even salt. For customers in freezing cold temperatures, we do recommend they bring in the speakers in or cover them with plastic bags just to be safe. Being that you are in Califonia, these speakers can definitely handle being left outside year round.
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 3, 2012

from Redwood City, CA asked:
January 1, 2012
Can I use the frog speaker pair and the rock speaker pair on the same transmitter?
1 Answer
HI Linda: We use the same transmitter for all our wireless speakers. So yes one transmitter will work with the Frogs and Rocks at the same time. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 3, 2012

from Cardiff, CA asked:
October 19, 2011
We would like to have a total of 6 speakers in our back yard.....3 on the west side, 1 on the south side and 2 on the east side of our yard. Can they all be hooked up together and be controlled by one transmitter or are each pair controlled separately?
1 Answer
Yes, you can connect multiple pairs of speakers. We have had customers connect up to four pairs off a single transmitter. (For your six speakers, you will end up with two spare transmitters.) Note you will have three pairs that will each have master (with the receiver built in) and a satellite speaker which will be hard wired to the master of the pair.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 19, 2011

Product Reviews

20 Reviews
60% (12)
40% (8)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
70% Recommend this product (14 of 20 responses)
By Diane Reiss
Rome, NY
July 16, 2013
Love them!
I ordered the wordless outdoor speakers frog pair and was pleased from the moment I took them out of the box. They were simple to set up and perform beautifully.
ProsI love that the music source is kept out of harm's way. Nice to know that expensive audio equipment cannot get accidentally broken, a great comfort not having to worry about it during a party when there is so much going on.
ConsDid have some static when using the Internet at the same time as speakers; otherwise great clarity for an outdoor speaker.
Best UsesEnjoying the outdoors, either relaxing or working, the outdoor speakers provide an easy way to enjoy your music too!
By Colorado Lady
September 24, 2012
Good Buy
Bought the speakers to use outdoors on my deck. There is plenty of eletrical wiring to set them far enough part. I tried to use them with the batteries instead of being plugged in, but never could get good sound from them. I tried adjusting the sound on the remote receiver as instructed and that made no difference. When I removed the battery pack and plugged it in, the sound was great. It is probably simple to set up if you know what the terms mean in the instructions, but I didn't and I didn't know what they were talking about. When I got my husband to help, he understood the technical terms and it was simple. Good product. I am very pleased.
ProsGood Power Output
ConsDirections Are Confusing
Best UsesOutdoors
By Big m
long island New York
August 25, 2012
very pleased
not sure what I was expecting, after the easy set I hooked it up to extension cord outside instead of using batteries in garden I was very pleased with the sound and the remote is a great feature,
ProsEasy to Mount, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Good Power Output, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesHome, Outdoors, Basic Systems
By Mort
Branchville, NJ
August 4, 2012
Work very well - easy to install
Set-up in the back yard and deck, with the audio source in the basement. Sounds great.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesOutdoors
By PashAnnette
Saugatuck MI
August 3, 2012
WHEN I SAID I WANTED THESE FOR MY BIRTHDAY, MY PRINCE CHARMING WAS SKEPTICAL. BUT!! TURNED OUT TO BE VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE QUALITY OF THE SOUND!!! I had them set up & listening to them in less than *5 minutes. They are on my balcony deck, home theater system is very close to them inside, they work in complete harmony you would never know they are not attached to that. NOTE, For people with older analog TV or systems, I watched the video you have online, read what connections were necessary for instance,with only one audio output that in my case was being used, I used my serial cable from tv to home theater, and I purchased an analog out to coaxial adapter while Froggys were in transit. Want to repeat even by needing to connect this extra equipment, I had THe Froggys Rocking our Pad in under 5 minutes. Love my Froggys.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Easy to Mount, UNDER 5 MINUTE SET UP, Attractive Design, Good Power Output
Best UsesHome Theater, Outdoors
By Nick
Spencer, MA
July 31, 2012
I enjoy them now that they are working.
I do like these speakers. The sound quality is very good. I use them at my pool which is a good 75 feet from the transmitter. Some channels will crack, but once I change to a good one they sound fine. When I first got them, the transmitter didn't work. After going through all the basic syncing steps and running through the channels, sound still failed to come out of the transmitter. Customer service helped and sent me a new transmitter. They work great now. Overall these are really good product. Only giving four stars because the transmitter was initially broken.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up
ConsTransmitter didn't work
By Big D
June 6, 2012
Outdoor frog speakers
I got these frogs to put outside on my deck we have a pool and the work just wonderful. They are simple to set up and they look great. They are not those cheap plastic looking things. They are heavy and sound great . Love mine .
ProsSounds Great, Sets up quick and easy, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesOutside by the deck, Home
By Chuck
June 4, 2012
Like the Froggies!
Had to cut wire connecting frogs to run it under deck and resplice it, no problem. I have electricity on deck, so I plug main frog in. Wireless transmitter is connected to HD Cable box in basement. TV does not have to be on, just box. I listen to music channels on deck while grilling. Sound is decent. I have TV in family room muted and watch baseball game while grilling and listening to Oldies. Best of both worlds. Wife loves froggies.
ProsEasy To Set Up, Attractive Design
Best UsesOutdoors
By Chriswpb
Palm Beach, FL
February 15, 2012
Like like this product
I have the speakers on my patio and the sound is great, however it does interfece with my wifi connection. I've change the channel and it doesn't work. The only down fall is I can't listen to music off wifi, otherwise it's great!
ProsGood Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Does interferce with Wifi, Attractive Design, Easy To Setup, Easy to Mount
ConsWifi Interference
Best UsesOutdoors
By n/a
Mission Viejo, CA
January 16, 2012
Great gift for the back yard family.
Easy to set up. Works with home system, and with Apple system. Now that it is wired, it can be turned on with the audio system.
ProsAttractive Design, Good Power Output, Easy to Mount, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Setup
ConsRan wiring to itNot incl
Best UsesOutdoors
By Dave
New Orleans, LA
January 10, 2012
I would purchase this item again.
Outdoor speakers, transmit sound well, overall sound quality was good. Would consider adding on additional items.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Setup, Good Power Output, Attractive Design
Best UsesOutdoors
By Ray
Peabody, MA.
December 11, 2011
I would buy this product again.
I bought a set of these speakers for use outdoors in the summer. They work great and the sound is exceptional for the price. My neighbors have asked me when they're in their yard for me to please turn up the volume, so they can enjoy the music. I hook them up to the back of my cable supplier has free music,(24/7). I ordered 2 more sets of these speakers for my children so they can enjoy them at their house.
ProsGood Power Output, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Setup, Attractive Design, Easy to Mount
Best UsesOutdoors
September 25, 2011
Solid Purchase !
Bought these speakers for my back patio ~ the sit on shelves mounted to the brick house. The only trick was hiding the excess cable, but we figured it out. Great sound quality.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Easy To Setup, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output
By Tommy Boy
August 29, 2011
Decent Speakers, Few Drawbacks
On the upside, they sound better than I expected, and having decorations instead of boxy speakers is great. They look and sound nice on our back patio. On the downside, the speakers are wired to each other which defeated my planned installation. The remote is a standard small electronics style, unsafe for leaving outdoors. Outdoor speakers without an outdoor safe remote seems like a mismatch to me.
ProsGood Sound, Easy To Setup, Attractive Design
ConsRemote Not Outdoor Safe
Best UsesBasic Systems, Outdoors
By Cobbs
August 25, 2011
Love my frog speakers
I love my frog speakers. They are not wireless as one would think. One frog has a cord to the other frog and then it plugs into an outlet. The "wireless" part is that the transmitter does not have to be plugged into the frog - however it does need to be plugged into an outlet as well. I have that hooked up to my stero or sometimes my ipod. Both work great. The only thing I hate it that you need the remote to turn on the speakers and I almost dropped the remote in the pool during the first week. That would have rendered my awesome frog speaker useless. Why that was part of the design?? I don't know...just stupid. You would think the ON/OFF button one the frog speaker would be enough to turn the speakers on.
ProsAttractive Design, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Setup, Cute
ConsNot wireless, Remote to turn on speaker
Best UsesOutdoors
By The Gardner
Peabody, MA.
August 23, 2011
Outdoor Frog speakers
I use these speakers outdoors. They look great when I put them amongst my garden plants.The only negative comment is that the connection between the transmitter & my TV...the wire could have been longer.
ProsEasy to Mount, Attractive Design, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Setup, Good Power Output
Best UsesOutdoors, Home
By Patrick
April 23, 2011
Ordered these for my wife ...
Ordered these for my wife for her birthday, she has a frog garden off the patio...took less than 10 min. to set them up, they look great and sound even better, the wife loves them and you know what they say...gotta keep momma happy...thanks, OSD
By Dave
Gainesville, FL
April 4, 2011
I bought these speakers ...
I bought these speakers for my wife so she could listen to Kenny G while she relaxed in the hot tub. She loves them and I loved the easy set up. Just plug and play. It couldn't have been much easier. The sound is great and like I said, plug and play!
By Anonymous
March 8, 2011
Speakers are the real ...
Speakers are the real deal. Great price, sound, and look.
By Simon
San Diego, CA
May 20, 2010
Just received the ...
Just received the wireless frog speaker yesterday, shipping is fast (one day), setup is easy, plug the power for frog and transmitter, it come with 3.5mm stereo jack which I insert into my iPhone. Sound quality is decent comparing to wired speakers. I wish they can have dock built in at the transmitter.