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4 Zone Multi-room Audio System OSD Audio

Product code: OSD-4-zone-kit

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Features & Specifications

If you're wondering how to set up multi-room audio, it's easier than you think. This 4-zone audio system from OSD Audio lets you separately control music in 4 different rooms, and the audio quality is pristine and beautiful. With this multi-room stereo system, all you'll need to do is select the best speakers for each room and run the wires. Outdoor Speaker Depot is your premiere source for home entertainment systems and audiophile audio systems, and we're here to answer any questions you have.

When you choose your speakers, keep these simple rules in mind. For rooms that are 150 square feet or less, 5.25-inch speakers are a good size. Select 6.5-inch speakers for rooms that are 200 square feet and larger, and 8-inch speakers for rooms that are bigger than 400 square feet. As for speaker style, Contractor and Custom series speakers are good for background music. For stronger bass and louder sound, see our High Definition series. The Kevlar series speakers have the best overall sound that's ideal for a home theater and audiophile tastes. In the Trimless series, the speakers are designed to blend into your de´cor.

Included in this kit:

Other Product Info

This multi-room audio system will allow you to control 4 zones in your home with ease. This simple system has everything you need to setup your multi-room audio. All you need is to pick out your speakers. Kit comes included with (1) ISS4 speaker selector, (1) AMP200 amplifier, and (4) SVC100 volume controls.



By Dave from Louisville, KY on October 7, 2011
Can I hook this up from the "Speaker B" outputs on my receiver?

By Customer Service - Q&A on October 7, 2011

Yes you can use the Speaker B output from your receiver connecting it to the High Level (speaker) input of the AMP200.

It would be better if you have a signal level (or RCA) output from your receiver (if available) and connect to the Input #2 of the AMP200.The low level connection is typically a cleaner signal.

The AMP200 also features an A & B speaker output.

In both cases the AMP200 features a second source option as well.

Also: You can purchase just the Speaker Selector and connect that to the B output of your receiver. In this case you will want to make sure you enable the protection circuit of the Speaker selector so as not to over lowed your receiver.

By David Gallo from New York on July 13, 2012
how many speakers can run be run per zone??
By Customer Service - Q&A on July 16, 2012

HI David:

Technically with the 8X setting on the Volume Controls you could connect up to 2 pair of speakers per Zone x 4 or 8 total pairs for the system. One pair per zone would mean setting the impedance switch to 4x, 5 or more the setting goes to 8x on all four zones.


By Roger from Cumming, Ga on November 20, 2012
I have a receiver that has a 2nd zone output. Can I run that output into the input of your unit and then connect speakers to 3 separate rooms. I realize the source would be the same for all 3 rooms. What is the wiring configuration for the volume controls?
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 23, 2012

Hi Roger,

This 4 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit is very flexible. Depending on your audio/video receiver, you have couple of options to connect the 2nd zone from your receiver. Assuming your receiver is a 7.1 unit that allows you to connect a 5.1 setup with five speakers and a subwoofer, you can connect channel 6 and 7 as a second zone. This would be a powered output (speaker level) using the internal amplifier. The second option would be a 2nd zone pre-amplifier (signal level) output that connects with RCA cables. In either case, the AMP200 featured in the kit has the ability to be connected either speaker level or signal level. If you have both choices available on your receiver, the optimum one would be the pre-amplified (signal level). Addressing wiring, with Option #1 (Speaker Level), use 16/4 CL 3 rated four conductor speaker wire from the receiver's channel 6 and 7 output to the Input #1 of the AMP200 (the black and red push terminals between the RCA connectors). For Option #2, pre-amplified, use OSD Audio cables to connect the receiver and the AMP200 at input #2. Then in both cases, connect the Speaker A output using the 16/4 four conductor speaker cable to the input of the ISS4 Speaker Selector. Our CL3 rated 16/4 speaker wire is approved for in-wall installation. This will be important when you connect to the three zones you plan on using. Use the same 16/4 speaker wire to connect to the output of the ISS4 (first zone 1) then run to your zone where your first volume control is located. The volume control will have an input to connect both a right positive and negative and a left positive and negative (four connections). The 16/4 is color coded red, black, green and white. So connect the red to Right Positive and the Black to Right Negative, and the White to the Left Positive and Green to the Left Negative. Make sure you have connected the same on the receiver (Option #1), AMP200, ISS4 Speaker Selector and Volume Control. Then from the Volume Control, use CL3 16/2 two conductor speaker wire to connect to the pair of speakers. One two conductor (red +/black -) to the right and one to the left. Repeat the connection from the Speaker Selector to the Volume Control to the pair of speakers in the second and third zone. Please feel free to contact us about setting up the output of the AMP200 (adjusting the gains), making sure the protection switch on the ISS4 Speaker Selector is set to off/disabled (button in the out position). Lastly, set the impedance-matching switches on each volume control to 1/2X. This will guarantee you get the most out of your AMP200. Let us know if we can help you with your choice of speakers as well.

TL/MA 1397

By Alex from Sonoma, CA on April 3, 2012
Is the output mono or stereo to each room (one or two channels)?
By Customer Service - Q&A on April 3, 2012

Hi Alex,
That would be stereo. There are two channels on each zone, one for Left and one for Right. I hope that helps!

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4 Zone Multi-room Audio System OSD Audio