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8 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit for House-wide Audio

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Features & Specifications

Set up your own DIY multi-room audio system with whole home audio equipment from Outdoor Speaker Depot. This 8-Zone Multi-Room Audio Kit includes 1 AMP300 amplifier, 1 ISS8 speaker selector and 8 SVC100 volume controls, and is designed to provide maximum home coverage with audiophile-quality sound.

If you're looking for the best multi-room receiver for whole house audio, the AMP300 amplifier is powerful, with heavy duty construction and advanced features that you typically only find on more expensive amplifiers. This 8-zone home audio system also includes the ISS8 speaker selector, with individual on/off selectors for each zone and manual power protection, and SVC100 volume controls, with low distortion and flat frequency response.

As for speaker size, it depends on the size of the room. For smaller rooms, we recommend 5.25-inch speakers. Use 6.5-inch speakers for rooms larger than 150 square feet. For bigger rooms in excess of 400 square feet or those with high ceilings, you might need 8-inch speakers. You'll find a multi-room speaker bundle to be a more economical choice. Call the audio experts at Outdoor Speaker Depot toll free at 888-779-4968 if you have any questions. We're your number 1 source for home audio systems, multi-zone or single-zone.

Kit comes included with:
(1) AMP300 amplifier
(1) ISS8 speaker selector
(8) SVC100 volume controls.

Other Product Info

This multi-room audio system will allow you to control 8 zones in your home with ease. This simple system has everything you need to setup your multi-room audio. All you need is to pick out your speakers and run the wires. You will have music in your rooms in no time.

Kit comes included with:
(1) AMP300 amplifier
(1) ISS8 speaker selector
(8) SVC100 volume controls.


By Beverley Casarico from Montville,NJ on June 25, 2012
Are their professional installers for these systems and how do you find them?
By Customer Service - Q&A on June 26, 2012

Hi Beverley:

You could Google search for audio/video installers in your area. Or checkout Angie's list or the yellow pages in your area.


By anthony from nj on May 4, 2012
just put in 8 10" ceiling speakers,4 zone needed will this amp be the right one and do i need the room knob controllers, rather not use them
By Customer Service - Q&A on May 5, 2012

Hi Anthony:

I would recommend going with the AMP200 and a DSM4 speaker selector and skip the volume controls. That way you will still be getting a High Current Audiophile Grade amplifier and a step up speaker selector with switchable dual source and removable input/output connectors. And save yourself over $200.00. I am assuming you are only going to need 4 zones, you can upgrade to the DSM6 and have the option of adding two additional zones which the AMP200 will have no problem with.


By Kyle from Dayton, Ohio on January 23, 2013
Approximately how many watts per zone will this support? I am concerned as two of the zones will be for outdoors where I will need a little extra power behind.
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 23, 2013

Hi Kyle,
With our 8-zone multiple audio kit, each of your zones will receive 150 watts. What speakers were you considering for your outdoor area? You can reply to this email for more information.
CL/MA 1576

By Elvin from Chicago, il on October 25, 2011
Is everything in this picture included in price? Speaker selector and volume controls
By Customer Service - Q&A on October 26, 2011

Yes, the kit includes

Our AMP300 High Current Amplifier. plus the

ISS8, 8 Zone Speaker Selector and

8 Each SVC100 Impedance Matching Volume Controls

You will need to add speakers and speaker wire. We have a great selection of speakers for in-Ceiling, In-wall, and outdoor including Rocks, patio and garden speakers all at factory direct pricing.

The kit does not include speaker wire but we offer a complete line of CL-3 in-wall and direct burial speaker wire in multiple gauges and lengths.

By Terry Meier from Spokane, WA on November 19, 2012
Are the volume control plates available in the color almond?
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 19, 2012

Hi Terry,
The volume controls included in our kits come with the face plates/ knobs in three colors, almond, ivory and white. So if time goes by and you want to change just switch the hardware! The colors are all included- no need to specify at checkout.
CL 1391

By Terry Meier from Spokane, WA on November 20, 2012
Is there a color choice for the volume control face plate & knob?
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 20, 2012

Hi Terry,
The volume controls include Bone, Ivory, and White face plates and knobs. No need to choose a color- they are all included.
CL 1393

By tony from toronto,canada on December 9, 2012
If i have made cut outs(hole)s to big for volume controls,do u have bigger plates that willcover.I thought i was going to use bigger control panel.thx
By Customer Service - Q&A on December 11, 2012

Hi Tony,

Were you planning on a double gang space for your control panels? Our volume controls feature a Decora-style insert. You could select a double gang Decora plate and use our single insert plus a blank insert for the second opening. That would be the most simple and affordable solution.


By Joe from SAn Diego on August 11, 2012
I want to improve my total house speaker system but I’m not sure what equipment I need to do it. My house has 9 rooms with stereo speakers. Each room has two speakers wired to a volume control. There are 4 wires from each volume control home run to one central location. At this location there is a “speaker distribution plate” which has connectors for 9 outputs and one input. Each of the 9 outputs is connected by a terminal that plugs into the speaker distribution plate. The input is a speaker wire terminal, that I think it’s a Phoenix terminal. I have the speaker input terminal connected to my Yamaha RX-V750 AV Receiver using the speaker “B” connectors. Whenever I want to use the whole house speakers, I switch the receiver to speakers “B”. This has worked for a couple of years but I’ve always thought this was a lot of speakers for the receiver to drive, although I never use all the speakers at one time. Finally the speaker “B” system has stopped working, I think from the load. Now I’m looking for something better. What do you suggest?
By Customer Service - Q&A on August 13, 2012

Hi Joe:

The ideal amplifier for the job is the High Current OSD AMP300 Power Amplifier. Your AV Receiver features a 2nd Room Pre-Amp output that would connect directly to the Line 2 input of the AMP300. Most of the Manufacturer's do not recommend using the Speaker level output for driving a speaker selector with multiple speakers/zones.When they label it second room, they mean second and only room. So adding the AMP300 will not only allow you to be listening to your Surround Sound System in your theater area but also enjoy music (selected from your receiver or from the second source input on the AMP300) for any or all of your speaker


By Bill from New Milford, CT. on June 21, 2012
I have AMP300, ISS8, 2x AP640 Patio Speaker Pair in parallel with a OVC300 Volume Control and 6x ICE640 Ceiling Speaker Pair connected to 6x SVC-100 Volumen Controls. What is the best way to connect the AMP to the selector and volume controls and what should be the switch settings on the volume controls be set to?

By Customer Service - Q&A on June 26, 2012

Hi Bill,

I would use the ISS8 to connect all your ICE640 in-ceiling speakers. The SVC100 should all be set to 8x and make sure your protection switch on the ISS8 is disabled (in the off position, button out). The volume controls will handle the protection. Then connect the ISS8 to the Speaker A output of the AMP300. Next, we recommend connecting the two AP640 to the OVC300 in parallel and then connect to Speaker B of the AMP300. Set the impedance-matching switch to 2x. During setup, turn all the volume controls to full volume and also the volume switch on the front of the AMP300. Adjust the two gain controls on the back of the unit (right and left master level) so the volume level begins to clip or overdrive the speakers. Then turn the levels down a bit. Turn the front knob down to the middle. The volume controls are attenuators that turn the volume down; they do not add gain or volume. This is done by the master level controls you adjusted. Once the amp has been set up, controlling the volume should be done by the source you are using. Do not use the volume controls as on/off switches (this should be done at the ISS8 for the 6 ICE640 and Speaker B on/off switch on the front of the AMP300 for the AP640). You should also consider using our CL3 16/4 (16 gauge, 4 conductor) speaker wire to connect from the AMP300 to the ISS8 Speaker Selector then to the Volume Controls (same with the AMP300 to the OVC300 outside). Then use 16/2 to run to the individual speakers from the volume controls. The 16/4 features all four conductors in a single jacket making it easier to organize your cable management. I hope that helps. Thank you for purchasing OSD Branded products.


Product Reviews

8 Zone Multi-room Audio Kit for House-wide Audio
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Tampa Bay Area Florida
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

December 14, 2011
Major remodel of the home. Decided in the 11th hour to add 8 rooms of whole house audio. Ran across OSD and the prices made it affordable. Wired the speaker and volume control locations and proceeded with the rest of the remodel. Time came for the amp and switches and I got it wired up just after thanksgiving in time for my wife to enjoy her Christmas music. I used the ICE 640 6.5 inch speakers. This system rocks! Sound is amazing. Everything sounds unbelievable. It has been awhile since we had good sound in the home and wow!, I am in love with music again. This is going to be fun! If you do not have whole house audio, you do not know what you are missing....
Quality Construction, Easy To Use, Great sound
Weak Instructions
Best Uses:
New Whole House Audio