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Outdoor Speakers
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Outdoor Speakers
Whether you have a cozy deck or a sprawling backyard, OSD Audio has the right outdoor speaker for your particular needs. Our patio and lawn speakers are built to take the harshest elements while maintaining high quality sound all year round. There's no need to drag a speaker out from the house or prop one from a window sill. It's easier and less expensive than you think to get great sound outdoors. Just be sure to wear sunscreen because you’re going to spend a lot more time outdoors!

Great Weather Deserves Great Music

If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining or just love working in the yard, you won’t regret investing in outdoor speakers. Nothing wrecks the mood like an old boom box or speakers blaring out of a window. All-weather speakers are designed specifically for the acoustic conditions of the outside world, such as the lack of walls, ceiling, and floors to reflect sound, and will perform a whole lot better.

Good Coverage Is Key
One thing to consider is how large an area you want to cover and how many speakers you'll need. Every yard and patio is different but the more speakers you have the better coverage you'll get. The person sitting close to an outdoor speaker may experience too much volume while a person further away barely hears a thing and you can't just crank up the volume. You'll also need an amp with enough power to get good volume levels, especially with long cable runs. You may already have an amp or a receiver with multi-zones (even better, multi-source) capability that can be expanded to include outdoor sound.

They Take a Beating and Keep on Playing
Outdoor speakers are like postal carriers, they take the rain, sleet and snow and still deliver. These guys are tough but if you live in hurricane areas or really cold climates, it's a good idea to take them inside if a storm is brewing. Most outdoor speaker are two way, meaning they include a woofer and a tweeter. The size of the woofer will largely determine how much sound (particularly bass) you'll get, and sizes range from 5¼", 6½" and 8". If a lot of bass is your thing, go for models with larger cones. You can enhance bass on rock speakers by burying them an inch or two in the ground. When placing your speakers, try to use the boundaries you have to reflect sound, for instance the side of the house or fences. Corners are even better! One last thing, outdoor speakers are fun so enjoy them as much as you can!


Billy Derian DIY Channel with our tree trunk outdoor speaker