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    SKU: FORZA-850

    OSD Forza8508" Omni Speaker 200W, 360° Dispersion IP65 Rated, Bronze

    Purchase OSD Forza 8" Omni Speaker 200W, 360° Dispersion IP65 Rated, Bronze
    • Outdoor Speaker Depot SKU: FORZA-850
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    Lifetime Tech Support


    Lifetime Tech Support

    • IP65 Rated
    • A durable, weatherproof omni speaker that provides outstanding sound to exterior audio systems 
    • Capable of handling 200 Watts of power
    • Made with reinforced resin fiber that withstands hot, cold and rainy climates
    • 8-inch woofer provides outstanding bass sound
    • 1” soft dome tweeter serves up the high notes
    • Easy to install and compatible with most amps and receivers
    • Reinforced antique bronze enclosure withstands harsh environments
    • Antique bronze color blends into any outdoor environment 
    The FORZA-850 is a durable and weatherproof omni speaker that provides outstanding sound to exterior audio systems and makes outdoor living even more enjoyable. This stealthy omni speaker is ideal for a variety of landscapes, including large backyards, and delivers clear highs and mids as well as smooth, strong bass. Rated at 200 watts of power handling, the FORZA-850 outdoor ground speaker is made of high-impact, resin fiber that stands up to whatever crazy climate you live in and includes an antique bronze color that blends easily with outdoor landscapes. Setting up this omni-directional outdoor  speaker couldn't be easier. Simply plug the FORZA-850 into an amplifier or receiver with direct burial speaker cable, bury the speaker according to the directions, and enjoy great sound in your outdoor space. The 8-inch woofer offers authoritative bass sound while the 1” pei dome tweeter tackles the high notes.

    360° Sound Dispersion
    Omni-directional speakers are ideal for wide-open spaces which have few hard surfaces to reflect and  disperse sound waves. These resilient outdoor speakers radiate sound evenly in a 360° pattern so you’ll hear rich and immersive audio whether you’re sitting down or walking around the backyard. The FORZA-850 is engineered with a cabinet and driver scheme that overcome the sound of wind, traffic, and other ambient noises that can dilute the sound experience. Keep in mind, however, that most omni speakers are passive so you’ll need amplification, and woofer sizes and power handling vary to fit small, medium and large landscapes. Tough as nails, omni speakers are designed with special enclosures and weatherproof components that are resistant to rain, snow, bugs and dirt. If you really want to shake things up, add an omni-directional subwoofer for a full-range outdoor audio experience.

    Do I need special cable to run outdoor speakers?
    We strongly recommend our direct burial, CL3/FT4 waterproof cable and wire connectors that are designed for the outdoors. Our speaker wire uses a specially formulated UV-resistant, white polyethylene jacket that provides protection against water damage and allows the cables to withstand extreme weather conditions like rain, snow and high temperatures and incorporate twice the insulation of average cable. If you plan to bury the cable, OSD recommends you bury it 4-6" underground so that it's not visible nor pose a danger of somebody tripping over it. Our speaker cable is ideal to use in direct burial applications. As for the gauge, for runs up to 100 feet for background music, 16-gauge will be fine. If the run is approaching or exceeding 100 feet, we suggest 14-gauge wire. 

    Add Volume Controls
    Volume controls can be a great addition to a system providing both proper impedance matching and more hands-on local control of the volume in the listening area. We offer a great selection of outdoor volume controls to choose from here!!

    Warning: California's Proposition 65


    This product can expose you to chemicals, including vinyl chloride, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

    • Speaker Type: 8" Outdoor In-Ground Omni Speaker
    • Woofer: 8" with 360° Horizontal Dispersion Pattern
    • Tweeter: 1" PEI Dome Tweeter
    • Frequency Response: 42Hz - 20kHz
    • Power Handling: 200W
    • Sensitivity: 88 dB
    • Impedance: 8 Ohms
    • Weather Resistant: All-Weather Versatility
    • UV-resistant, ABS Impact-resistant Formulated Enclosure
    • Silicone Sealed Internal Cabinetry & Driver
    • Unit Dimensions (L x H x D): 14 x 17" x 14"
    • Sold As: Single
    • Wireless: No
    • Colors Available: Antique Bronze
    • Weight: 13.5 lbs
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    3 Questions asked
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    What's on your mind?

    Jan Chen • 06/06/2020, 6:16:56 PM My outdoor audio system is on 70V - will these loudspeakers fit with that? Do you also have directional loudspeakers with similar design? (I do not like your green loudspeakers) I want to make sure the sound is directed to us in the garden and not my neighbor nor the golf club that I live besides. A 360 degree will not work for me in most of the locations!!!
    Customer Service • 06/15/2020, 12:33:21 PM
    Hi Jan: We are adding a 70V version of the FORZA-850 which will be green (commercial color). You would need to add an external 70 Volt Transformer to make this work the 360 degree design will not work for you. You might consider our FORZA-6 Pendant speaker with an outdoor garden pendant kit. It has built in 70V transformer and it is a similar color to the FORZA-850. It is directional so you would be able to focus away from the neighbors as well as the golf course.They have proven very popular this time of year, they are currently out of stock with an ETA of July 5th. We do have Patio speakers with built in 70V transformers like the AP650T. Good luck TimL/6-15-2020
    Douglas Gerner • 03/29/2021, 3:13:55 PM What is the recommended spacing for the Forza 850 Speakers in a backyard setting?
    Customer Service • 04/21/2021, 12:05:03 PM
    Hi Douglas: These are 360-degree Omnidirectional speakers sold as each. But we do recommend buying a pair and setting them up in stereo. The same rules apply to a non-Omni stereo pair of speakers. When setting up the pair of speakers (either directional or the Omni), you need to calculate how far away is the prime listening point. Think of an equal-sided triangle if the speaker is 10 feet away, then both speakers should be 10 feet away and 10 feet apart. WE do have a new Stereo to Summed Mono adapter so each speaker can have a full range summed mono stereo. I hope that helps. TimL/4-21
    David Harper • 06/10/2021, 9:03:18 PM Must the FORZA-850 be buried on can it be placed on a deck?
    Customer Service • 06/11/2021, 3:11:13 PM
    Hi David: This design is available in a Subwoofer (FORZA8) as well. Both are meant to be buried 3 to 4 inches or at least within an inch of the output slot. Burying tends to solidify the cabinet. There is no way for you to secure the enclosure to the deck without creating something yourself. Securing the FORZA8 Subwoofer would be critical, but I think you secure both in some form or fashion.