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OSD Audio ICE840 8" Woofer 1" Silk Tweeter High Definition 175W Ceiling Speakers Pair White

Product code: OSD-ICE840

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OSD Price: $69.95
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Features & Specifications

For rooms larger than 140 sq. ft., an 8" in-ceiling speaker is an excellent choice. These high-powered models are built to fill larger spaces and include high fidelity components. The Pro Series is perfect for customers who expect excellent sound but want to watch their budgets. Sold in pairs, the Pro ICE840 in-ceiling speakers can be installed in home theaters and the low price tag allows many of our customers to install these in-ceiling speakers throughout the house. The 8” cone delivers excellent frequency response (i.e., the range of musical tones a speaker can produce); plus, bass response or the ability to crank out low notes, is superb.

Enjoy High-end audio at an Amazing Price
Other features of the ICE840 found on competing speakers costing twice, even three times more include a polypropylene woofer with rubber surround and pivoting 1” adjustable silk tweeter for very smooth vocals. This in-ceiling speaker performs brilliantly in large spaces and also includes a gold-plated compression posts, a sophisticated crossover for clear channel separation and a heavy magnet to improve bass and sensitivity. Take a look at the reviews. We sell a lot of in-ceiling speakers and are able to offer these speakers at a price you won't find anywhere else.

What do dog ear brackets do?
Customers typically purchase OSD Audio ceiling speakers for new construction or retrofit. In new construction, studs or joists are exposed and sheet rock or ceiling tiles have not been installed. Retrofit refers to speakers installed into existing rooms. In retrofit construction, customers will use the dog ear clamps (sometimes referred to as retrofit brackets) that are included in the frames of all OSD Audio ceiling speakers. Once you are ready to install the speakers, after the ceiling has been installed and your hole has been cut, remove the grill so you have access to the four mounting screws that activate the dog ears. In new construction, a mounting bracket is often used although it is not required when you purchase our ceiling speakers. The two advantages for using brackets are: 1) you can determine the exact placement of the speaker while providing a template to cut the mounting hole; and 2) mounting brackets provide additional support. If you do not want to use mounting brackets, you can you can put up the drywall or ceiling, cut the hole and use the dog ear clamps to secure the speakers. (Note: the dog ears are also used in conjunction with the new construction brackets.)

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.  


Other Product Info

Every aspect of OSD Pro Series Speaker design starts with hardcore research. Built from the ground up, OSD products offer the most thought out, totally dialed in sound while providing year after year of sonic excellence! OSD Pro is our middle range product offerings from an excellent manufacturer.



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By Scott from Houston on November 30, 2012
Are these suitable for installation in the ceiling of an outdoor patio near a pool?
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 30, 2012

Hi Scott,
You can install the ICE840s in a covered patio. During installation, we recommend using a ring of silicone around the trim that goes against the wall; this prevents water from getting behind the speaker.
CL/MA 1432

Product Reviews

OSD Audio ICE840 8" Woofer 1" Silk Tweeter High Definition 175W Ceiling Speakers Pair White
4.5 Stars based on 21 Review(s)
Perth, West Australia
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

General Speakers
July 23, 2013
As general speakers installed around the house, these are such good value for money it's unbelievable, so glad I found OSD on the net & went with my instincts after much research of other speakers as well. A very satisfied customer... thanks boys & girls for your effort !!! (I also purchased 2 x sets of the MK850's for the theatre room ... excellent too)
The speaker grill "removal device" (Thin strong spring steel puller). The easy flip out holder tabs. Kevlar dome makes them last forever .... providing the coils don't pack up !!!
out of 3 sets of speakers two of the flip out tab screw heads stripped using a battery screw driver ... was unable to tighten right up.
Best Uses:
Music plays throughout the house without turning the amp up, when you're at the other end of the house !!!

De Winton, Alberta Canada
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Beat the Name Brands
October 12, 2014
We moved into our house which already had name brand ceiling speakers but not in many of the rooms. Purchased 2x840 and 2x640 and they sound great!!! Even my wife and daughters commented on the rich and authentic sound from these speakers but not a word about the other speakers already in the house. I will definitely be adding more speakers from OSD - incredible quality and value.
rich full authentic sound and very easy to install
Not enough of them in our house
Best Uses:
anywhere and everywhere

napa valley
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

January 28, 2014
awesome speakers for the money

Truth Syrup
WA state
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great value!
July 11, 2013
Easy installation, though instructions were not at all clear (seem to be for a different model). Sound good. Hopefully, they'll last for many years.

Wichita, KS
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Garage Installation - ICE840
June 24, 2013
I have installed a pair of these in a large 2-car garage with finished walls and ceiling. The installation was easy and the sound quality for the space was better than expected. I push 100 watts per channel and they seem to produce well in all ranges. Probably notice more base with more power but no complaints. Customer service was exceptional and helped with my selection. I wanted to buy four for the space and they talked me out of it. Great overall experiance!
Easy to install, good value, solid wire connections, excellent sound quality.
Haven't found any yet!

The Koz
Avon, Ohio
5 Stars

Sound quality very good. Nicely priced
January 18, 2013
Used for home theather system in great room. Sounds wonderful
Easy to Mount, Easy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality
Best Uses:
Home Theater

The Audio Guy
Halifax, Canada
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great speakers at a great price
December 31, 2012
We were moving and I had several pairs of high-end SpeakerCraft in-ceiling speakers ($1000/pair) that I wanted to take with me. So I searched for "cheap" speakers to replace them with that would fit the existing holes. The ICE 840s fit the bill - the right size and unbelievably inexpensive. But let me tell you there is nothing "cheap" about their build quality or sound. They give my SpeakerCraft systems a run for their money. They are 1/10th the price and I would say about 90% as good sound quality...just maybe missing a slight bit on the bass end. All in all I replaced about $4000 of extremely high end equipment for about $500 and only an audiophile would be able to tell the difference.
Good Power Output, Easy to Mount, Great Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Attractive Design
Best Uses:
Larger Rooms, Multiple Rooms / Whole House

San Antonio,Tx
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Awesome Sound!!!
January 12, 2012
I just installed the ICE840 8" speakers in my living room. The only thing that I would complain about is the 4 dog ear brackets could use a better design. When I was installing these speakers one dog ear on each speaker didn't release from the top. I would recommend you to cycle the screws through the dog ears before installing. The sound on these speaker are incredible! I can not tell the difference between these speakers and the high dollars speakers that I listen to at best buy. Don't waste your money on those expensive speakers.
Good Power Output, Great Sound Quality
Best Uses:
Home Theater

Chris the plumber
fanwood, NJ
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Great sound at a reasonable price.
November 20, 2011
installed in kitchen -- sound quality is great
Great Sound Quality, Easy to Mount, Reasonable price, Attractive Design
Best Uses:

Brian, Home Audio
3 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Jury is still out!!
October 2, 2011
I used 4 speakers in a 36 x 26 area with 9 ft ceilings. So far they sound good, I was not as satisfied with where they came from? Were they made here in the states? etc...I am happy so far with them, I just wish I could have gotten more information on them up front.
Good Sound Quality, Directions need help, Easy to Mount
Generic instructions, Not American made
Best Uses:
Larger Rooms, Basic Systems

Jim Foote
Vancouver, WA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very Happy with the entire experience
August 25, 2011
Great shopping experience. Quick delivery and easy installation. Sounds great. The only con was the mounting screws misaligned but that was easily fixed by simply running the screws all the way through the plastic first before mounting.
Easy To Setup, Great Sound Quality, Easy to Mount
Best Uses:

Warsaw, IN
5 Stars

Excellent value. Speakers ...
February 14, 2011
Excellent value. Speakers sound very good. Exceptional bass and good tremble. The room I built is right at 230 square feet. The 8" speakers are too large for the room, 6" would have been adequate and saved me even more. Installation could not be simpler.

Bismarck, ND
5 Stars

OK I bought these ...
May 6, 2010
OK I bought these speakers 3 months ago and just got to install them now. WOW! I am very happy with the product. I used to work at an audio dealer and I cannot tell you how great these speakers are for the price tag. Hip hop, Rock, Country it all sounds great they have great mid bass. My house will have these installed in everyroom!

George Gobel
5 Stars

I have the ...
July 30, 2009
I have the ICE-840's, to me they sound better than Nutone speakers.

5 Stars

I concur with everyone ...
February 27, 2009
I concur with everyone else. I would definately recommend this company to anyone. I'm extremely impressed!!!

5 Stars

I was concerned that ...
January 12, 2009
I was concerned that maybe the reviews were not real. I was very surprised at the low cost of the 4 speakers I purchased. I thought if they don't sound good then I'll use them in the basement and get a good pair for the family room. No need. They sound great. I have only had them hooked up for about 5 days but have already enjoyed several movies. I hope the durability is as good as the sound. They were very easy to install. I was concerned that I might have to mount brackets and then mount the speakers to them but they easily mounted directly into the sheetrock. They look great and sound great. I will be buying the in-wall speakers next for my basement. I hope they sound as good as my in-ceiling speakers.

Ken H from PA
5 Stars

Ordering was easy, ...
November 23, 2007
Ordering was easy, everything arrived as stated. (I like that you notify of shipment and tracing info if needed) Installation was so simple a child could do it. ATC8Ís sound phenomenal. I was concerned about having enough bass and my fear was unfounded. The bass and treble are superb, after installing and testing these speakers out I realized I could have utilized the 6î but I have no regrets. Thank you for the excellent service and product. I will purchase more of the same in the future and everyone that has listened has been floored by the sound.

5 Stars

I had a bid from my local ...
February 27, 2007
I had a bid from my local Boulder high end retailer. They wanted $400 bucks a pair for speakers. I bought 6 pair of the Phoenix Gold for $89 . The installers were here yesterday for the labor only install, and they were looking at the spec sheet for the PG speakers. The performance numbers were better than the product they were going to sell me. I saved $311 a pair x 6. Thanks for the flat screen Tv the difference paid for. The house rocks. Thanks

Ted L
5 Stars

I ordered 9 pairs of ...
December 4, 2006
I ordered 9 pairs of Phoenix Gold wall, ceiling, patio speakers, a speaker selector and volume controls over the Web after some initial consultation over the phone. The staff was friendly and helpful. The order was shipped promptly after receiving order and shipping confirmations, except for the speaker selector (a Russound PRO-12HP) which was not in stock and had to be drop shipped from the manufacturer. For the price, the speakers are very hard to beat. The the build quality is good, sound quality is very good, and I used the money I saved to buy a new receiver. I would not hesitate to order from them again.

5 Stars

I just wanted to say ...
February 15, 2006
I just wanted to say these are the best speakers i think they are very comparable to the $150 speakers they sound great and are easy to install they have a swivel speaker for directional sound all in all A+++ speakers I bought 4 for one of our homes and just bought 4 more pair for other rooms and house. Strengths: Great Sound, Easy to install Weaknesses: None, they have shown no sign of wear after 8 months of use Similar Products Used: boston in-wall $230 per pair and very litle difference in sound... Wish i found these first.

5 Stars

We are custom installer ...
February 15, 2006
We are custom installer and our jobs usually range from 200K and above. We primary use C850 and C870 for home theatre and ATC6 and ATC8 for multi room music. My clients seem like these speakers. We used to pay high price for other brand names.