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Russound A-M341 4 Source / 4 Zone Kit with Local Source Input

Product code: RS-A-M341

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Features & Specifications

A-BUS® is the easiest way to enjoy music throughout your home. Designed for simplicity and exceptional ease of use, it’s more convenient to use than any stereo system you’ve ever owned.
Using a revolutionary technology, A-BUS sends stereo music to amplified keypads or volume controls throughout your home, extending your audio system to as many rooms as you choose.


Other Product Info

A-BUS® is the easiest way to enjoy music throughout your home.


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By Alfred B. Klamm from Germany on July 25, 2012
Hi all.

I'm interessted in the a-bus set you offer. Did yout send it to customers in Germany? Are there problems with german audio or elektric standards? What's the price for shipping? Are there customs duty to pay?

Thank's for helping!

Best regards,
By Customer Service - Q&A on July 25, 2012

Hi Alfred,
The most economical way to ship to Germany is USPS priority international. Put in your postal code, change the country to Germany, and select USPS priority international for your shipping method and press Apply for shipping quote on the site.

By Joseph Zhou from Fremont, CA on November 27, 2011
I have installed Russound's A-BUS system in my home. Wnen I turned off the source music (receiver, Ipod, etc), why all the wall pads (the amplifers) and hubs could not be turned off, but still on? My understanding that A-BUS should turn off all the wall pads and hub when the music source turned off.

By Customer Service - Q&A on November 29, 2011

Hi Joseph,

The Owner’s Manual and information does not seem to answer your question. I see that the system features auto turn on when you turn the source on. Then the wall plate/amplifiers become active. I am assuming you need to turn off the system either at the key pad or with the remote control. I would suggest you direct the same question to the following: They are the company that first introduced A-Bus to the US (from Australia).


By TJH from NE on February 23, 2012
What is a good ceiling speaker for this system? I know the system has low wattage, so what kind of speaker would be the best choice to produce good quality sound despite the power limitations of A-BUS?
By Customer Service - Q&A on February 24, 2012


I would not sell the A-BUS short regarding power. The whole concept was that the amplification would be located in the Volume controller in the room closer to the speakers. The ideal setup is to have a dedicated amplifier per room. Shorter Speaker level runs produce less loss. We would recommend the OSD PRO series in-ceiling speakers. They have the broadest selection and are the most efficent (91dB) take less power to drive them.


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Russound A-M341 4 Source / 4 Zone Kit with Local Source Input