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SSVC6 Dual Source (Master A/B) 6-Pair Speaker Selector/Controller with Individual Volume Controls and Impedance-Matching Protection

Product code: OSD-SSVC6D

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Features & Specifications

• Single source speaker selector that distributes audio from a high current amplifier to up to six pairs of speakers or six separate zones
• Includes individual volume control knobs to raise or lower the volume of each listening zone
• Front-mounted master A/B switch lets you turn sources either on or off
• Play one pair, a combination of pairs, or all six pairs simultaneously and adjust the volume to suit each zone
• Impedance protection allows a single amplifier to safely power several pairs of speakers
• Autoformer-based operates more efficiently than resistor-based selectors
• Compact table top design or fits inside cabinets and equipment racks
• Six individual zone on/off slotted buttons for easy labeling
• Removable input/output connectors provide hassle-free hook-up
• Compatible with all high-current amplifiers up to 300W
• Accepts up to 14-gauge speaker cable
• High quality metal construction

The SSVC6D Dual Source 6-Pair Speaker Selector with Volume Controls is one of our most popular models because it’s the perfect fit and price for a wide range of distributed audio systems and includes features found on selectors that cost three times as much. Made of high quality metal cast construction and compact enough to fit tablet top, this versatile speaker selector connects six pairs of speakers or 12 speakers total and puts you in control of which zone to play and at what volume level. Compatible with all high-power amps up to 300W, the front-mounted master A/B switch allows you to toggle between two audio sources; for instance, switch from music streamed from your tablet or receiver with just a push of a button.

Professional-Level Whole House Audio at a DIY Price
This durable 6-zone speaker selector will accommodate many distributed audio systems and is limited only by your imagination. Control your outdoor rock speakers and patio system with outputs 1 and 2, dining room and kitchen speakers with outputs 3 and 4, etc., to create a professional-level whole house system. The SSVC6D is also well suited for commercial applications such as restaurants where the bar area may have higher volumes than the dining rooms and restrooms.

Impedance-Matching Protection Safeguards Amplifiers

To help protect expensive audio equipment, this 6-zone high-power speaker selector includes impedance-matching frequency protection circuitry that reduces subsonic signals so you can safely drive multiple pairs of speakers without going below the amp’s impedance ratings which can cause it to overheat or shut down.

Designed for Ease of Use and Installation

Connecting 12 speakers is a tedious and frustrating chore which is why the SSVC6D includes removable input and output connectors that accept up to 14-gauge speaker cable. The heavy-duty connectors unplug from the back so you can strip and insert the wires systematically without confusion of what speaker wire is going to what zone. For added convenience, the individual on/off buttons are slotted so you can label each of the listening zones.


Other Product Info

300W 6 speaker (pairs) outputs with individual speaker level controls. The SSVC-6 speaker selector lets you add up to six speaker pairs around your house with individual volume controls for each speaker. Features Plug-in screw terminal block for easy, yet secure wiring. Full impedance protection to protect your amplifier from low impedance when multiple speaker pairs are selected Solid metal construction


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By Nicholas from Boston, MA on September 6, 2012
I need a speaker selection box, for six pairs, with impedance protection that handles banana plugs. Does OSD make anything?
By Customer Service - Q&A on September 14, 2012

Hi Nicholas,
Our speaker selectors accept bare wire. Simply remove the banana plug and connect the bare wire to the terminals on the back of the SSVC6. We do not carry a speaker selector that accepts volume controls.
CL/MA 1280

By Mark from Oregon on September 11, 2012
We have 22 speakers (11 sets) that put our 60 watts of power each or a total of 1320 watts. I see that this unit can handle 1800total watts. I know that input/output impedance can be a factor, but can we DOUBLE up the amount of speakers we put on each of the six audio sources? In other words, can this accommodate 12 sets of speakers (doubled up) instead of just six?

Thank you!
By Customer Service - Q&A on September 14, 2012

Hi Mark,
To answer you correctly, we need to know about the amp and speakers you plan on using. Please provide the model numbers or specifications on the entire system. Email:
CL/MA 1287

By Brian from Oklahoma City, ok. on January 20, 2013
I have 6 zones. One is the surround I intend to connect directly to the receiver. The other five will be powered by your amp 200. My existing five zones of speakers are wired as mono back to the av cabinet. If I output from the amp 200 in bridge mode to the ssvc6 300. (A). Will it work. And b if so should I bridge out from the ssvc6 from each zone to the speakers. Or just wire out from one channel of each zone to the speakers?
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 21, 2013

Hi Brian,

We believe you can do this by connecting the bridged output of the AMP200 (the two positive outputs from Speaker A labeled as Bridged outputs). Connect these two wires to the right input of Source A of the speaker selector. Then make sure all of your five speakers are connected to the right side output of zone 1 through 5. The speakers should see a bridged mono signal to each one directly passed through from the AMP200. Good luck!

TL/MA - 1567

By jim from Austin, Texas on September 30, 2012
I have an Onkyo TX-NR708 receiver with 5.1 Polk Soundbar on Zone 1. My house is pre-wired with 5 speaker zones (measured impedance is 6 ohms). Can I connect this selector directly to Zone 2, and randomly control which zones (1 or many) zones are one, and the volume at each?
By Customer Service - Q&A on October 5, 2012

Hi Jim,

Typically, a second zone, speaker level output (channels 6 and 7) of the 7.1 Audio/Video Receiver is meant to drive a single pair of speakers. That is why they add a pre-amp output (for Room 2 as well) to connect to an external two-channel amplifier when customers are planning to add a more demanding load like multiple zones/rooms. We recommend our AMP200 in conjunction with the SSVC6. The combination would be ideal and give you the control and reliability you want in a multiple room setup using an audio video receiver to do both home theater and whole house.


By Tee Bordelon from baton rouge, La on January 4, 2012
i recently purhased and hooked up this speaker selector to my Denon AVR-1912 that i also just purchased. i connected 1 pair of outside speakers and 2 seperate stereo speakers (also from OSD) to the selector 0n 3 different channels of the selector. i have to turn the volume control on the selector to almost the highest level before i can hear any sound and it is still very low. do you have any suggestions? is my amp rejecting the selector for some reason. I'd appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 4, 2012

Hi Tee,

Based on your description, we have a few suggestions. First, to set up the Speaker Selector with Volume Controls you must turn your source off (the Denon AVR-1912). Then set all three volume controls to full “on” or as far as it will go clockwise. Then turn on your Denon receiver and adjust the volume on Zone 2 output to almost clipping. Now adjust the Volume Control counter-clockwise until your particular listening level is reached in each individual zone. Note that the volume control adds no gain; it attenuates from a maximum level to lower volumes.

If this does not work, you may also have an issue with only utilizing 3 of the 6 zones since the impedance matching setting of the internal volume controls would be 8x (the default setting for 5 to 8 speakers). If you are not planning to power the other three zones, you would be better off exchanging this unit for our four zone version the SSVC4 which would be set at 4X.


By Tim from Bellingham, WA on July 4, 2012
Will this work with only 4 pairs of speakers now until I upgrade to 6 pairs later, or will it have issues running like that?
By Customer Service - Q&A on July 6, 2012

Hi Tim,
Having the volume control on the unit is a compromise. For your application with 4 zones now and 2 later, I would recommend going with the DSM6 and having 6 in line volume controls like the SVC300.

By Dan from Danville. IN on May 19, 2012
I know very little about wireless speakers. Is it possible to connect outdoor wireless speakers to the SSVC6?
By Customer Service - Q&A on May 20, 2012

Hi Dan:

The Wireless Speakers need to have a Pre-amplified signal from the selected source. Something like a Headphone output connected with a mini 3.5mm RCA cable. The SSVC6 is connected to an Amplifier or Receiver after the signal has been amplified using speaker wire, four conductor (Right and Left +/-). The connection from the speaker selector is also done with speaker wire to the individual speakers. The wireless speaker features a Transmitter that has to be connected to the source with the audio cable plus it needs a Power Supply connected to an AC outlet. The Wireless Speaker features a Internal Wireless Receiver plus Power Amplifier that also needs a Power Supply connected to the main speaker and then the second speaker is connected by a hard wire that delivers power to both the Wireless Receiver and Power amplifier for that speaker. Only the Audio signal from the Transmitter to the Main and Secondary speaker is transmitted wirelessly. So the answer is no the SSVC6 Speaker Selector will not work with any of our Wireless speakers.


By Jason from Spring, Texas on January 23, 2012
I noticed this is 300W, but could it work with a 150W reciever? I was planning on upgrading to a more powerful reciever, but would like to use it for now with the 150W reciever. Also could this work with 12 ohms impedance speakers.(I have 2 sets of 3 - 4 ohms speakers wired in series so it could work on a regular house reciever) Would this be a problem??
By Customer Service - Q&A on January 23, 2012

Hi Jason:

You should not have problem using this with your 150W Receiver and it would be future proofed in case you go for more power.
Regarding the 4 speakers rated at 3-4 ohms that you have wired in series. If you have them wired as stereo pairs, two speakers for right channel and two speakers for left, I would think that would be considered a 6 to 8 ohm load. You could use those for one of the zones.


By Robert Rossi from Franklin, ma on November 23, 2012
I have a 9-1 reciever and 12 channel Elan AMP.
I would like to have just music to the entire home using the Elan for power.
a couple of my speakers have a volome control in the wall, th others are not hooked up to controls.
All unhooked wires - speakers are fed to the area of my electronics.
I would like to use the elan and have a volume control at that area for all channels.
Please advise your recomendation(s).
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 25, 2012

Hi Franklin:

We do not have a dedicated Speaker Selector box that will work for your application. I believe you can create your own Speaker selector panel using our individual Volume Controls and Mounting brackets (we have brackets for 1, 2, 3, and 4 controls). These would be for the Rooms/Zones that do not already have a Volume Control wired in-line. You may need to purchase a Decora panel cover plate depending on the mounting bracket selected (1, 2, 3, or 4 hole opening). Since your application does not call for Impedance matching because, your zones are being powered by its own dedicated stereo amplifier (2 channels of the ELAN), We would recommend using out VKR120 kit which is a Resister Based Volume Control. In theory it has a broader Frequency Response and better overall sound quality. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.

TL - 1407

By Tony from santa fe on November 14, 2011
Does the ssvc6 actually have built-in amplifiers? The overview states it handles up to 300w amp receiver... thanks
By Customer Service - Q&A on November 15, 2011

The SSVC6 is a totally passive unit (there is no power cord). Note this unit comes in two versions. The one you are looking at features the SVC300, 300 Watt impedance-matching volume controls. It can handle up to 300Watts per channel. We also have a 100 Watt per channel version that features our SVC100 impedance-matching volume controls. It all depends on which amplifier/receiver you are using.


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SSVC6 6X Pair Speaker Selector 300W Volume Control Dual Source
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New Smyrna Beach, Florida
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6 Speakers Controls
February 24, 2017
Great selector w/volume controls. Well made, easy installation and priced right. I would recommend this product to anyone considering adding additional speakers. Go for the 6 speakers to ensure you have plenty of room for future expansion
Best Uses:
Adding additional speakers with volume control.

Robert Widmer
Pleasanton, CA
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Works as promised
September 2, 2016
We have a large Christmas display and have speakers throughout the property. Have always had problems with different zones too loud or too soft. This unit has solved the problem completely and I am only running my amplifier at about 60% capacity now. Great investment and does what is it advertised to do.
easy to set up, works right out of the box, no additional power needed.

Fort Lauderdale
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SS VCD-6D pair-speaker-selector
February 14, 2015
Item arrive last night . It seams of very good quality with metal casing. I connected to my speakers very quickly thanks to the istraction manual. I can finally enjoy music all over my home.
Best speaker selector I have ever had.

Lawrenceville, Georgia
5 Stars
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6 Zone Speaker Selector / Volume Control
January 25, 2014
Unit received just as pictured and described. Worked well as a replacement for and previous model. More compact than the previous model.

lakeside midwest
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

not sure how to review a headline- it is what it says!
July 29, 2013
This is the 2nd one I've purchased- the first being the earlier model. It works very well, though, now, the volume control dial has a click feature (rather than smooth turn). No big deal, its just an observation. This one is also smaller (not as deep)- again, no big deal. One of the few zone controllers WITH volume control. I was waiting and waiting for OSD to re-stock these... thanks!
works great- one of the few zone controllers with volume control. simple, easy to hook up.
it is a little tedious to connect the wires to the rear of the unit. I didn't notice whether the entire wiring 'clip' pops out so that wires could be attached and then the entire 'zone' re-installed. I think that was a feature on the earlier one ? don't remember, its been in use for over a year without any probs. just put this one into service a few weeks ago. works great.