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5.25" In-Ceiling Speakers

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Quick Tip! If you plan on painting the speaker frame and grille, use spray paint instead of a brush or roller. Rolling or brushing paint onto the grille often fills in the holes which can impact sound performance. Small paint spray guns can be purchased for $5 at your local paint store and guidelines for thinning the paint are included with the spray gun.

Do you love having background music in your home or out in the yard? If so, then these 5 ¼-inch ceiling speakers are the perfect solution for your home audio needs. You'll love that they have a compact, space-saving design that requires smaller holes in your walls. Plus, they are incredibly affordable and are a cheaper option compared to 6- or 8-inch models. Our OSD 5 ¼-inch ceiling speakers are designed to provide crisp, clear background music in any space. You'll still get the wonderful sound performance you've come to expect from Outdoor Speaker Depot products, but the cost is much lower. These speakers are ideal for homeowners who aren't worried about getting a thumping bass sound or being able to crank the volume way up. They also provide the best audio solution for smaller spaces where you don't need a lot of power to get great sound.

Because they are mounted within the ceiling, these in-ceiling speakers are incredible discreet and sleek. The design is made even more subtle when you paint the speaker frame and grille to match your home's décor. Simply use spray paint to get a nice, even finish on your in-ceiling speakers. We recommend avoiding rolling or brushing paint onto these surfaces sine it could fill in the holes and affect sound performance. The good news is that a small paint spray gun is readily available at your local paint store for around $5 and will include all the instructions you need for thinning and applying the paint correctly.

Enjoy high-quality sound even in tight spaces by ordering these 5 ¼-inch ceiling speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot. We know that not everyone needs large speakers to provide loud sound in large spaces. If you'd like to create a cozy listening area inside or outside your home, these in-ceiling speakers provide the perfect solution. Use our buying guides and installation videos to make selecting and setting up your new speakers quick and painless. For any questions, simply use your free lifetime technical support to get the answers you need.