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SKU: BTR805-PAR OSD BTR805 8" Bluetooth® Rock Speaker Outdoor Weather Resistant, Brown/Grey (Pair)

Purchase OSD BTR805 8" Bluetooth® Rock Speaker Outdoor Weather Resistant, Brown/Grey (Pair)
  • SKU: BTR805-PAR bluetooth-wireless-rock-speaker

    OSD BTR805 8" Bluetooth® Rock Speaker Outdoor Weather Resistant, Brown/Grey (Pair)

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Lifetime Tech Support

This is the 2nd generation of our Bluetooth® Rock Speakers, we made the following changes a) Using better sound rock shell from our most popular rock speaker RX805 with better bass and clear high ends. b) Using waterproof IP67 grade power supply for better outdoor durability.

Get ready to jam in any outdoor space with the BTR805 Wireless Bluetooth® Rock Speaker . This 8" set is ideal for your lawn, garden or patio for best bass; they come in Granite Grey or Sandstone Canyon Brown so you can coordinate without the speakers looking out of place.

There are two speakers, a master and pairing speaker. The master speaker has the internal stereo amplifier plus built in Wireless Bluetooth® Receiver. The second or pairing speaker is connected to the master speaker using the 10Ft speaker cable that is included with the kit. The result is a two channel stereo output. It is recommended to have the speakers 8 to 12 feet apart for best stereo dispersion. You can cut the 10Ft cable down to the exact length desired. The extra cable is supplied in case you have to be created to hide the wire when running it between the two speakers.

Warning: California's Proposition 65

Warning: This product can expose you to chemicals including Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  • Speaker Type: 8" 2-Way Bluetooth® Rock Speakers
  • Woofer: 8" Polypropylene Cone with Butyl Rubber Surround
  • Tweeter: 1" Soft Dome
  • Frequency Response: 35Hz-22kHz
  • Power Handling: 150W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Bluetooth® Range: Up to 30Ft
  • Bluetooth® Version: 5.0
  • Compatible with A2DP Standard
  • Rigid Exterior Cases with Water-resistant Features
  • Designed to Look Like Rocks with Flat Bottoms, Makes it Easy to Place on any Flat Surface
  • What's Included: IP67 Waterproof Power Adapter, Speaker Wire, and Waterproof Wire Connectors
  • Power Supply Length: Plug to Transformer - 3' 5", Transformer to Speaker - 15' 5"
  • Unit Dimensions: (L x H x D) 12" x 14" x 11.5"
  • Sold As: Pair
  • Colors Available: Sandstone Canyon Brown or Granite Grey
  • Weight: 32 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year
70 Questions asked
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Mike • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Hello, I bought this product from Amazon a few days ago. The problem I'm having is that the "master" unit has a lot more bass and not enough treble than the "slave" unit. The speakers are about 25' apart and you definitely hear the difference when you are 20 + feet away and if I get close to each one of them, one has a lot better sound than the other! Please let us know if this is a normal occurrence or if we need to return them. I am comparing this set to the BTB650 set that I've purchased two years ago that are working great. Looking forward to your reply.
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
HI Mike: These are a stereo pair that are meant to be placed no more than 10 to 12 feet apart so they blend both the right and left channel together That is why each one sounds just fine when your close to it. Unfortunately this design featuring a master and a satellite speaker is limited to just the two speakers. Normally we would have suggested having two pair of rocks to cover the comparable area. We are developing a new Bluetooth product that will feature two pair of speakers and a sub woofer that would be perfect for what you are describing. Hopefully you will be able to fit them closer together and see if that makes a difference. TL/4477
Geo • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I have paired the system and have no volume control..there is no code being broadcast by the BTR-800 units What is the 4digit code..I have my phone hooked up to it no problem. The instructions clearly state that the BTR-800 will output a Bluetooth sync code..
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Geo: I do not believe you need or that a code is broadcast. You will know when you are paired since an audio signal comes through the speaker as soon as it pairs. Then it is up to your Bluetooth enabled (transmitter) device to adjust the volume. It is a loud momentary pinging sound each time it pairs. If you do not hear that then there is a possibility you are not paired. I would also try our sales department; 562-697-4200 and ask for Ed or Aaron both more proficient with Bluetooth than I. TL/4526
Rob Rossiter • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM When will the Bluetooth product with two speakers and sub-woofer, which was spoken of in another response to a question, be available
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
Hi Rob: We are expecting the working sample any day now in time so we can show a working sample at the industry trade show the first week of September. The means we are still 60 days out before production product is in our warehouse. TL/4527
Geo • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Does the BTR800 broadcast a 4digit pairing code does not seem to..what is the solution?
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
HI Geo: AS stated before if you are hearing the ping that tells you you are connected than it should work with your device controlling the volume. No code needed. TL/4529
Pat • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I am trying to pair my iPhone 6+ to my older BTR-800 speakers and it will not pair. The speakers are located away from any interfering sources but refuses to pair. I have tried several combinations of turning the phone on/off, speakers on/off without success. The speakers are probably about 7+ years old. Power light indicates they are powering and I hear a small "click" when the power is applied (sounds normal as power comes on) but no pairing will take place. I have also tried an iPhone 6 but no paring on that either. Thank you
Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
HI Pat: Try calling our Customer Service department, they handle most of the issues with Bluetooth. You should have no problem connecting since new devices should nbe backwards compatiable with the original Bluetooth speakers including the BTR800. TL/4591