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ACE850TT 8" Trimless Kevlar® Dual Tweeter Ceiling Speaker

Product code: ACE850TT

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Discontinued, check out ACE840TT!
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Features & Specifications

The ACE850TT, like its younger sibling the ACE650TT, provides smooth, high-definition, stereo sound out of a single speaker! If you are an audiophile or just enjoy hearing every detail in your music or movie/TV experience and want to have a discreet, near-invisible speaker system, this is the speaker for you! With the thin-bezel, trimless design, you get a minimal footprint so there are no bulky, obvious speakers in your ceiling. The ACE850TT produces greater bass response and covers a larger range than the 6.5" version.



3 Questions & 3 Answers
brian carway
from New York asked:
June 7, 2018
How does the 8 ohm / 16 ohm switch work? In 16 ohm is selected does that make each voice coil 16 ohms?
1 Answer
Hi Brian: The 8/16 ohm switch was added to make this speaker more flexible. It is a Single Summed Mono/Stereo speaker with Dual Voice coils (Dual inputs) and Dual Tweeters. So you have two options due to the 16/8 ohm switch. Option #1 typically this speaker is used as a single stereo speaker where you only have space for a single speaker but both a right and left (+/-) 2 conductor cable coming into the room. Usually Bathrooms, walk-in closets or hallways are of the applications. For Option #1, you connect both inputs (one right and the other left) and set the 8/16 ohm switch to 16 ohms. The amp sees an 8-ohm load. Option #2 involves connecting 2 each of the ACE800TT as a stereo pair with an advantage of having a pair of speakers with dual tweeters for more high-frequency dispersion versus a single tweeter. We sold the idea to the custom installer could stock one speaker for two applications. And of course, in this setup, you connect only one input on each speaker and set the 8/16 ohm switch to 8-ohms. The amp sees an 8-ohm load as well. Good question TL/5041
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on June 7, 2018

Tony W
from Broadlands, VA asked:
October 17, 2017
I am trying to plan a "whole basement" setup with in-ceiling speakers for audio. Is there some guide on how many speakers are needed for a certain size space etc? I expect two zones being driven by AMP 200 with control via two volume controls. source will be the media room setup.
1 Answer
Hi Tony: We offer a service called Upload Your Plans where we ask you to supply us with as much information on your project including asking for line drawings with dimensions (blueprints work but aren't always available). Images of you rooms are very effective as well. A list of equipment that you currently have or are planning to buy (including Brand name and model numbers) that you want to use in your system/project. No home Theater? Once we have an idea of the size and layout of your project we can help recommend the proper number of speakers. My contact info: TL/4597
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 22, 2017

from Santa Rosa, California asked:
June 8, 2016
This item lists it's wattage as 150 but makes no mention of the nature of that wattage. By which I mean is it Peak or RMS?
1 Answer
Hi Nathan: Max 150 Watts would be peak or dynamic range, And 120 Watts RMS or continuous. TL/3920
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 9, 2016

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