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OSD AP850 8" Weather Proof Patio Speaker Pair - Black or White

Product code: OSD-AP850

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Features & Specifications


Designed for both residential and commercial applications, the AP850 outdoor patio speaker is a customer and installer favorite due to its high-quality design on the inside and its tough exterior outside. Supplying high-end sound quality sound without the high-end price tag, this outdoor speaker can be mounted under patio eaves in homes or can be used in commercial applications such as ball parks, hotels, theme parks and other outdoor spaces where PA and clear background sound is required. What makes the AP850 different from pricey conventional 2-way outdoor is the componentry. We don’t skimp on what we know is important, such as the 8” polypropylene woofer that has the power and flexibility to cover all the low and mid-range frequencies. The AP850 also steps it up in the high end with a 1” ferrofluid-cooled tweeter that produces tight and highly distinguishable high notes and vocals. This durable outdoor patio speaker is rated at 180W with plenty of power to spare to crank up the tunes without distortion at high volumes. Designed for outdoor conditions with weather-resistant components, the sturdy ABS polymer enclosure and rust-resistant grille is ideal for patios, decks and overhangs covering areas up to 800 square feet. For the best protection, we recommend installing these speakers in a covered area such as beneath eaves and overhangs.

Better Cone Materials Equal Better Sound
In addition to a weather-resistant enclosure, the AP850 includes an 8” polypropylene woofer. Polypropylene is a popular speaker material due to the added stiffness and durability PP offers over paper cones. Polypropylene cone woofers produce rich and detailed low- and mid-range and very balanced sound overall. For high end, we include a 1” ferrofluid-cooled silk dome tweeter. This specialty tweeter material is well suited for outdoor applications because it is made from microscopic iron particles suspended in a non-conducting viscous oil which helps dissipate heat and promotes longevity.


Other Product Info

OSD Audio’s AP850 outdoor patio speaker is a customer and installer favorite due to its high-quality design on the inside and its tough exterior outside. Supplying high-end sound quality sound without the high-end price tag, this outdoor speaker can be mounted under patio eaves in homes or can be used in commercial applications such as ball parks, hotels and and other outdoor spaces where PA and clear background sound is required.



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27 Questions & 28 Answers
from Denver asked:
October 12, 2018
AP850 1. What volume control is recommended to run a pair of these from an amp200? And at what setting 2. Can one 850 cover a 500sf zone by itself? Or do they need to be paired?
1 Answer
HI Haley: I am assuming you have a 20 ft x 25 ft room. I would recommend a single pair to start mounting them around 10 to 12 foot apart. If you connect the single pair or even add a second pair of AP850 (to Speaker B), you do not need Impedance matching Volume Controls with the AMP200. The VKR120 Resistor based Volume Control has a Broader Frequency Response with no high or low-end roll-off, so would be a better choice for your application. There is also a new slider style as well, the SKR120. The Outdoor version is the OVC305R. You should also consider adding our New Pre-1 Preamplifier (with 1.5V output gain) to the AMP200. The High Current AMP200 is built to run all day long at 4 ohms (2 pairs of 8-ohm speakers in parallel). TL/5242
Tim Leahy
on October 12, 2018

from Buffalo, NY asked:
June 21, 2018
Hi Interested in 6 of these speakers (AP840) for an outdoor restaurant patio (hall like setting approx 60’ long). If I connected 6 of these @ 25W a speaker plus 20% for line loss I should need about a 250W 70v amp. Is that correct and what you recommend? If so what amp on your site do you recommend? Thank you, Damian.
1 Answer
Hi Damian: We recommend our PAM245 Amplifier/Mixer combo with 240 watts. The AP850 set to 25W would equal 150 watts. 80% of 240 is 192 Watts. You could add one or even 2 more AP850 and still be in the ballpark at 200Watts. Great choice of speakers, but check out the features on the PAM245 with 5 switchable zones 3 mic inputs (mic one has priority override), 3 Aux inputs plus pre-amp outs for expansion. Plus it includes RS232 and IR control (includes IR Remote). Good luck TL/5066
Tim Leahy
on June 21, 2018

from Mexico asked:
April 10, 2018
the specifitacion says that the sensitivity is 90dB, can I suppose is 90dB @ 1w 1m ?? thank you
1 Answer
Hi Alberto: Yes, sensitivity is 90dB 1 watt at 1 meter. Very efficient! TL/4901
Tim Leahy
on April 17, 2018

from Wabasha, MN asked:
March 14, 2018
I have a pair of AP840s on a deck powered with an Onkyo receiver that also powers another set of AP850s inside the house. Another connected deck needs sound. I am thinking of getting your new outdoor bluetooth wireless subwoofer and powering a new set of AP850s using that. I may also want to hook up the other pair of AP840s to the subwoofer so that all decks will use the same source. Hopefully there will be no latency. Do you think that will work?
1 Answer
Hi Jamie: This Outdoor Bluetooth Subwoofer should work perfectly for your application. There should be no latency issues. There is a Internal 4.1 power amplifier built into the Sub Chamber . One channel dedicated to the Sub woofer and two stereo outputs, one for your existing AP840 and the other for the new pair of AP850. You will have a single source input, the Bluetooth for both locations. You could even add a volume control for each stereo pair if you want more control, Check out the OVC100. Good luck TL/4845
Tim Leahy
on March 31, 2018

from New York asked:
February 27, 2018
Can you add some more photos of different angles, like the AP840 has?
1 Answer
Hi Billy: Good suggestion, I be able to do something on that next week when I will be in our California warehouse. I try and have additional photos posted and also send some directly to you. What is you application?
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 3, 2018

from New Orleans, LA asked:
January 5, 2018
I currently have the AMP200 powering a set of 8ohm speakers on both the A and B switches with 2 SVC100 in line of both the A and B speakers. If i were to replace one set of speakers with the AP850, would the AMP200 be able to power both sets and what should the impedance be set to on the SVC100's.
1 Answer
HI Burn: You will have no problem subbing a pair of AP850 with whatever pair of 8 ohm speakers you currently have. The impedance setting should be 1/2X for both SVC100. Technically you can connect three pair of 8 ohm speakers in parallel with the AMP300, all on speaker A if you wanted or 2 on speaker A and a single speaker on B. I might have also selected the SVC300 with this Amp. It is not a bad thing to run this amp consistently at a 4 ohm load. I compare running this AMP200 at 8 ohm to owning a Corvette and driving it at 35 mph on the highway. TL/4730
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 7, 2018

Carlos Valenzuela
from Guatemala City, Guatemala asked:
October 26, 2017
I ordered By Amazon 2 pairs of AP850, but I received AP850 with the Tap of 70V I think, they have a selector of watts. What is the diference, the speakers do not sound well. Please contact me to Regards Carlos Valenzuela
1 Answer
Hi Carlos: Just make sure you set the selector switch to 8 Ohm, this will bi-pass the internal 70V Transformer. The speaker is identical to the 8 ohm only version and should sound the same. What are you using them with, what is your source? TL/4610
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 27, 2017

from asked:
October 25, 2017
I’m opening a bar with 4 different zones. I’m looking at 4 pairs of these after reading awesome reviews. I’m thinking 2 amps to control the zones and maybe ad a powered sub with 2 extra speakers in one area to make people dance. What do you recommend?
1 Answer
HI Didier: We would love to help you with your bar setup. Where are you located? If you can supply me with additional information on your project including the layout of the building with dimensions and images of all the rooms and bar area. Checkout our AMP300 and the SSVC4 Speaker Selector with Dual Source switchable per zone between two amps. We have done many restaurants where the SSVC4 would be behind the bar and controlled by the bartender. Each zone features an internal volume control, On/Off switch and a choice of Source A or Source B. What are you planning for your sources? One could be for your TV's. Please let me know more. We just returned from a recent convention where we featured a wall of Bass including 8 each SL800 Passive subs powered by a single sub amp. It would work perfect with four speakers in two locations.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 27, 2017

from Austin TX asked:
April 1, 2016
What is the best amplifier to drive a single pair of these speakers? Also, what do you recommend to use for an in-wall volume control - Knob/Rotary control (not slide)?
1 Answer
Hi David: The best amplifier to drive these would be our AMP200. And if you are looking for a single volume control where you are not concerned with Impedance matching then you would want to use the resistor based volume control which comes in an indoor VSK-120 or in an outdoor version OVC-305; note, both are rotary style. The resistor based volume controls have a broader frequency response with no high or low end roll-off. You could even add a second pair of AP-850 to speaker B of the AMP200 and run through another Resistor based volume control with no problems. The AMP-200 is a High current amplifier featuring, large Toroidal Power Supply, High Capacitance, all discrete components in the Triple Darling-ton Audio Section and Ample Internal Heat sinks. A true audiophile Power Amplifier. You will want to run a minimum 14 gauge CL3/FT4 rated speaker wire. Good choices TL/3791
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 1, 2016

from Horseshoe Bend, AR asked:
March 8, 2018
The specs for the AP850 say 1" tweeter. The owners manual spec. Says 2". Why are they different and which one is right?
1 Answer
Hi Parrot: Thank you for bringing to our attention. The Spec listed on the web page (1") is most current. TL/4839
Tim Leahy
on March 10, 2018

from St. Louis asked:
June 8, 2017
What is the difference between the AP840 and the AP850?
1 Answer
HI Mike: The AP 850 is a more expensive speaker since it costs more due to better components and cabinet construction. Pure and simple we sell more AP 850 and virtually have no returns because someone does not like the sound quality. We had people return that AP 840 after complaining about the sound quality. Yes it looks comparable on paper but the AP 850 does not come back so it's the speaker we recommend between the two. TL/4412
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 10, 2017

suzann hensley
from sparta, tn asked:
March 10, 2017
I have a pair of AP850's being installed by the pool. I want a good receiver/amp that will get the most out of these speakers. Receiver will be on a screen porch subject to heat and high humidity at times. Any suggestions regarding what receiver I should consider?
1 Answer
Hi Suzann: The best match for your AP-850 is our AMP200. This is High Current Power Amplifier with plenty of headroom with great audiophile sound quality. It also features Automatic Priority Dual Source Switching so you have options for adding sources. There are some very good wireless sources available or you can add wired options like your iPod/Smartphone, Tablet, CD/DVD. And as long as your not exposed directly to the elements like rain there should be no problem mounted in a cabinet on your porch. You can also add an additional pair of AP-850 on Speaker B output. TL/4246
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 10, 2017

from St. Louis, Missouri asked:
February 21, 2017
I am looking to replace my current "rock" speakers that have not weathered well. I'm planning on installing some 4" x 4" treated posts to mount these at about 4' to 4.5' high. I'll be removing these in the fall to keep in the garage during the cold months, and remounting in the spring. So they'll not be exposed to ice, snow, or freezing rain. They'll likely be mounted vertically, and the ports will be very close to level. Do I need to worry about rain water getting into the enclosure, and if so, are there steps I can take to mitigate this? Also, can you confirm that these have true crossovers, and not just a filter on the tweeter? Also, if you can share the crossover points, just out of curiosity?
1 Answer
HI Rodney: I am always concerned about recommending any of our Outdoor patio speakers that are a ported design for an application where you have direct exposure to the elements. Unless they are mounted under an eve or or some sort of enclosure. And it is a good idea to take any outdoor speaker in during the off season. Maybe a better choice would be the AP650 which is a sealed design and has the highest certification for direct exposure. And like the AP 850 does have a actual crossover not just a cap to protect the tweeter. TL/4227
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 28, 2017

from Baton Rouge, La asked:
June 5, 2016
I was thinking about powering these with a JL audio Bluetooth audio controller and JBL marine amplifier (12V system mounted in an outdoor kitchen). I know these are 8 ohm speakers. Do you see a problem with compatibility using these speakers with car stereo electronics? Russ
1 Answer
Hi Russ: Assuming you have a JBL MA-6002 four channel Marine Power Amplifier that you could bridge and double the output of the Amplifier you would have no problem getting the most out a pair of AP-850. If you are using a JBL-MA-6002 two channel amplifier it will work but at 8 ohms will not draw as much current or will limit your output power. You might consider powering two pair of our AP-670 Patio speakers in parallel so that your amplifier is driving a 4 ohm load and pushing more current and more audio output. Note that 2 pair of AP-670 will cost a little more than a single pair of AP-850. Specs are very close with the AP-850 rated for higher power. Both are 44 to 45 Hz on the low end side and sensitivity for both runs 90 db so they are efficient. Either would work TL/3914
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 6, 2016

from Minneapolis, MN asked:
March 12, 2016
I have a control$ 8 zone amp. 120 Wattts @ 8ohm per channel. Will this be sufficient to drive the AP850 speakers?
2 Answers
Hi Jeff: These will work fine for your application. The key specification is the Sensitivity rating. The higher the number the more efficient the speaker and less power hungry they are. Anything above 88 dB is good indicator. The 200 watts are more for peak power with a RMS continuous power rating of 100 to 150 watts. So no problem using these in your setup. Good Luck TL/3751
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 14, 2016
Hi Jeff: These will work fine for your application. The key specification is the Sensitivity rating. The higher the number the more efficient the speaker and less power hungry they are. Anything above 88 dB is good indicator. The 200 watts are more for peak power with a RMS continuous power rating of 100 to 150 watts. So no problem using these in your setup. Good Luck TL/3751
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 14, 2016

Connor Long
from Alabama asked:
February 14, 2016
What are the main differences between the AP840 & AP850 other than the Optional 70 volt Tap & the 2" & 1" Tweeters, also can you tell a major difference in sound quality/Total Output between the 2" & 1" Tweeters . I'm looking to replace a pair of old QSC AD-S82, on a baseball field however won't be using the 70 volt Option.
1 Answer
Hi Conner: Both he AP-850 and AP-840 will work for your application. Specs as you can see our similar including both have 1 inch supernal Tweeters (that is a soft dome weatherproof tweeter. I do think the Cabinet of the AP-850 is a better design especially the front baffle indented around the tweeter for a better dispersion pattern for reproducing vocals (like making announcements). They also maybe a better match to the Speakers you are replacing. The AP-850 is also available with out the 70-Volt taps for $10.00 less. We have both speakers in stock available in black or white finish Good Luck TL/3709
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 17, 2016

from Austin, Tx asked:
May 30, 2015
I am looking for a speaker that can be mounted in a tree. Can these be mounted out in the open like that? rock speakers won't work in my application.
1 Answer
Hi Harold, They can be mounted to a tree, however they do have a port hole that opens into the speaker. Can you mount them horizontally and aim them down?
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 2, 2015

from Chicago, IL asked:
May 26, 2015
Do you have a recommendation on an amplifier to run 6 of these together? I don't need separate zones or any special controls. Thanks for your time.
1 Answer
Hi Tony, Check out our AMP300. It's a high-current amp that is built to run multiple pairs of speakers simultaneously.
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 2, 2015

shae leblanc
from lafayette louisiana asked:
January 5, 2015
I am looking at these for my back patio and yard area. I was thinking 4 of the 6.5 in speakers but i would like to have some bass without running a sub. How would 2 of these or 4 of these do in a 36x14 covered area and a large uncovered area of 36x24.
1 Answer
Hi Shae, These are our most powerful outdoor patio speakers and they have a ton of bass. This would suit you well.
Customer Service - Q&A
on January 14, 2015

Michael Martinez
from Brea, CA asked:
July 22, 2014
How do these compare to the Polk Atrium 8s?
1 Answer
Hello MIchael, The Atrium 8's are 6.5" speakers, so our AP850 is going to provide a lot more power and bass response while delivering a smooth and clear sound for all types of music.
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 22, 2014

from Southwest asked:
June 19, 2014
Do these have a bass port? I would like to mount them outside where they would be exposed to occasional rain.
1 Answer
Hi Tom, Yes - they do have a bass port so it would be best to have them mounted under an eave, but if you are limited, you can mount them horizontally and aim the speakers downwards. It would be nearly impossible for the rain to get in at that angle. Thanks! BM 2764
Customer Service - Q&A
on June 19, 2014

Dave louch
from Denver asked:
July 25, 2013
Do you have a chart for the area covered for the particular speaker? I.E 850 speaker = 50 sq ft
1 Answer
HI Dave: We do not have an official chart. I believe the key is you want the pair of stereo speakers placed 8 to 12 feet apart. 8" 2 way speakers can be placed farther apart than 6.5" 2 way speakers versus a 5.25" 2 way. You also want the speakers angled in slightly. If your area is wider you should think about adding a second pair of speakers. Unlike speakers inside which have walls and floors to help reinforce the sound the outside is usually wide open and you may need more speakers to cover an area. TL - 2101
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 21, 2013

from Tacoma, WA asked:
November 17, 2012
Hello, Does the AP850 sound any better than the AP840? I don't want to spend more for the AP850 if both sound the same. I don't need to use these in a commercial application, just want them for hot tub.
1 Answer
Hi Scott, I personally think the AP850's are worth the price difference. They are going to produce better quality sound. Before you purchase take a look at the AP650's They are the equivalent of the AP850's but in a smaller size. We show an image with a dollar bill that will help you judge the size of the speakers better. I think the AP650's are the perfect size, and they sound great! Top notch sound quality. This is relative to the area you are trying to cover though- If you would consider your area large- go with the AP850's CL
Customer Service - Q&A
on November 19, 2012

Bryan Espy
from Raleigh, NC asked:
July 9, 2012
Guys, I noticed on one of the pictures that this speaker cabinet appears to have a pair of 3/8" threaded mounting holes... can someone confirm? I planning on building a custom ceiling speaker mount, so I need to know the hold sizes, threading, width, etc. Thanks! bradesp
1 Answer
Hi Bryan, On the back of the AP850 there are four mounting screws that are 1/4". They are set 4¼" x 2" apart so that is vertically 4¼" apart and horizontally 2" apart. There are also two side mounting holes that are 4" apart. CL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 10, 2012

from NORTH HILLS CA asked:
May 27, 2012
1 Answer
Hi Marco: Both the AP850 and AP840 are 2 way speakers featuring a 8" Mid-bass Driver and 1" Tweeter. Both feature dual tuning ports. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 29, 2012

from new haven, in asked:
April 14, 2012
i want to be able to run radio and ipod on these speakers. what equipment is recommended?
1 Answer
Hi Jeff, You can connect your iPod to our AMP200 with a simple RCA to mini cable (product code OSD-MS-3ft). This cable connects into the back of the amp with RCAs (red and white) and into the headphone jack of your iPod. Radio would be done the same way, with an RCA or and RCA to mini. CL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on April 16, 2012

from Ancaster, Ontario asked:
October 26, 2011
Why are the 850's rated at 47hz bass cut off and the 840's at 30hz ?
1 Answer
Both speakers are 90dB (very efficient) and are rated up to 200 watts. The rule of thumb is that the lower frequency response the more power the speakers will take to produce the lower frequencies. The AP850 costs more for several reasons. The AP850 features a 70 Volt tap that gives you the option to use it in a standard two channel system or 70 Volt commercial setup. It also features a two-inch soft dome tweeter for a more defined top end, which is more appealing in commercial applications where they are utilized more for background music. Either speaker is an excellent choice; it just comes down to your individual application TL/MA
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 27, 2011

Product Reviews

70 Reviews
97% (68)
3% (2)
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47% Recommend this product (33 of 70 responses)
Vero Beach, FL
October 30, 2017
Exactly What I Expected: Audiophile Sound Quality
I was looking for a pair of outdoor speakers that produce high end audio. The AP850 did that wonderfully at a great price. I wanted to be able to listen to my fairly high end turntable vinyl on the patio and not feel let down. The AP850's hit that mark. On the patio, I wanted to be able to hear high end audio at generally low volumes and hear the detail my TT cartridge pulls out of vinyl record grooves. The speakers are set up fairly high on a 12' ceilings with tweeters spaced about 6' apart with the speakers pointing to listening area. The detail from the tweeters is awesome at about ~10' listening distance. The midrange is well balanced and the bottom end is tight and clean. Like I said, exactly what I expected from these speakers. Well done OSD!
ProsGreat quality and sound at a fair price.
ConsCan't really think of any.
By Pablo
Orlando, Florida
August 6, 2016
Blown away!
After installing I was blown away at the powerful beautiful sound these speakers produce! From the clearest highs to the rumbling lows! If you are on the market for patio speakers look no further!! These are the best bang for your buck out there, I've been researching outdoor speakers for awhile, went to checkout speakers at Best Buy and they wanted over $500 for the same specs and quality as these on name brands like JLAudio, Polk and so on. Even my neighbors were amazed, I'm an experience audiophile and I have these powered by an Onkyo receiver and fine tune with equalizer, but to be honest I never thought these speaker were going to sound this great! Now I can have a full blown music pool party!! Built quality feels awesome, looking for many years of use!
ProsBest bang for your buck!
ConsSo far none!
Best UsesPool deck, patios, garages
By Sonny Day
Freeport IL.
October 10, 2015
MOST BANG for the BUCKS $$$
If your looking for the best... look no further, 200watts per input, 37Hz to 22Khz, and quality build... I had a pair that recieved 7yrs of daily hard usage, and my friends couldn't believe the sound quality at all volumes... I bought a new pair as I finally wore out the rubber surround on the 8" woofers... These compete with Bose as a friend has a pair that are comparable, but more expensive... ~Sorry Bose~ I'll keep using the AP850's
ProsPowerful low end, and crisp highs through the whole frequency spectrum...
Best UsesAudio file grade listening for the outdoors on a budget...
By Larry E
Williamsport, Pa
July 22, 2013
Unbelievably Awesome
Just came in off the deck to rave about my speakers .I have owned these speakers for 4 or 5 years now and used them on my 24x8 porch prior to being flooded.I replaced my house with an a frame elevated 10' off the ground with a 14'x36' deck facing the creek. They are being fed by a Yamaha R-S700 receiver and matching cd player and competing against definitive mythos STS loud speakers with an 8000 supercube. I placed the speakers under the end eve of the a frame 11'up and 20' apart and they rock.My neighbor stopped and thanked me for the music he enjoyed while kayaking on the creek 50 yards away thru a row of cedar trees.Because of the 50' run I decided to upgrade to 16 gauge oxygen free outdoor cable and the results have blown me away.My 5 year old $350.00 speakers taken out of 2 year storage over top of my garage are producing quality tunes I have never heard from them before, more than holding their own against a system more than 10 times their cost. Bravo OSD what an awesome outdoor product!!!!
ProsAll positive.
Best UsesAnywhere quality sound is needed
By Andrew Schutsky
Thornton, PA
April 20, 2018
Great sound, decent bass, solid value
Running a pair of the AP850s on an 550 sq foot patio and open to about a 1500 sq foot listening space and they fill the area nicely. They are spaced about 18 feet apart and still get decent imaging with this setup. I've very pleased with them - hold they hold up well!
ProsAll around clear sound Solid mid and low end for an outdoor speaker
ConsA tad bulky
By Parrot
Horseshoe Bend, AR
March 24, 2018
Great speakers
This is my second pair of patio speakers I bought from OSD. These are replacing my AP840 speakers that bought in 2006. They sound awesome!
By Nick
March 24, 2017
Sounds Great
Great priceline and sounds great.
By Tony Langley
February 26, 2017
Great Sound
We purchased these speakers for our softball field and we are very happy with them.
ProsPrice, Waterproof
By John
November 6, 2016
This is the second set I have purchased. These are the best outdoor speakers you can find!
By Mitch
St louis, mo
October 3, 2016
Tremendous value
I have them up against an older set of Niles . They hold their own. Hope they last.
ProsGood bass,
By Barry Gauthier
July 13, 2016
Sound great on the porch . This is my second pair. Best bang for the buck.. Thanks
By Select Previous Designer
June 1, 2016
Great sound
This is my third set now, We just sold our home up north and had four of them mounted in the trees and the sound was excellent. Sold the home and the new owners wrote them in the contract. So time to start over. Great sound
By Philip
Long Island, NY
June 24, 2015
Wrote my first review of these almost 7 years ago...
And I only gave them four stars becuase of a small issue. After 7 years of harsh Long Island Winters, Hurricane Sandy, Heat waves, torrential rains, etc... these speakers still blow me away. My budget has increased significantly since I first purchased these, and if I needed more outdoor speakers I would still get these. They are even $50 less than I paid in 2008! I power these along with an old stereo rock speaker discontinued by OSD (what a shame!) with a nice Denon stereo amplifier 100 wpc, and everyone I know compliments the quality of sound. The Bass is remarkable- especially considering these are outdoors. Seperation and the high end is also fantastic. Trust me, for the money or even significantly more, you cannot get better sounding patio speakers.
ProsBass, seperation, build quality, durability.
Best UsesOutdoor music over a large area.
By Dr. Ferry
Weymouth, Mass.
January 29, 2015
Better then my more expensive in-door soeakers
Breath taking for quality sound, where out/door reproduction is the most difficult, my neighbors request (play it again please) a non-intrusive sound, able to carry on a conservation and still enjoy the music. If they make an in-door unit for the same price and quality, save me one.
ProsWarranty and able to leave out/doors year round. Not necessary to dis-assemble each season.
Best UsesBy the pool where much splash interference and joyful laugh are hard to over come.
By Gary
Orange Texas
March 29, 2014
Great Speakers
These speakers have good sound clarity for a medium priced speaker. I was pleasently suprised at how quickly my order was processed and shipped. Great job guys!
Le Claire, iowa
December 2, 2013
Second pair
Bought to replace high end name brand as already had pair for different application. Great sound and value along with timely delivery.
By Kurt
October 14, 2013
Awesome Speakers - Got exactly what I expected!
Ordered them for an outdoor pavillion with them spaced about 24 fee apart and 10 feet off of the ground. Mounted them horizontally and angled them downward a bit. Powered by a Yamaha amp, these things hammer. Plenty of sound for the space and also use them during sporting events on the TV. Great speakers for big sound.
ProsBig power handling. 8" sub. Great value for what you're getting.
By Cary
South Texas
September 18, 2013
Very High Quality
I purchased 4 AP850's for my back patio, I live on 2 acres and the nearest neighbor is over 100 yards away and I am worried that they will complain since these speakers are so loud and crystal clear that I cant help but turn them way up. I am more than pleased with these quality reasonably priced speakers.
ProsVery well built and excellent sound even powered through my AMP300 with it cranked up.
ConsIts not really a con for me but i'm sure some will think that they are to big, as they are quit large.
By louis
Staten Island,New York
September 13, 2013
850 speakers
Very happy just got them regret not getting them a lot earlier in the Summer sounds & looks good easy to install can't ask anymore for the price.
By Reg
September 2, 2013
AP850 outdoor speaker
Great sound quality for large backyards!
Plattsmouth NE
September 10, 2012
All they are supposed to be! Great!
When looking for outdoor speakers these need to be considered. I purchased for a large outdoor patio on the side of my home. They are hung about 25feet off the ground under my soffit at about 10 feet apart. I had a party this last weekend and was asked many times of what brand are the speakers and how much were they? When I stated that they were OSD and not a popular name brand the guests were very impressed. The bass is very impressive as well as the overall sound. I am fairly certain there will be orders in the near future from the many inquiries. Great price and great sound. Very pleased with the purchase.
ProsGood Power Output, Easy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality, Easy to Mount
Best UsesOutdoors
By Techiesrule
Houston, TX
September 7, 2012
Awesome Speakers
We put these on the outside of one of our event buildings and they sound awesome. Might even purchase another set to put at home.
ProsAttractive Design, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output, Easy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesOutdoors
By Gino
Long Island NY
August 20, 2012
AP850 Patio Speaker
I had a party over the summer and the yard was transformed into a nite club! With these speakers there is not one dead zone in the yard.. Crisp clean sound with awesome bass ! My neighbors love me lol... You will not be disappointed with this set of speakers believe me and I tried many others ...
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output, Attractive Design
By Augustus
Houston, Texas
June 26, 2012
Great Sound, Tremendous Value
Replaced NHT outdoor speakers, no comparison. Much improved sound quality, stage, and coverage.
ProsGood Power Output, Easy to Mount, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Easy To Set Up
Best UsesOutdoors
By Ryan S.
Fort Collins, Colorado
May 14, 2012
Tailgate Trailer Speakers
I purchased two of these speakers after much research into outdoor speakers of all types. I went to several stores to hear different types/models etc... After much deliberation I decided to go with the AP850's. I could not be happier. The sound quality, including base, is fantastic. I am buying another pair today. If you are questioning whether to buy these or not...don't. Just buy them! You will not be disappointed. Truly an awesome product! Thank you.
ProsEasy To Set Up, Great Sound Quality, Attractive Design, Good Power Output, Easy to Mount
Best UsesOutdoors