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Introducing the Next Level of Home Audio Experience: The OSD Nero Control12 and Nero Max8 

Hello to all the audio aficionados out there! It’s always an exciting time at OSD Audio as we continually strive to push the boundaries of audio technology. Today, we are thrilled to introduce our latest creations that are set to revolutionize your home audio experience: the OSD Nero Control12 and Nero Max8. 

OSD Nero Control12: Multi-Room Audio Control At Your Fingertips 

The OSD Nero Control12 is an ingenious piece of audio technology that places the power of sound right at your fingertips. This 6-Zone App-Controlled Matrix for Multi-Room Audio ensures a comprehensive music experience throughout your entire home​​. 

The Control12 is equipped with multiple input options, including four stereo line-level L&R RCA analog source inputs, a dedicated 3.5mm analog input, and an optical/3.5mm combination source input. This diverse input range ensures the device caters to all your audio source needs, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tunes from any source​​. 

In addition, it features six stereo line-level pre-amp L&R RCA outputs, providing flexible connectivity options with multichannel power amplifiers to enhance your audio output experience​​. To top it all off, the Control12 offers optional interactive keypad control, granting you an intuitive control experience like never before​​. 

OSD Nero Max8: Power and Versatility in One 

Next in our lineup is the OSD Nero Max8, a 4 Zone App-Controlled Matrix Multi-Room Amplifier. The Max8 isn’t just about power – though it has plenty of that with 80W per zone. It’s about bringing your music to life, wherever you are in your home​. 

With the Max8, you can play any one of six sources in up to four rooms or expand to as many as 12 rooms. Its high-efficiency Class D multi-room amplifier with smartphone/tablet control ensures that your favorite tunes are always just a tap away​​. 

The Max8 comes with four stereo line-level L&R RCA analog source inputs, one 3.5mm analog, and an optical/3.5mm combination source input. This ensures that whatever your audio source, the Max8 has you covered​​. 

What’s more, the Max8 includes three stereo line-level pre-amp L&R RCA outputs. Both the internal output and preamp outputs are active at the same time, providing a versatile and robust audio experience​​.  

Our dedicated App – OSD Control – gives you complete control of the Control12 or MAX8 from your smart device. And, with the included IR remote in the optional control keypad kit along with Cat5e network cable hub, controlling your multi-room audio system has never been easier​​. 

In conclusion, the OSD Nero Control12 and Nero Max8 are more than just audio devices; they’re a complete home audio experience. So, why wait? Upgrade your audio journey with OSD Audio today!