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Ceiling Speaker Pair 8" KevlarŪ Woofer OSD Audio ICE850

Product code: OSD-ICE850

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Features & Specifications

Sold in pairs, the ICE850 in-ceiling speakers are one of our most popular models because these ceiling speakers offer high-caliber sound without the high caliber price tag. With a power handling of 175 Watts, the ICE850s are an ideal choice for both whole house audio and home theaters and are well suited for larger spaces due to the 8" KevlarŪ woofer's ability to produce powerful but smooth bass tones. KevlarŪ woofers retain their shape even at very high energy levels which means you can turn up the volume and experience spine-tingling sound without distortion or coloration. A sophisticated crossover network provides an exceptional blend of low and top-end frequency response.

Pivoting Aluminum Dome Tweeter
The job of the tweeter is to deliver the higher frequencies of music and soundtracks. Tweeters can be made of many different materials. The ICE850 use an aluminum dome tweeter which is highly accurate sounding on high notes. The tweeter is also adjustable, meaning it can be aimed toward the listening area. This can make a big difference in sound quality especially for dialog and higher frequencies.

Audiophiles Love KevlarŪ Woofers
KevlarŪ is a super strong material known for its ability to produce powerful but very smooth bass tones. KevlarŪ woofer cones retain their shape even at very high energy levels, which means you can crank up the volume and experience spine-tingling sound without distortion or coloration.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

The ICE850 is the Rolls-Royce of the in-ceiling speakers. It is perfect for high-powered whole house systems designed for large spaces. Premium technologies such as KevlarŪ woofers, pivoting aluminum dome tweeters and sophisticated crossovers provide deep bass and exceptional top-end frequency response. KevlarŪ is the best component for woofers. It responds note for note without coloration and has big cranking power so you can dial up your system for higher listening levels.


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9 Questions & 9 Answers
Tim Cronan
from Louisiana asked:
July 28, 2018
I want to retrofit these in an old home with the current ceiling material 1 1/4 inch thick. Will the dog ears work with this thickness? If not can I replace the current dog ears’ screws with longer screws? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Tim: The ICE850 Dog Ear Clamps measure just under 2" so you would have no problem with the 1 1/4" depth you are dealing with on your particular ceiling application. TL/5131
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on August 3, 2018

from chico ca asked:
March 7, 2018
What back box would you recommend for these speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Tammy: I would recommend adding a couple of pieces of wood that would match your ceiling joists (Usually 2x8 or 2x10) and place one six inches on either side of your cutout. If it is an open ceiling you will want to cover the two joists and two additional pieces you have added. You can even seal the seams with silicone if so desired. Then add fiber fill around the speaker to help tune the box. The Fiber fill makes the speaker think it is operating in a larger box. Some people use foam inside the box gluing it to the internal sides. Technically you can get away without building a box, but the box will tighten things up like the bass. TL/4838
Submitted by: Tim Leahy on March 10, 2018

from Freeport, fl asked:
September 5, 2017
Do you need a bracket for new construction?
1 Answer
Hi Kevin: The new construction bracket helps in speaker placement making sure the sheet rock is cut out for each speaker the same time it is installed. It works as a template for the cutout. All the speakers have retrofit mounting so the new construction bracket helps with the install but is not mandatory that you use it. TL/4552
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 21, 2017

from St. Paul, MN asked:
February 16, 2017
Should these speakers be installed with a back box? Also, does the package come with a new construction bracket?
1 Answer
Hi Rob: If you have access to behind the Sheetrock that it is always better to be able to reinforce the speaker or if you are just cutting a hole and dropping the speaker in at least adding some fiber fill would be a good idea. The speaker has dog ear mounting brackets that are part of the frame. New Construction brackets are optional but not critical unless you have new construction and are worried about your speaker placement. The new construction brackets would not be used if you are thinking of building a back box (or reinforcing the area behind the speaker. TL/4220
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 21, 2017

Martin Svalstedt
from Sweden, Stockholm asked:
July 6, 2016
Hi How would you rate the OSD ICE 850 compared to the OSD - MKW - 850? BR Martin
1 Answer
Hi Martin: I would say the ICE-850 is a step below the MK series speakers. The MK-850 being the 8" 2 way In-ceiling speaker and the MKW-850 which is 8" 2 way In-Wall speaker. The MK-850 is back in stock this week. TL/3971
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 7, 2016

from H-town asked:
March 17, 2016
can the grilles be painted ?
1 Answer
Hi MT: All our grills are paint-able along with the frame. Each speaker comes with a dual template that features cutout dimensions and a Paint shield. There also is a removable cloth on the inside of the grill after you paint it. Typically you paint the grill with spray paint, you can find cans that feature a very fine mist. Good Luck TL/3763
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 18, 2016

from Louisiana asked:
March 9, 2016
Can these speakers be mounted outside under a covered patio?
1 Answer
Hi Quincy: Yes, no problem using this for your covered Patio, we just recommend applying a little bead of silicone on the back of the frame to help seal around the edges of the cutout hole. You can not go wrong with either choice of speaker both feature Powder coated steel grills and Rubber Surrounds and water proof cones. The 840 feature a soft dome tweeter and the MK-850 Aluminum domes both weather resistant. Good luck/TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 10, 2016

from Dallas, TX asked:
August 23, 2013
I have high ceilings in several of the locations in my home where I want to use these (over 20'). Can I install these in from the attic if I pull them up from the floor?
1 Answer
Hi Dave: Great choice, these speakers have plenty of bottom end to go with their overall sound quality. Can you still place them 8 to 10 feet apart? TL-2171
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 24, 2013

from Louisianna asked:
November 27, 2011
If I buy this pair , do I still need a subwoofer ???
1 Answer
Hi Mark: These have excellent Frequency Response going all the way down to 26 Hz. Eight inch in-ceiling speakers typically have more bass due to the larger cone area of the 8" woofer. But it depends on your application. If these are for two channel stereo sound with a full range signal then they should have plenty of Bass. If you are using them in a Home Theater 5.1 or 7.1 setup they will be limited by the frequncy output of the Audio Video Receiver and will definetly need a subwoofer. TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 27, 2011

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