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Dolby Atmos® Ready Angled LCR Ceiling Speakers

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Dolby Atmos is the latest surround sound system from Dolby. Comparing the regular Dolby surround it adds the height effects as another sound field to the left, right, center and surround. It gives listeners another dimension to experience to more lively movie and music listening. There are two kinds Dolby Atmos speakers - firing up and firing down. We like the firing down solutions because it is more accurate, easy to implement and cost effective. The firing down solution is direct comparing the firing up - which your ceiling has to reflect the sound, depends on the room setup, materials the firing up solution is hard to control comparing just installing the 4x ceiling speakers above your head for firing down solution. Let's Take This from a Different Angle, Our LCR (Left Center Right) Angeled Ceiling Speaker is angled 15 degrees toward the listener. This design offers excellent sound quality and can be used for left, center, right configurations. Install these speakers as front stereo pairs, a center channel, rear channel speakers, or anywhere high quality sound needs to be directed from the ceiling. Sold as individual speakers, the angled in-ceilings are especially useful if your room has an irregular shape or your sitting position is little far away from your speaker's location. The angle LCR ceiling speakers give you a more focused sound image and a better listening experience compared to standard ceiling speakers.

You can enjoy cinema-quality sound in your own home with Dolby Atmos. Engineered to direct sound upward, Dolby Atmos enabled speakers reflect the sound off the ceiling. For overhead sound by Dolby, you can either use ceiling speakers, Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers or a Dolby Atmos-enabled sound bar, which significantly upgrades the sound over a television's built-in speakers without having to install multiple speakers in various spots in a room. Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers are available as either integrated units with forward-directed speakers or as add-on modules with upward-directed speakers. You can use two Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers, but four are recommended for an optimal listening experience. Setting up four speakers instead of two will result in sound that is richer, more precise and more realistic.