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In-Wall Speakers OSD-MKW-850 with Kevlar® Woofers

Product code: OSD-MK-W850

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Features & Specifications

OSD-MKW850s are remarkable 8" in-wall speakers designed for the true audiophile. This model includes premium technologies such as Kevlar® woofers, pivoting aluminum dome tweeters and advanced crossovers to provide deep bass and exceptional top-end frequency response. Kevlar® is a robust material that helps the speaker cone retain its shape even at very high energy levels, so you’ll experience great audio quality at high and low volumes. In addition, front-mounted contour switches let you tailor bass and treble to suit your room and personal acoustic taste. If you're a music or movie fanatic who hears every little detail, this speaker will more than satisfy.

Deep, rich bass and exceptional top-end frequency response
Ultra sturdy Kevlar® cone woofers
Pivoting aluminum dome tweeter
Spray paintable grilles to match any décor
Contour switches let you tailor bass and treble

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

OSD Audio MKW-850 In-Wall Speaker Pair uses a sophisticated crossover network and the highest level of audiophile component materials. The Spitfire Ultra Reference Series are the best wall and ceiling speakers on the market. Premium technologies such as Kevlar® woofers, pivoting aluminum dome tweeters and sophisticated crossovers provide deep bass and exceptional top-end frequency response. Kevlar® is the best component for woofers. It responds note for note without coloration and has big cranking power so you can dial up your system for higher listening levels.



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16 Questions & 17 Answers
from Lewes, DE asked:
August 27, 2012
What is the best center speaker for front and rear to match to 2 pairs of the MKW 850's? I only see the MKIW550LCR as a fit but nothing bigger?
1 Answer
Hi Claude: The MKIW550LCR is the perfect Center Channel to match for your front stage. All three speakers share the same identical Tweeter, Cone Material and Crossover Components. The MKIW550LCR features 5.25" dual woofers that added together match the cone area of the 8 inch MK850's. This provides the proper timbre match for your front stage. The Dual 5.25 inch speaker is sized to fit perfectly between two studs mounted Horizontally. We recommend either the MKW-850 or MKW-650 as your front right and left speakers or using three MKIW550LCR with one for the right and another for the left speaker mounted Vertically. For the rear depending on a choice of In-Ceiling Speakers either a pair of MK670LCR speakers or even utilizing a pair of the MK690TT . For in-wall the MK650 would be the best match. All that would be left would be to add two of our PS88 Powered Sub-woofers for either a 5.2 or 7.2 system. Good luck TL 1256
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on August 27, 2012

from San Juan Islands, Wa asked:
November 14, 2016
The description mentions that these are weather resistant. Has anyone used them outdoors? Am looking for a good in-wall outdoor option. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi James: They will work in some outdoor venues but not one exposed directly to the elements like rain or snow. They would work in an enclosed porch as an example. We also do recommend doing some weather proofing which may included using a bead of silicon around the frame that faces the wall you are installing the speaker in the cutout. TL/4125
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 25, 2016

from Long Island, NY asked:
November 12, 2016
Hi - Was planning to use a pair of MKW-850s as LR front and an MK-IW550LCR as front center but with the cutout dimensions of the MK-IW55-LCR (15 1/6 wide) I don't see how this mounting that between 16 in on center studs could work (without alot of notching!) I was planning on using two MK670s for the back. So two questions: 1. Assuming the MK-IW55-LCR is too large for standard stud spacing, what is the next best match for a center speaker? 2. Is using the MK-670s a good match for the back? This is my 4th OSD room - you guys are awesome! Thanks.
1 Answer
HI Dan: We have been selling this speaker for more than 5 years. It is a tight fit but you have to take in to consideration the Sheetrock is either 5/8 or 3/4" and is notched to accommodate the frame. You may have an issue with 2 of the 6 dog ears but four is enough to hold the speaker in place. The MK IW-550 is our most popular center channel option and matches particularly well with the two MK-IW850. The new MK670 are great match as well for both Rear surround speakers and ATMOS/DTS:X options effects speakers as well. Whether you are using a older 5.1 or using anew 7.2; wiring for the Height option (channels 6 & 7) shpould be located 2 to 4 feet in front of your ideal listening/viewing area. The Surround Speakers will be 2 to 4 feet behind using the angled speakers.The real key is to make sure which ever speakers you use the tweeters all need to be aimed at that listening/viewing seating position Good Luck TL/4123
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 24, 2016

from Asheville, NC asked:
July 2, 2016
Since the in-ceiling version of these have been out of stock for quite some time, can these be used as in-ceiling for new construction? Any eta on the in ceiling version?
1 Answer
HI Joe: What is your application, Background music or Home Theater? Standard Frame or the new Trim-less design; take a look at the angled design either the MK870 or ACE870. Both feature the same Kevlar cone material, metal dome tweeters and crossover components. The In-wall speakers will work for In-ceiling as well. TL/3965
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 5, 2016

from Mohnton, PA asked:
June 20, 2016
What sub does OSD suggest to compliment these in-walls?
1 Answer
Hi Christian: Our best external Powered Subwoofer is the PS12 for pure power. The PS88 is more compact version if your looking for a smaller box. We also have two in-wall subs that will work but you need an external amplifier like our SMP250. One is our IWS10 and the other the the dual 8" IWS88. Both will perform better if you are able to build an enclosure to reinforce them in the wall. Note for the External Powered Sub woofers checkout our WSK-100 wireless sub woofer kit which gives you more options for placement of the Powered Sub woofers. TL/3941
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 20, 2016

from Mohnton, PA asked:
May 31, 2016
Does these speakers accept a bi-amping set up? See e.g. page 15 of
1 Answer
HI Christian: The MKW-850 are not setup for Bi-Amp. They have only a single input (+/-) that goes into the two way crossover that splits the signal between the High and low frequencies. A Bi-amp connection would have a dedicated input for the Low pass and a second input for the High Pass filter. Most speakers featuring a Bi-Amp connection have a jumper connecting the two in case you do not have a Bi-amp signal coming in. Make sure your Receiver is not set to bi-amp if you decide to use these speakers. TL/3905
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 1, 2016

from Greensboro, NC asked:
January 23, 2016
If I am using the MKW-850's for my left and right front speakers, but the MK-IW550 LCR that I want to use for center channel won't fit horizontally between studs that are 16" on center, which is my better choice for a center channel: 1. The MK-IW550 LCR mounted vertically, OR 2. Another MKW-850 3. A third option? I will be using MK670 mounted in the ceiling for the rear speakers. Thanks!
1 Answer
Hi Jeff: All of our current rectangle LCR speakers were designed to fit in between two studs including the MK-IW550. The Cutout dimensions are 6-7/8" x 13-15/16". It is a tight fit and may take a little notching of the stud but you can see the cutout is the same for the IW545. The horizontal mounting of this speaker either under or over the TV is the best application. Good luck TL/3671
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 25, 2016

from Brazil asked:
November 22, 2014
Hello, my name is Max, I am interested to buy MKW-850 frontal speaker, but I would like to know how to hold it into the wall, because I don`t have dry-wall, I have a brick wall. I am planning to outcut exactly as informed, but I don`t know how to hold it, could you please help me to find a way?
2 Answers
Hello Max, The speakers have dog-ear style clamps on the back (6 of them) that need a surface to clamp onto. Possibly you can install some wood or a bracket behind the brick? How thick is the brick?
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 26, 2014
Hello Max, The speakers have dog-ear style clamps on the back (6 of them) that need a surface to clamp onto. Possibly you can install some wood or a bracket behind the brick? How thick is the brick?
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 26, 2014

from Kernersville, NC asked:
April 14, 2014
Would I need to build a box to place these inside the wall or can I set them directly against batt insulation?
1 Answer
Hi Sam, These are open air speakers that do not require any kind of back box. They will be fine in the wall without the box. Thanks. -BM 2613
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 14, 2014

from Virginia asked:
February 9, 2014
Hi I try find information about our product : In-Wall Speakers OSD-MKW-850 with Kevlar Woofers In wall Center Channel Speaker MK-IW550 LCR . My question is that speakers are magnetically shielded and if not what should be safety distance between tv and speakers? Thank You
1 Answer
Hi Ben, The MKW-850s do have a magnet on the back. Since these speakers are in-wall speakers, that will help keeping a safe distance between speaker and tv. CS 2481
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 10, 2014

from Phoenix, AZ asked:
January 26, 2014
What is the continuous (RMS) power rating on these speakers? Is there a suggested amp output?
1 Answer
Hi Dave, The power handling for the MKW-850s is 200 watts so the RMS will be about 120 watts. 120-150 watts would be a goo amp output for these speakers. CS 2461
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 10, 2014

from Phoenix, Arizona asked:
June 18, 2013
Can these speakers be used as outdoor speakers on a covered patio? They would be mounted above 10' high and well protected from rain and wind. However, I do live in Phoenix so they would see 110+ degree heat. If these are not suitable for outdoor use, can you please recommend something that can still be mounted in-wall?
1 Answer
Hi Kevin, Although the grilles are treated to prevent not rust, we don’t recommend installing MKW-850s outside or in extreme temperature conditions. This is one of our top of the line models with Kevlar woofers and if moisture did get in, it could damage the components. We offer four different ceiling speakers that are specifically designed for covered patios and moist areas like laundry rooms and bathrooms. These models are expected back in stock in mid July. 1989 MA/BM
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 24, 2013

from Louisiana asked:
March 21, 2013
Can these speakers be mounted in the ceiling as well? Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Smokey, Yes, you can mount these 8” wall speakers in the ceiling or wall. Keep in mind that we carry a round version (MK850) of this speaker that typically installs in the ceiling. CL/MA1722
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 21, 2013

from "houston,tx" asked:
December 28, 2012
My main room dimensions are 20' -0" wide by 30' - 0" in length with a gable ceiling height of about 14' - 0" @ center! The entire room perimeter has finished wain coat wood panel to a height of about 7' - 0" I would like to install your 850 wall speakers @ a height of 9'- 0" angled down for front speakers, install 650 speakers at rear angled down, intermediate ceiling speakers in middle of room, and either a center speaker or wall mount 850 near tv monitor, also, a sub will need to be placed somewhere throughout the room. I will be using a Yamaha 663 receiver for 7.2 surround. Do you think this configuration will be sufficient? Will the main speakers height of 9' 0 " (angled down) be sufficient?
1 Answer
Hi Chris: Couple of questions, 1) Is your ceiling angled on all sides or is it flat at both ends?. 2) Where will the TV be located , on the 20 foot or 30 foot wall? 3) Will the TV be at eye level or up high tilted downward? 4) Can you do a rough outline noting furniture (prime seating area? 5) 2 Subs are recommended and your AVR accommodates that, What Sub woofers are you planning on using? 6) The Yamaha Receiver is an excellent choice, any plans for 7.2 versus 5.1? 7) The Tweeters pivot on all speakers, what is the angle of the Ceiling where you are proposing to install, sounds intriguing? TL-1497
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 31, 2012

Ted Duell
from Sweden asked:
December 28, 2012
Hello, I'm planning to buy two MKW850 and one MKIW550LCR. My drywall if 1" thick and the wood stud behind is 3,75", is it deep enough or should I add an extra 1,75" wood stud behind the drywall? If I make a box inside the wall, which volume is the optimum for these speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Ted, The thicker 1" drywall will help with the depth behind both the MKIW550LCR and the MKW850 when adding an enclosure. We're assuming the drywall has not been installed yet and you have total access to the studs. A simple solution would be to install a 1/4" board 24 inches high and whatever your measurement is from stud to stud wide. Then place an additional 2 x 4 fire break above and below so you are isolating the speaker from the rear wall. Then add some fiber fill (the same material used to stuff pillows) in the cavity before installing the speaker. The 1" drywall in the front will provide reinforcement as well. Just cut out your holes and install the three speakers. Please let us know if this helps. TL/MA - 1495
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 28, 2012

from France - Bois-Colombes asked:
May 31, 2012
Configuration Home Theatre 7.1 What configuration do you recommande to me for a room of 42m² uses for home theatre and for night club ! Option 1 Front R/L MKW-850 Central IW750LCR Surround R/ L : MKW-850 Back Surround R/L MKW-850 Option 2 Front R/L IW750LCR Central IW750LCR Surround R/L : MKW-850 Back Surround R/L MKW-850 Thank in advance for your answers David
1 Answer
Hi David, The IW750LCR has been discontinued. The model we recommend instead is the MK550LCR which features the same spun Kevlar cone material and 1" Pivoting Aluminum Dome Tweeter as the MKW850 In-wall speakers you selected. This provides the ideal timbre match for not only the front stage but for the full system. I am a big proponent of using three of the dual woofer LCR speakers for front stage. Therefore, substituting the MK550LCR for the IW750 LCR would be a great option. Here are other options that might spice up your system. We recommend an AVR from Yamaha, the new RX-V673. This model may differ for France but the key is it features a 7.2 system which means it has two subwoofer outputs. This is critical to having enough low end information for anywhere in the room. A single subwoofer tends to have dead spots between the large sine waves that are output. A second subwoofer will fill in the dead spots. OSD Audio features a number of choices, from our new PS88 (less than 11" cube in size), to our front-firing PS-12 that could be built into an enclosure. The Yamaha RX-V673 also adds a feature that calls for two additional front speakers (we recommend the MKW650) mounted two feet to the right and left of the existing right and left speakers. This would play when certain DSP effects are actively creating what they call a 7.2+2 speakers. The receiver can also simulate this effect if you choose not to add the two extra speakers. However, the key is to address the subwoofer issue and I know Yamaha is not the only one promoting a 7.2 system. The ideal setup is really four sub-woofers with one in each corner, plus in a night club setting, the option of having too much bass (that can be turned down) is not a bad thing. I hope that helps, please feel free to contact me if I can be of further assistance., Good luck! TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 31, 2012

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