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RS690 175W High Fidelity 6.5" Rock Speaker Pair Sandstone Brown Color On Sale

Product code: OSD-RS690

Out of Stock
OSD Price: $129.95
Compare at: $389.00 You Save: $259.05 (67%)
Sold in pairs 1 = 1 pair
This item is so popular, it is currently out of stock. But don’t worry, we’ll send an email letting you know when it’s back in!
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Features & Specifications

When you need the best sound on your patio, around your pool or in your garden area, we have the perfect solution. Available in granite gray and sandstone brown, these outdoor rock speakers are designed to provide superior sound quality in outdoor environments.

Key Features
· All-weather components withstand rain, temperatures and other harsh weather conditions
· Acoustically inert enclosure made from Aerospace grade multi-layer composite cabinetry
· Designed specifically for outdoor environments with excellent sound quality
· Available Sandstone Brown or Granite Grey finishes

Do You Have Everything You Need for Outdoor Sound?
You've picked your rock speakers and can’t wait to get them outside but do you have everything to get started? You'll need power to drive these awesome rocks from either an amplifier or receiver. You'll also need speaker wire to connect everything, particularly CL3 Rated, Direct Burial cable (see our Audio/Video Cable section).

Choosing the Right Location
You have your rock speakers, power to drive them and CL3 rated cable. Now it's time to choose a great spot. A good rule of thumb is that the speakers should face the general listening area, about 12 feet from the center and 10 to 12 feet apart. This set up will give you the best stereo imaging. Also, avoid placing the speakers in low spots that would make these speakers vulnerable to water accumulation.

Can I Play Music from My iPod or Laptop?
OSD Rock speaker function just like regular speakers and once they're hooked up to your source (amplifier or receiver) you can connect your portable player with a simple cable like our Mini Stereo 3.5mm to 2 RCA Adapter (see the Audio/Video Cable section).

Wind, Sleet, Snow…How Durable are these Speakers?
OSD outdoor speakers are developed with harsh conditions of the outdoors in mind. Our rock speakers use only non-water-absorbing materials and won't absorb any water. This is critical in winter so it won't freeze and crack. The shape is designed to withstand large amounts of pressure, extreme temperatures and moisture. Keep in mind, however, outdoor speakers are an investment, so take care of them. Storing them away from extreme weather conditions will only lengthen the time you will get enjoying outdoor speakers. These rock speakers utilize weather-resistant components for years of trouble free performance.


Other Product Info

Audiophile sound. Guaranteed to sound better than most rock speakers in the market or your money back. The HF6 cinema rocks produce inconspicuous sound for medium sized backyards, pools, patios and gardens.    Features: Weatherproof against all weather conditions including salt, water, pool chemicals, & more.



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6 Questions & 6 Answers
Angelica Komisarjevsky
from NJ asked:
August 25, 2017
Is there a way that I can connect these to my outdoor TV?
1 Answer
Hi Angelica: There are two ways to connect to your television. Either way you will need an external power amplifier like our XMP100 to connect to either the TV itself which typically have a right and left RCA output or to connect to you Satellite or Cable TV set top box. Both will need a stereo RCA patch cord. You would then connect the RS 690 to the Amplifier using speaker wire. What source are you using for your TV, that will help determine what and where is your best connection? TL/4534
Customer Service - Q&A
on August 30, 2017

from MI asked:
May 4, 2017
I just bought direct burial speaker wire, but the majority of my run is inside. I have a lot of extra CL2 indoor rated speaker wire already. Would it affect sound quality to splice the ends and run direct burial only for the outdoor area and indoor for the indoor area?
1 Answer
HI Kevin: You will have no problem splicing the wires together as long as you have the same gauge. If your CL2 is either 16/2 or 16/4 you can splice them to our 16 gauge. The CL rating pertains to the fire Resistance of the outer jacket. CL2 is for residential only and the CL3 is residential and most commercial applications (also a little more expensive than CL2). It has nothing to do with the internal conductors just makes it safe to run in the walls. But you just need to match the gauges for your application. If you have 16 and 14 gauge to connect the 16 gauge will your rating. 14 is a larger gauge that would be a waste of money. What makes it direct burial is we add something to protect it from UV rays. So no reason to change out your CL2. TL/4347
Customer Service - Q&A
on May 8, 2017

from Tucson asked:
October 17, 2014
If i buy this pair of speakers osd audio, what else im going to need to make it work? And amp? What kind do you specifically recomend ? What else ....thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Hedman, You would just need an amp such as our AMP120 and some speaker wire like our 16-2 or 14-2.
Customer Service - Q&A
on October 20, 2014

Sameh Fawzy
from Cairo, Egypt asked:
December 27, 2013
Are these type of rock speakers can bear the sea environment?
1 Answer
Great question. Our rock speakers are designed for all-weather purposes, but like with any outdoor component, it is always best to add as much protection as possible. Keeping the rocks in a primarily shaded area will help prevent fading of the paint over the years caused by direct sun contact. Bringing the rocks in during the harsh weather seasons or simply covering them up with tarp will also improve their longevity. -CS 2406
Customer Service - Q&A
on February 3, 2014

from NJ asked:
June 29, 2013
Hi what is the difference (besides driver size) between this speaker and the RX800. Which is better sounding?
1 Answer
Hi Mike Great question! Honestly these are my two favorite speakers. I would say the RS690 is the BEST speaker in our 6.5" size. The RS800 comes in 3rd in the 8" category but personally as far which sounds better - its hard to say- very similar sound quality (great!) The RS800 is larger like you noticed so you will get more low end (Bass) and please note the RS800 is sold singly while the price you see for the RS690 is for a pair. I hope that helps! CL 2031
Customer Service - Q&A
on July 3, 2013

from Pottstown, Pennsylvania asked:
March 30, 2012
If I place 2 pair of these speakers around my fenced in pool area which is approximately 60' by 40', would I have good sound without the use of a subwoofer?
1 Answer
Hi Bruce, The RS690 Rock Speakers are an excellent choice for your application. I would start with that to see if you're totally satisfied. Adding a subwoofer to this system would entail adding a dedicated subwoofer amplifier (SMP250) along with our RSUB300 (HF26). That would be your best match if you choose to add an outdoor sub. TL
Customer Service - Q&A
on March 30, 2012

Product Reviews

41 Reviews
83% (34)
17% (7)
0% (0)
0% (0)
0% (0)
44% Recommend this product (18 of 41 responses)
By Eric
Seattle, Wa
September 3, 2015
These speakers sound much better than I expected
I usually like to allow a lengthy use-period before reviewing, but that also means sometimes I end up not posting a review. I was pretty shocked at how well these speakers sound on our small outdoor patio. I also had my wife close her eyes so she couldn't see them before she heard them. We were both impressed. Now that I have them permanently wired, I did have an incident with one of them getting very quiet all of a sudden. I immediately removed it from the volume controller and plugged it into a different jack to rule out anything else being the issue. The only think I can surmise is that while I was hosing off the patio, it may have gotten some water in it. I left the speaker inside over night and the next day it sounded fine again. I will not leave them outdoors all winter as I think this would decrease their lifespan.
Proseasy to hook up
ConsNot necessarily a con, and who knows, there may be a reason for this, but the gob of glue on the bottom (where the wires come out) made it so the speaker wire has to be bent 180 degrees in order to come out of the notch in the back. I felt like they could have made it so the wire did not have to be bent around in order to come out the notch.
By Bill
April 7, 2013
Best of the bunch
I bought a total of 8 rock speakers. Four of these and four RS670. These RS690 a much better. Not saying a word bad about the RS670, just these sound better and look better. Both are outstanding. I'm using each set of four with one of the new Sonos Connect Amps. The system sounds great and is capable of really pissing of the neighbors ! You just can't. Go wrong with these guys, price, fast shipping, helpful, great quality and sound. Same for the ceiling speakers. !
Best UsesPool & Fire pit
By Matt
Halfmoon NY
August 14, 2016
Great sounding speakers
My second purchase from OSD. Just as with my 1st purchase, staff was very helpful in making the right selection, product arrived quickly in perfect condition, and the sound produced by the speakers sound like they should cost much more than they do. Very happy!
ProsGreat sound, durable, long lasting. I live in upstate NY and take them inside from October to April when the snow is here but the first set I had lasted 6 years in rain and intense constant sun before the casing started to break down. More than happy with performance and life of the product which is why I replaced with similar from same manufacturer.
Cons1st set was gray, but they were out of stock and I didn't want to wait so I got the brown. Not the best or most natural looking color but that's a minor quirk.
Best UsesGreat for outdoors. Have one in each corner of my fenced yard around the pool and deck. Sound is incredible for the affordable cost.
By Cliff
Patchogue, NY
June 2, 2016
Great value
Great value for the money, you are not going to find a pair of rock speakers of this quality for this price. Now for the real test, how they hold up to the weather.
ProsNice design, heavy speaker
ConsHas to connect to speaker wire via wire nuts
By Dan
Long Island, NY
July 9, 2015
Poolside Music
Shipping from OSD was very quick. Item price was $40 more from Amazon so buy direct from OSD! Speakers appear to be well made hopefully they will hold up to the elements! I installed these in the landscaping surrounding our swimming pool, they are spaced approximately 20 feet apart. Music can be played at a moderate level and sounds very good. I am driving them with a Onkyo TX-8050. Use a good quality speaker wire of adequate gauge and you will be very happy with the sound. At $200 dollars for the pair I am very pleased with the sound quality.
By Dan
May 22, 2015
Great value
Hooked up the speakers for our new pool with a Sonos amp. Great sound and easy hook up. I wish however they had darker colors. Excellent customer reviews and follow up from the company
ProsGreat value and sound.
ConsWish the speakers were a little darker. They are a little on the ligh wish the speakers were a little darker.
Best UsesT
By Craig
Dallas, TX
September 30, 2013
Sound great. Great Value.
After much mental turmoil, I decided to go with these speakers. I was looking at other well known brands, Klipsch and Niles. I am picky when it comes to quality sound. For the price, the OSD's were a great choice. The warranty is lacking when compared to the other two brands, IMO. But, I can buy 2 sets of OSDs for the price of 1 set of the other brands. I'm confident the OSD's will outlast their warranty. They are built solid and look great. In our flower bed, they look like real rocks ... until you turn them up. That's when they really shine.
ProsRealistic look. Great sound. Great price.
ConsWarranty when compared to other brands is lacking.
Best UsesFlower bed or hardscaped area.
By Anthony Brajevic
Huntington Beach, CA
July 16, 2013
RS690 Rock Speakers
Let me start by commenting that OSD is an exceptional on-line company. The way they do business, their customer service and expeditious delivery of product to the customer is top notch. Now the speakers. I ordered the 690's thinking they were better than the ones I was replacing. When I received them I noticed they were the same speakers I had except for the voltage/Ohm selector switch on the bottom of my old ones. I wired them up for a test drive. I'm driving them with a marine rated am/fm/cd in-dash boat stereo coupled with a Pioneer external 125/CH external amp tucked away inside my BBQ island. The speakers sounded very good but did not WOW me like the older pair I had. All said when done, for $200 you get a quality pair of speakers that will accommodate and fill most medium size backyards with rich sounding audio. They are a fantastic value compared to the crap that sells at big box and low price retailers. Don't hesitate to order a pair, the average consumer will be pleasantly surprised when they hear them.
ProsQuality construction, value for the $$$ compare to other products
ConsAdjustable voltage/Ohm selector eliminated, sound garbled if speakers get wet by irrigation or pool splashing until they dry again.
Best UsesBackyard, front yard, pool deck, garden
By Howmeister
New Jersey
June 3, 2013
Awesome Speakers
Couldn't be happier with them!
By michael zwerko
raritan nj
May 25, 2013
wasnt exactly sure about ordering these.Now i am these are awesome.i dont think my neighbors like them-but the HECK with them.i dont like them anyway.everything sounds great-herb alpert<sonny rollins;uriah heep.JUST BLAST EM!
By Ken
United States
May 22, 2013
Terrific Speaker and Good Value!
We had them installed yesterday. Great Sound, seem, at this point, very well made, and quick and easy purchase/delivery process.
By Cary
New Jersey
April 11, 2013
A little power hungry but...
Great sound in a nice package!
ProsLooks good
ConsPower hungry
By Dave
New york
July 10, 2012
Great sound for my patio. I use with apple air play through a amplifier in my family room. Couldn't be happier.
ProsGood Power Output, Attractive Design, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesHome, Outdoors
By Trannymd
July 5, 2012
I used these speakers as compliments to my Bose outdoor speakers. I was very surprised after they were hooked up to hear better clarity and sound than the Bose. I'm considering getting rid of the Bose and buying two more of these. Love them. Buy them you won't be sorry. Oh, by the way OSD was great to deal with, and I would absolutely do business again, and recommend them.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Attractive Design
Best UsesOutdoors
By Millertime
Los Angeles, CA
May 28, 2012
Great Speakers!
Purchased 4 of these for my backyard. I'm using them with an Onkyo-TX8050 receiver. Sound is excellent. Haven't turned volume all the way as it would be too loud for my neighbors but even at half volume sound is great. Love the look of them in by backyard. They blend right into the landscape.
ProsGreat Sound Quality, Easy To Set Up, Attractive Design, Good Power Output
Best UsesOutdoors
By D the Fixer
May 20, 2012
WOW!!! Shopped alot looking for a quality "rock" speaker. This surpassed my expections and then some considering the price I got. These were purchased for a client and I now want some as well as fellow contractors who were at the site for the hook-up and test. Could not be happier, thank you for not letting me down, that is tough now with the online shopping, you are what you say you are!
ProsEasy To Set Up, Attractive Design, Great Sound Quality, Easy to Mount, Good Power Output
By It's 5 o'clock somewhere
August 6, 2011
Great speaker, easy set up.
I love the speakers. Easy to set up and they look great with good sound. My backyard sounds like a home theater. A little pricy but worth the money.
ProsGood Power Output, Attractive Design, Easy To Setup, Great Sound Quality
Best UsesOutdoors
By c.c
Niagara Falls Canada
July 18, 2011
Great Sound in the open air.
The RS690 were a long shot when I purchased them wasn't sure how they would turn out. They turned out great for my outdoor pool, got 4 of them connected to an OSD Amplifier.
ProsEasy To Setup, Great Sound Quality, Good Power Output
Best UsesOutdoors
By John C
July 15, 2009
And to think that I ...
And to think that I almost got a pair of outdoor rock speakers from Best Buy! I&#039;m sure glad that I did&#039;nt and got these instead. Nice solid construction to the speaker and the sound is fantastic. I have a 14x14 patio and the sound fills in very nice...even at a low volume it is fantastic. Very easy to set-up and well worth the price!
By Scott W
July 2, 2009
07-02-09 Just got the ...
07-02-09 Just got the HF6&#039;s hooked up and well...these things ROCK! Filled our 15&#039; x 25&#039; deck with amazing sound, no problem. Best rock speaker for medium sized areas.
By John
June 10, 2009
Just hooked these ...
Just hooked these speakers up adn they sound amazing. Better then many more expensive indoor speakers i have heard. Fill up the yard with deep rich sound, anyone who hears them cannot believe what i paid for them. Customer service was great!!!
By Tom Schwartz
December 3, 2008
Customer Service. Give ...
Customer Service. Give these people a raise. It is a pleasure each time I call. I live NYC on the other side of the country and this the only company for speakers I will ever order from. This is due to how good the products are and how good the customer service is.
By steve baker
July 31, 2008
i live across the pond in ...
i live across the pond in england and saw these speakers on the web and thought i would take a punt on them. well 1st things 1st, delivery was great( a bit expensive but worth it) only 10 days, and as i said i live in england. + i recieved updates on a daily basis. the speakers are superb i am a b&w speaker lover but they dont make an outdoor speaker and to be honest i am now glad that they dont becouse 1 they would have cost a fortune and 2 they would have to go a long way to beat the sound that come out of these little rascals. dont get me wrong, b&w are proberly one of the best indoor speakers your likely to hear and i reckon that these hf6 speakers will be close to being the best outdoor speakers your likely to hear. i would not normely buy speakers without hearing them 1st but im glad i took the punt. honestly, if your looking for an out door speaker for a medium size area and you like your sound with a bit of beef to it then look no further than these.
By Gus
July 10, 2008
I ordered rock speakers ...
I ordered rock speakers from your company about 2 years ago and I still get rave reviews from friends at my pool parties. Thanks Gus
By Bryan
May 12, 2008
Has a nice sound that ...
Has a nice sound that fills the backyard. Paint faded a little quick (less than 3 months), time to see how the warranty piece holds up.