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5.25" In Wall Speakers

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In-Wall Speakers for Background Music When you want an economical option for in-home audio, choose these 5 ¼-inch in-wall speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot. Each one is incredibly affordable, even if you need to install multiple speakers throughout your home's interior and exterior. Our indoor and outdoor 5 ¼-inch in-wall speakers make it easy to play your favorite music in the background during parties, family dinners or when you're just hanging out at home. The compact, space, saving design makes them easier to install, and the grilles can even be painted to match your home's décor. Read more...
These 5 ¼-inch in-wall speakers are smaller than our 6- and 8-inch models, but that's for a good reason. Not only are they smaller and more affordable, they also have a different purpose. OSD's 5 ¼-inch in-wall speakers are ideal for those who want to focus on playing background music in their home or out on the patio or deck. If you're not worried about having that booming bass sound or the ability to crank up the volume, then these are the perfect solution for your needs. The sound is still crisp and clear, but it doesn't require as much fancy technology and powerful amps to run. Many homeowners find that these speakers suit their home audio needs perfectly, especially since they require small holes and have a more discreet look. Plus, they can be placed anywhere from bathrooms to kitchens to hallways and many even work outdoors.

Installation for our 5 ¼-inch in-wall speakers is a snap. Each one features a dog-eared clamp installation design that fits easily into drywall. We also offer installation guides and DIY video instructions to help you along the way. Plus, you can always contact us to take advantage of your free lifetime technical support that comes with all OSD products. Enjoy house-wide audio without the high cost by purchasing these economical 5 ¼-inch in-wall speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot.