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8" In Wall Speakers

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When getting the richest, most detailed sound is your number one priority in a home audio system, these 8-inch in-wall speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot simply can't be beat. In addition to having powerful subwoofers that give you incredible audio quality, you'll also get the amazing OSD prices you've come to know and love. Expect to save hundreds of dollars over the expensive name brands at your local electronics store just by shopping at Outdoor Speaker Depot. Meanwhile, you'll be getting high-quality home audio products that will provide you with an unforgettable listening experience for years to come. Read more...
At OSD, our 8-inch in-wall speakers are some of our most popular products for creating a home audio system from scratch. Because they have an in-wall design, they'll sit flush with the wall surface for a sleek and discrete look. Meanwhile, these are some of our most powerful home speakers that capture the high, mid and low frequencies for a rich, crisp sound. Many models even come with tailored sound contour switches that allow you to customize the frequency response in each room for treble, mid-range and bass output. This makes the speakers more convenient while also providing better sound quality that is perfectly tailored to each space.

Whether you want to create a cozy home theater or enjoy your favorite tunes out in the backyard, these 8-inch in-wall speakers are a great addition to your home audio system. Indoor and outdoor speaker options are available to ensure you can create a whole-house system to listen to the music of your choice. Our buying guides make it easy to choose between different models while our instructional videos make installation a DIY project you can tackle all on your own. And don't forget that every speaker comes with free lifetime support from our helpful tech team at Outdoor Speaker Depot.