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Wireless Bluetooth® Outdoor Speakers

Built-in amplifiers, Bluetooth® wireless and weatherproof capability.

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OSD's Bluetooth® and wireless outdoor speaker systems are designed to provide great sound for your yard, patio or other outdoor space without running wires. Whether you need to pipe great tunes in to your pool area or you want to outfit your garden with a set of speakers to transform it into a new environment, we can help. All of the self powered speakers in our collection, which includes single stereo speakers and sets, will enable you to create the perfect acoustics outdoors.

Which is Better: Wired or Wireless?

Wired outdoor speakers will transmit the audio signal more reliably--that's just physics because the signal is being transmitted via an enclosed cable with shielding to prevent interference. Wireless technology is more prone to outside factors and you may get interference from time to time. The benefit of wireless is the convenience and a quick installation; no cable to bury, and moving wireless speakers is far easier. Both have advantages and it's really up to you to decide which is better for your situation. Read more...
Our state-of-the-art outdoor wireless speakers operate on the Bluetooh technology to ensure that you get the best sound wherever you go. We’ve also designed our outdoor speakers to easily hook up to all of today’s most popular devices. You can connect your iPod, laptop, tablet or smartphone by easy pairing your devices to our speakers. Outdoor Speaker Depot is the ultimate go-to resource for wireless outdoor speakers. Because we design, engineer and manufacture all of our products, we can provide both a performance guarantee as well as any technical support you may need. You’ll even receive free lifetime product technical support with every purchase. Bring the latest technology to your outdoor space with these high-quality outdoor wireless speakers from Outdoor Speaker Depot. You’ll finally be able to enjoy your favorite music anywhere you want without the hassle of cords, cables and wires.