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6.5" In-Ceiling Speakers

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These 6 ½-inch ceiling speakers offer a range of amazing benefits that have won over hundreds of homeowners. First and foremost, the in-ceiling installation makes them one of the most subtle, sleek and stylish speaker applications available. They sit flush with the ceiling to provide amazing surround sound Read more...
without taking up any space or interfering with your thoughtful interior design scheme. In addition, they feature true high-fidelity sound that makes any space feel like your own private concert. Whether it's a den, a bedroom or even one of your outdoor areas, as long as you have a ceiling space or overhang in which to install them, these speakers will make it feel more inviting at the push of a button.

Another great perk of 6 ½-inch ceiling speakers is that they come with a one-inch silk or aluminum dome tweeter and a Kevlar or polypropylene cone woofer to create rich, full audio. These features will allow your 6 ½-inch ceiling speakers to provide excellent mid- and high-range sound in your home theater, your bedroom or out on the porch. You can also hook up a powered subwoofer to these speakers to get even more depth of sound by enhancing your music's lower frequencies.

The 6 ½-inch ceiling speaker size is recommended for medium-sized rooms and outdoor spaces. Because they provide great sound in an average space, they continue to be some of our most popular models here at Outdoor Speaker Depot. If you have a larger space or high, vaulted ceilings, move up to the 8-inch size to get the sound you need.

Use our buying guide to help select the perfect 6 ½-inch ceiling speakers for your home. You can also check out our handy installation instructions and videos if you plan to make it a DIY project. As always, you'll also enjoy access to free lifetime technical support when you purchase your home audio equipment from OSD.