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    SKU: OSD-AP650-PAR

    OSD AP6506.5" Outdoor Patio Speaker Pair w/ Optional 70V Tap, IP54 Rated, White or Black

    Purchase 6.5" 2-Way Outdoor Patio Speaker Pair w/ Optional 70V Tap, IP54 Rated, White or Black AP650
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    Lifetime Tech Support


    Lifetime Tech Support

    The OSD Audio AP650 outdoor patio speaker pair is the perfect choice for enhancing your outdoor audio experience. With an IP54 rating for protection against dust and water, these speakers feature a frequency response of 35Hz to 22kHz +/- 10dB, power handling of 150W, and sensitivity of 90 dB. The gold-plated spring-loaded binding posts ensure a secure connection. The powder-coated rust-resistant aluminum grille, ABS polymer enclosure and full motion bracket make these speakers durable for outdoor use and easy to install in any position. The 6.5-inch water resistant paper cone woofer provides full sound and deep, rich bass. These speakers are perfect for patios, decks and overhangs and are safe from pool chemicals. They are sold as a pair and available in black or white, and comes with a 1-year warranty.

    • Mounting bracket is designed to mount either vertically or horizontally
    • Available with 70V switch for commercial installations
    • Gold-plated spring compression binding posts for optimum connectivity
    • Sturdy ABS polymer frame
    • Powder-coated rust-resistant aluminum grille

    Warning: California's Proposition 65


    This product can expose you to chemicals, including vinyl chloride, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

    • Speaker Type: 6.5" Indoor/ Outdoor Patio Speakers, 70V Optional
    • IP54 Rated
    • Woofer: 6.5" Water Resistant Paper Cone Woofer
    • Tweeter: 1" Silk Dome
    • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 22kHz +/- 10dB
    • Power handling: 150W
    • Sensitivity: 90 dB
    • Impedance: 8 Ohms w/ Optional 70V Transformer Built-In
    • 70V Taps: 32W, 16W, 8W and 4W
    • Gold-Plated Spring-Loaded Binding Posts
    • Powder-coated Rust-resistant Aluminum Grille
    • Full Motion Bracket
    • Unit Dimensions: (L x H x D) 11.9" x 7.8" x 7.6"
    • Sold As: Pair
    • Colors Available: Black / White
    • Weight: 9 lbs Each Speaker
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    93 Questions asked
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    Kyle • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM What is the frequency response of these speakers when running them as 70v?
    Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
    Hi Kyle: I do not believe I have ever seen a separate frequency response for listed for the 70V. It is definitely not wider than the 8 ohm listed. And the better 70V amplifiers feature a High pass of subsonic filter. One of the advantages of 70V is you can run much smaller gauge of wires for longer distances as long as it does not have to produce lower frequencies typically below 80Hz. Our internal staff really did not notice any drop off when switched between 70V and 8 ohm. I Hope that helps. TL/4508
    Jim • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM Other than the mounting hardware, what is the difference between the 640 and 650? I am interested in the regular 650, not the 70volt version. The owners manual says the 650 is an "Ultra" speaker. What exactly does that mean? Thanks in advance for all input.
    Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
    HI Jim: The AP650 is a newer speaker that features a Sealed enclosure which contributes to being our highest rated weatherproof Speaker. It is certified IP-6X which is one of the highest commercial ratings scoring . It s also features a unique dual function mounting bracket that swivels and tilts as well. The same speaker and enclosure are used for our Bluetooth BTP-650 speaker and The AP650 and AP650T are the exact same speaker except the T version has an internal 70V transformer with 5 tap settings plus a 8 ohm setting where the signal totally by-passes the internal transformer so it performs exactly as the non T version. Three choices, that certainly rates an "Ultra" tag. TL/4531
    Juan Reynoso • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I bought these speakers 6/2016 and found one of them on the floor today (broken with internal parts loose). The plastic bracket spontaneously broke off from the speaker. Do these come with updated parts to avoid this from happening again?
    Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
    Hi Juan: Did the Plastic mount to the wall break? Did you use 2 screws? Can you take pictures and show us what you mounted to and include pictures of the broken bracket. I am assuming that is what broke. Please send them to me at TL/4347
    Jon • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM For the ap650, this page says three different things. A power-coated rust resistant grille, rust proof power-coated grille, and rust proof aluminum grille. Which one is true? I know these have a unique bracket that swivels and tilts. And are these really weather proof, or resistant? And is the hardware stainless steel?
    Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
    Hi Jon: Thank you for taking the time to point out the confusing text and bullet points for the AP650 speaker. We are updating the info, the correct listing on the Grille should be Powder-Coated Rust Resistant Grills. They are not Aluminum Grills. The Mounting Hardware is also Powder-Coated Rust Resistant, not Stainless Steel. They are Certified for both water and dust resistance rating a IPX6 (the highest). It is a sealed enclosure and features a Soft Dome Tweeter. It also features a dual function mounting bracket that both swivels 0 to 180 degrees and tilts 0-60 degrees. We also have the identical version in a Bluetooth Patio speaker kit with one speaker having Bluetooth Receiver and Amplifier built in and a second passive satellite speaker. Again thanks for the heads up. We are updating the site with new images and the correct information. TL/4566
    David • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM I have an Onkyo TX-SR500 Receiver which has connections for 2 sets of speakers - both of which are in use already. What do I need to add to accommodate a third set outdoors? Secondly, the length of the outdoor area is about 60'. Do I need 1 pair or 2 pair of speakers?
    Customer Service • 12/17/2019, 2:17:43 PM
    HI David: I am assuming you are using this Receiver solely as a two channel stereo Receiver where you have speakers connected to Front A and Front B. And that does not count the pair or two pair of speakers you want to add for outdoors (2 pair would be recommended for your 60 feet of outdoor space). One option is to add a SSVC2 Speaker Selector featuring two internal Impedance matching Volume Controls and then connect that directly to your Speaker A output from the Source A input for the SSVC2. Then connect your current pair of speakers (that were connected to Speaker A) to Zone 1 output of the SSVC2. The next connection will be a two 2 conductor 16/2 CL3/FT4 speaker wire which you would run to a pair of the AP650 mounted outside starting with a left speaker 8 feet from the beginning of your 60 foot area with the second speaker or right speaker 12 foot apart. Now from your left speaker with the cable connected to the input you would run a second two conductor cable out to the first left speaker and run it 24 feet (12 feet past the right speaker) to the second left speaker. Last you would run another 2 conductor cable from the first Right speaker 24 feet to the second right speaker. So you would have a left, right, left and right speaker each 12 feet apart. They would be wired in parallel. The impedance would be somewhere between 4 and 8 ohms at the Speaker A output. And if you were playing the Speaker B as well the load would be between 3 and 4 ohm which I am assuming would work with the High Current Amplifier of the ONKYO Receiver, plus you would have a volume control for your two outside speakers and one for you original A speaker. Again that is assuming you are using the Onkyo Receiver as a two channel Stereo Receiver. Let me know if can answer any additional questions; Good luck TL/4588