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MK670 Angled Kevlar® Woofer 6.5" LCR Ceiling Speaker Dolby Atmos® Ready

Product code: OSD-MK670

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Out of Stock - See "ACE670"
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Features & Specifications

In the single speaker category the MK670 sports a truly innovative design. The MK670 single speaker includes an angled 6.5” Kevlar® woofer, set at a 15° degree angle and a pivoting 1” aluminum dome for amazing imaging and staging. It is by natural the perfect setup for Dolby Atmos firing down speaker setup. The critical high and midrange frequencies are pointed toward the listener, not the floor, so when your video tracks left to right, the sound tracks right along with the video. With power handling up to 175, this is an ideal speaker to build a great ultimate home theater.

Why an Angled Speaker?
The beauty of an angled speaker like the MK670 is that you can tailor the sound to your room. Suppose your sofa is not positioned directly below your ceiling speakers. The angled speaker allows you to point the audio directly at the "sweet spot." Also sometimes customers do not have room for an in wall center channel and use three MK670 in-ceiling speakers for front surround. This configuration is especially helpful when the listening area is close to the rear speakers.

The Power of Kevlar® !
Kevlar® brand fiber is an innovative technology combines high strength with light weight to help dramatically improve the performance of a variety of consumer and industrial products. Lightweight and flexible, Kevlar® has evolved over four decades of innovation to do everything from helping save thousands of lives around the world to helping make safer homes and vehicles to helping land spacecraft on Mars. If it needs to be light, strong, or safe, it needs to be Kevlar® . Kevlar® Cones are featured on both our MK Spitfire and Kevlar® Series Speakers.

Testing the Sound Quality of In-ceiling Speakers

Many customers like to test the sound quality of their new OSD Audio in-ceiling speakers before they install them. Keep in mind, however, that these flush-mount speakers are designed to be used in the wall or ceiling. Uninstalled in-wall/in-ceiling speakers will sound weak and tinny because without the proper enclosure (in this case your house wall) the speaker can’t produce the sound pressure level it needs. If you want to try them out, we recommend mounting the in-ceiling speakers into a box of about 3 cubic ft. or larger; or simply mount them in the ceiling and then listen. This will give you an accurate measure of the sound quality.

Paint the Grilles for a Custom Touch!
Many of our customers like to paint the grille of their in-ceiling speakers to match their room décor. Painting the grilles/trim won’t harm your speakers but be sure to use spray paint; never a brush. Brushing the grilles can clog the holes and interfere with sound quality. We also recommend using a fine spray paint gun, the inexpensive kind that you can pick up at your local hardware store. Our in-ceiling speakers also come with a paint shield to help guide you.

For a retrofit installation, no construction bracket is needed.


Other Product Info

Introducing LCR Ceiling Series Speakers. With this revolutionary design you can get imaging and staging that would be lost with regular, down-firing ceiling speakers. We accomplish this because our woofers are set at a 15° degree angle. The critical high and midrange frequencies are then pointed toward the listener, not the floor. So, when your video tracks left to right, the sound tracks right along with the video. You can even use them for rear and side surrounds in a 5.1 or 7.1 system.



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24 Questions & 24 Answers
from Totonto, Ontario asked:
January 15, 2018
The product page suggests that this item will again be available but a response in the Q & A says it has been discontinued? Will MK670 be stocked again? If so, is there an ETA?
1 Answer
Hi Gordon: The Standard Frame speakers in the MK series are being phased out. They are being replaced by the Trim-less design found in the ACE670 and ACE870. Same cone material, surround and tweeter are identical. Performance is identical. We are expanding the OSD trim-less to include 8.0" 2 way In-wall, and new 6.5: and 5.25" In-Wall LCR speakers. Stay tuned... TL/4752
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 18, 2018

from Toronto, Ontario asked:
January 8, 2018
The product page stock note implies that this item (MK670 Ceiling Speaker) will be available again, but a reply in the Q &A section says permanently discontinued. Will it be restocked and available again? Thank you
1 Answer
Hi Gordon: The MK670 speaker featured a standard frame. its replacement the ACE670 features an updated trim-less frame. They are similar in performance with the MK670 showing 175 Watts versus 150W for the ACE670. The new trim-less design is newer and much more popular. Most of the standard frame MK speakers have or are being discontinued. TL/ 4734
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 15, 2018

from Saline michigan asked:
January 20, 2017
Hi, i just received 4 of the mk670's. My question is the angle of the speaker. Do i point the kevlar woofer at the mlp? Or do i face the deep part of the speaker and the woofer reflects? Thanks Chip
1 Answer
Hi Chip: The angle needs to be facing your optimum viewing /listening location. The angle of the woofer is 15% and the tweeter swivels an additional 5%. The tweeter needed to be pointed at the optimum viewing and Listening location. So both the woofer and tweeter are pointed together. Make sure you point all the tweeters towards this optimum location. Including front stage in-walls/LCR speakers. Another trick is to use two sub woofers one connected to the LFE (point.1 of 2). And connect a second sub woofer to the center channel output if your receiver has pre amp out as well. TL/4188
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 27, 2017

from Niagara Falls asked:
March 17, 2017
When will the mk670 be in stock? I wish to us as rear home theater speakers complemented by mk650 as as overhead mid room speakers for Atmos.
1 Answer
Hi MMD: The MK 670 has been closed out and will not be reordered. We do have the MK 870 in stock (We can give you an additional discount on the MK870) They will be discontinued as well but we have ample stock. These are being replaced by the ACE 670 and The ACE 870 which have the same Woofer, Tweeter and Crossover as the MK speakers but feature the new Perfect Edge Trim-less design versus the standard frame of the MK series. TL/4257
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 25, 2017

from Visalia, California asked:
February 9, 2017
I bought two of these to run as my rear/surround speakers. I have a denon avr x4000 receiver and I am wondering if 16 gauge wire will be enough to run this speaker efficiently. I already had the wire, just wondering if I need to run a bigger wire?
1 Answer
Hi Bryn: 16 gauge will work just fine for your application. The surround speakers play a dedicated processed channel which typically does not have low bass associated with it. Larger gauge is typically needed for full range over 80 feet (recommend 14 gauge) and over 200 feet (12 gauge) That is based upon each not the total of the pair. And if your were running a In-wall sub it would be more critical say 50 feet and over 12 gauge. TL/4213
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 19, 2017

from New Jersey asked:
January 5, 2017
Can these speakers be installed on drop ceiling tiles?
1 Answer
Hi Freddie: Yes they can mount in a drop down ceiling. You will want to mount them to the tile first then install the tile into the drop down ceiling. Another tip is to add small pieces of wood underneath the dog ear sandwiched between the top of the tile and the bottom of the dog ear mount. The pieces of wood can be 3 inches long 1" wide and 1/8" deep. It provides a more solid landing area. I can send you picture from our demo sound room. Contact me at TL/4166
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 12, 2017

from TN asked:
October 10, 2016
I am thinking about mounting these speakers in my ceiling and putting a box around them to keep the insulation away, as well as, tuning the 6.5 speaker. Do you have the speaker parameters (Fs, Qes, etc...) available to properly design the speaker enclosure?
1 Answer
Hi Paul: A box roughly a cubic foot would work just fine for each speaker. You can tune it further by adding fiber fill (like for stuffing pillows found at Craft stores) which makes the speaker think it is a bigger box. Good Luck TL/4090
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 25, 2016

from Milwaukee asked:
September 5, 2016
I have a Pioneer VSX-45 receiver at 80 watts per channel. Was going to get 5 of these to run a 5.1. Is this a good choice seeing that these are rated at 175 watts?
1 Answer
Hi Sammy: Great choice, the Pioneer will have plenty of power for the MK 670. They are rated for 15 to 175 watts plus they are super efficient with a 92 dB sensitivity. TL/4051
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 8, 2016

from Maryland asked:
July 22, 2016
I need 2 two of these to use for ceiling atmos speakers. Any real difference is buying the MK670 over the ICE660 for this use only? How far forward should they be from the seating position for an 8 ft ceiling and do you angle the whole speaker to the center listing position or just the tweeter. Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Shawn: The angled speakers provide greater flexibility when using them for Surround and effects speakers. The front pair of ATMOS should be anywhere from 3 to 4 feet in front of you and aim both the 15 degree angle of the mid bass driver and Tweeter directly at your optimum viewing/Listening spot. Great choice TL/3993
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on July 24, 2016

Nicholas coniglio
from Spring hill florida asked:
May 31, 2016
I purchased these speakers about 4 years ago one of them is making a crackling sound through it I check all my wires and this is the only out of the six that makes that sound. Any ideas ?
1 Answer
HI Nicholas: You might want to try a quick trouble shoot with the suspected speaker. I am assuming it is one channel of a stereo pair. Can you switch the speaker wires at the output (Receiver). Say the speaker is the right channel and you switch it with the left channel and see if the same right channel speaker has the scratch still or if it is now coming out of the left speaker. That will either confirm it is definitely the speaker or the wiring/connection. If it is the speaker you will need to contact our RMA department. Good Luck TL/3907
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 1, 2016

from Dallas, TX asked:
May 12, 2016
What is the minimum clear space between ceiling joists (framing) do I need to install this speakers?
1 Answer
Hi Docdirt: It is good idea to center the speaker between the two Joists. You need to make sure you have enough clearance for the Dog ears to catch the ceiling around the cutout hole. They extend out to the outer dimensions of the frame itself. Now the key is making sure you aim the angle and tweeter to the optimum listening viewing area. Also make sure you mount these at least a foot and a half from an adjacent wall aiming away from that wall. Typical down firing In-ceiling speaker should be a minimum 3 foot from an adjacent wall. I hope that helped... TL/3877
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 13, 2016

from Tennessee asked:
February 14, 2016
Where would be the best speaker placement for Dolby atmos speakers when all of my speakers (Polk lc80i) are already in the ceiling.
1 Answer
Hi Jason: Our MK-670 is a similar angled speaker just like the Polk iC80. If you were starting from scratch and you were running a Dolby Atmos 7.1 Receiver and you want to connect the Atmos speakers to make the system a 5.1.2 setup you would place your 5 speakers with three for your front stage and two speaker for the rear surrounds. The other pair usually channels 6 and 7 would be assigned to height or Atmos speakers\ outputs. The angled speakers like your Polk or our MK-670 give you more flexibility on placement of the speaker. We recommend to be a little forward of you optimum viewing /listening location and the key to the placement is the ability to aim the tweeter directly at your optimum location . That is also true of the Rear surrounds as well. Non angled speakers have to be more directly over head or slightly off axis (no more than 5%, the maximum pivoting of most in-ceiling tweeters). Most angled speakers angle the woofer 15 to 20% and then add additional 5% for the pivoting tweeter. Regarding your setup I am assuming you have two pair of the IC80 in your ceiling right now, one pair considered the Rear surrounds and the second pair setup as side or center surrounds. The side/center surrounds should be the ones you assign as Atmos and again make sure the tweeter is aimed at your optimum viewing/listening area. I hope that helps TL/
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 15, 2016

from Mississauga asked:
June 10, 2015
When building a 5.1 Surround, using 3 of these as LCR, would it be better to use 2 more as rear or 2 MK650? It is a 13x19 space, but open to hallway and kitchen. I've already run the wire with the assumption of using 5 MK670, so the speaker placement is behind the seating not above. Thanks
1 Answer
Hi Rob, Go with the MK670 behind as well, so you can angle the audio towards the sitting area. We should have these back in-stock later this month. We do have the 8" version available now (MK870).
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on June 10, 2015

from Toronto asked:
December 27, 2014
Since I am buying these for a home that is not built yet, I have the opportunity to box them in using the floor joists and adding extra wood, caulking, and insulation. Would this be beneficial for speaker performance and listening quality, not only for this speaker but any in-ceiling speaker?
1 Answer
Hello Rob, If you build a box that is not too small and not too big, then you should get a little more kick out of those speakers.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on January 14, 2015

from Napavine WA. asked:
December 23, 2014
I have the MK660's in the celing for my L & R rear channel. I'd like a wall mounted center channel that would complement them. Top quality of course, is a must. Also needs to be paintable. Thanks.
1 Answer
Hi Jeff, I suggest going with the MK-IW550LCR as the center channel to match up with the MK670. CS 3068
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on December 23, 2014

Phil Carpenter
from Charlotte, NC asked:
September 5, 2014
When are these going to be back in stock ... 9/1 has come and gone
1 Answer
Hi Phil, It looks like we're expecting to receive these sometime between October and November.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 15, 2014

from Toronto asked:
March 4, 2014
I'd like to use 5 of these for my home theatre, but I am torn between these and the ICE660. Can you shed some light on the benefits of going with either?
1 Answer
Hi Rob, Great question! The MK670 are a much higher quality speaker compared with the ICE660. The MK670 have Kevlar cones and aluminum tweeters whereas the ICE660 have Polypropylene cones and silk dome tweeters. On top of that, the MK670 has a much better crossover network, which produces more clarity between the highs and lows and allows for a larger range between. The bottom line is, if you are wanting to install a high definition surround sound, go with the MK670. If it's just something you're throwing together and don't care to have great sound, go with the ICE660. Let us know if you have any further questions. Thanks! -BM 2518
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 5, 2014

from Clayton, Ca asked:
January 13, 2014
I have a ceiling that vaulted from 8 on one side to 12 on the other. If 2 speakers are 8.5 ft high and the other are 11 ft high will this cause a problem if I use these speakers for Surround sound?
1 Answer
Hi Lance, The difference in distance with the speakers will affect your experience, we recommend that you have your speakers at equal distance. You will experience phasing in sound. You will have to reverse the higher pair so woofer is on top and tweeter at the bottom, the speakers will not cancel each other out. CS 2440
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on March 6, 2014

from San Francisco, CA asked:
May 13, 2013
How well would this speaker fare in a damp environment (such as the ceiling of a steam room)?
1 Answer
Hi Ashrad, We offer weather-resistant down firing speakers, like our ICE600WRS, designed for areas such as bathrooms or covered patios. The Kevlar woofer of the MK690 might be at risk in a damp environment. We suggest adding a ring of silicone around the trim when you press the frame into the ceiling during installation to insure that moisture does not get in the baffling. Also spray a protective coat of Rustoleum on the grill before installation. CL/MA 1890
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on May 18, 2013

from jersey asked:
April 19, 2013
can I use five of these speakers in a 16 by 20 room with cathedral ceilings and get the perfect surround sound effect ?
1 Answer
Hi Bruce, The MK670s angled ceiling speakers would be an excellent choice for your cathedral ceilings and will be back in stock this summer. We have multiple choices in the angled speaker category such as the ICE660 Angled LCR. OSD angled ceiling speakers are ideal for odd shaped rooms or room with high ceilings and can direct the sound at your listening area, not only with the angle of the frame but with the pivoting tweeter as well. CL/MA 1812
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on April 22, 2013

from boston asked:
September 22, 2012
My question is this. I am redoing my entire attic and want to include in ceiling speakers. The issue is that I am going to have spray foam insulation. What is the best way to protect the speakers in the ceiling with the spray foam? Is there an incasement that I can put the speaker in.
1 Answer
Hi Chris, Sounds like you’re referring to a back box. While not required, back boxes can enhance the performance of your in-ceiling speakers and reduce sound carrying to other rooms or floors up to 10 dB. We sell the BB6, which would improve the sound pressure level as well as protect the speakers from the insulation. Take a look at our learning section for more tips in installing in-ceiling speakers: CL/MA 1302
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on September 24, 2012

from Utah asked:
February 19, 2012
How do you keep insulation from getting on these speakers? I have blown-in insulation and I have to use 20 of these babies.
1 Answer
Hi John: Here is a affordable solution... It is like a sleeve that covers the speeaker protecting it from loose debris getting behind the grill inside the basket... TL
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on February 20, 2012

Hank Adkins
from Houston TX asked:
November 10, 2011
Does this speaker require a back box, if so can they be purchased separately?
1 Answer
No it doesn't require. Your drywall is the back box.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on November 10, 2011

from hawaii asked:
October 13, 2011
do they come with a new construction bracket?
1 Answer
No these do not come with a new construction bracket, nor do they require one. If you prefer to use a new construction bracket, the appropriate model bracket for this speaker is NCCB6-K.
Submitted by: Customer Service - Q&A on October 17, 2011

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