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Center Channel In Wall Speakers LCR

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A center channel speaker is essential for a high-quality audio experience from your home sound system. These speakers provide some of the most key information in any track, so missing out on this rich sound would be a shame. Read more...
Whether you're setting up a home theater or creating a musical atmosphere outdoors, an in-wall center channel speaker will allow you to create an immersive audio experience.

In home theaters, the center channel speaker is generally placed right above or below the screen. Because it delivers the majority of a movie's dialogue and much of the special effects sound, it's important to have it in a central location. In fact, over 50 percent of movie soundtrack information in a Dolby Digital soundtrack mix is delivered by the center channel speaker, so it's one of the most important components in any home theater setup.

If you're taking your music outdoors, an in-wall center channel speaker can provide a richer musical experience when placed properly. You'll get a surround sound effect by pairing a center channel speaker with left and right speakers that provide additional sound information to your outdoor space.

Experts agree that when you choose surround sound speakers, which includes center, right and left speakers, you should avoid mixing and matching brands, speaker sizes and speaker materials. Therefore, if you choose our top-of-the-line Kevlar center channel speaker, all the other speakers in that system should have the same cone material, crossover components, dome size and other features. This ensures that the sound is produced correctly to get an accurate stereo effect.

Find the perfect center channel speaker for your needs by shopping at Outdoor Speaker Depot. We'll help you find the right fit with our handy buying guides, and you can use our installation videos to lead you through the setup of your home audio system. Plus, you'll receive lifetime technical support on all your OSD audio components free of charge.